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Severe flooding, such as the Great Flood of , may occur in spring and summer; the often rapid melting of thick snow cover upstream either the Missouri or Mississippi Rivers can contribute to springtime flooding. It was a multiple choice test of a hundred or so questions. Next, a couple of beer coolers were set up on the field. Louis is an intermediate stop on the Texas Eagle route which provides long-distance passenger service between San Antonio, Texas , and Chicago. We took the bus from Chit. Come out and shop over 50 vendors. Red turns the house into one in "Red Sees Red".


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Remember when Kitty was just a regular housewife and occasional Straight Man to the others, instead of an alcoholic who was obsessed with her son to a creepy degree? A few of them, including one with a Christmas remix of the theme tune. After Hyde meets his real father, William Barnett, who's black, Hyde mentions his mother must have been pretty relieved when he came out white. Donna has a younger sister for exactly one episode. She is never seen again. They lampshaded this in the credits of one episode which was parodying the "tune in next time to find out" ending from Soap.

Valerie was described as being away at college. This was the only time Valerie was ever mentioned, and nearly immediately after that, the three Pinciottis Bob, Midge and Donna were described by Bob as "the whole family. It's not explained when or how Eric and Hyde stop working in the restaurant. At the end of the sixth season, they're still employed, then at the beginning of the seventh season, Eric starts his "year of doing nothing", and Hyde later starts working at his dad's record store.

They're never shown actually quitting or getting fired from the restaurant, though Eric says in season 7 episode 1 that he quits. Laurie completely vanished after season 6, with Kitty mentioning she moved to Canada. Her absence is referenced in the series finale, when Kitty wonders out loud where she is. Donna, most of the time, is more mature than Eric. Only by comparison between Kelso and Jackie, and inverted with Jackie and Hyde. Also Gender Flipped by Kitty and Red, who occasionally has to deal with his wife's emotional meltdowns due to her menopause.

Lots of characters have moments of this especially when they're in the circle , but Fez and Kelso have the most. The show starts in May and ends at the stroke of midnight on December 31st , but lasted eight seasons. Despite taking place over 3. In Season 3, episode 4 is Halloween October , episode 8 is Veteran's Day November , episode 9 is Christmas December and 15 is Valentine's Day February but the license plate indicating the year remains as until episode Red after he decides to let Hyde stay at his house.

I'm tired of being fucking Santa Claus! Steven, you get your shit together, and you get your ass in the Goddamn car! You are just the sweetest man alive.

Fez also has quite the potty mouth, if we consider all of his "son of a bitch" moments. Especially his rant when he's about to be deported. Where am I going to go? Kitty dropped one on Red when he encouraged Eric and Donna to move away. After ranting about missing her last summer with Eric, Red has suggested a car show in Kenosha for the 4th of July A car show?!

I don't wanna go to a Goddamn car show in fucking Kenosha! I want three more fucking months with my baby boy, and now they're gone because of your bullshit!!

Subverted; Red accepts the sexuality of his neighbors, but despises them for being Minnesota Vikings fans. We were born this way! A few of them, including this gem in late season seven: I'm gonna fail gym The last time you said that was when you ran over my cat!

The first and last episodes of the series are among these. Red is diagnosed with high blood pressure in Season 3 and has a heart attack in S5.

Convenience Store Gift Shopping: After Red and Eric forget Kitty's birthday, they give her presents including a map of Wisconsin. Cool and Unusual Punishment: Red is a certified master at dishing these out. It's occasionally subverted when he lets Eric off the hook for things that initially piss him off but that Eric did for reasons of which Red would approve: When he ended up covered in oatmeal after Eric's Bucket Booby-Trap backfired, Red was initially ready to go nuclear on Eric.

However, when he learns that Eric was trying to get back at Kelso, instead of punishing Eric Red decides to show him how to do a prank right. On another occasion, when Eric stole the Corvette to go on a date with a hot blonde cheerleader, Red lets him off with a very stern warning to "stay away from that girl.

I know that girl. Beat Stay away from that girl. Being a show set in the s, there's a lot of them. Eric's Vista Cruiser. Sometimes The Alleged Car because it breaks down often in the series. Hyde gets an El Camino in the middle of the series and Eric is a little jealous of it.

Kelso thinks his old van is cool but his friends aren't too impressed. Jackie thought it was disgusting. Later Kelso's van is replaced with a Volkswagon Microbus which is much nicer than his old one. Jackie is occasionally seen driving a Lincoln Town Car. Actually, according to several behind the scenes videos, this show is built on corpsing. So, Laurie, who are you seeing up at the college?

Oh, I'm dating several. When she's genuinely upset about something, the others actually make an effort to comfort her in their own way. Yes, even Hyde and Red by way of being caught in her clingy hugs Why is it always me? The Cuckoolander Was Right: While he was usually The Brainless Beauty played straight, Kelso occasionally made predictions about the future which turned out to be correct.

In the episode A New Hope , in which the gang see the first Star Wars film, Kelso correctly guesses that Leia will end up with Han rather than Luke, a prediction that Hyde immediately shoots down.

In the episode The Punk Chick , Kelso and Red modify a Pong game system to make the paddles smaller, thinking the game is too easy. Red at one point tells him he's about to remove the "doohicky", to which Kelso replies "Don't you think we should disconnect the transistor from the secondary circuit board first?

Red dismisses this as nothing more than Kelso being his usual Cloud Cuckoo Lander self. From wherever Fez is. He claims to have actually put his foot up someone's ass on Iwo Jima, but doesn't like to talk about it. A Date with Rosie Palms: Also the focus of an episode when Donna walks in on Eric doing it at her house, after seeing a photo of Jackie's mom.

In-Universe , the show traced disco's fall from grace. An episode in the first season taking place in is about going to a disco and everyone is into it. In a season five episode, a minister tries to connect with Eric and Donna by saying he likes disco and Eric says that disco is kind of lame.

Finally in the last season, which took place in , Hyde stages a disco record burning and Fez tries to defend disco. Practically every character gets their shot in at one point or another, but most notably, Hyde, Eric, Red, and Donna. None of them could hold a candle to Grandma Bea, Kitty's mother, who was played by Betty White , quite possibly the Grand Dame of this trope.

As Eric noted to Donna after Grandma Bea insulted them: What the hell was that? That was the seldom-heard, much-feared, Grandma Burn. Laurie in season 6, after having been recast. Despite appearing in most episodes of that season, she rarely spoke. Department of Redundancy Department: Fez drops one when asked where he's going to go with his girlfriend.

Oh, we're going to the Red Lobster to have a romantic dinner of red lobster. Eric speaks one as well in "The Relapse". I'm gonna go yell at her with And Kitty in "Grandma's Dead". My son, getting into a bar fight like some kind of Did You Just Have Sex? After Donna and Eric have sex for the first time, Jackie immediately notices and points that out. It helps that there's visual aid for the audience, with the words "I had sex" labeled on Donna's forehead and "Guilty" on Eric's.

Red, after his heart attack, tries to sneak around his diet. After he gets busted, he says "This isn't food! This is what food eats! This goes for any of the kids, but Eric has a real knack for it. For example, when Donna is going to go away to college, Eric who doesn't want her to leave ruins their intended last moment. He later says that he was well-aware he was ruining it and just continued to ruin it anyway.

In Season 7, Red gets a moment of this, too. Kitty is mad at him for flirting with a couple of women in bikinis at a car show. He tells her they're practically hookers because they get paid to flirt. Done in the scene where after getting high, the gang sees Kitty's and Red's heads on each others bodies.

When Eric accidentally kills Donna's cat, he tries hard to say it in a way that wouldn't hurt her. Donna gets incredibly pissed with him and rebuffs every attempt he makes to try to make her feel better from attending the cat's funeral to giving her another kitten.

It takes Jackie to tell her how incredibly childish she's being, especially when she tries comparing her hurt feelings to Jackie's who was rightfully upset about catching Kelso and Laurie. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Jackie who usually is the one called out on blowing things out of proportion. Eric put off telling you something because he didn't want to hurt you. That is way worse than cheating on you with another woman. Distinction Without a Difference: In "Parents Find Out", Fez calls Hyde and Kelso shallow for not wanting to meet their secret dates because they look old.

Kelso and Jackie are a Ditz couple. Dork in a Sweater: Eric is usually a dork, especially since he wears sweaters in about half of the series. Another example is Hyde, who usually mocks Eric for his look, in which he had dressed in one with his name made by Kitty in his 18th birthday, obligated by Red as well assisting to his own birthday.

When Kelso continues to ride Jackie's back about her kissing a co-worker, completely ignoring the fact that he's done far worse with other women behind Jackie's back when they were together. Kelso himself attempts to justify this by claiming "you cheated out of hate, while I cheated out of joy". After they break up, Donna and Eric go to the Price Mart Ball, and are awkward around each other until they talk and agree they're just there as friends.

Donna leaves and Eric is approached by a girl who asks him to dance, but he turns her down since he's there with Donna. Red then points out Donna is talking to several men.

A few scenes later, Kitty points out Eric dancing with the girl, and Donna yells at him, suddenly deciding they're on a date. Rape, Female on Male: The first time Laurie and Kelso have sex, she forces herself on him while he repeatedly tells her no.

Kelso's "noes" quickly turn into "yeses" as the van starts a rockin'. When he tells the guys about it in the circle afterward, it's obvious that he is not traumatized at all but rather is stoked that he had sex with Laurie. He does bring up the fact that she violated him, but he only says this as an alibi for going through with it even though he was with Jackie.

The guys are not convinced. Red has this reputation; to the point that when the guys were mistakenly arrested for stealing Kelso's grandmother's car, one of the arresting officers asks Eric if he's Red Forman's kid, before being told "You poor bastard!

Most of the driving scenes in the Vista Cruiser. The focus of "Drive-In". Dropped a Bridge on Him: Red's mentality, as well as other adult characters occasionally. Subverted when Hyde has a bad trip and decides to give up the circle. Donna, Fez, and Leo stage a "reverse intervention. Your eyes are clear, your shirt is clean. I barely know you.

Red, when Kitty starts complaining that the kids don't go to church anymore, mentions he became close with God when his destroyer was sunk in World War II. He brings it up numerous times later on, but only goes as far as "When my destroyer went down in the Pacific Dying Declaration of Love: According to Red, this is one of three times it is okay for a man to tell another man he loves him.

Otherwise, it's just a given. Which usually means he's drunk. In the pilot, Kitty and Red are having a party with a whole houseful of friends.

In every other episode, they don't seem to have any friends but Bob and Midge, which explains why they put up with their craziness. Also Eric, Hyde, and Kelso all refer to each other by their first names, although that could be because the writers wanted to establish them. The circle in the pilot had a rare aerial view of the proceedings, and the background wasn't dark and smoky, but more out-of-focus than anything.

Jackie's parents, Fez's host parents, and Kelso's father had appeared at least once during the earlier episodes before disappearing while the rest of the series focuses on the Forman's and the Pinciotti's. Also, Donna had a sister sometime during the first season who was never seen again. The bumpers we're all familiar with weren't there in the first season- instead we got green-and-black flowers doing things, or photos of famous people manipulated to say stuff.

The Hub set in the pilot was a lot more elaborate than it would be in future episodes. El Camino is Spanish for "The Camino": Eloquent in My Native Tongue: Once you've had Fez, you never go back Eric tries to hide the fact that he was reading Donna's journal by claiming to have been going through her underwear drawer and rubbing her underwear against his face.

Jackie's middle name is Beulah. Pee Pee , the list goes on. In S8, we find out the gang called her "Poop-chute Sally" for a long time after she ripped the back of her pants.

Jackie called Hyde her Little Puddin' Pop, which he of course claims is not him. Enter Stage Window Erotic Dream: Every major character has one. To crank it Up to Eleven on the hilarity meter: Now, has any of you ever had a dream where you were with the opposite of a girl? Well see, I had a dream. And it was erotic. Kelso immediately displays a What an Idiot!

Even the Guys Want Him: Everybody Must Get Stoned: Happens once, when Red and Kitty accidentally eat some brownies laced with marijuana. Everybody Owns a Ford: Well, the Kenosha part's in dispute- see further down the page. Bob Pinciotti was driving a red Pacer in season eight episode seven, but that was just for one scene.

Fez also appears to own a Gremlin for a single episode in season 8, just so that Jackie has something of his to publicly vandalize. Between season 1 and 2, the entire sequence has been reshot to mark the addition of Lisa Robin Kelly to the main cast, and also include the adults. Halfway through season 3, the title sequence is replaced once again by an entirely new one, shot without Laurie, since Lisa Robin Kelly had left the show.

In certain markets, an edited version of the previous title sequence is used instead, with shots with Laurie either digitally edited to remove her or completely replaced. The opening sequence has been completely reshot once again between season 3 and 4, Tanya Roberts has been removed from the main cast, and replaced with Tommy Chong.

Between season 4 and 5, the sequence has been slightly edited to replace the only shot with Tommy Chong, who no longer was in the main cast. For the final season, the opening credits have been reshot once again, and now take place in the "circle" and not in the Vista Cruiser.

The sequence has been reedited twice during the season: The season eight premiere, as well as the last episode were both originally broadcast as hour-long episodes. Kitty's mental picture of a nude, soap-sud-covered Bob moaning "oh yeah In the season 4, Kelso was called to be a male underwear model , who appeared in diverse magazines, was mocked by his friends, and caused a new split with his then-girlfriend Jackie, who always wanted to be a Fashion Model. Fashion Dissonance Feathered Fiend: The season three Halloween episode included a parody of The Birds.

Donna, especially when it comes to her feminist beliefs. At least until she dyed her hair blonde. Randy instead of Eric and Kelso. Samantha to very obviously to add more sex appeal. Jackie and Kitty both call everyone by their first name except Fez of course , regardless of their preference. Jackie only calls Hyde Steven after she becomes interested in him and she only calls Kelso by his last name once, when they are broken up.

Hyde calls all the guys in the group by their last name except Fez Kelso, on the other hand, calls Eric by his first name most of the time, despite he and Hyde being called by their last names exclusively by almost everyone. Hyde called Red "Mr. Forman" in the first season, but once he moves in, he starts calling him Red.

The Teens The Hero: Hyde The Smart Guy: Donna The Big Guy: Early in the first season, Laurie's primary traits were that she hated Eric, and by extension, all his friends, was more than willing to exploit Red's preferential treatment of her, was an underachiever and had looser morals than the main teen cast. By the end of the first season, her sluttiness was her defining trait, and later on, she can't seem to meet a man without hitting on him and has had more partners than the town has residents.

Flash Forward Four-Girl Ensemble: Gender-Flipped for the four main teen males. Fez is the naive one. Hyde is the snarky one. Kelso is the sexy one. Eric is the TeamDad. This is invoked by Hyde upon learning that his real father is black. According to him, it explains "my fro, my inherent coolness, my constant suspicion of the man. Eric and Jackie barely had any storylines with only the two of them.

While Jackie started out as The Friend Nobody Likes , eventually the entire gang warmed up to her, and she eventually shared storylines with pretty much all of them There are only two storylines that have them hanging out together in some way.

The first is in the fourth season when Eric catches Jackie kissing her boss and tries to blackmail her so that he'll keep quiet to Kelso. In season six, the two of them go shopping for wedding items with Donna using it to punish Eric's bad choices and Hyde trying to get Jackie to go shopping with someone else. Unlike their first storyline, Eric and Jackie end up having a good time when Jackie told him to stand aside and let her do everything.

Frozen in Time Funny Foreigner: It seems to be a completely made-up location, at one point he mentions it has a population of around fourteen and a message in a bottle is the most reliable way to get a message home. And everyone on the other side of the island is white and speaks with a horrible fake English accent.

I'm looking at you, Justin Long. And people are outnumbered by lizards - Played for laughs, but actually very common in smaller countries with lizard habitats, of course. People tend to forget that animals other than themselves can be quite numerous. It's not hard to see where Eric's attributes and personality stems from. Red even lampshades it in one episode when Eric beats up a Green Bay Packers fan at a football game, claiming Eric's got the "Forman rage in him".

Also, Grandma Bea and Laurie. Evil does skip a generation. Donna, much like her mother, winds up dating a guy nowhere near as attractive as her. Kelso comes across as this occasionally. Getting Crap Past the Radar: The suggestions about the kids getting high in "the circle".

For the first few seasons, the show couldn't name any drugs. There is one episode with the parents in the circle without the younger cast. They were also all high in that episode. The producers have said that the camera pans around the circle should be thought of as focusing on a cast member just moments after they have passed "something" on, the camera having just missed the exchange.

There was one episode where Eric, at the beginning of a circle scene, said, "Mm-hmm, thissa good pot. In one episode Kitty apparently finds a bag of Eric's weed and obliviously asks why he has a bag of oregano. Similarly, Leo often wears an upside-down marijuana leaf necklace, especially in season four. In the episode Eric's Naughty No-no , the guys see an X-rated movie, which makes Eric think he needs to start using new "moves" when having sex with Donna. Later in the episode, when Eric and Donna are about to have sex, the camera pans up to one of Eric's G.

Joe figures with its hand in a very suggestive position. Off-screen, Donna cries out in shock and disgust. Donna's fantasy in season one about the washing machine with an unbalanced load.

Done In-Universe in one of the episodes after Eric and Donna break up , the gang goes to Funland where Hyde picks up a t-shirt emblazoned with Fun University. On the back, it says F U. If you don't shut up, you're gonna be the first person to touch his chin to his ass. Have you been spying on me? When Donna's gym socks are stolen from her locker and Kelso advises her she's not going to want them back.

Gone Swimming, Clothes Stolen: The opening scene of "Hyde Moves In. Instead of the usual Angel and Devil, though, Fez imagines Batman and the Riddler when he's tempted to take advantage of Jackie when she's drunk. It may seem hard to believe with Red taking Laurie's side over Eric's along with belittling him constantly and Kitty drinking a lot which it is explained early on that her job is what causes her to drink , but when you think about it, they are better parents to Eric and Hyde when he moves in than any of the other parents in the series.

As mean as Red can be to Eric, he's only punished him when he actually deserved it, and even reluctantly apologized one time when Eric hadn't done anything wrong and punished him. New Year's Eve, , the day the '70s died. Gretzky Has the Ball: Deliberately invoked when Eric says the first time he strapped on a pair of skates was like "the first time Joe Namath laid his hands on a bat.

Has Two Thumbs and In the first episode of season two, "Garage Sale", Hyde bakes a batch of special brownies, prompting Kelso to say "You know what's got two thumbs and really likes brownies? Instead everybody laughs at him for looking like Fonzie. When he throws it away in anger Hyde puts it on and immediately becomes irresistible. Mainly with Eric and Donna, but a vast majority of male characters from Hyde, Kelso, Kelso's brother Casey and Fez to many one-time minor characters had an interest in Donna, despite her beauty being subjective.

Most of the time. Red calling Eric and co "dumbasses", and Eric calling him Red behind his back and "sir" to his face. Also, Laurie sometimes calls Eric "little brother" instead of Eric. Hidden Heart of Gold: She's well-known for all the negative things she's done like insulting Kitty and her condescending attitude but she was also very nice to Fez and seemed rather fond of Eric, offering to have him live with her since he looked so thin. When she died, we also found out that she kept Red's model trains even when he thought she had thrown them out, she made a small blueberry pie for him when she made peach pie he doesn't like peaches , and she was also the first person to call him Red.

Happens a few times: Once in a very early episode in which Eric goes to Donna's house in the middle of the night while her parents are away to find that they've come home early. Again when Donna and Eric take advantage of having the house to themselves, when all of the other characters come home almost immediately, much earlier than anticipated. Also when Eric has "borrowed" his dad's car and relaxes, glad that he has so much time to clean up - but he learns that he only has forty minutes.

Bob Pinciotti's electronics outlet, as suggested by the following: The nursing convention in Season 5, where Hyde picks up a nurse. In one Thanksgiving episode, it's revealed that Kelso has been sleeping with Eric's math teacher. To a degree, Kitty. She does have a job for most of the series aside from taking care of the house as a nurse , but otherwise fits this trope very well. Some of the wipes. Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Donna is a subversion as she's very tall and strong, but is actually very confident too.

Eric and Fez in one episode about how Kelso nailed Hyde's sister. Leo says in "Canadian Road Trip" that he refuses to drink alcohol because it "messes up your mind. He also drinks sake but he's unaware that sake is alcoholic. Laurie loves to jest about Eric supposedly being dumb, despite her own flunking out of college.

I Call Him "Mr. Hey guys, guess which part of my body I nicknamed " Pink Floyd ". Parodied and played straight in Streaking with the guys getting inspired to cause mischief when President Ford stops by for a visit.

Light bulbs light up during points of the speech over Hyde "Protesting accomplishes nothing. Bob later gets a lamp lighting over his head with a doorbell sound when he has to find the right person to ask Ford a question "I guess someone you and I would call a loser. The last one where Red has the porch light over his head after he's inspired to tell the President his views gets called out on by Red. Turn off that light. Kitty actually pulls this on herself, as she tries to criticize Red for teaching Eric to fight, and recalling the time Red beat up a guy who tried to put the moves on Kitty when they were first dating, only to describe how good Red looked doing it.

She and Red then race each other to their bedroom. The episodes from the first four seasons had rather straightforward titles. In season five, all episode titles were names of Led Zeppelin songs with sometimes a "normal" title stuck behind example: Misty Mountain Hop aka Jackie's Cabin.

All season six episodes were named after The Who songs, ditto for season seven and Rolling Stones and season eight except the finale and Queen. Kelso unfortunately finds that out when he tries to beat up Jackie's co-worker after she kissed him. With cast members jumping, swinging and having fun in front of groovy backgrounds during an Eye Catch. I'll Take Two Beers Too: When there's not a thing to do , these moments are abundant on the show, often with several per episode.

Hyde meets a girl as rebellious and anti-establishment as he is, but she leaves because she wants to go to college so she can get a job in the government to work the system from within. Eric's cousin comes to stay with them and constantly wears tight t-shirts with large logos over her breasts. She catches Eric looking at her breasts, and "innocently" mistakes it for him reading her t-shirt logo. This becomes a running gag throughout the episode.

At the end of the episode, it turns out all the flirty behavior and sexy clothing was calculated to attract Eric as payback for a prank he'd played on her years ago. Eric has his father's old-fashioned thinking and temper and his mother's Deadpan Snarker tendencies.

Laurie is a lot like her grandmothers, particularly Grandma Bea Kitty's mother with a dash of Grandma Bernice's Red's mother hypocrisy.

Evil skips a generation, remember? So that means my From "Bring It On Home": Kitty, every time we have an empty room, you wanna fill it up with a stray child. Did you just call me old? It's a Wonderful Plot: In a episode actually titled "It's a Wonderful Life", has Eric down in the dumps about his and Donna's breakup and wishing they had never been together.

An angel Wayne Knight [Newman on Seinfeld and Igor on Toonsylvania ] shows Eric what his and everyone else's life would be like if he and Donna had never started dating, and it sucks bad. However, in a subversion, Eric still thinks it's worse that he had her and lost her, though he does eventually agree when the angel shows him a flashback of all the wonderful moments he never would have had. Coding dumdums like me all over the world will flock to Mobirise Free Website Builder by the thousands and thousands for such a drag and drop platform for producing gorgeous, responsive, static sites with truly ZERO coding.

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Nelson will be held Friends may call from 9: Thoughtful care and services provided by E. Services Funeral Service A memorial service will be held at Rollins Road, with Pastor Michael Stanfield officiating.

All attending are welcome to attend a reception in the church fellowship hall immediately after the service.

He was born Nov. Andy was a graduate of Hickman High School and was a talented horticulturist and master gardener, a program of the Missouri University Extension Service. He was a member of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Columbia. Andy was kind, generous and compassionate, caring for his grandparents Beulah and Oscar Ortmeyer in their final years in their home in Jefferson City and his stepfather Curt Brandhorst in his final year in his home in Columbia.

Andy had a gentle sense of humor, a vivid imagination and was a collector of classic sci-fi movie memorabilia. He loved animals and had two beloved cats, Tommy and CiCi. Expressions of grief and sympathy may be left for the family at www.

A memorial service will be held at 3 p. Bob was born Feb. On June 15, , he married Glenda Kay Denham, who preceded him in death in He served in the U. Air Force from He was the owner of three nursing homes in northern Illinois in the s. He enjoyed traveling the world, boating, fishing and spending time at his home at the Lake of the Ozarks with family, friends and his black Labs.

Bob had an appreciation for restoring and driving classic cars and, in his earlier years, piloting his Cessna airplane. He is survived by two sons, Robert Dinwiddie Jr. Online tributes may be left at www. Published March 9, Phyllis J.

Wren, 76, departed this earthly life Monday, Feb. A memorial service will be held from 5 to 7 p. March 12 at Memorial Park Cemetery in Columbia. She worked as a senior administrative assistant her entire career, for many years at Stephens College, but the majority at UMC. She loved gardening and traveling around the United States, as well as to Germany, and was a die-hard Cardinals fan. Phyllis is preceded in death by her parents.

She is survived by her brother, Dr. Daniel Kathy Wren of Norman, Okla. Their aid and comfort allowed Phyllis to peacefully pass at her home with those she loved.

A memorial barbecue will be held in the summer in Kirkwood. Steve was born April 11, , to Jim and Jean Jenkins. He attended school in Columbia, graduating from Hickman High School in and the University of Missouri in with a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science.

Steve worked with telecommunications, traveling frequently to other bases in the United States and overseas. In , he trained briefly with an Army Ranger unit and realized his dream of rappelling out of a helicopter.

In , he left Eglin to work for Boeing in St. While there, he helped create a flight simulator communications system that enabled pilots to train virtually and simultaneously with other pilots located all over the world.

He also worked on a project which involved traveling regularly to various European countries for NATO meetings. Steve will be missed for his kindness, generosity and sense of humor. Norma Lorene Wolfe Willis Sun City, Arizona — surrounded by family and friends Norma passed away peacefully on at Arrowhead hospital after complications from a brief illness.

She left behind her five children: Published Monday, March 7, William D. Visitation will be from 4 to 7 p. Service for the celebration of Dr. Saturday, March 12, at the church. He was born June 1, , in Oak Park, Ill. Bill, fondly known as Dr. He received his medical degree from the University of Missouri School of Medicine in and completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at University Hospital in Before entering private practice, he was a member of the MU Obstetrics and Gynecology faculty for two years.

After a career of more than 40 years in obstetrics and gynecology, he transitioned to Pela Cura Anti-Aging and Wellness in , fulfilling his dream of working alongside his daughter, Elisabeth, to establish an integrated practice to treat men and women for hormone and endocrine imbalances and to promote patient health and wellness.

Throughout his career, Dr. Trumbower was honored with awards, including the Golden Apple Award for teaching excellence and the Russell Sheldon Award for Anesthesia. In addition, he enjoyed walking, gardening and traveling with his wife, Eva. Bill was a loyal Mizzou football fan and tailgated with close friends and family for more than 40 years. He was an active member of Missouri United Methodist Church, and in , he combined his love of helping others and his love of travel when he and Eva volunteered for a medical mission to Guatemala.

Friends and family of Bill know him as a kind, generous man, with an excellent sense of humor and a love, above all, for his family. His two granddaughters, Siri and Eliot, were the light of his life, and they loved playing with their grandpa.

He was preceded in death by his parents; and by brothers, Frederick and Charles Trumbower. Trumbower Memorial Fund, S. Ninth Street, Columbia, Mo. A celebration of life will be held at 11 a. Barry Road in Kansas City. Bill was born Oct. He was a grandson of the late Eugene and Zula Mordica. Bill graduated from Hickman High School and received his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Missouri-Columbia where he graduated cum laude.

Bill married Erica Dale of Smithville on Nov. He will be missed by his dog Calvin. Arrangements are under the direction of D. A memorial service will be held on April 2, , in Columbia at a venue to be determined. Details will be communicated by phone, email, text and social media. He grew up in Columbia and graduated from Hickman High School in From the time he was little, Jack Henry was attuned to the presence and needs of others.

He loved his friends and family deeply, and he worked to improve those relationships and to make new ones. He loved to talk and explore and look for answers, to understand and make the world a better place. He was all about trying to figure things out — people mostly — and he never stopped trying. He was articulate and thoughtful, caring and joyful and brought happiness to many. This was a boy — a young man — whose heart was too big for this world.

He loved music, poetry, helping out those in a pinch; in short he loved life. He worked hard and had no idea how smart he was. Humble to a fault, his possibilities were endless. At 18, he struggled between being seen as a tough guy and being his true gentle self.

We loved his many facets, and his beauty showed through them all. Those close to Jack know he was a special boy, unique to the world, deep and wise beyond his years, impulsive and wild, full of love for family, friends and those on the margins. Bob Smith, 92, died peacefully, surrounded by family, in Columbia. A celebration of life service for Bob will be held at 2 p. Over the years, as the city grew and changed, he took great pleasure in remaining actively involved in the political, cultural, business, and educational life of the community.

Born in , Bob earned his bachelor of arts and juris doctorate from the University of Missouri. His early career as a lawyer was bracketed by military service. He served as an artillery observation pilot during World War II, and again during the Korean War, when he received the Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters for his combat service. After the Korean War, he returned home to raise a family, build his law practice and pursue political aspirations.

In , he was elected Representative from Boone County in the state legislature, serving as speaker pro tem in his second term. Bob attempted a run for United States Congress in After a narrow defeat, he shifted his focus to local politics and community service. During the years that followed, Bob continued to make myriad contributions on local, county and state levels. Over the years, he received numerous awards for public service, including the Howard B.

Award for lifetime service to the Columbia community. A devoted family man, Bob and his wife Jean, who died in , enjoyed spending time with their four children and six grandchildren, nieces, nephews, other relatives, and dear friends. Bob always looked forward to family gatherings during holidays Christmas was a favorite and other special occasions. He delighted in ping pong and croquet tournaments with the grandchildren, float trips in the Ozarks, tennis and golf games, Tiger football and basketball games and group outings to familiar, beloved destinations such as Arrow Rock, Rocheport, Warm Springs Ranch, Meramec Caverns and the Churchill Museum in Fulton.

He also ventured farther afield. His zest for life and passion for travel led him to exotic destinations in South America, Africa, and Asia. Bob had a deep love of nature. Whether he was planting potatoes in his vegetable garden, pruning the red roses that grew along his split-rail fence, waiting patiently in a cold duck blind or riding down the Amazon in a dugout canoe, being outdoors was an endless source of enjoyment. Having a faithful dog by his side made these adventures even more fun.

His appreciation for the natural world included respect and fascination for animals of all types —from the humblest songbird at his backyard feeder to magnificent elephants in the Serengeti. Bob is survived by his four children, Robert D. Smith and his wife Sophie Zavaglia, and Cliff Smith; and cherished nieces, nephews, and cousins. Saturday, March 19, , at Nashville Baptist Church. Burial will follow in Nashville Cemetery. Visitation will be from 4 to 6 p.

Mary was born Feb. On June 29, , she married Reed Taylor in Columbia. She was a member of Nashville Baptist Church. Mary retired from the University of Missouri microfilm department.

She was a dedicated wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister and daughter. She loved traveling to the beach and mountains, camping, dancing and Cardinals baseball. She was preceded in death by her parents, Otto and Trellis Acton; sister, Shirley Crane; and her beloved husband of 51 years, Reed Taylor. Memorial contributions are suggested to Nashville Cemetery in care of the family.

Published Wednesday, March 23, Mark C. Visitation will be from 5: Thursday, March 24, at Memorial Funeral Home. Services will be held privately by family. He was born Oct. He graduated in from Hickman High School. Mark was married to Paula Wirth in Columbia, and they celebrated 49 years together in November.

Many thanks to the doctors, nurses and therapists at Rusk-Healthcare South, nurses and staff at The Bluffs for their wonderful care, and Compassus Hospice and the doctors and nurses who took care of him at University Hospital. Published Tuesday, March 22, Robert L. Memorial services will be at 2 p. Friday, March 25, at Debo Funeral Home.

Thursday, March 24, at the funeral home. He married Joyce Throckmorton on Dec. Army in the 2nd Armored Division during the Korean conflict and worked for the E.

He enjoyed being a Phi Kappa Psi fraternity adviser at Westminster College, coaching Little League Baseball and watching his granddaughters play softball. Online condolences may be offered at www.

Published Wednesday, March 30, Cordes L. Potter, 69, passed peacefully from this life on Good Friday, March 25, , at his home with his wife at his side. A graveside service with military honors will be held at 2 p. Saturday, April 2, at Memorial Cemetery. He was vice president of Sigma Phi Epsilon and later served 10 years as chapter adviser. He received the Volunteer Excellence Award from the national chapter in recognition of his service. He enlisted in the U. Prime BEEF team members were on call for rapid response to anywhere in the world.

Cordes distinguished himself by being awarded Airman of the Year in This award is given yearly to only one outstanding airman in the entire Air Force. He honorably discharged in with the rank of staff sergeant. He then went to work for the U.

Department of Agriculture, NRCS, where he designed and oversaw the building of small agriculture flood retention dams to help manage water runoff and prevent flooding of crop land. He also was proud of the multimillion-dollar pumping plant he designed and built on the Missouri River in Ray County. The pumping plant saw its first action during the Flood of , pumping flood waters out of the bottoms and keeping the only road into Ray County open for residents.

He was named flood coordinator liaison between USDA and the Army Corps of Engineers, determining damages and repairs to agricultural levies and dams. They celebrated 45 years of marriage and had two daughters, Robyn Goodman of Gainesville, Fla. He and his son-in-law Brett Goodman held a special bond, both being SigEp fraternity brothers and civil engineers. His wife, daughters, grandchildren and son-in-law were his whole world. He loved nothing more than playing with the grandkids, discussing engineering problems and golfing with his son-in-law, and spending time with his wife and daughters.

In lieu of flowers, please donate to www. All donations are tax deductible. A memorial Mass will be held at 11 a. Thursday, March 31, at the St. Patrick Catholic Church in Laurie. The family will receive friends from 10 to 11 a. Thursday at the church. Graveside services and inurnment with full military honors will follow in St.

The Gentry family moved to Boone County in to be closer to family. He attended Columbia schools and was a proud graduate of David H. Hickman High School — go Kewpies! Bob returned to Boone County after the military and met and married his better half, Carolyn Adams on March 16, They were married 48 years.

Bob loved being an ATC; this career lasted 30 years, and he retired in Bob and Carolyn moved to Laurie in , on the lake, where they loved boating and fishing. But, true to his nature, Bob did not remain idle for long. An avid outdoorsman, Bob found joy in hunting, fishing, golfing and travel. Throughout his lifetime, right up to the end, he talked about a 50th wedding anniversary trip with Carolyn. Bob was baptized a Catholic and was a member of the St.

Last but not least, Bob leaves his beloved Scotty, Jock, who misses him terribly. Expressions of sympathy can be left online at www. Published Thursday, March 31, Thomas E. Wirt, 83, passed away on Sunday, March 27, Services will be held at 2 p. Burial will follow at Rivermonte Memorial Gardens. Tom was born Aug. He graduated from Hickman High School and received a B.

He served as a lieutenant in the U. Army Corps of Engineers and participated in the s in the construction of radar- and rocket-launching facilities for the International Geophysical Year at Fort Churchill, Canada. He served on the board of directors of the Springfield Contractors Association for more than 30 years and was president of that organization three different times.

Tom flew his airplane for 30 years, was a World War II history enthusiast and loved bluegrass music, gardening and fishing in Canada, Mexico and Missouri lakes and streams. Online condolences may be made at www. Funeral services will be at 1 p. Mike was born Nov. He retired from Iron Workers Local No. He was an avid golfer and sports enthusiast. He enjoyed painting and spending time with his daughter, Maddie.

Louis; along with numerous nieces and nephews. Online condolences and tributes can be shared with the family at www. A memorial service will be held at 1 p. Visitation will be from noon to 1 p. Interment will follow at Memorial Park Cemetery. Jo was born Jan. She lived in Columbia her entire life, graduating from Hickman High School, Class of , and lettering in athletics.

She enjoyed volunteering in the church nursery for 13 years and in assisting with summer bible school. Performing with these groups gave her the opportunity to entertain at hospitals, retirement centers, public schools and at special events in the community.

She was a caring and gentle woman, skilled at making all feel welcomed. She saw the best in everyone, and her smile and warmth will be missed by all who knew her. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that, today, you call an old friend and tell them that you love them. Expressions of grief and sympathy can be left for the family at www. A gathering of family and friends will be held from 2 to 3 p. Celebration of life services will begin at 3 p.

Tyler was a kind, gentle and beautiful soul. He brought a smile to those he met with his wit and humor, along with being the best hugger ever.

He was an animal-lover who will be missed by his dogs, Cooper and Bear, and his rabbit, Hank. Tyler was a musician who played guitar and bass clarinet. He loved technology and attended college with computer science aspirations.

Tyler was a fierce swimmer with a stealthy backstroke. He was an aviator who had a passion for flying and took the opportunity every chance he got. We know he is soaring above us now and watching over us. Tyler is survived by his mother, Dawn; father, Darin; stepfather, Jason; his partner, Noah; little brothers, Alex and Micah; and his sisters, Arin and Sasha.

He was an amazing grandson, nephew, cousin and friend. His proud family will miss him dearly. Online condolences as tributes may be shared with the family at www. A memorial service in Granite City is planned for a later date.

Anita was born Nov. She was preceded in death by her parents, Larry and Jean Graebner; and her longtime friend Marv Wagner. Friends will be received from She was born on March 3, , in Columbia, the daughter of Earl W. Sabra was a graduate of Hickman High School, Class of She worked at Shelter Insurance in Columbia for 22 years.

She also worked as a foster grandparent for Columbia Public Schools. Sabra was a people person; she loved all children and her family. She would do anything to help someone in need. She loved to entertain family and friends. She was baptized and became a member of Second Missionary Baptist Church in She was known to always have candy ready for any children she met. She was also a lifelong Mizzou fan. Sabra leaves to mourn: Sabra was preceded in death by her parents and a very special cousin, Ernest S.

Online condolences may be left for the family at www. She preceded him in death on December 28, He enjoyed building, gardening, his cows, and wood working. He was a member of His Place Church in Doniphan. He was preceded in death by his parents; one sister, Pauline Peacher; one brother, Nolan Craig; and one great-granddaughter, Lillian Hale. Published Sunday, April 10, Mack L. Brushwood, 97, a lifelong resident of Boone County, passed away Wednesday, April 6, , at his home.

Funeral service will be at 2 p. Wednesday, April 13, at Parker Funeral Service, Burial will follow in Memorial Park Cemetery. Mack was born Oct. He worked for the family greenhouse and nursery as a young man. He was a graduate of Hickman High School and later graduated from American Technical Society with a degree in business administration. He served in World War II from to In , he went to work for the Missouri Department of Labor for 35 years; he retired Feb.

Condolences can be left for the family and a full life story for Mack can be read online at www. A memorial service will be at Monday, April 11, at Parker Funeral Service, with visitation from He graduated from Hickman High School in and then enrolled at the University of Missouri-Columbia, interrupting his studies to serve two years in the U.

Briefly employed as a sportswriter, Dale had fond memories of reporting on local sports teams. He left journalism to spend the rest of his career as the owner-manager of Eastgate Foods formerly Eastgate IGA , a store he opened with his father in and that he later expanded with the addition of the Eastgate Party Shop. He retired in He spent his happiest days on his farm in southwest Boone County, where he raised Angus cattle.

Indeed, he was the first Columbia grocer to carry certified Angus beef. He also enjoyed fishing, listening to music and socializing with family and his many friends. His parents and sister, Carolyn Williams, preceded him in death.

Memorial contributions can be made to the Adult Day Connection adcshp. Arrangements are under the direction of Parker Funeral Service, 22 N. Condolences can be left for the family online at www. Visitation will be from 5 to 8 p.

Funeral services for Jonas will be at 10 a. Burial will follow at Myers Chapel Cemetery in Higbee. Advertisement Jonas Aaron Craig was born Dec. He worked as a heavy equipment operator in road construction and in landscaping. Jonas enjoyed outdoor activities that included hunting, fishing and trapping. He was an avid cook who enjoyed sharing new recipes with friends and family. He is remembered for having a kinetic but kind-hearted personality.

He was quick to laugh and inspire others to laugh. He worked hard to be a beloved father, son, brother, uncle and friend. Published Tuesday, April 12, Foster Carr Tekotte, 82, of Columbia passed away peacefully on Monday, April 11, , at his home surrounded by his family.

Graveside services will be held at 3 p. Olivet Road in Columbia. Foster was born on Jan. He graduated from Hickman High School in a proud Kewpie. His love for athletics especially football, baseball, basketball, bowling, swimming and golf was an integral part of his life. Foster and his family moved to Chicago, Ill. Foster was an animal lover and rescuer.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Second Chance Foundation, P. Box , Columbia, Mo. Louis from heart and lung failure related to his two prior battles with cancer.

A celebration of life will be held at a later date. Ryan graduated from Hickman High School in and went on to get an interdisciplinary degree in French, music and international studies from the University of Missouri in Ryan pursued his passions of French and music in many varied ways.

He studied abroad in Paris and taught kindergarten at the St. Louis Language Immersion Schools. He partnered with his dear friend Irene Haskins, a fellow cancer survivor, to create a singing duo called the Comeback Crooners. Along with many pieces for which he wrote music and lyrics, Ryan composed original scores for plays, including Mother Courage and a new adaptation of Macbeth. Ryan served as music director for countless productions and was a skilled conductor.

Ryan is survived by his parents, Greg and Kay McNeil; his sister, Alie McNeil; his beloved partner of 10 years, Matt Saltzberg; his grandmother, Pauline McNeil; many aunts, uncles and cousins; and countless friends who loved him dearly. Ryan will be remembered as a talented, kind, funny, joyful spirit with an intense love of life and art. But most of all, he will be remembered as the strongest person anyone who loved him will ever know.

Brian was the middle child of five rambunctious, raucous boys. He and his four brothers happily called the Old Southwest Neighborhood their personal playground, and had many grand adventures there accompanied by their faithful Weimaraner, Fritz.

Brian attended Hickman High School, where he excelled as a track athlete, running the high hurdles and the relay. After graduating, he attended Mizzou for several years, studying business.

In addition to working on many residential properties around Columbia, he helped build the Callaway nuclear reactor. It was during this time that he met the love of his life, Peg, a Mizzou journalism student from northern Illinois. When Peg graduated, Brian followed her to Chicago, where she pursued a career in advertising and he started what would be a successful carpentry business.

Brian was an avid outdoorsman who loved rock climbing, canoeing and fishing. He was also an extraordinary photographer, a lifelong learner, and a voracious reader with a particular penchant for geography and history. Incredibly well-read and well-informed, he could converse with anyone about anything.

He was generous and giving, and over the years, he helped scores of people. Whether they were employees he hired or kids that he mentored, Brian gave unselfishly of his time, attention and money. Although Brian took great pride in his carpentry creations, he took the most pride in another creation — his twins James and Dorothy. As they were growing up, he coached their various sports teams, chauffeured them and their teammates, and was a very vocal cheering section.

He helped build sets for their school plays, volunteered at the local Boys and Girls Club where they belonged and ended his workday early so he could walk them home from grade school every day. He was preceded in death by his father, Maurice Gill. Published Sunday, April 24, Frances Lorene Gentry Turner, 92, of Rocheport passed away peacefully in her home on Wednesday, April 20, surrounded by her family and friends.

A private family graveside service will be held at the Memorial Cemetery. To honor Frances, a celebration of life will be from 1 to 4 p. Frances was born on Jan. Upon their early deaths, she was raised by paternal grandparents, Richard and Martha Taylor Gentry. She was a graduate of Hickman High school. In , she married Carl E. He preceded her in death in Frances retired as a chief clerk from the University of Missouri Registrars Office.

She dedicated herself to her family and community. Later on, she retired after 20 years of being mayor. In her later years, Frances loved to travel and spend time with her family. She also had a new generation of great-great-grandchildren. Also surviving is her sister-in-law, Mary Louise Rapp. Frances was preceded in death by her husband of 53 years, Carl; her parents; grandparents; sister, Bea Even Stuart; great-grandson, Jayden Paul; and son-in-law, Bart Maxwell.

The family of Frances wishes to thank her doctor of 34 years, Charles Chapman, and all of those from Boone County Hospice who provided the loving care in making her final days comfortable and peaceful. Published Thursday, April 28, Connie J. A private visitation will be Friday, April 29, at Memorial Funeral Home, followed by a memorial service.

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