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Ciel responds that he can't stand others being deceived. These cells are pointed downward. There it was, no doubt about it, a healthy, intact annular hymen just like Robbie, Edith and Daine had said. Sebastian shows him the dessert he has already prepared—unfortunately, he smiles, Ciel will have to eat it later. Ciel and Sebastian then attend a circus show hosted by Noah's Ark Circus. I check the date again and yes, I die tonight. Let me give just one instance.


Ciel Phantomhive

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Citizens Please Take Note: Information contained within is for news and entertainment purposes only. Any use of this information in violation of any federal, state, or local laws is prohibited. Click the links to pre-order. Contains three concerts and much hitherto unseen DVD material; and a page hardback illustrated book. Procol announce a show at the London Palladium with very special content , to feature choir and orchestra Gary Brooker's radio spot from 12 March: Gary Brooker orchestral concert in July: Procol Harum's new single gets its first radio broadcast: Gary Brooker tells 'Beyond the Pale' about 's new album and much, much more.

Gary Brooker will play four shows in Manhattan to celebrate the Winter Solstice: Festival dates in Italy headlining a two-day prog festival with an exceptional roster of bands and in the UK: Gary Brooker in Germany May: Procol dates in Holland: Gary Brooker invites fans to help him with a lampshade project. George Harrison, Kate Bush; Wednesday Ray Charles, The Beatles; and Friday The Coasters, The Rolling Stones: Gary Brooker on British Radio again thanks, Charlie, who adds, 'Spencer Leigh is a respected figure who writes a lot of obituaries for The Independent '.

Procol Harum on British Radio again thanks, Charlie. Gary Brooker has recorded Radio 2's 'Tracks of my Years' , and the programme is in the bag for broadcast when the time is right. We don't know if it can be seen online, but this link could be worth trying. Friday Night is Music Night is the world's longest-running orchestral live music programme on radio. These two hours of live Procol music will be the band's largest national exposure in their homeland for many long years. The live recording on 24 November is completely sold-out ; to be present at the pre-show fans' gathering, keep an eye on this page and, of course, sign up here for the new-look 'Fresh Fruit' newsletter.

Two new albums from Procol Harum: And new material, albeit not in traditional album form, from www. Watch out for Procol publicity in the following publications following Gary Brooker's recent recording for French television: Best wishes to Dave for the recovery of the tendon that operates his first finger left hand: The Wakeman dates are listed here.

March 8, 9, 12, 15, Goodall was illustrating the influence of inventions of Vivaldi and Bach on some pop songs, particularly the descending bass line thing. Goodall has a nice presentation style and explains a lot of concepts by playing keyboard and singing.

Procol Harum appear 22 minutes in: Manager Chris Cooke writes, 'For the main part we have been invited by Yumi Matsutoya to celebrate her forty years as a top performer and recording artist in Japan.

She was initially inspired by the music of Procol Harum, and wishes to play some special concerts which return to the roots of her inspiration. We are doing seven concerts with Yumi in Japan see illustration, right , where we are sharing the stage, and she is singing some of our songs. This is why you could have found Procol Harum in Abbey Road Studio 3 this week, where we have collaborated with Yumi to provide a special version of A Whiter Shade of Pale for her anniversary album.

MMX , new album from Procol Harum: Gary wrote to BtP as follows: Our correspondent Stefano Ciccioriccio, who dined with Mr Brooker on the Thursday night, advised us that Gary was scheduled to be on stage around 9.

He was originally scheduled to play floor-polisher, rather than one of the three vacuum cleaners, and said ' It's a dark one He played the Albert Hall, at very short notice, at the Sunflower Jam film here includes glimpses of his work with the superjam band alongside John Lord and Rick Wakeman 'Lord, Wakeman and Brooker: He performed piano and voice at the wedding of Eric Clapton's daughter , playing Unforgettable with Chris Stainton by request as the bride and her father danced.

Gates open at 4 pm, music starts at 5pm. January Procol Harum sell out a succession of concert-halls in Denmark , where they play — in evening tails — a thrilling set with choir and orchestra. The Office de Tourism in Salviac will be taking reservations [tel: June Back to the USA for Procol Harum , for the first time in seven years; they'll play solo shows, will support Jethro Tull, and will be supported by Renaissance.

May Procol Harum announce a forthcoming live album. It was very weird in that two panels argued, one for the sixties and one for the eighties. The audience was divided into two — one wearing white tops, and the other Gary then did an interview in French. November Release of the eighth, ninth and tenth albums in the much-lauded Procol Harum re-issue series from Salvo Records: August Release of the fifth, sixth and seventh albums in the much-lauded Procol Harum re-issue series from Salvo Records: May Release of the third and fourth albums in the long-awaited Procol Harum re-issue series from Salvo Records: Watch out for imports of the original albums release in Europe with some bonus tracks.

There will also be a 4 CD box set which I think will be very special. We are also working on the release of early albums in the US. Other things to watch will be a DVD on the original Ragnarock festival from The release is about the festival, but Procol features well even though they keep interviewing people while the band perform, which is frustrating with some special audio-only bonus tracks.

The band is working on new product, but certain legal matters, which proved quite pressing, have slowed down that process. We do want to make a new record, but you do have to be in the right frame of mind. No Christmas shows for No Stiletto Shoes this year: Gary Brooker is having a year off. Click here to download the album. Award of costs etc in the A Whiter Shade of Pale authorship lawsuit appeal. Judgment in the A Whiter Shade of Pale authorship lawsuit appeal. Gary Brooker in the studio with Jack Lancaster to record a piece for what he describes as 'a follow-up to Peter and the Wolf '.

Gary will be singing Tyger Tyger words by William Blake. Gary's Classic Gold interview is running in the Entertainment bulletin all this week starting 30 July which goes out at various times. There's enough material for further broadcasts after the summer holidays. The broadcasts are at It will be possible to listen to the programmes for seven days after the broadcasts, on DR internet radio: Live Procol Harum concerts , among many other artists' recorded shows, are available for legal download at 'Wolfgang's Vault'.

Read about the Fillmore show here and about the Hollywood Bowl orchestral show here. Union Square Music trading as ' Salvo ' have negotiated a deal to release all the Procol albums and Brooker solo works in the next couple of years. It contains one hitherto-unreleased live recording and is the first 'best-of' to include material from every phase of the band's career: The 2CD will be presented with page booklet including some hitherto-unseen illustrations.

Free admission more info here. Procol Harum on Deutschlandradio at Originally the programmes were scheduled for January , but will be postponed 'til February Hans Otto will keep me up-to-date of the exact dates and time, so when I get them I'll forward them to you.

The concerts haven't yet been broadcast in full. Friday 17 November at 10pm: For info, Radio Times describes it as 'a performance by the prog-rock band'! Trace of a Feeling from The Palers' Project The DVD running list is said to include: Gary Brooker has just decided to add a second night of music in Southend. This will not be another Paramounts gig ie not a Shades Reunion Reunion! The gig has been sold out a long time and BtP has now disposed of six extra tickets to people who applied to us for assistance.

Order the DVD of this amazing gig here. The musicians are not all available: Matthew Fisher appears in Greece. As Carol Fisher explains, ' It was exactly nine years ago this week when he played his only solo gig ever in the nearby city, Serres — that's what the mention of a 'reunion' was referring to.

While a film shown on a screen over the stage showed a glimpse back in time to the days of broadcasting from a little apartment with tacky wallpaper, a few of the faces on the screen a few decades older now watched themselves as they talked, laughed, and had drinks with their friends. He was only supposed to sing the first two, but was coaxed into singing the third song after discovering only after we got there that it had been a big hit in the charts on the local radio.

BtP made an online-booking arrangement with the organisers so that Palers would benefit from a reserved block of seating, right at the front 99 people took up this offer.

The general public, booking by 'phone, will be seated in the 1, unreserved seats on a first-come first-served basis. Gary Brooker is a panellist on the Never Mind the Buzzcocks music comedy quiz: Gary is on Phil Jupitus's team — but which team wins? Studio photos are here. We understand GB was on excellent form. Non Brits, or non-fans of the show's occasionally facile, egocentric 'humour', can find out all about its origins by clicking here. Procol Harum shows for this period are shown here.

Remember — even if tickets go on sale for concerts not mentioned here , they're bought 'at own risk' until the shows are confirmed as contractual by PH management. The same day, Something Magic remastered with the bonus track Backgammon gets its first official North American CD release; the same day, Ain't Nothing to Get Excited About gets its official North American release, 'remastered, and sounding much nicer': Owing to the length of the concert there are no bonuses, except the fine sound: This is the tenth edition of the Epiphany concert Concert for Peace.

Naples Monday 3 January: See also here thanks, Giancarlo. Gary tells the story of his career in music from way back in the Paramounts right up to the present day. The 60 minute interview also features a great soundtrack of Procol Harum favourites and music from Gary's solo career.

No Stiletto Shoes will play two village gigs in deepest Surrey This was done for the 1, No. Ones programme to be shown on television in the second week of February; of course, it will be edited down for the purpose. Gary Brooker — legendarny wokalista — plays in Opole, Poland, by special request of Budka Suflera to celebrate their 30th anniversary. He will sing one of their numbers as guest vocalist, and join them as they perform A Whiter Shade of Pale. We understand that this will be the subject of a huge television broadcast.

Story-teller John Edgar tells us that on Sunday 23 May between 2 and 4 pm UK time he will be talking about his writing and performing career in an internet broadcast from www.

P4 is broadcast on the net as well: In Norway and probably the rest of the Nordic countries you should also be able to receive it on satellite. A few nice words about this old band still producing significant music is to be read here , and Scandinavians might enjoy Danmark Radio's essay thanks, Niels-Erik. Ides of March Though this event has been long in the pipeline, BtP was asked not to publicise it until after Gary's Christmas Charity events — which deserved our ticket-money more!

Hear ten Procol songs live on stage in the USA. Procol gig in the evening! Gary Brooker can be heard twice on Thursday's radio in London: This is the weekend after the final Procol gig of the year , which is in London Palers' Basecamp Hotel details are here.

All new concert dates for Procol Harum can be found at this page. Robin Trower on BBC internet: Procol Harum concert from Hamburg to be broadcast on the internet [ details here ].

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