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Comps are also very important when you "buy in" and "cash out". The Secrets of Casino Design. This can be done in several different ways and ultimately works best when you combine the methods. Where I work, you'd be rated as a 1. For history buffs, you might want to take a walk through if you are downtown andjust try to picture what was once a craps shooters paradise.

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Aug 5, Threads: February 8th, at Nov 9, Threads: May 14, Threads: February 8th, at 1: If you ever talk to casino executives about ratings for craps, it is clear they have little to no understanding of how to rate the game. After the player left, I asked the floorman how such play would be rated. And the casino thinks that kind of action is bad for its bottom line? I objected, asking about the come bets, and the floorman told me "we don't count come bets, same as odds, because the house has no advantage on them.

Apparently come bets carry zero house edge now. Bottom line, morons running the show. Feb 5, Threads: February 8th, at 2: Its all different everywhere you go. Ive worked and dealt craps in 3 different casinos If you were coloring up, we were encouraged to ask if you wanted to grab a bite now or in the near future Its a small town with 6 casinos, so we had to make sure you came back.

Just getting into craps from blackjack, needed more excitement. But I also have an eye on comps. I understand that Odds are not counted at least in the two local casino whose pit bosses I asked. So my question would be why do what so many people do by placing two come bets then stop.

Does it not make more sense to see where the come bet would end up and then place that amount? The payout is the same correct? The only advantage I would see is getting paid on the come if a 7 or 11 is rolled after I make the come bet but I also would not lose the come if a craps number is rolled. Just want to make sure I am not missing something in regards to the payout. Comps never make up for the house edge. Just let me give a simple example.

Yes, you will get a better rating for comps but you are buying that rating with a poorer expectation on your gambling. In the end, you will lose far more than any comp is worth.

I have read your book "Casino Craps: My question concerns what you wrote about the Don't pass and odds. I have just started playing craps and go to Vegas one or two times a year. I hope what I have learned from reading your book will prevent the tough luck I had when I began playing on my last trip. Thank you so much. Just take a look at the house edge.

Keep in mind those odds bets have no house edge attached them. For your e-mail I am sending you a copy of my new book "The Virgin Kiss. This article is provided by the Frank Scoblete Network. Kaplan is the network's managing editor.

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