Have a potion readily equipped on your off-hand to drink it and boost you with status effects right before going to battle. Conveniently, you can do vice-versa and hold the bow on the off-hand with arrows selected on your main hand. Different fuels will also last longer when burning. Views View Edit Edit source History. Left-click to hit and block attacks by right-clicking. It's like a helpful little puppy.

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Dual wielding is a useful addition to the game with many applications. It is entirely optional for players whether or not they want to utilize dual wielding; players can completely ignore the off-hand slot and, with few exceptions aside, continue to play like it was before 1. Some players who use dual wielding may experience efficiency and relief, but others may just experience more setbacks.

Some may only use dual wielding to its minimal extent. Ultimately it is up to each player and their own style of playing to employ this mechanic into their gameplay. Equipping a golden apple on your off-hand allows you to quickly eat your apple before going immediately into combat with your opponent, but do note that you can consume a golden apple while your hunger is still full, so this method may be reserved until you are certain that you will go into battle soon.

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This site is a part of Curse, Inc. About Minecraft Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. You cannot dual wield weapons. Well, I mean, you could, but you can only attack from your main arm so it'll be pointless. Having food in your off-hand can cut a large amount of time in your gameplay. Simply right-click when you're hungry without having to select it on the hotbar.

Food is not wasted as you can't consume food when the hungerbar is full. Having your food in the off-hand also frees a space on your hotbar, so you can put another item to use. Use ender pearls in the off-hand to escape a fight or travel long distances without having to switch between items in the hotbar. Chorus fruits can be used for teleporting in enclosed spaces or caverns.

Equip a shield on the off-hand for protection while having a melee weapon equipped on the main to attack. Left-click to hit and block attacks by right-clicking.

Shields are unusable with ranged weapons like bows as they both require right-clicking. Any arrows in your off-hand is used up first when you fire your bow. Switch between different arrows by selecting them on the hotbar with the main hand and pressing F to swap them with the arrows in the off-hand.

This alternative method works as well, since any arrow in your main hand selected on the hotbar is prioritized first when you fire a bow with your off-hand. This method is actually more efficient as you can simply scroll between the arrows in your hotbar to select your desired ammunition. You can fire a bow with your off-hand and hit mobs and players with your sword or axe at close range, giving you dominance throughout the entire battlefield. Additionally, mobs killed by the bow this way are affected by the sword's Looting enchantment.

Have a potion readily equipped on your off-hand to drink it and boost you with status effects right before going to battle. Alternatively, have milk equipped instead to quickly cure yourself when you get inflicted with a harmful effect.

Ladders can only be placed next to a block, so your off-hand will place a block on the ground first before you place the ladder on it. Holding the forward key and the right-click button will repeatedly place blocks and ladders while simultaneously climbing up. Run around your objective while right-clicking, and once you can't place anymore or run out of TNT , you'll proceed to ignite each of them with the flint and steel.

Players can right-click and hold to hoe dirt into farmland then instantly plant a seed on that block. Since seeds cannot be planted on anywhere else except farmland, players don't have to worry about accidentally misplanting elsewhere.

If there is already a patch of farmland , players can plant seeds then instantly grow them to crops if they hold bonemeal on their main hand with seeds on the off-hand, or vice-versa. Bonemeal won't be wasted as you cannot use it on a full grown crop. Hold a specific food item on the off-hand to herd or breed animals, while freeing up the main hand to perform other tasks. Players can also hold two different foods on each hand and effortlessly lead multiple types of animals.

Maps held on the off-hand shrinks down to a mini-map that is displayed on the bottom-left or right corner of the screen. This is extremely helpful for players who want to record a map or indicate themselves in the world while performing other tasks with the main hand. Clocks held on the off-hand can be used to conveniently display the time on-screen. Compasses held on the off-hand can be used to display the direction of the spawn point. Having a torch in the off-hand saves a considerable amount of time by eliminating the need to switch back and forth from your pickaxe when lighting up dark caves.

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