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Our huge bouncy castles can be used by both children and adults and are perfect for family fundays and corporate events. Twin dance machine featuring retro dance classics from Chic to Justin Timberlake and the usual sprinkling of Euro pop dance. Download Senor Dicks Menu. Race 3 - Starter Allowance. Prize Crane The perfect promotional tool, fill our arcade prize crane with your choice of give aways or prizes.

Riviera Beach Bungalows Reviews

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Based in Northern Cyprus with low running costs, Go North Cyprus combines great low prices with friendly and dedicated service. All our holidays are financially protected by ATOL scheme, license number If your group is more than 3 people, please call us on Private return transfers included. Select Airport London Stansted. Choice of classic hotel rooms or cool bungalows The superior hotel rooms at the Riviera Beach resort are in cool modern buildings that sit like sugar cubes in the lush gardens.

Easy to reach from Ercan International Airport With flights to North Cyprus from several UK regional airports, and a private taxi transfer included with every GNC package holiday, you can arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy your North Cyprus beach holiday. Children 0 1 2. Riviera Beach Bungalows Reviews. Read more Riviera Beach Bungalows reviews. Il Sigillo dei Chiavelli. Red Door Escape Rooms: Il nuovo prometeo, Il serial killer dei custodi, Galleria d'arte Lecce.

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The Return of the Magician. Escape Room Long Beach: Countdown Live Escape Games: Escape Room Treasure Hunt: Be sure to buy tickets from one of the touts in the street handing out flyers for a massive discount for the whole group- they are normally found near the Burger King in the Rincon de Loix area.

Separate entrance fees apply, so only get the Aqua Natura pass for the water-park unless you want to see the tigers and elephants. Everyone loves a theme park right? This is a fantastic theme park about 10 minutes taxi ride out. This is one of the few Benidorm stag do ideas that we recommend booking in advance because the discounts you can get will be make it worth your while.

A word to the wise as my grandmother would say — people from all over Valencia visit Terra Mitica to play, so bear in mind that it does get crowded in summer — like any theme park, come off-peak to have your run of it. This is a huge and modern mall located a short taxi or bus ride outside Benidorm in La Cala called La Marina.

It can be pricey in there but they feature a lot of top designer brands such as Lacoste and Ralph Lauren at discounted prices. On a Wednesday or a Sunday morning make your way to the Hotel Pueblo for the market that resembles a Moroccan medina.

It stretches out for what seems like miles. Another good market, El Cisne, is open on a Thursday from early until about 1pm, and there are thousands of authentic Spanish products here. The key thing to remember is they have a tapas-style thing going on: When the sun sets, Benidorm transforms.

After the daily siesta, which occurs between 1pm and 5pm, and when most shops are shut, the resort starts to buzz. Locals and visitors alike start to appear in their evening threads, rolling along the beachfront, stopping to chat or eat in one of many restaurants. As the day slowly fades, the bright lights begin to pop on, until eventually Levante starts to resemble a neon alleyway in Tokyo.

For Bendidorm stag weekends, Levante is the only place to be in the evening. Start the night off in a sports bar such as the Last Stop sounds odd to begin drinking at the Last Stop but the night is going to get a whole lot weirder , right next to the English Square.

This strip stretches for four blocks along a palm tree-lined promenade, where there are tons of bars, nightclubs and takeaways on both sides. Stagger on to the Red Dog , where the legendary Sticky Vicky can be seen performing throughout the week in summertime.

This is a notorious act, where Vicky runs through a range of lewd and hilarious tricks. The best clubs for Stags are headed towards the end of the Avenida Mediterraneo one block back from the beachfront, but if you want more serious clubbing, head for the ones along Avenida Communitat Valencia.

Most places are generally open until around 7am, if you can make it that far. There is plenty to choose from,. They have some mad cocktails here, with funnels and beer bongs for the sophisticated Stag party. From the beach, go up two blocks into Benidorm, crossing the Avenida Mediterraneo which runs the length of Levante. Here is another cluster of pumping bars that are loaded almost exclusively with Brits on tour.

This is clearly a sign that you are getting close to The English Square.

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