Proboat Blackjack 29 RTR Review

I'm tempted to sell some stuff and maybe get one of these. Also have program card. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free. Originally Posted by gregster I'll try the blueprinting thing when my skill sets have improved. Waitig for pics to load on pc. Also, is the front pontoon shipped, i cant tell if it is or if its just glare?

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Blackjack 29 BL RTR

Anyone have a programming box and can tell me what the factory setting of the esc are? It would be greatly appreciated. And I completely agree with Ray that Dynamite copy has much nicer water block. Because the Dynamite ESC is dead ringer for the Seaking, in post 9 I suggested trying the HobbyWing program box with instructions - has anybody tried that??

If no, why not?? Repeatedly asking the same question is not going to produce an answer. It's either going to work or it's not going to work, what it will not do is fry the ESC. Same exact concept here. Whoever makes the ESC did their homework or got some good advice. I'm tempted to sell some stuff and maybe get one of these. If I find some work, that would do it too. Thank u all for the research, still no complaints for this boat, I doest not mind the use of the tape anymore, I like electronics so much that i run the seaking a and the bl 29 v3 motor on my revolt 30 and it runs solid, I'm not a racer more like an aqua basher LOL Also got a new old stock sv27r and change the esc for the one that came with the revolt 30 and it has plenty of power, no need for 6s in my opinion once again thank you all for the research!!!

It's nicer than a HW imo since it has the extra cap on board. Almost looks like a It used to be that companies made there own electronics, but it's gotten to the point where it's easier for them to buy the HW's because they're solid performer's in the mid-range price wise.

I don't like them because of the complete lack of programability. That stutter bump crap will kick in within a few minutes. Check out this program box I myself just bought this boat and havent had time to order a program card and used the hobbywing manual to program by the transmitter. Took all of 30 seconds and good thing I did because the boat runs way to hot on 6s.

I took the kv motor out of my old blackjack and slapped on the v3 and upgraded the cooling lines and I am surprised to say I see same amout of torque and speed but way cooler temperatures. I have my timing set to low due to the old motor getting to hot but will play with it soon. My observation of this is they did good with hull but should of kept old electronics. Boat is very stable and when this boat sit's next to the old bj it makes it look cheap.

I am new to boats. This is also my first time getting onto a forum and reading about stuff. My first boat was Old bj and it flipped to much so I got the new one. Again please remember I'm new at all this! Can anyone recommend me a good esc and motor combination that would smoke this setup with speed, torque and temps.

I'm reading that once you get into the kv range that's not good. First off, welcome to this forum. I would like to offer a suggestion for the cooling lines Can anyone recommend me a good esc and motor combination Personally I don't see anything wrong with the ESC you have now. As far as motors go In addition to the guide he offered very good advice. I prepped one for my son who races it in p-limited offshore-- he beats folks running the stock blackjack. MG29 comes with Kv motor - blackjack has Kv motor.

Chief went on to say Here's what 46mph looks like If you want a fast boat work on the setup like Chief said. I'll try the blueprinting thing when my skill sets have improved.

Here's some good reading Originally Posted by gregster I myself just bought this boat and haven't had time to order a program card and used the hobbywing manual to program by the transmitter. So I actually did have the lines hooked up the way that you are saying. I noticed on the new BJ V3 that it's motor to esc. I looked at the old BJ and noticed it was Esc to motor.

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