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To say the least, we were assigned a corner view of the ocean. When I asked if I could upgrade to an ocean-front room the woman said that people using groupons are not permitted to have ocean-fronts.

It embarrassed me and made me feel cheap but we still stayed. How in this day and age do you keep customers waiting for mins to speak with someone in customer service. Do not give them your C. They will use it for fraudulent transactions against you. I had to cancel my credit card do to this CO.

They had charged up to 11 transactions in a 24 hr. I have know come to the conclusion, that this might-not be that good of a deal after all. I would look elsewhere for a discount Comp. Purchased your GoPicnic Groupon. How do I go about getting this product shipped?

If it is too difficult, send me a refund. I recently purchased a Vax vacuum from Groupon which I wish to return as it is not what I want. How to go about this is s mystery,can someone advise as I seem to be given the runaround or there is no way to return goods. My son never received notice of the gift.

Since so many of us are having problems with Groupon to simply reply, my attorney David B. It is not so much the money as the principle of their service. Courtesy matters when you are in business. I spent the greater part of the day yesterday trying to get ahold of somebody to help me with a gift card for Groupon.

I was transferred back and forth between two service places both kept transferring me to the other. I have been an avid user of Groupon in the past. I will rethink that for the future. I have searched for an email to contact you and could not find one. Have ordered several times from groupon without difficulty. What a shame I enjoyed the convenience. I use to like Groupon, and purchased a lot through them, if I know there are much bad service, I will not order through them again.

So I called Groupon customer service since today is the last day for a refund due to the 3 day refund policy but I was put on hold for a very long time and then the customer service line was closed for the day. Can customer service or anyone who knows the policy on returning unredeemed vouchers within the 3-day window please post how to do it.

I was told I would get a phone call back in 40 minutes. I have been sitting near the phone for 2 hours. This company is lame with not enough customer service people to help over the phone. I was on hold for over an hour and 15 minutes until I finally hung up. Will never do business with you again. Please spot sending the email to my email account….. Thank you Linda Gray. We only got our dryer vent cleaned out.

Do Not Purchase from them. It is a rip off! I have concerns with the newer version of your app. There seems to have been a step removed. I have accidentally purchased a haircut… When the description said there were two options a pressed proceed in hopes to select the option without the foils… But instead it just thanked me for my purchase — of the more more expensive option that included foils.

Super annoying but not really worth an email. Paid for a promotional online course, but never delivered. Unable to contact any customer service. Will never deal with this company again. Find a way, please to stop all of these emails. Marking them as spam is not what I want. Telling me that these emails are generated by the retailers that Groupon supports is not an answer. Obviously Groupon knows the names, addresses and email information of their retailers and can therefore, should they choose to take the time, contact them and remove me from the many, many, many annoying emails I receive under the general label of Groupon.

Hello, I am having alot of issues trying to look up coupons. Disney on Ice coupons or discounted tickets and also discount coupon to the olive garden. I need some assistance. I pulled up the search button no response. Boston, but when I presented the coupon the person at the desk, Amy Lin, refused to honor the deal.

We had to leave and go to another restaurant. Paradise Permanent make up was a wonderful experiance My operator was cherie she was very cool and done a great job. If you go to Paradise have cherie do your make up. I love to browse offerongs but HATE that returning to full listing takes you to beginning of list rather than back to item you just checked so you have to plunk through entire list to see next offerings.

I have not been happy with the customer support availability of groupon. It is very difficult to reach them, even with e-mail. I now have 3 groupons that need to be refunded because the place went out of business Groupon never contacted me as promised and 5 other groupons that I have not been able to use due to difficulty in communicating with the supplier. Most service suppliers are not happy when you come in carrying your groupon. After a month I did not receive my order with Groupon.

I was told there is no info on first call. Second call was told often vendors do not take down offer and you will pay for out of stock products and later get refunded. I have been told that I should get it in a few days — well see!

I paid for items at DressLilly a month a ago and still no product in the mail. No live person to talk to on the googled number I found online because I could not find a phone number on their website. I was booked on Spirit airlines for a trip to NY to see my dead aunt at her funeral. I got to Spirit check-in desk 45 mins before the plane was scheduled to leave and told my situation and that I was in a hurry to get to the plane. I was told because I was not at the desk an hour before take off they could not let me in.

I asked for a Supv and the representative went to the back and I stand there for 20 mins waiting for a Supv who then said it would be impossible at this point to let me on. I missed the funeral and my aunt was cremated. I never saw her again and have not filed with that terrible company again. In my case it was the last flight. I have tried every telephone number associated with Groupon.

I have read every thing about cancelling. I have tried repeatedly to get through somewhere to complain about a purchase where the provider has a full mail box, does not return emails and when I went in person, no sign, and really no reasonable explanation.

I am contacting my credit card company and filing a complaint and cancelling my account. I ordered E-pens on Jan. Said by accepting the deal. There was nothing more I had to do. Be sent out within days. Well, have not heard a word from them nor have I got any tracking number.. Please let me know something. I wondered green shaker kit. Delivery said within 7days. I have tracking no jcGB. On checking it parcel is still waiting to be dispatched. I have contacted groupon by telephone, have been advised can take up to.

I have found it impossible to get information about my acccount. It was a minute wait on the phone and the email address that I had to search for with difficulty did not go through. I am still left without my questions being answered. Tried to get groupon help by phone, computer said my wait time would be betw 50 to 60 mins. At first Groupon was very customer friendly. Now they just suck. Thx for nothing Groupon. I am extremely annoyed with groupon. I was wrongly charged by Groupon and I have tried to contact the company with 6 emails and I still havent recieved a reply.

I tried contacting via social media and still no response. If I dont get a response I will be taking this further. My package was not delivered by UPS as the tracing information indicated. UPS was very cordial, apologetic and understanding but explained the shipper had to be the one to initiate an investigation. They would not initiate an investigation. UPS was kind enough to make an exception and started an investigation for me.

Good job, Groupon, stay classy. My first and last transaction with Groupon. I have been on hold for customer service for over 2 hours and 20 minutes and still holding after I was told the wait would be between 50 minutes and 1 hour which is already WAY too long to have to wait. I bought a traffic school online program from Groupon.

When I went to put in the voucher code on the online traffic schools website to redeem the voucher the code was incorrect. The traffic school said I should talk to Groupon. Groupon said I should talk to the traffic school. Long story short I have been on calls to both companies for over 5 phone calls.

The wait time for Groupons customer service is over 50 minutes and I still do not have a resolution. I have spent a total of 3 hours on hold for Groupon customer service.. A million dollar business that has a call center that sucks!

What do they have like 5 reps that work there??? I have returned an item I received and i am trying to speak to some one from customer service but you have to wait for 60 minutes.

I am contacting my credit card for my refund. Their mails will go to my spam. I have been trying to cancel my order dated January 19, and have been unable to get it done. They did not have as I assumed from the info given I want to receive a credit for my purchase. Customer support is marginal at best especially if you are a merchent.

My business is seven days a week you could never reach them by phone and they never return your call the same day. I was just about to purchased a todays resaurent deal umberto seafood restaurent in little italy ny ny. The waiter cornered me said insulted me front of my date. I meant to complain rightway away but forgot until today as my habit to check groupon email and saw something interesting so I wanted to buy this groupon but when remember that incident I changed my mind.

I want to purchase a close-out BeautyRest Recharge Pillow Top mattress, send it to an address in Dolan Spring, AZ but was unable to complete the order because your site keep listed my primary resident as recipient address. I would like to do an advertisement on groupon, how do I do that or is there a number that I can contact the sale department to ask about that. Thank you very much for your prompt response.

I will no longer buy from you. Bought 2 dresses and have spent over a hour trying to return. Can not get to my account.

If I ever get a label,I will pass on other things. Ripped off by Groupon again! What a rip off!!! What a joke, what a rip off! What a mistake, Groupon has gotten labeled with again! I am very surprised with my order. I ordered the deal get 8 packs of cottenelle flushable wipes for I guess this may be the last time I buy, Pretty exspensive wipes, I could of bought 1 pack for under 4. I try and try to contact groupon to no avail.

They charge my account but no product. I will never get anything thing from them again. Trying to contact customer service is hell. Where is my package Groupon said it is on the way sent me a tracking number but no package. Trying to contact customer service is Hell. My daughter and I purchased Sparks furnace cleaning from Groupon. Sparks told me I had a sound in motor giving me a large bill to replace [just out of warranty].

I declined and never once heard the sound the whole winter. My daughter had her furnace cleaned to sell home, and they red flagged it saying she needed a new furnace. Sparks cleaned chimney and told her it had cracked crown and flaking. They gave her a huge bill for repair. I do not believe these people are reputable, merely looking to make money through Groupon. I assumed that Groupon would ck out the status of aompanys they endorse.

BBB does not endorse this company, neither should you! VEry unhappy with these transactions! I have bought many times from groupon never a problem , but now I ordered Iphone covers, that I never received. Called customer service and the person was very rude. He said mailman gave it to my neighbor.

My neighbor said no he did not receive any package. Groupon customer service said to bad I still have to pay for it. I have unsubscribed 2 times and 1 phone call to cancel Groupon. You guys are sure persistant!! Bought a Groupon for Tiny Town driving experience in Norcross, Ga and did not receive my groupon for attendance to the place. I really wish that they would make a category just for all the sex stuff.

I like to buy from Groupon but lately every other picture is of a sex related item. I am not against any of this but really hard to explain when you are looking at the merchandise and your five year old grandson wants to know what a dildo is. Please use some discretion. I work with several people who have the same complaint and have already deleted the app and no longer purchase from you.

I have a Groupon for the Bevo Mill in St. Louis, MO for Sunday brunch, and I got sick and was unable to eat anything that day, so I called the number listed on the Groupon on that Sunday morning and tried to cancel. My call was picked up by an answering machine that said that the messages was full and to call back on Monday morning.

I looked for another number to call on the internet, phone book and but could not find one. I called back on Monday morning around 9: My husband called him and told him that he had been sitting next to me that Sunday morning and that I was telling the truth. The Manager hung up on him. I again, stood by my position that I did call, etc.

Cool waters massage is a scam!!!! They do not have an office building all massages are mobile I know because I applied to work as a therapist and was told they are only mobile. Not only that but I was also told that I would be the only therapist working. This experience has been so frustrating that I may never purchase anything from Groupon again.

My groupon promotional value expires today and I could just cry. My advice, never, ever purchase one of these Groupons!!!! I purchased a groupon for a couples massage to Sparagon Massage in Studio City.

Not sure if Groupon checks out the Groupons they sell but this place was dirty paint peeling ceilings panels falling apart, carpet dirty and the couples massage was done in 2 different rooms with the door in the middle open. My Masseuse was aroung 80 years old and smelt awful. This place should be shut down and groupon should not advertise for them. Just to see how long it would take Gave up. This is far from service…. If they do not like what you are saying the put you on hold forever.

I was hold for many minutes until the line went dead. What I was calling about was a charge that we did not make. As this was my first time placing an order with Groupon it will also be my last…..

I will be letting everyone know how bad your service is yours unimpressed Jeanette Lapsley. How convenient is it that when you try to contact Groupon for a refund you never reach customer service… They keep you on hold forever and then hang up on you.. A bad reputation can never be repaired…. Groupon has lost a costumer in me. There is no reason for a company like this to be so hard to contact and have a conversation.

Deleting app from phone! I usually love Groupon, and have found great local deals, but I plan to stop buying Groupon Goods. Keep in mind that you must return within 14 days. The tracking number now shows me that my item is in another state, so I hope Groupon Customer Service will finally refund my money, after I have waited 6 weeks.

This one is a real pain in the neck: It has been less than 14 days only 10 , and I cannot get a satisfactory response from the e-mail support. I placed two seprate orders a few weeks ago … It is the ink for my printer. I am not having any luck contacting customer services.

Anyone else with this problem should contact their states Attorney general with this problem and for the lack of customer service on orders gone bad. Is there any way I can get my money back I swa this voucher and pay before I book only to find out that this is for weekly not weekend.

Any one is there any one hou can help. I am requesting a refund. Please reverse the charges. I am soooooo pist right now. I bought a massage on groupon f We tried to redeem long before the expiration date and no one ever called back. I responded to a Groupon Satisfaction Questionnaire following a disappointing Groupon experience but have not heard back from Groupon. This response should be in your file.

Please acknowledge the delivery of the above. Vibrators that resemble penises and with other attachments and gels to enhance the experience! How do I remove this or unsubscribe to Groupon?! Pouvez vous s v pl le noter pour les coupons encore en cour. I am totally frustrated with the lack of follow up from Groupon customer service. I have asked many times through your email customer service site to address the following 1. Someone purchased a groupon on July 31st under my account and no one has been able to tell me how that happened.

Groupon did remove the charge but has not been able to tell me how this charge happened. The same day, July 31st someone used a groupon that I had purchased at the holly hotel and no one has given any feedback. I find it almost impossible to receive customer support. It is very difficult to find your contact phone number or email on the website. When I use your support system, either I get a standard reply that does not answer my question at all or I am told that I have to wait 30 minutes on the phone for a support person.

Not a happy customer at all. I purchased Two Hours of Cleaning Services. Due to to some logistical problems and just plain unprofessional ism I cancelled and was told that I would be refunded. I would like this problem taken care of. Disgusting — wrong colour delivered when invoice stated correctly — why will you not answer or ackowledge my customer service requests for a reason….

Sent at least 6 and you keep asking the same question — I will not accept this sort of treatment. I am not able to change my email address nor am able to get any kind of valid phone number where a live person answers, even when i call the corporate office number.

This is extremely poor service. Your help wizard does not go to email either. I just wanted to edit my email address. I love the deals you offer but your support really sucks! I have been calling Groupon for the last few days to request a refund, and the wait time is always estimated to be minutes.

I have called in the morning, afternoon, and night, but the wait time is unwavering. I purchased a 2 hour Amsterdal Peddle Pub out of St. I had reserved a date and then called to change it. It is scheduled for Oct. I received a call from the person in charge of the Peddle Pub and double booked our time slot. I think they should contact the other party and tell them they cannot take the time slot because of their mistake. I do not want a credit if this cannot be resolved.

I want my cash back and will not use Groupon again. By the way, this was my first time using it. I will also let this known to my facebook friends.

I received an email informing me that a vendor had closed its doors and to contact Groupon to request a refund for the Groupon I purchased. I tried to follow the written instructions. However, when I entered the information in the provided space and tried to send it, nothing happens. I clicked on the box and there was no functionality. So unable to get that to work I tried phoning for help.

That was a total waste of time. It seems you work very hard to prevent customers from receiving help from the customer service department. So I am trying this way to contact some person that might be able to assist me. Here is the information I tried to send but was not able because the email function on the site does not work. I am contacting you about a refund for Chicago Ribs. Will you credit my account for this? Good thing you told me. I did not purchase anything from groupon and they went into my account and pull out Why …I need back my money….

I purchased a Body Logics groupon. I think that was the name. It is on my account. They messed my eyebrows up and told me I could not come back for it to be fixed for 4 weeks, due to healing time. I could not get back for 6 weeks due to scheduling. I went back and was told they could not fix the mistake, but if I did not put healing meds on it, it would fade away. Another 6 weeks passes and no change.

They say there is nothing they can do. I will have to pay to get it removed. I can send you pictures if you need proof. I was told I would get a free groupon as a refund that would match the same amount. I am not sure if I can trust the groupon and its providers. I have been trying to figure out how to redeem expired vouchers for my Groupon account. I have been unable to find clear instructions on your website.

Could someone please contact me? I recently booked a standard room at the Mt. Laurel Resort in the poconos PA through Groupon. She charged my card for the upgrade room, however, never credited my account for my initial booking of a standard room and told me to contact Groupon for my refund, which I did and was told there was nothing they could do about it!!!

Very nice customer servicing Groupon. You claimed to have reached out to the resort staff, however, if you actually had I am quite sure they would confirm the fact that they had no issues with giving me an upgrade.

I feel ripped off and betrayed by Groupon and will think twice before ever utilizing your services again. I have now been charged for two rooms, when I only used one!!! Currently, I am very skeptical of Groupon. I have been unable to log into my account for five days to start work on my project. I have received no help and no response from Groupon. I feel like Groupon is harrasing me sending multiple emails each day cluttering my email. I am sick and tired of receiving the same email every day.

I only want mail for dinners in my area, which is from Del Mar to Carlsbad. We no longer go down to San Diego. Please discontinue the other mail. Thank you, Renee Parker. Please remove my name from your email list. I ordered 2 sets of a pillow offer way back — I followed your instructions on how to get them.

I have spent over 2 hours tyring to work on this and nothing — wasted time, money and sleep — this is a joke if this is the way you treat people! Groupon Customer Service was hard for me to come around.

Finally found it and they took care of all of my questions. I need to get back to you regarding a purchase not working for me but instead of an email address,d you are giving me a web site. I recently bought 7 groupon for Xmas boat parade dates I called from nov 1 could not reach them.

Finally today I get them and my dates dec 13 is not available. I have received 2 different items than I ordered on groupon. One was the reusable hand warmers which were the little ones you use once and throw away and the other was a defuser that was supposed to come with 2 oils and was shipped without the oils and without a cord to plugbit in. How do I handle this? I am the owner of new smyrna stand up , groupon is the worst! Have fun trying to get help or any answers what so ever.

Groupon, November 24, Why order from a place that ruined me getting my aunt a gift on her birthday. My phone number is please call me and lets get this straight before I have to start with the process that will show people how you scam disabled veterans that cant do for themselves, i just wanted my money back like you promised and for you to remove the things I never ordered to get back at me for requesting a refund from the flower scam.

I have been trying to cancel two different orders. Due to problems with your web site, I have multiple orders of the same item. I then ordered again on both. All phone numbers used for you went dead without being able to connect.

Before I describe my issue I would like to say your phone contact system is the worst in the automated phone industry when it comes to reaching you by phone.

I have not been able to use it before the promotional value expires on December 3, I understand your rules the voucher for the Texas Winos never expires but the promotion code does. What does this mean to me in dollars and cents?? Groupon needs a total overhaul if you wish to stay competitive —just read the comments made by others. I purchased 2 vaulted tempered glass screen protectors for the I Phone 5 on November 12th and still have not received them. They were to go to Post Rd Sarasota Fl I was supposed to get them the 19th but have not received them.

The so called I Pod cover I purchased got here before the date, only problem it was for an I Phone not a pod. I just need the screen covers, you were paid so where are they? Please get them shipped ASAP i need them. I have been trying to contact customer service for days now.

I need confirmation that my order to Monogram Hub was processed. I am not able to contact them either. I have been trying for over a week now to use these vouchers I purchased 2 of them, each 40 pages and create the books. My intention was to give them as Christmas presents. The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren. How did the April Fool's Day tradition begin, and what are the best tricks? Retrieved March 12, Irish Culture and Customs. Retrieved April 3, Retrieved May 27, Retrieved 1 November Retrieved April 6, Retrieved April 1, It Wasn't a Hoax ".

Retrieved August 1, The Sydney Morning Herald. Find more about April Fools' Day at Wikipedia's sister projects. Holidays, observances, and celebrations in Algeria. New Year's Day 1 Yennayer Valentine's Day 14 Tafsut Children's Day 1 Father's Day International Day of Peace International Day of Non-Violence 2 Halloween Bold indicates major holidays commonly celebrated in Algeria, which often represent the major celebrations of the month.

Holidays, observances, and celebrations in the United States. Patrick's Day religious Spring break week. Columbus Day federal Halloween. Veterans Day federal Thanksgiving federal.

Eid al-Adha religious Eid al-Fitr religious Ramadan religious, month. Retrieved from " https: Julian—Gregorian uncertainty CS1 Catalan-language sources ca Use mdy dates from April Pages using deprecated image syntax Infobox holiday fixed day All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Articles needing additional references from March All articles needing additional references Articles with unsourced statements from September Articles with unsourced statements from March Articles with unsourced statements from August Articles with unsourced statements from November Articles with unsourced statements from April Views Read Edit View history.

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