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Nestled just downriver east from the French the country's loveliest neighborhoods, stretch- The Garden District is easily accessible via Quarter are a pair of New Orleans' distinctive ing from St. Cuidadores de Idosos para Mudanca de Decubito. Wheels and Tires Financing. Stitch and Friends Summer Surprise Entertainment: A mouse, trackpad, touch screen, or trackball are required to control your direction, walking and shooting.

Other places to find games, and information about accessible games.

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Now take all of your pictures referencing above and send them with treats: Night at the Movies: Buy a stack of Texas postcards for people to fillout at the meeting for their own and other soldiers ; include pictures of favorite area spots; pralines or pecan cookies or muffins; Texas pens; Texas stationery; Longhorn stuff; anything useful with a Texas theme; hot sauce; BBQ sauce. Take Me Out to the Ball Game: Are You Ready for Some Football?: Fun in the sun sunscreen sunglasses beachball frisbee lemonade mix Beach Boys CD.

Party blowers, confetti, a plastic champagne glass with a promise to toast each other at midnight, any of those crazy year decorations you see people wearing in Times Square. This will be a package full of red! During one deployment, I made coupons for my husband and emailed one to him every few days. Not only was it fun but it ensured he would check his email!

Be sure to spray something in the box with perfume — you may want to enclose it in a Ziploc bag so the scent remains during the trip. Another fun item is a pair of boxer shorts with your handprints strategically placed over the butt. Good to be green. What better than to send your soldier lots of things for good luck. Go ahead and send that Easter basket! Fill it up with all sorts of candies — just be careful about sending chocolate.

Even if it is cold where he is, you never know where your package will end up between your home and his. You can also send plastic eggs containing special messages from you or your family. Of course, send Halloween candy. Some may even want a costume depending on what their unit allows. Fake pumpkins that can be carved can also be a great surprise. This is always the hardest holiday for me to send packages since it mainly revolves around food.

Record the dinner, send him the tape and he can play the tape while he eats his own Thanksgiving dinner. During one of our deployments, I sent things that represented what we normally have for Thanksgiving Dinner — he got beef jerky turkey , rice cakes rice , potato chips potatoes , candy corn corn , etc. Send the tree and all the decorations. You can find miniature trees along with the decorations at the dollar store. Send a small stocking for him to have as well and of course include his gifts.

You can also send Christmas CDs or your favorite Christmas movies. Party in a box! Send cake in a jar search the net for recipes , candles, a recording of you singing happy birthday, party blowers, birthday hats and confetti. You can also send message balloons. Deflate the balloon and put it in his box with instructions to blow it up to get his message.

You can also send a certain number of items based on his age. Mail Call can be the highlight of the day for any deployed man or woman. Even something as small as a crayon drawing from a two-year old can bring joy to your loved one! Make it a point to send something….

Personalized Romance Novel — What better to give your dh for Christmas than your very own personalized romance novel. Thanksgiving box turkey spam cans for veggies can of cranberry Paper Plates cups Thanksgiving decorations from the dollar stores cute paper pumpkins from Halloween. State box program Post Cards from your state Hometown specialty foods Hometown souvenirs Hometown sports items Hometown Favorites Hometown newspaper Hometown magazines Hometown books Hometown map You can circle where you live Hometown Celebrity facts Hometown photos You can be in them.

Desert Survival Kit no-water Excedrin Kleenex Rippled or Charmin Ultra toilet paper eye wash nasal spray cotton swabs lip balm sun block deodorant body powder foot powder bug repellent pocket Kleenex Tampons Crystal Light drink mix beef jerky any kind of food tuna kits instant cup of soups seasonings cereal bars Little Debbies snacks gum Coffees Disposable cameras Etch-a-Sketch Velcro dartboards or catch game Inflatable beach ball Jacks Miniature foam footballs or basketballs Paddleball Teddy bears we never outgrow them Exercise shorts and t-shirts Vitamins Freezer Zip-lock Baggies.

Care Package Scoreboard Stats. Yellow Ribbon-So you will know you will always be supported till you come home.

To help you pick out the good in every situation you encounter. Any type of cookie in the cookie aisle Would be great during the holidays. From the local zoo: You got the write stuff: Margarita drink mix, Pina colada mix, lemonade, Salsa, Torango Chips in a triangluar pringles type can , cheese in a jar found in chips isle , hot tamales candy, Fire Balls candy, Red, green, yellow balloons, Chili peppers canned , Refried beans, taco or fajita seasoning, tobasco Sauce, pinata filled with candy ,Taco Bell sauce packets.

Those little games you get at parties and you have to put those little balls in the holes, crossword puzzles, puzzles, those puzzles that are small and metal and you have to take them apart and then put back together, rubiks cube, travel size games of checkers and chess. Emeril of Iraq or other place: Fish shaped crackers, salt packets, Blue colored Kool Aid, shark gummies, swedish fish, little game that has those fish going around and you have to fish for them?

Goldfish game cards, At Oriental Trading company you can buy those toy fish. Maybe a Go Fish game. Tuna, those Sea Monkeys you add water to and they grow. Maybe the crystals you add water too and they grow to resemble underwater coral growths, How about one of the medium sized Conk seashells so he could hear the ocean?

Salt water taffey is always a hit too. Breakfast on the Go: Cheese curls, cheese balls, cheese flavored chips, cheese Doritos, cheese popcorn, cheese and crackers, cheese flavored crackers, tubs of cheese spread, cheesy instant mashed potatoes.

Jamaica in a Box: Get one of those plastic 2qt jugs with the handles and the push button spout.. I also found on an end cap at wallyworld sample size for 25cents that came 4 bags in each pouch…we used these in our platoon packages this last shipment.

Kick back and have some fun: Salute to the Heroes: George is the Patron Saint of the Military. The inscription on the back reads: Give us courage, strength and might. Gentlemen start your engines: Any racing related items: Hostess Cupcakes, box of candles, confetti, birthday cards signed by as many people as possible, goodies like candy and books etc wrapped in birthday paper.

A gingerbread haunted house all precut and ready to go , goodie bags full of candy, plastic carved pumpkins, a Tootsie Roll pop covered with tissue to look like a ghost, apple cider packets, candy corn, costume for your soldier, carvable pumpkins.

Turkey Jerky, dried cranberries I think they are called Craisens? If you have kids — or access to some, you can do some Thanksgiving crafts. The old trace-you-hand and color turkey comes to mind, instant mashed potatoes, many of the big candle companies make scented candles that would fit this theme and Thanksgiving also, for example, Yankee has Harvest, Cranberry Chutney, Apple Cider, Autumn Lodge, Pumpkin Pie, and Spiced Pumpkin.

Care Package Ideas to show how sweet your soldier is to you: A valentine letter wrote entirely with candy message hearts glued to the paper. Those lil sugary chics, bunnies, etc remember? Your soldiers will get a big kick out of it!!!

Banners to decorate their rooms or mess hall that say Happy Easter. I sent a few of those to a unit, and they said that was the best thing that they could have ever receive. They laughed all night long. Make sure the kits only require water no vinegar. Thanks for defending the red, white, and blue. So here are some treats- all in U. For Fun and Entertainment: Food and Snack Items: Once this information is received, the for more information. Single service members who are on perma- washer, microwave and garbage disposal.

The nent change of station PCS orders will reside units include garages and some with balconies. These homes have carports and offer, check on special housing programs or sharing common areas such as bathrooms ample storage. Incoming residents should who wish to reside on the economy should ans and the French Quarter.

For more information on to ask questions. Those members will be provided its website at www. UH does page at: This however have a robust resident advisor pro- The New Orleans Navy Family Housing is critical when tailoring a specific search gram that allows volunteer senior enlisted Welcome Center is in Patrician Management's and expediting a door-to-door move. Members should read UH. If interested, call Conceived by military ees and their families enjoy their commissary benefit.

Authorized patrons personnel, educators and community leaders in , BCA incorporated can purchase groceries at cost plus a five percent surcharge, which covers as a Louisiana nonprofit corporation in January The Louisiana the costs of building new commissaries and modernizing existing ones.

In addition to a full lineup of fresh produce, fresh meats, frozen, chilled and dairy items, the store features a full-service deli-bakery, and the meat department can provide specialty cuts to order.

For hours and store events, visit the store's location on the website. Comple- menting the school's rigorous academic pro- gram is a structured, orderly environment, shaped in large measure by a fully integrated character-education program. The mission of BCA is to educate military- dependent children, no matter their back- ground or previous school experience, to fully achieve their personal and academic potential. It has established and continues to sustain a quality community charter school that fosters an educational environment focused on aca- demic excellence and tailored to the needs of the military-dependent child, specifically providing: The following documentation must be pre- sented at the time of enrollment: DTaP -- diphtheria, tetanus, baked cakes, pastries and breads.

The five-star special education services. All students the base opening, the galley has long-standing are required to present evidence of having pride and dedication to customers and the sup- the appropriate number of vaccine doses. Consult the school nurse for the appropri- Customers can hear the daily menu by calling ate number of doses. All students 11 and Dependents must be with their sponsor. PCMs are concerned with managing pop- ulation health indicators and ensuring patients receive recommended health exams, and also taking care of patients when they are unwell.

If patients require specialty care, then a referral will be generated from their PCM. A behavioral health specialist psychologist is also available through your PCM or by self-referral to eval- uate and treat physical, behavioral and emo- tional health concerns.

All medical care is scheduled by appoint- ment; call , option 1. The Medical Readiness team is the other primary access point for regular medical care. To schedule an appointment, call , option 8. NBHC dental serves all active-duty members and reservists on active-duty orders. After- hours emergencies may call the duty section at , option 6.

Call to schedule a dental visit. Selected Reserve providers, includ- and prepares them for transport to outside ref- ans, is one of 10 branch health clinics under the ing flight surgeons, augment the Navy Opera- erence testing centers.

Patients who are in a drill status Monday Health Benefits 20, eligible beneficiaries stationed through- through Friday may bring a copy of their official The managed care department is ready to out the greater New Orleans area. Emergency, muster sheet and be seen for illnesses or injuries assist with enrollment, medical billing issues surgical and hospital care and many other that interfere with performance during the drill and referrals for all of its beneficiaries.

The specialty services are provided through the period. Those activated for fewer than 31 days must health care benefits. The principal means for Hours are from 7: Monday present a copy of their orders upon check-in. The clinic is closed on federal For complete information, visit www.

South, or visit www. Monday, Wednesday and Friday and lization Managers to obtain referral approval etry technician at , option 4. Availability is subject to change without may speak to a corpsman in physical therapy Humana to obtain the referred service in the notice. No emergency care is available. Hours by dialing , option 3. To contact the managed care department Radiology during working hours 7: The Pharmacy stocks medication via Navy for all basic X-ray needs with state-of-the-art Medicine formulary guidance with input from equipment and cutting-edge technology to Health Promotion Department Naval Hospital Pensacola and based on local better identify problems such as bone spurs, The department provides innovative and evi- requirements -- not all civilian prescription or shin splints and fractures.

The goal is to assist dence-based health promotion programs and other military prescription orders can be filled. Services include counseling a prescription, review the clinic's formulary in For additional Information, including digi- with healthy nutrition, managing high blood advance. A copy is available at the pharmacy, tal copies of exams performed at the lab, call pressure, managing blood sugar, lowering on the Express Scripts website at https: Classes include Tobacco https: Pharmacy hours are 7 a.

Administrative Services vention program for weight management , For refills from the Naval Hospital system, Internal administrative services support the Weight Management includes exercise rec- call 10 days in advance. All requirements of the health care departments ommendations and Sleep Management. Patients must commands can be arranged on a wide variety allow 10 days for medication to be refilled. Medical Records of health-related subjects by appointment. All health care records for beneficiaries are Call for more information.

Physical Therapy maintained on-site by military instruction. The NBHC Belle Chasse physical therapy Navy medicine is hard at work digitizing Behavioral Health department provides outpatient physical ther- every health care encounter into the electronic The goal of the clinic's behavioral health staff apy services to active-duty personnel and their medical record.

Your records should be turned is to provide treatment within the clinic with dependents with musculoskeletal and neu- in when you check in to your command and the staff psychiatrist and licensed counselor. The services include enroll with the Branch Health Clinic, and any If necessary, the clinic will facilitate treatment examination, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment hard-copy medical encounter you receive in and continuation of care by consult entry and plans and prognosis.

Treatment is administered the civilian network should similarly be turned direct contact with TRICARE and civilian pro- through manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, in otherwise it won't exist in the official elec- viders. The clinic also strives to provide men- modalities moist hot packs, cryotherapy, ultra- tronic record. You may receive a courtesy tal health awareness education to the base in sound, electrical stimulation, iontophoresis, copy of your electronic medical record; call concert with local Fleet and Family Support kinesio taping and traction to decrease pain, ahead for notification and an appointment: Case Management The Case Management office, available for active-duty service members, their spouses and children, provides assistance in coordinating care for routine and catastrophic mental health cases, including network utilization of addic- tion and inpatient services.

Call the case management office at for more information. Optometry NBHC Belle Chasse offers full routine eye exams and contact prescription exams for active-duty members and reservists. Depen- dents are seen on a space-available basis.

Active-duty, Reserve and retired members may order eyeglasses. The NAS JRB Credit Union is a full-service Two separate and distinct legal commands financial institution with a full range of finan- provide services to Navy, Marine Corps and Limitations on Legal Assistance cial products including savings and checking Coast Guard commands and personnel in Lou- A legal assistance attorney cannot represent accounts, youth accounts, Visa credit and isiana: A legal assistance attorney may not advise loans including auto, signature and mortgages relating to military justice and command ser- or assist in, or become involved with, individ- through CU Member's Mortgage.

DSO SE, on the other hand, provides all branches, federal civil service employees, legal advice and personal representation for Eligibility for Legal all military retirees, all members of Veterans service members facing courts-martial and Assistance Services administrative separation boards. Active-duty, retired, family members and organizations of such per- Legal Assistance Reservists pre- and post-mobilization and sons. The NAS JRB Credit Union has proudly RLSO SE legal assistance attorneys provide when on active duty for 30 days or more and supported the military for nearly 70 years and advice and services to eligible individuals their eligible dependents are eligible for all strives to continue to serve and provide sup- related to a wide range of legal issues.

Members of allied forces and their port in the years to come. Legal main office is in Building on Russell Ave- support, and paternity issues. The phone number powers of attorney and living wills. Visit and interpretation of leases, security tance office.

Additionally, legal assistance may http: Monday through service leases in case of deployments or Friday on a walk-in basis no appointment permanent change of station PCS moves. Legal assistance appointments are available advice on the protections and effects of between 8 a.

Emergencies are handled on a rights under this law, for Reserve Compo- case-by-case basis. The office also provides income DSN for more information. Hours are 9 a. DSO SE details judge advo- applications and payments, and special orders. Optical Shop cates as defense attorneys for service members Hours are 6 a. Saturday and 10 a. The optical shop offers contact lenses, as counsel for respondents service members to 6 p.

For more information, call single-vision stock lenses, full frames and in administrative separation board hearings. Barbershop hours are 7: Monday through Friday, 8 a. Please call for details. Subway the staff judge advocate at or Beauty shop hours are 10 a.

Service members in need of day through Saturday. Hours are 7 a. Orders can also be placed online at www. Monday through Saturday Outside regular office hours, emergency option when buying procurement list items, and 10 a. The ServMart is operated by the Raleigh calling toll free RLCB is one of many member seeking emergency assistance. Shoppers can order online at www.

The society's mission is to help service Protestant Women of the Chapel meets at the members, through education and assistance, chapel Addition- tian Fellowship meets at the galley at 7: The clinic is staffed by one veterinarian and ally, the society coordinates with other service every Thursday.

Tuesday and Thursday branches to provide assistance to members of Tuesday at 5: All active-duty, Reserv- the Air Force and Army.

The chapel also hosts special services through- ists, retirees and dependents are eligible to out the year such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, receive veterinary services for their pets. Call Non-Financial Programs include: National Day of Prayer and Easter. Monday all authorized users: Assistance is provided by ethics dilemmas, spiritual needs, emotional appointment, except requests for Emergency distress and more. Chaplains are also available Travel and Quick Assist Loans.

Mili- unteer opportunities, call the New Orleans tary chaplains have absolute confidentiality, office at , or email neworleans so authorized users can feel free to share in a mailto: FFSC is a one-stop more.

The FFSC can also put together workshops tailored to the needs shop for information, referrals and assistance. Our caring counselors can meet with you individu- Information and Referral ally, as a couple or as a family. The FFSC has a wealth of information on military and civilian services and resources.

Whether it's a personal crisis such as separation, divorce or a death or Life Skills Education a large-scale disaster such as a hurricane or mass casualty, the FFSC can Life skills workshops will strengthen and enrich your life with assist by providing counseling, emergency case management, prepared- knowledge, skills and support. The FFSC offers practical and ness information, and recovery assistance. The FFSC also vention programs. The Transition with family support personnel for all military The New Parent Support Specialist offers par- Assistance Program provides pre-separation and branches and provides ombudsman training, enting education, support and home visits for preretirement workshops in addition to entre- consultation, and support.

If you are a Employment services are provided for job seek- Family Advocacy Program FAP spouse, parent or next of kin of a fallen Navy ers who are new to the area, starting over in a Services active-duty service member and want more new career field, or military members transition- The Family Advocacy Program offers aware- information about this program, please call ing to civilian jobs. Workshops and one-on-one ness and prevention programs, consultation, the FFSC. Our Career Resource Center has computers and resource materials to enhance your employment needs.

Financial Readiness Services Visit our financial counselor to help you define your financial needs and plan for the future by learning to set short-term and long- term financial goals.

We offer individual con- sultations tailored to your needs. CYP Facilities and Hours of Operation The Child Development Centers CDC offer full-day, developmentally appropriate pro- grams for children of active-duty and autho- rized civilian parents from infancy to 5 years of age if not eligible for kindergarten. Youth and School Age Care Programs offer before- and after-school programs for children from kindergarten to 12 years of age during the school year, and full-day care during school holidays and summer camps.

Teen pro- grams and a variety of youth sports are offered for youths 13 to 18 years of age 18 if still in school. As the demand for child care has increased behavior and attitude. SAC hours ferences and the uniqueness of diverse cul- ness authorized and sanctioned by the Navy in are 5 to 8 a. Monday through tures and traditions. The CDH provides throughout the year. Friday for youths 13 to 18 years old, and recreational activities.

Teams of caring, hours. The CDH providers care for children with occasional open recreation activities. The staff fosters a sense of indepen- dence, trust and responsibility within each child through understanding and respectful interactions.

Likewise, through positive rela- tionships, the programs respect and support the ideals, cultures and values of families in their task of nurturing children and youth. The CYP staff members are advocates for chil- dren, families and the child and youth profes- sionals within the programs and surrounding communities.

They are also closed inspection standards are met. Reservations for drop-in care are ence for families. Call on the day Parents using CDH are assured that: Children are ment, guidance and individual attention. Fees for drop-in care are due when the safety standards. The SLO informs and part of the Navy's quality-of-life enhancement. The school liaison officer the next.

Providers can provide service in the CDH providers must purchase liability insur- functions as the face of the command to the evenings and weekends and can accommodate ance before caring for children and are required educational community as well as the face of shift workers' schedules. The CYP staff and command representatives: CYP appreciates feed- back on customer service and welcomes all comments or concerns.

Concerns or issues should be addressed with the child's caregiver or lead education technician immediately.

If the concerns remain unresolved, parents should talk to the program director. Lights for the mul- tipurpose field will be coming soon. To reserve the fields and pavilion, call the fitness cen- ter at or email norl.

A practice softball field is between Build- Parents who would like to address a com- ing Fitness Center and Building To reserve this field call the fitness center program director at Elvina. MWR Administration, stations that strengthen all major groups, mailto: Swimming facility equipped with a full assortment of car- of bikes and stair climbers. Theater TV lessons are available periodically during the dio equipment, free weights and weight equip- sound is available on most cardio equip- summer.

Military lap swim is 6: A Krankcycle and Matrix Functional and 11 a. The pool may be ball court. The fitness center has an aerobics room, a racquetball court, a wallyball court and a family fitness parent area where the kids can play while mom or dad watch them during workouts. The fitness center is equipped with full showers and locker rooms, and the men's and women's locker rooms both have dry sau- nas.

Scheduled aerobics classes, spin classes, combat fitness box and other similar classes are offered. The fitness center offers personal train- ing and family fitness instruction and classes. Two running trails are available with distances ranging from a half mile to 5 miles. The fit- ness center also offers a year-round schedule of tournaments and leagues. All tenant com- mands are eligible to participate in the Cap- tain's Cup competition for athletic supremacy among military commands in the New Orleans area.

The center's staff is happy to assist with organizing games or matches, e. Complimentary bowling for active-duty military is available from 11 a. Friday and for military retirees on Friday. Friday nights showcase futuristic glow-in- the-dark "Cosmic Bowling. The center now also boasts two inch drop-down video screens across the far end of the bowling lanes. The diverse music database holds more than 10, songs.

Swim tests the prelude show to the and Super are conducted every open day at 10 a. Swim instruction classes are conducted tational Bowling Tournament. Summer The center has a full-service snack bar with a thunderstorms will affect hours of operation. Bayou Fun Time Bowl has The Fitness Center now features the "Fit it all, including plated daily meal specials for Box" which is one our most popular activities. Hours of opera- needs of any event for any age and can accom- tion are determined by seasonal conditions.

Ask modate from six to 80 guests. They can be the fitness center front deck staff for times. Check out any Mardi Gras theme. Additional discounts Congress-sanctioned bowling center features are offered for official command functions and a user-friendly and fully automated scoring approved fundraising events. All lanes have automatic retractable The center is open days every year with bumpers that will deploy and retract for indi- closings for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New vidual bowlers, allowing parents and children Year's Day and Mardi Gras.

For questions, to bowl together with bumpers up for the kids pricing or copies of the menu, email david. Bayou Bowl is a includes eat-in or takeout service. The grill offers Community Recreation offers support ser- breakfast 6: Items are to 1: Items avail- biscuits and gravy, a full breakfast platter and in the Autorama.

This is a great opportunity able include tables, chairs, grills, tents, small side items and juices at reasonable prices -- to display your car, boat, camper, etc. Call and no tax.

Autorama is operated by the Auto Care or email lance. The lot is listing of available items. Plated daily specials include loaded a wide selection of gear to meet the needs of 45 on Chambers Ave. The following is a sampling of is 40 feet by 60 feet and will accommodate burger steak in brown gravy, a fish platter and what's available for your next indoor or out- people under the shelter.

It is equipped more. All come with vegetables, bread and a door party: Additionally For an email of the complete menu, send a fryers. Outdoor rental also offers camping an outdoor sink is available near the new request to david. For details, shaded-deck site accommodates and The Auto Care Center in Building 42 is for call Restrooms are within yards.

The able at NAS JRB for cars, campers, boats or and has electricity, picnic tables, grills, facility provides equipment for routine car any recreational vehicle. Call Outdoor Gear at fans and water. This has access to the maintenance such as oil change and lube, tire for all outdoor storage needs. CV axles and struts. Handicap and pull- about the base and the local area, special- Trained MWR personnel are available to assist through slips are available. Call bus trips for different interests.

TT has dis- All fees are based upon work being per- for reservations, which are not count tickets to many tourist attractions formed and are available to active-duty, retired required but are recommended.

The base has paintball courses open 9 a. Beveled mirrors can be special-ordered Magnolia Terrace Community Center The experienced Specialty Shoppe Tickets and Travel Office Call 4 feet, 3 feet by 6 feet and 3 feet by 8 feet in for all your TT needs.

They also have a vinyl banner are many programs available to children and machine that can cut simple vinyl stickers adults throughout the year. For more infor- in only one color provided that the vector mation on programs or upcoming events, call image is clear. The shop also can print during hours of operation: Laminating is also 11 a.

The library is available for items at almost any length up to The Liberty Program is available to ser- closed Sunday and Monday. Call for more infor- Aboard NAS JRB the Liberty Program is run as The children's reading room is a fun envi- an outreach program, in which the liberty coor- mation or reservations.

For information about this program such as www. Gale research resources and Peterson's stan- ing a great atmosphere for those just looking to dardized testing assistance.

The library is a relax. The library values the day Ticket and UFC Pay-Per-View on flat-screen The archery range has a variety of targets diverse community and strives to provide an televisions. Karaoke and themed-music nights and also is available for rent. Call for more array of services to fit every need, and there with DJs make this a great stop for all things fun. Five of the top seven fishing ports in Poydras St. Protecting America's borders is the The Eighth Coast Guard District, headquartered in New Orleans, covers key to ensuring the free flow of commerce and the safety of our citizens.

It stretches from the Appalachian Mountains and Chattahoochee 4, auxiliarists and civilian positions assigned to the Eighth Dis- River in the east to the Rocky Mountains in the west, and from the bor- trict. The Eighth District is also home to: Sur- the men and women of the Eighth District are vital in protecting the face assets include: The Eighth District is home to two of the nation's busiest ports: More than two million barrels of oil and area of responsibility, New Orleans, St.

Louis and Louisville, Kentucky. Seventeen of the 40 busiest For more information, go to www. Two of the original build- conditioning and refrigeration shop, a carpen- New Orleans, LA ings from the New Orleans Depot remain try shop and a welding shop. The industrial on the site in what was the ISC's Industrial building also has an additional 7, square The headquarters of Sector New Orleans Division portion of the base.

The ISC tempo- feet of covered storage. Waterfront facilities is in the newly constructed Federal City on rarily relocated to the Louisiana Convention consist of a pier, a wharf and a floodwall gate, the Westbank of New Orleans in Algiers, a Center in Alexandria, Louisiana, immediately which is used to transport vessels and buoys to state-of-the-art complex that will attract thou- after Katrina struck, then moved back to New the industrial building.

South Louisiana is home cutting ceremony opened the permanent facil- contractors support more than Army Reserve to the busiest port complex in the Western ity now known as Base New Orleans. This Soldiers in 12 Army Reserve units at this location. Originally envisioned to carry eight responsible for financial, personnel, work-life, Support Battalion Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Support Unit In , the Lighthouse Service was inte- grated into the Coast Guard, and in that facility was officially designated a Coast Guard Base.

In , a base machine shop was built, and construction of the administrative build- ing and barracks began the following year. The barracks was downriver from the city and only a mile from the Military Judge Detachment Jackson, hero of the Battle the barracks beginning in February until of New Orleans and the seventh president of their completion in December Built on a the United States.

Two of the original towers remain and are used as distinguished St. After the War of , the U. It was resolved that never again The mission of Jackson Barracks is to serve as est of its kind in the U. All ports and tenant organizations and state and local part- tranquil and picturesque old post into an active ners. Jackson Barracks provides an excellent harbors were to be protected by a system of processing and training center. In , new quality of life for Soldiers, Airmen, employees fortifications.

In this area Forts McComb and wooden buildings were erected, including one and their families through outstanding support Pike were constructed below the city of New for use by the YMCA, as well as mess halls, of all training and operations. Phillip on the east bank Following World War I, Jackson Barracks original construction in , occupies was improved. In addition to Jackson Barracks was rescued from extinction when the state acres of land in Orleans Parish, extending being constructed as a training post for the requested that the post be turned over to the from the Mississippi River to a mile north of troops of these forts, it served as a supply base Louisiana National Guard.

Claude Avenue, and from the St. Bernard and rotated troops to and from the isolated the state assumed control of the installation, Parish line on the east to Delery Street on the locations. The Post Magazine at the barracks with Jackson Barracks becoming the home of west.

Jackson Barracks is the home of the Lou- was also built in early to store reserves of the famous Washington Artillery st Field isiana Military Department and headquarters ammunition for the four forts' heavy artillery. Prior to Hur- In , a acre strip of land to build the its many horses. Rex, the acknowledged King of Carnival, would send an order to the commandant to receive him.

King Rex would then arrive at the barracks by boat to be welcomed on the parade ground by a battalion of infantry and the regimental band. In keeping with Mardi Gras tradition, the post commander would formally hand over control of the city to King Rex and then escort him into the city to begin his reign of frivolity and merriment. Federal Emergency Management Agency, the In accordance with the lease agreement, most Construction Facilities Management Office of the post facilities and grounds were used by designed a new master plan for the redevelop- the U.

War Department to operate a port of ment of the barracks. New Readiness Centers embarkation. In Opelousas Ave. At the same time, funding was obtained Marine Forces Reserve is ready to Places as a historic district of national signifi- to renovate the historic garrison buildings.

With the exception of only one building new construction continues the architectural are always prepared for the fight tonight. Jackson Barracks is arguably the fin- survived war, the ravages of time, flooding and relief for the active forces in peacetime and est complex of antebellum architecture remain- numerous hurricanes. With the completion of provides service to the community. It remains ing in the U. In the aftermath of Hurricane the construction of the Jackson Barracks Military an integral part of the Total Force Marine Katrina, the historic buildings were carefully Museum Complex, the post's unique and distin- Corps and continues to maintain a high level restored and returned to their original function guished history will be showcased for future gen- of operational experience as it serves side- for military use.

Today, the Jackson by-side with its active component counter- In , Hurricane Katrina brought severe Barracks restoration reflects the original design parts. As educated to the highest levels, provide rapid St.

Bernard Parish and the Lower Ninth Ward, the headquarters for the Louisiana National response when called upon and be ever-ready including Jackson Barracks, particularly hard- Guard, it serves as an enduring monument to to alleviate the intense personnel and opera- hit. All buildings at Jackson Barracks were the citizen Soldier, the military and the nation. Under the operational con- the acquisition of core knowledge and the skills with an operational Reserve wing under a trol of the commanding general, Marine Forces of analysis, problem-solving, communication total force construct.

Reserve and Marine Forces North, the unit and global responsibility. The band of self-discipline that fosters positive behavior, augmentation and reinforcement capabil- supports all units of the 4th Marine Logistics builds self-esteem, instills personal responsi- ities to gaining forces, and support other Group, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, 4th Marine bility, creates accountability and teaches eth- missions as directed.

Division and Force Headquarters Group. Marine Corps Individual Reserve Support programs. The academy engages student cadets in learn- Activity, in delegated support of Com- The band is composed of a ceremonial and ing experiences and activities that will enable mander, MARFORRES's mission to provide concert band, jazz combo, and brass and wood- them to exceed Louisiana state academic goals Reserve component units and individuals wind quintets.

Each year, the musicians of the and tests and to prepare them for postsec- to augment and reinforce active forces for band travel throughout the United States enter- ondary education. The academy develops and employment across the full spectrum of taining more than 6 million people as they per- improves student cadet skills in the areas of crises and global engagement. The members of the band are basi- self-discipline, communication, group dynam- cally trained riflemen, fulfill all annual Marine Marine Forces North executes antiterrorism ics, team building and related areas.

It frequently performs in a variety of Since Nov. The band is dedicated to excellence audiences. Congress in , the JROTC program oper- the morale of active-duty personnel and ates within a disciplined military framework to their families; to inform Congress and the Academic Philosophy train student cadets in leadership and motiva- American public about the importance of The New Orleans Military and Maritime Acad- tional skills that will serve them during their strong sea services; and to support youth emy believes that the purpose of education is school years and throughout their lives.

The academy is on the Membership is open to those not currently to become responsible, productive citizens. Reservists must sus- academy also recognizes the characteristics that and serves grades Spouses and family members of process for development and expression of each active-duty members are eligible. No prior mil- student's innate potential and talents.

NFCU can reached by rather than a veterans' organization, and are the fields of cyber engineering, maritime, busi- calling Jump Start supporting their mission, their personnel and is Louisiana's program for career and technical their families.

The area, email or call the Navy League office. The model is based on the following beliefs: This mandatory program continues throughout their time at NOMMA, creating a unique and structured learning opportunity for highly motivated students who desire a distinc- tive educational experience. Established by the http: Thousands of Haitians fleeing a revolu- and Afro-Caribbean influences, centuries-old architecture and a touch tion in also settled in New Orleans, infusing the culture with their of voodoo.

Afro-Caribbean food, music, language and customs. All this gives New The French Quarter, the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans, captures Orleans its foreign, beguiling flavor, unlike that of any other American city. Its stunning architecture, NEW ORLEANS TODAY decorative wrought- and cast-iron balconies, antique shops, artists and New Orleans is a city of about , people, nicknamed the Cres- art galleries and the sense of history in every handmade brick add to the cent City because it was built -- 5 feet below sea level -- on a graceful overall spell.

The city's architectural treasures create HISTORY a backdrop for a pulsating music, arts, dining and entertainment scene New Orleans was founded by the French in for its strategic posi- packed with opportunities for visitors.

Historic streetcars will carry you tion along the Mississippi River near the Gulf of Mexico.

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