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Boost allows you to play a new poker hand every few seconds until you find one worth playing. So the past history says that she can not maintain or control her self and her outburst that are abusive to the point CPS helped me get her put in the hospital one time. Sucker or not, I signed up both kids for the CST yr plan. In , they developed their own poker software platform with help from Connective games, ditching the old Chico platform. I agree that the prospectus from Group plans is long and detailed but the securities commissions insist on disclosing all the information found within.

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That was in January, , but the deal fell through. The Rank Group, founded in , started as a company interested in cinema and motion pictures.

However, they also own the Grosvenor Casino chain including 56 brick and mortar casinos, which makes them the largest casino operator in the UK. They did, however, make an offer, which William Hill rejected.

That resulted in a slightly better offer the very next day, which, once again, was rejected. Rank Group, similarly to William Hill, have experienced a drop in their shares on the stock market in the past twelve months. Actually, Holdings are the only one from the three whose shares have gone up in the previous year. The merger might turn out to be the best thing for William Hill. Roulette is undoubtedly one of the games that have become a symbol of gambling and as such, it enjoys a great deal of popularity both at land-based and virtual casinos.

While in real life you can see only a couple roulette variations at the same place, online casinos usually offer over 10 different tables, some of which are quite innovative and would be hard to pull off in real life. Such games include Multi-Wheel Roulette, Pinball Roulette and couple other variations which are popular on the Internet. Other games simply have different rules or betting options, something that land-based casinos will be resistant to introduce as their customers are more traditional.

Online players, on the other hand, are more adventurous and appreciate diversity, so undoubtedly, the three newest roulette games that popped up at hands down the best real money online roulette sites will come as fresh air to them. This week, online players witnessed the launch of arguably the most graphically-enhanced virtual roulette game as of yet. On top of with its visual superiority, Double Ball Roulette stands out with the fact that there are two balls thrown into the wheel and, therefore, two winning numbers each round.

In fact, you can make a special bet on whether or not the two balls will fall into the same pocket — a bet which pays 35 to 1. This is a game that was launched a couple of months ago by the software provider SG Interactive. NewAR Roulette is one of the latest titles by the software giant Playtech that was launch roughly months ago.

These unique betting options pay 3: The increase is explained with the wider reach of the internet, giving operators even bigger markets to reach out to. Another reason is the ease up on legislations, which have shown slow but still steady progress. This could be explained by the character of the game and the fact that it requires higher skills and investment. An interesting thought is to envisage the outcome of an eventual Brexit on the gambling industry in Europe and so — on the GGYs to come in the following years.

Spain has expressed its will to take back control over Gibraltar, which as we all know is the haven of most online bookies on the continent and not only.

As it stands, the border between Spain and Gibraltar is not considered within the EU, as it is following the British choice of opting out of the Schengen Area. Anyone who has recently traveled there will be familiar with the painful, sometimes lasting for hours delays on the borders.

If we are to trust bets made , the UK will after all remain in the European Union. The bets that Spain will be getting Gibraltar back in the case of a Brexit, though, though are rather clear. Currently, the company is owned by Vitruvian Partners. There have been reports of Morgan Stanley being appointed to handle the potential sale, though those have not been confirmed by officials from either of the parties involved.

NYX Interactive is Stockholm based. The company was established in and today offers a number of operating systems for casinos and other online games. The group develops, operates, and manages a rather huge portfolio of online games, including casino, bingo, poker, sports betting, and lottery. Another titan in the field — Playtech — is expected to enter the game as it is already one of the main players in the industry.

This is likely the reason for William Hill to be giving NYX a shoulder — bookies are not fans of the idea of Playtech dominating the market more than it already does. Something that will certainly be more the case if they were to win OpenBet over. We all know the benefits of mergers and acquisitions , so none of this comes as a surprise. Something that is not the case as we speak. Anyone with a background in the gambling industry would know though, that things here are not always done for profit.

Limiting the reach of Playtech might prove a good enough reason for the bookmaker to proceed with the acquisition regardless of fiscal benefits or the lack of such. If you know anything about finance it will be no news to you that gambling is a massive market worldwide.

The Sun online bingo is already a favourite destination for many players, with half the betting popularion on the island being regular readers of the tabloid and so loyal to it in their choise of gaming provider as well. The newly born Sun Bets is scheduled to be officially launched in half an year, with the Australian operator covering the software platform and products offered and the British operator — promoting the new site in its existing network.

As we mentioned above the UK market seems to be one of the most competitive in the field worldwide, with gambling revenues hitting GBP 3 biillion yearly and over licensed operators. The over 10 million weekly readers of the popular newspaper on the other hand will benefit from the improved betting platform and the tabloid will of course gain a lot from an extra revenue stream. Some investor brokers however hold doubts.

Analysts from Goodboy Stockbrokers have voiced concerns that USD 20m is by far not enough for a sufficient marketing campaign acoss various channels tv, terrestrial and online. Both The Sun and Tabcorp are assuring investors that the group is working on developing new range of high class projects and services and is ready to meet the highly critical and competitive new market.

Below we will look at how two of the biggest players are dealing with the situation. Sands China took a gamble last September, when the now 82 years old owner, business magnate Sheldon Adelson appointed a new director of his company. Wilfred Wong, a Beijing insider, is the first in this position of Chinese origin. The markets almost immediately responded positively to the news, with shares of the company rising as much as 2. After the not so promising January although that is on average a weak month for the country, spent in preparation for the Lunar New Year , Mr.

Not an optimum result as well but still — far less than the decline analysts were predicting a few months ago. Here as well, the main reason for their improved records is the shift of focus from high-rollers to smaller stakes players and non-gambling resorts. This year they are planning on developing a resort on land site in Hengqin an island in the south of of Zhuhai, Guangdong province, just meters from Macau.

Galaxy shares have risen 6. One of the chairmans of the company, Chinese billionaire Dr. It will be curious to see whether other casino resorts will follow and how will this be affecting the results of the first quarter of With the end of , this month many Macau bookmakers have reported their financial results for the year behind. This month however seems more promising with results picking up for major players in the industry.

This is partly due to the Chinese New Year , celebrated between the 7th and the 13th February. As usually, a lucrative period for all companies relying on customers of Chinese descent.

Another major factor in the improvement of the numbers in the gambling industry is their change of focus from high-rollers to smaller stake players and the expansion into not gambling related activities — mostly holiday resorts in the area. Where do I bring my date? To a house full of teen and younger boys? Take some time for you and get back on track. You have been through alot. You might find an Angelina Joli who loves lots of kids……. You have fought long and hard for your kids.

Now enjoy them while you can because they will be grown up sooner than you think. When the really good women see how you treat your kids….

I know this thread is old but It has given me hope. I just want some fucking peace and quiet! Dating and getting into another relationship sounds horrible. Never worth the risk. Even if the partner is normal and well-adjusted. How can one ever really know?! One other humorous addition. The older boys state that Mom regularly exaggerates and lies about things and that they believe that Dad did nothing to warrant a T. I have found that to be the exception rather than the rule.

More often, evaluators rely too heavily on MMPI scores without considering the data contextually. There are studies and reports about MMPI scores among child custody litigants, and it has been reliably shown that custody litigants test differently than people who are not in the middle of battling for custody. Not only do they test differently, they test differently in the same way — they are defensive and reluctant to admit minor faults, among other differences that I now forget.

RecoveredAlpha, it sounds like you seriously dodged a bullet there. Looking back on that situation, do you have any practical advice or things you did which ended up serving you and your children well, that you would like to share? Tell me about actual behavior. So you have to go about proving that your spouse behaved in a certain way. This can be very problematic. If your Cluster B is high functioning, then they usually only show their true colors behind closed doors.

I never did any of that. Audio or video recorded evidence? Are there no outrageous text messages sent at 3: No one else has witnessed her bad behavior?

They also lie a lot as a general rule. This is a good reason for taking a deposition in advance of trial. You can use the deposition to catch her in lies when she contradicts herself at trial. This will undermine her entire testimony, and then you are better positioned to testify yourself about her extreme conduct — her denials will be heard with suspicion because she has already been shown to be a liar.

Natalie, I have known a few high-functioning narcs who were very, very good at keeping up a front. The trick is to catch them in a situation where they think they can let their hair down. My BPD ex had a friend who was very good at giving the impression of being a meek, mild-mannered woman.

But take her to a bar and put just one drink into her, and she turned into a flaming ball of unlimited anger. But after a while I realized what it was: My ex told me once that before I met her, she had had to bail this friend out once after she got into a fight with another woman at a bar.

Yes, the trick is discovering where the weakness is, but you guys who have been living with these women for years probably know the hot buttons … and the value of private investigators should not be underestimated in cases like this.

As an aside, it is usually a spectacle to have these folks on the witness stand, and I have found that they cannot maintain the facade when they are on the spot like that and under oath. They will frequently and boldly contradict themselves as they try to weave lies on the fly. They will typically do everything possible to keep from having to take the witness stand, but that is exactly where a good attorney will want them to be.

Maybe too much stress? Perhaps they go so concerned about keeping their lies straight that they lose track of them? Well, the problem is when they let the mask slip in front of witnesses, it tends to be in front of the enablers and apologists. My stepfather and my brother have seen my likely NPD mother rage at me. Yet, when I set some reasonable boundaries, they both turned on me eventually.

In public, she acts sickeningly sweet, she would try to hold my hand, say how glad she was to see her daughter, etc. She did lose it in public at me a few times in my teens, but it was rare and no one ever said anything or did anything but stare at us. I can be a part of the family, but only at the cost of taking her crap on a regular basis. Which is too high of a price for me. Several years ago I was tasked with setting up a program to protect a sector of critical infrastructure from an insider threat.

I consulted several behavioral and clinical psychologists with pretty heavy credentials in this area and the three things I came away with were:. One of the heavy hitters I consulted said he could look at an MMPI-II score and tell from the answers to only a few questions if the individual had areas of concern.

In his opinion, basing an assessment solely on test scores was useless. In other words the evaluator has to really care about what he is tasked to do, and I have found that is rarely the case, unfortunately. I am going to take the risk and let something be known on this board and Dr. What both of you have written, and Ms. I say this based on the fact that the APD who drove me nearly insane with his constant idealization-devaluation cycle and mind-blowing verbal put-downs and emotional and mental abuse and control for over a year, a few years back — IS in fact a professional court evaluator!

We had met at a gallery and were dating for a while and he showed clear signs of NPD and BPD minus the suicide threats and had even confessed that he became a psychiatrist to solve his own problems!

How scary is that? So though I have no court or therapy experience — purely by this personal experience — I think both Dr. Malonis are spot-on in their advice. Document the behaviour, and get therapy yourself — because who knows? Your court evaluator himself might have a PD and be very sympathetic towards Cluster B women.

Oftentimes the evaluator just takes it as a light job and may not have your best interests in mind unlike your own personal therapist. It would appear then that the people who need the services of a competent, objective evaluator run the risk of encountering precisely the opposite. If they have no ezperience with PDs, they have little choice but to trust the advice of the people they hire as advocates. As an attorney, how would you assess the competence and credibility of a therapist in a situation like this?

Do you view them as you would any other expert witness? A broader question, probably more in Dr. Most people who are going through this for the first tome will naturally trust the experts and trust the process. You may have to interview many professionals before you find a good fit.

If you find an attorney who is experienced in this area, the attorney should be able to direct you to other helpful professionals. As a starting point, you may want to visit the web page of the high conflict institute? I believe they have a state by state resource directory with lists of therapists and attorneys. I am getting a lot out of this article and discussion. My husband wears it well.

Attempts at couples counseling and subsequent filing for divorce have brought out his PD. I have learned that porn and prostitute addicts often have a combination of NPD, obsessive compulsive, and bipolar disorder. I see these things now, and wonder how I managed for so many years to simply accept it. I say trying because he is dragging it out. He so far has managed to string me along with a loosey-goosey verbal financial agreement because he has lied about his income and simply not responded to proposed settlement and custody agreements.

I have been in limbo for such a long time! I had to file with the Divorce Master because he simply would not make any move to negotiate. Five kids, the oldest just graduated from college.

The youngest two have autism and Down syndrome respectively. Yet I have to PROVE to the Divorce Master why a 10 year old who cannot wipe his own bottom and a 13 year old who throws chairs at people need 24 hour supervision. The father of my children makes 6 figures but he and his attorney want me to get the least amount of money required by law, and push for me to go back to work while ALSO caring for the kids and their medical needs full time.

I said, if you want me to work, then take the kids every other week. He schedules visitation with them randomly and rarely, now down to a couple of days a month.

I have documentation of his porn addiction and witnesses going back to I have a LOT of documentation. Any suggestions on what is most relevant and how to organize it? What is a counselor who saw us jointly allowed to put into a statement without violating some HIPAA law?

To the gentleman with four kids — when you have time, you will surely find a lovely NORMAL woman who will appreciate your excellent fathering skills. More than likely, someone who has been through a similar circumstance. Looking at the dates of this discussion, you probably already have! I discussed this issue with an attorney a few months ago.

She suggested that paying privately for an outside evaluation would be more in-depth, but very expensive. Ultimately, she recommended that I should focus on making myself look like a good parent rather than making her look like a bad parent. Marshall Stack……with your growing expertise in recording and the great attitude for court…good luck to anyone going up against you.

Make sure you keep all the knobs on you amp head at My son is currently in the process of trying to obtain custody of his infant daughter from a Cluster B girlfriend. Fortunately, he was told early on to document, document, document.

Also have engaged PI firm, while expensive, can document with photos, video and expert eye witness. It has not been a walk in the park—she is very paranoid, especially after going through all of his belongings and car and finding a receipt from an attorney initial consultation two months ago.

He told her they were in a rough patch, and wanted to know about his rights as a father. Her response was your rights are what I tell you they are and nothing ever good happens in court. He spent the last two months acting meek and mild and not bucking anything she says.

She also threatens him with she will take the baby and he will never, ever see his daughter again. She is very afraid of going to court and he feels she would do anything to prevent it. I have learned a lot from this wonderful site, is WHY she is so afraid: Also it is reassuring that she may lose it on the witness stand. With the evidence so far collected, she will have severe difficulty explaining certain things away.

The one thing I do not understand is why do Cluster B females seem to think they are wonderful mothers? Texas Mom — I wish the best for your son. Having a strong supportive network can make the difference between your son moving all the way through this process as opposed to giving up and giving in.

A couple of things you mentioned are so representative of these types of females: These women will do just about anything to avoid having to testify. They may love going to court to stir things up and harass their STBX, but they will avoid getting on that witness stand at any cost.

Your son should anticipate her behavior to get more outrageous as it approaches time to go to court. The Cluster B who believes she is a wonderful mother probably has some narcissistic stuff going on.

Thank you so much for your response. My son has said that she does view the children she has son from previous relationship more like possessions or accessories. He has stated that she has her own little fantasy la-la land that she lives in.

He has confessed that he is truly terrified of her and what she might do once she is served with custody papers. These times can be especially volatile for a woman who is already volatile.

Typically men get a sense about this. Those gut feelings should be heeded and should motivate him to take the precautions necessary to protect himself and the children. When dealing with a high conflict wife in these situations, I usually advise men to remove firearms from her access in advance and be out of her reach when she is served.

I usually also advise men to observe strict no-contact for a few days at least when the wife is served with divorce or custody papers. I could see how a Cluster B mother might regard her children, particularly female children, as dolls.

Texas Mom brought up a good point about hiring a private investigator. I am truly understanding the fear factor now, especially after reading many articles and comments on this site.

His attorney advised calling an abuse hot line to talk with counselor on how to get her belongings out of his apartment and other precautions. We are formulating a plan to get him and the baby out of the area until the custody hearing. Unless something goes haywire, he should be able to get temporary sole custody until the hearing. She also confided to my son that she did a variety of drugs the first months of pregnancy with him.

We are truly grateful that he will get the help he deserves and has been denied for so long. He is an innocent. She will also be served a temporary restraining order. She may have a total meltdown when served. What is truly frightening is the unpredictability of her reaction. Yes, the private investigator has been well worth the money. If you think about using one, I suggest you collaborate with your attorney on what you want them to observe and document.

In some cases, they may be able to recommend a PI they have worked with before. Does she smoke in the car with the children in it? Is she leaving the children unattended in the car while she runs into the store? They establish that this is consistent behavior, not an isolated incident that can be explained away.

Keeping in mind, you still document, document, document. TheGirlInside, At first his girlfriend liked me; she hates me passionately now. I have been banned from seeing my granddaughter for over a month. She truly thinks she is a great mother and knows better than anyone what is best for them. Thank you so much for your insight, TheGirlInside.