Lightning Jackpots Slots Machine

All of these games feature fairly standard gameplay, with gamblers hoping to match symbols from left to right across the screen to make winning paylines. I hope they are not all gone! Downtown and Fremont Street- worth visiting? Some pearls will feature a number of instant coins that players will walk away with, while others may note the name of one of the four linked jackpots that are shared between these titles. Where is the best burger?

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Symbols on Reels

This slot game has 40 paylines and 15 reels, and it gives the players several opportunities to multiply their winnings. The maximum bet that a player can make during this game is 2, credits, but there are various denominations that can be used by the player, during the various stages of the game.

This game has two main bonus features; they are the Lightning Tower bonus, and the Plasma Tower bonus. Along with these two bonus rounds, this game has a progressive jackpot option that the players can use to win a large payout. This game consists of two main bonus rounds, that is, the Plasma Wild bonus, and the Lighting Tower bonus. In order to initiate the Plasma Wild bonus round the players need to receive close five or more Plasma symbols on their screen.

These symbols can be present on any of the reels, but they need to appear collectively during one spin. When a player enters this bonus round, he or she has access to several symbols that awards wilds, so the player can earn a large bonus in this round.

The Lightning Tower bonus on the other hand is the most fascinating bonus round within the game. So when the player enters this bonus round, he or she has access to 15 miniature slot games. The miniature versions of the slot games appear one after the other, and they give the player an opportunity to earn credits. This bonus round is extremely fast-paced and it is filled with action, and many players enjoy this round. This game is well suited for high rollers as they can bet huge amounts to win big.

Even casual gamers will find their place here with the low minimum bet amounts. The highest payout here is 10, credits, which is multiplied with the overall bet placed. The hit frequency in this game is a decent There are two bonus rounds in this game: Lightning Tower and Plasma Wild.

The Plasma Wild bonus is triggered when a player finds five or more of the Plasma icons on his or her reels. The positions for the symbols on the reels do not matter, as long as there are five such symbols in all on the screen, in a single turn. This round allows many symbols to act as wilds, thereby increasing the chances of landing winning combinations and large wins for players.

The other bonus is the Lightning Tower feature, which is quite fascinating. What this means is that players can play a total of 15 mini games when this bonus is triggered. These games appear consecutively and award credit wins to players. This is a fast-paced bonus round, and can potentially award huge cash winnings to players.

All the credits accumulated during the mini games are paid out as a whole to players. Apart from these two exciting bonuses, there is also a progressive jackpot in this game, which can be used to win even greater rewards. This game is available for iPad slot players, but without the option for real money game play.

This means it is a free slot game only. Apart from the regular features available in the land based and online formats, the mobile version includes the Game Locator and Game Center features.

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