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I was told I cannot get a refund but if I cancelled my order I could be issued a partial credit. I have travelled around Asia for 2 years and refuse to visit China for this reason not to mention that they are rude pricks and are hated by everyone everywhere i have travelled. A church member may be able to pick up your order if you are far away from the place of delivery? I emailed them and told them under no circumstances was I driving back to get the chicken at 7 pm and I wanted a full refund, not a credit. They are innocent creatures!!! Sick twisted humans lacking compassion for these poor dogs — they enjoy it — laughing and smiling. So make some strategic decisions.

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Which is why I was so confused why my comment was deleted after asking if their beef was part of the recall. I also made a screen shot and saved their response to me regarding a full refund just incase they decide to remove my posts.. Thanks for all of the very informative comments. Thanks for sharing an honest review! Some people mentioned the too large to be natural breasts. Zaycon uses the biggest suppliers for their chicken and the industry standard is to use low dose antibiotics and arsenic in feed to promote growth, for some reason they have the same effect as hormones.

It is legal to include arsenic and antibiotics in the feed and I would imagine a company that is not following the industry standard would announce it loudly and be able to sell their clean birds for more money with happy buyers!!

Someone asked on FB if the chicken was antibiotic free and fed GMO free and the representative said yes! It was a blatant lie and I could not believe it was not corrected. It is VERY disturbing. Thank you for your review Meg! I loved reading the comments and decided against buying from Zaycon Foods, ever.

Between hearing of bad customer service, your experience, the no refunds policy, which I have never heard of before from any company, the pink slime!?!? Sorry to hear about that horrible experience! I live in WA and heard about zaycon through a homeschooling co-op. I have ordered two different batches of the boneless skinless chicken breasts and had perfect experiences both times.

Also I have never been rescheduled for delivery. My last batch which I bought in the spring was fattier than the first but as my husband pointed out that may have been because the chickens were fattier in the winter with what they were fed. I just ordered a double batch. To freeze for the winter. Your review kind of scares me but being at the opposite end of the States from you and seeing as they pull from local suppliers I think maybe we just had higher quality up here.

They might have pulled from local suppliers at one point, but if you email or call them now, they will tell you the hens come from the biggest national suppliers, which are mostly located in the South. None of their suppliers are anywhere near WA. The feed is the same year round. Zaycon also told me the chickens are raised completely indoors with climate control, I assume.

Rose provided me with all of this information. Nobody would raise them for meat in the winter unless they were in an indoor heated facility. It would cost too much to make it worth it.

I wanted to thank you, and all the commenters for sharing their experiences. I performed a Google search on Zaycon Foods Reviews and your old blog came up.

I clicked on link to this one and arrived to read all this information. I really, really just want to thank you for your negative review. I also did a Zaycon review search and found your site. While their web site does say that they explicitly ask for the larger breasts from the processing facilities, I do have to wonder how they get that large.

We live in the Midwest area and ordered three cases of chicken and out of all that chicken just two breasts looked like they were a little mangled. The pick up was painless and quick. As for the green tinge you had in your order not certain what caused that someone mentioned arsenic but the chickens are organic. As for arsenic, even organically grown chickens can come in contact with it.

Arsenic is naturally occurring in our environment and exposure is more common than most people realize. I just got a new order of chicken and the breasts were, literally, turkey breast size.

I cannot tell anyone if that is safe or not, everyone can make their own decision. Not a big deal, just a pain in the butt to process them. It was very cool of Zaycon to give me a case of chicken to donate to a local family in need: Just a note on size of chicken breasts. We have raised 4-H meat chickens to show at the county fair.

These chickens are not fed any hormones! They may be bio-engineered. We get them as chicks and within 48 days they are so big that at times they cannot stand to eat. They lay down and eat out of the feed tray that way. If you startle them they may suffer a heart attack. About the max days you can keep them before slaughter is less than 50 days. After that it is likely they will have physical problems due to the weight. We live on a farm and raise our own organic meats.

Cornish Cross meat birds grow at a rate three times what other birds grow. It is easy to get the large breasts on the Cornish Cross bird but only if you let it grow to the full 8 weeks which producers do not do.

I think they butcher at 5 weeks or so because those birds start eating a huge amount of food after 5 weeks of age. But the plus is that we have a freezer full of meat to eat beef, pork, chicken, turkey that we get from our processing and that is considered by us as our profit. If you want organic meats you have to find a farmer who raises them that way grass fed and chemical free but if you buy from a huge corporation there will be no guarantee of the true organic status.

The general public does not know that the Federal guidelines allow producers to feed antibiotics and such to their birds if they need it and they do not have to advertise it because it still fits into the Federal guidelines. Read the Federal Regulations on Organic standards and you will be really alarmed! I was looking for some Zaycon reviews. Some of the post are very informative. To Fred and Susan great post. I just wanted to comment on the large size of the breasts. Most chicken producers grow breeds that mature very quickly, thus they weigh around 5 lbs per chicken when slaughtered.

So we get used to tiny breasts in our store packages. There are many chicken breeds much larger. The bigger the chicken, the older the chicken, the larger the portions are naturally naturally as after taking into account selective breeding for size. I too just heard about this company and find it difficult to imagine their refund policy being something I want to deal with, in addition to the questions about artificially enhancing the birds to make them get bigger, and the boxes not being as described every time.

I decided to pass on them and search out an alternative. I want to thank everyone for their honesty. I was suckered into one of their big boxes of chicken too. It was partially frozen with hunks of fat and a lot of liquid. I know what bulk chicken looks like, and this was poor quality bulk chicken.

I contacted them twice with no reply until I used their Facebook page and my post was then deleted like others. Crossing my fingers that it will be decent. Its frozen too boot. I would never buy either one again as both had lots of fat and a ton of liquid in the bottom. Zaycon is just a gimmic. See, now I have ordered from Zaycon multiple times with no issue whatsoever. My items have never arrived frozen. Additionally, when I was running late to a pick up, they called me on my cell to make sure everything was okay and waited for me because I was stuck in traffic.

GMO is illegal in Europe. If the chickens are fed corn to at the end of their growing stage, which I suspect they are, then they are GMO. You may choose to be ok with this, but you need to know. Cornish cross have huge breast in 8 weeks. As far as I could tell, the quality is good I tossed some in the crockpot for tonight, that will be the real test!

The breasts were huge. There was only one date change from a Tuesday at 8 to a different Tuesday at 8. All in all, it took about 1. I like chicken, but am not a fan of handling raw meat. Thanks for having this info available. I just picked up my chicken breast order from Zaycon … frozen solid as a rock. Sorry, but in my book, frozen does not equate to fresh.

Sorry, not my problem! I sent the required e-mail with photos and am anxiously waiting to hear back … I will keep you posted. I have never had any issues with Zaycon. I have ordered ground beef, bacon and chicken. I have never had any issues with any of it. I like not having to pay outrageous prices at the grocery store.

I will continue to use Zaycon in the future. We baked Zaycon chicken breast this evening and the texture of the breast meat was rubbery. There was something definitely wrong with the meat. If that chicken was as good I know chicken can be, like when I go to Amish country to get it-that case would have gone for more per pound. Dear Karen a letter to my readers - This Big Happy. I stopped ordering from Zaycon because of the delivery issues. In my case I have a 45 minute drive also and when I arrived for pick-up about middle of the offered time frame there was no truck there.

To say that I was angry would be quite an understatement. So I take off work the next time and go back to the pick up place and this time I find out from someone already there that delivery is delayed by 2 hours.

I know no one in the area, it was hot in the car, etc. When I got back the truck was there — but only because someone had told them to wait for me when they arrived in an hour instead of two because I was shopping and would be back.

The Youtube people I watch say the meat is grass-fed, cage-free, non-GMO, antibiotic and growth hormone-free. It does say the meat is minimally processed, and nothing is added to the meat during processing. So I searched around the web and found on another blog that they contacted Zaycon and were told their beef is supplied by National Beef out of Kansas, and the chicken is supplied by Wayne Farms of Georgia. So I next went to the supplier web sites. National Beef says their beef is grain-fed, NOT grass-fed.

So that claim seems to come from Zaycon rather than their supplier. No mention of being cage-free, or free of antibiotics or anything else. I normally buy my meat in bulk from Sams Club. From all I can find there is no difference in meat quality, and the size of the Sams breasts are large as well.

I open a Sams package, individually wrap my breasts in plastic as is, and freeze. So overall, price seems a wash. When I tried to present this info to one of the Youtubers pushing this product I was more or less brushed off and told if I wanted to buy the mystery meat in the store rather than fresh wholesome Zaycon that was my choice.

In my opinion, the meat from Zaycon is the same thing, if not worse. Recently talking with a coworker about her experience with Zaycon Foods made me begin to think twice about my plans to order meats. My coworker is a transplant from the Atlantic region to the South. No stranger to Zaycon foods, she noticed a problem with an order of chicken breast. Pieces with globs of fat, huge breast pieces, and uneven cuts. I am waiting too. I just ordered my first case of chicken and I really hope there are no problems with it.

I was planning to order some ground beef also but I am having second thoughts since reading these reviews. Are the problems at ALL locations. We have never had a negative experience with the drivers, delivery time or the product. The chicken breasts we received are HUGE and taste great. The prices are better than the bulk stores. We even had to call customer service because we were moving out of state and we would not be in the ordered location on the pick up date and they refunded us in full.

They were very nice and very helpful. They usually do a great job of keeping customers updated per texts when things change. The truck drivers have been personable on every pickup and quick too! The honest reviews here saved me the hassle and money, thank you! We picked up a case of chicken breasts on Friday. The first one we cooked was rubbery. What a waste of time and money.

We also purchase the bacon, and find it to be thick and large, and very tasty. The shrimp is always delicious, and rarely do I get a chance to cook with them, as my kids eat them quickly.

The ribs are great, the pork tenderloins are great. For some reason they taste different to us. I did not care for the chicken fritters either. They tasted a little odd, its either the chicken or the breading. We only liked it when we poured marinara sauce on it and used in our spaghetti as a chicken parmesan. Call me old fashioned, but I love ham and the smoked ham just could not replace the good old spiral baked ham for special events.

However, it is good for sandwiches, salad toppings, casseroles, etc. We usually slice it up when we receive, to use in a variety of ways, instead of trying to make into one meal. Otherwise, this is fine.

The hot dogs and kielbasa were okay, they were huge, but not a must get. Ground turkey is new, and I have an order in, however, cannot give information yet. I missed the steak order, and hope to try it later. We love the ground beef…. I agree with you on the chicken…I am not a fan of that. Our experiences have been very good so far…. We LOVE the chicken fritters! We have been ordering from Zaycon for a couple years now, and have not had any issues thus far.

We also order their bacon, patio steaks, salmon, shrimp and ribs. My time, like yours, is extremely valuable and having to drive an hour away for pick up would be a major ordeal if they cancel and reschedule over and over. Who in their right mind would eat that nasty foul looking meat? I just bought a new freezer last week and almost ordered from Zaycon, but looked for reviews such as yours.

Think I will just wait for Publix to have a sale on meats I can see! Thought I would post this because it looks like the refund policy has changed since many of these reviews. My first order turned out great. I had 4 pounds of trimmings, but it worked great for me because I cooked it for special dog treats.

I ended up with 36lbs of good breast. A friend of mine says that if you contact Zaycon with your trimming or shortage of weight they will credit your account the difference. Hope this review helps because Zaycon has helped my keep meat in the house. I am not a shopper and before I started ordering, we never had meat in the freezer. Now, we always have something to cook. Has saved us a ton because we are not going out to eat as often. Refund Policy for the Zaycon Website.

We always strive to provide Zaycon families with the highest level of quality and service. To complement our services, we provide a day refund policy to cover any issues that may arise with your purchased product s. Refunds are not automatic. We will notify you at the earliest possible time to facilitate your order pickup. Should we reschedule an event more than 24 hours after the originally scheduled time, or should an event be relocated more than 20 miles from the original location, you will have the option of cancelling your order for a full refund or receiving Zaycon Fresh account credit.

I have purchased the bacon and forgot about it. I missed the pickup date and the gentleman delivering called me and let me pick it up at the next stop. The bacon was great! I also purchased the chicken breast they were the best quality and very large. I have just ordered 2 more boxes of the chicken breast chicken breast. I placed my first and, at this point my last order with Zaycon in April for their bacon. Who knows what they will be doing 3 months out?

But I took a chance, anyway. Today was the pickup day. But Zaycon changed the delivery location on me, so I missed the pickup.

I called the phone number and was told that they had sent emails about a change of locations. Unfortunately, Zaycon literally floods my inbox with spam about their products. Must be at least emails a week. So, being in the habit of deleting them without reading, I must have deleted the notification of change of location. Should have gone on their website to read all of this before ordering.

I doubt they restock anyway. Probably are able to sell to someone at one of their delivery locations. I agree with some other comments here that one can get most of this merchandise locally for an equally good price without all of the inconveniences that are involved with dealing with Zaycon. I just heard about Zaycon foods and found this blog while researching them.

I am still on the fence about ordering but there is something I wanted to make note of regarding the posts on this blog, particularly in reference to the chicken breasts. Many people have noted that the breasts seem unusually large and that this must indicate that the chicken is given hormones.

Many people seem concerned about getting hormone free chicken. It has already been mentioned in several posts, but it bears repeating because people still seem to have this concern. There is absolutely ZERO chicken in this country that has been given hormones.

Whatever you may think about Zaycon foods or any provider of chicken, you can rest assured that it does not and never has had any hormones. Antibiotics are a different issue, but contrary to what some have posted, that would not cause unusually large breasts. I have been purchasing from Zaycon for about a year now. The burgers made from the ground beef is also tender and tasty.

The chicken breasts are plump and juicy. We lightly season and grill about 10 lbs when we first get them, once they cool we seal in food saver bags and freeze. This makes excellent quick salad and pasta meals and they are still moist and tender once thawed.

I am excited to soon receive pulled pork and pork tenderloins. I am so happy that Zaycon has expanded their offerings. With proper planning they will soon be my ONLY source for meats. Thanks for the honest review, and and a place for people to post their negative experiences without being deleted. I would have been afraid the other chicken would be bad as well since they were all in the same shipment.

I was hoping their chicken was free range and fed non GMO feed. I wanted so much to order from Zaycon, but after your post, I think not! Got their ground beef which we have always done but this time it was frozen. Went to defrost one of the 2 packages and it was bleeding all over the plate because the seal was broken. Tried another, then a 3rd and all the same.

Meat turned gray color and tons of blood. I am guessing this crap came from China. We will never deal with them again. Now we have 40 of beef to trash and when I called to complain, the girl said to just give it to a charity, get the receipt and they will reimburse us. What kind of jerk would ask me to give tainted meat to a charity?

I would never recommend this company to anyone….. I have been buying from Zycon for more than a year. I have no complaints. Delivery was on time and the product was great. I have had 3 orders of chicken and have not experienced anything negative. The chicken is moist and clean. I have ordered the hamburger and it now comes frozen in 2 packages much easier to deal with vs the fresh packed 10 tube I received before. Which you have to divide The bacon is so good! Meat was discolored and excessive blood probably from the slaughtering process.

They gave me a refund, but after having the same results twice in a row with no explanation or correction — just an apology. Chicken breasts, pork loin, extra meaty back ribs, and today applewood smoked ham. Bacon wrapped pork loin, cod and shrimp to come. Those ribs are amazing. I recently canceled an order so that I could repurchase it for the flash sale price… They simply credited my account.

People choosing not to even try this place based on a handful of negative reviews are doing themselves a disservice. However the fact that the meat is locally sourced is much better for our environment. I saw this after my first experience with Zaycon. First I get a text that the pick up time had been changed and then I get a text that it had been canceled due to truck break down.

Now, I am at their mercy. Wish I had seen this earlier! I was all excited about this company too and when I picked up my box that I ordered, I drove home 35 min ride took my chicken inside and proceeded to break down and re package my chicken.. I contacted Zaycon, and was pretty much told, I drove around too long with my chicken in the car and they had no other complaints..

Best use for the chicken that smelled tainted when unthawed??? Where do you live? I saw the presentation on TV on a program on how to save money. I was excited until I saw prices and the Hassle the reviewer endured. We bought lbs. So far this chicken breast is all hard!!!

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