10 More Essential Hold'em Moves: The Blocking Bet

A good poker bonus is essential. This Week This Month. I am in agreement with you that bluffing with blockers is necessary as sometimes it can even cap their range not just block combinations without them knowing. Its usually a term used to talk about making a small bet on the river to get to a cheap showdown out of position, instead of checking to your opponent and potentially calling a large bet. If your blocker bet is too large, you will be betting recklessly and out of position, which is even worse for you. A common mistake when using the blocking bet.

How to Make a Blocking Bet in Poker

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So you must be cautious about how and when you raise. In addition to this, in no limit, pot limit, and spread limit games, position is more important then it is in limit games. This is because there is flexibility to the bet size. Because of the unstructured betting in these games, the player with the positional advantage can tailor the bet size for maximum strategic advantage.

This requires the out of position player to respect the power of position, and play more passively. This in turn allows the player with the positional advantage to become more aggressive, further increasing his advantage. This dynamic makes it very hard to bet without a strong hand from early position in these games.

It also makes it difficult to call a bet which is large in proportion to the size of the pot, when you only have an out of position draw. Quite often in these games, whether or not you have pot odds to take a draw is determined by the size of the bet your opponent makes. And your opponent makes money if he can get you to call when you do not have pot odds to do so. This means that it is common for players with position to make bets large enough to force their opponents choose between mucking on the spot or taking a draw for which they may not have pot odds.

However, a strategy exists for the out of position player to counter this. Remember, if they check and the player with position bets too much, they will not have pot odds call.

But if instead they bet a small amount, and do not get raised, they may get the pot odds they need quite easily. The key is to represent enough strength so that the player with position cannot raise, without being reckless. This is an extremely difficult, but vital gambit to master. If your blocker bet is too small, or if your opponent suspects what you are up to, they will simply raise your blocker bet to an amount where you do not have pot odds to call.

If your blocker bet is too large, you will be betting recklessly and out of position, which is even worse for you. Want to win real prizes without risking anything? Poker freerolls are for you! Your home base for the latest poker news from the live pro tours, the Twittersphere and more.

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The Blocking Bet Published On: Use the blocking bet to save money with your marginal hands. However, the counter argument to this is as follows: So whenever you can beat Jx, you can make a block bet as a value bet because your opponent will not frequently have a strong hand.

This will in effect balance your whole range so you will have a slew of hands from missed draws, to Kx, to Jx, all played in the same way and your opponent will not be able to peg you on a certain hand when you reach the river and make a small bet. I could also argue that, in this spot your opponent will not frequently bluff you, especially if there are not many missed draws, if there are lots of missed draws I would argue for a check call on the river and hopefully your opponent will put you on either a weak jack or a missed draw and try to take you off it.

If there are no draws I would recommend that you just check fold because your opponent will not frequently bluff you. This is something a lot of new players find hard doing because they think there hand is too strong to check fold on the river, but in reality, you beat no bluffs and it looks like you have a made hand So your opponent wont bluff too frequently. Again, everything is situational, you can check call against some players if you think there bluff frequency is huge.

Whatever you decide, block betting in poker is something you should add to your arsenal.

Blocking bet overview.