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You don't receive any more or less money for engaging with the content, so you essentially do nothing to get paid. It only takes a few minutes to answer the five to 10 questions you'll be asked, and within 24 hours you'll be eligible to receive quality and credit points. Login Sun, 30 Sep , The price has changed to Accept. The grains of sand keep the cracks open, allowing oil and gas to flow. This iOS and Android app allows you to scan or enter the barcode number to instantly compare buyback prices from leading book-buying websites. We have also compiled a list of open houses we know about.

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His career was on hold for seven months, while he picked up sporadic work in construction. Then, as swiftly as it erupted, it crashed, victim of steps by Saudi Arabia and other countries to boost their production. Now there are strong signs of a rebound. Drillers are bringing rigs back. Some companies are scrounging to find enough workers, an about-face for an industry that shed almost half its jobs during the bust.

But it is definitely improving. The optimism remains tentative, as price and production levels would need to rise a lot more to rival the days of the boom. Newer fields in Texas and New Mexico are the hot spots in U. Companies have worked to boost productivity, getting leaner to cope with current price levels. Punteney is back at work supervising new well drilling sites for WPX Energy.

What the past few years made clear is that the industry is at the mercy of oil prices. Global oil producers extended their output cuts on May 25, but the price of oil indicates continuing uncertainty.

Oil inventories are still historically high, partly because U. What made the big difference in U. An oil rig is the epitome of a big-time investment: There are now 51 drilling rigs in North Dakota — well below the high of in December — but up from a low of 27 in May They run 24 hours a day, with workers usually putting in hour shifts. Each of the six wells will reach down 2 miles, then veer horizontally for another 2 miles, the signature pattern of shale oil fracking. A native of Wyoming, Punteney started out in the oil business as a pumper — a grunt worker at a well site.

Last fall, he was hired by WPX, a company that focuses on U. WPX had five rigs operating in North Dakota before the bust, but then cut back to one. It added a second late last year after raising its capital spending budget.

Other producers have been doing the same. With investment rising, oil field employment seems to have turned a corner this spring. In April, the North Dakota job sector that mostly includes oil and gas workers stood at 16,, up 10 percent over the same month in April marked the second consecutive month of year-over-year increases in oil jobs.

Ness said the improving U. The oil fields tend to attract nomads — men and women who travel for work but might keep their roots in another state.

With an uptick in the overall economy, there are fewer of those willing to travel for higher wages when they can find well-paying jobs at home. For those at work in the oil fields, prospects are more encouraging these days. The place hums 24 hours a day with diesel engines mounted on 16 frack pump trucks — the power supply for the action below. Torrents of water and sand are pushed under high pressure through the wells — along with a dash of chemicals — creating cracks in shale rock formations.

The grains of sand keep the cracks open, allowing oil and gas to flow. Shale oil operators have been pumping significantly more sand and water in recent years, extracting more oil per well. With more wells at a single site, oil field services can be centralized.

For instance, fewer roads need to be built to individual sites, and a single water line can serve multiple wells. A decade ago, two wells per pad was a big deal. Your browser is unable to render the navigation correctly.

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If you have any questions, please see the Help Section or contact us. The Fire in Minnesota report is online. Dozens of fire safety professionals from Minnesota attended a one-day summit Sept. Attendees heard from state and national experts about emerging issues in the fire service including data on fire fatalities, firefighter recruitment and retention, resources for fire and life safety education, fire safety for aging residents in Minnesota most fire deaths happen to persons 55 and older , youth firesetting, wildland fires, fire investigation trends, smoke alarm installation programs, and firefighter health issues cardiac, cancer, and PTSD.

Many Minnesota departments hold open houses in the fall. Contact your local fire department to see if and when you can stop by and meet your local firefighters. We have also compiled a list of open houses we know about. This demonstration shows how putting water on a grease fire can have an explosive effect that can be deadly, cause severe burns or destroy your home.

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