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Tim Matthews has over three years experience as a full-time professional poker player and millions of hands played at mid to high stakes cash games. You can also find here poker player profiles, tournament poker results, poker rules, poker strategy articles, poker magazines, poker tools and poker training resources. We will continue to post updates! Come out and join a team for a fun filled session with great drink specials, good food, and fabulous people! See Nickolus Rodgers to sign up asap.

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Even above-board tournaments can turn deadly. In April, , Kearn Nedd, an upcoming MMA fighter, was among players at a charity poker tournament in Brampton when two teens burst in wearing masks and carrying guns. Nedd got up to confront the pair, and was shot multiple times with a 9mm handgun. Police later charged a year-old with the killing.

The sentiment is increasingly gaining ground among a new generation of players who, like Mr. Leah, are choosing to sharpen their poker skills online.

And in Toronto, their ranks are swelling. And so, just at the point when Toronto is hosting the latest saturation of poker talent in its history, the power of the poker underground is fading. Filed under Posted Toronto. Toronto becoming an online poker haven as its storied, seedy underground card scene fades into obscurity.

Courtesy Border City Pictures Toronto-born poker pro Evelyn Ng is a picture of glamour in a game dominated by disheveled men in sweatshirts. Payette is perfectly suited to be an astronaut, but much less so for a job defined by strict adherence to convention, and which comes with constant public scrutiny. It starts with lobsters. You have to understand about the lobsters. A man was jailed 15 years for calling Joseph Stalin a fathead.

One year for sedition, 14 years for revealing a state secret. Find National Post on Facebook. The crooks often want bitcoins, according to web security company Sucuri.

The company said victims are receiving ransom notes similar to this one: We are [Criminal Group]. When we say all, we mean all — users will not be able to access sites host with you at all.

It will not be hard, we will not crash it at the moment to try to minimize eventual damage, which we want to avoid at this moment. This is not a joke. Sucuri said you should not pay the ransom requests. The second that it started, it [the attack] started. The same network was hit again in September , according Poker News Daily , as the company prepared for another million-dollar tournament. First, monitor your traffic, looking for abnormalities like heavier than usual traffic spikes and new visits from unfamiliar IP addresses and geolocations, they reported.

Victims should contact their Internet service providers when attacked, said Miller.

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