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The town itself is within easy walking distance of the cruise ship berth for most passengers. Of course, we are looking at it from both sides, looking at it from this side and we are also looking at it from the living-wage side. Berlin is the capital of Germany as well as the largest city with 3. The court found the CICB had taken medical expenses out of awards to the applicant and had not properly explained the reasoning for their decisions. The advisory body is chaired by Bob Richards, then finance minister, and its members include Jeremy Cox, the chief executive officer of the Bermuda Monetary Authority and three independent experts. Checked in the first day, to only wake up with bedbugs bites all over our bodies.

When planning your trip to Bermuda, you should understand the pros and cons of each season

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It will take place on Thursday between 6pm and 8pm at the Bermuda Public Services Union headquarters. The working group has said that it plans to have its policy on the issue formulated by June 10 after consulting with stakeholders.

The group was created in the wake of protests sparked by the Pathways to Status immigration proposals by the former One Bermuda Alliance government. Walton Brown, the Minister of Home Affairs, was to examine the report alongside a bipartisan committee on immigration reform. Mr Brown said at the time that he hoped new legislation would be brought to Parliament as early as February. See Bermuda Government Boards. Under the legislation, businesses can be ordered to provide the commission with information and documentation, along with keeping specified records.

The amendment similarly increases the fine for anyone who refuses to give evidence under oath to the commission upon request. The original Act however adds that a person will not be punished for refusing to answer any question or provide any document which he would not be required to answer or produce before a court in Bermuda. The amendment would also change the name of the commission to the Cost of Living Commission.

The explanatory memorandum says: Defence Board Section 6, Defence Act Defence Exemption Tribunal Defence Act Defence Medical Board Defence Act E-Commerce Advisory Board No legislation specified.

Economic Development Committee EDC Bermuda Government initiative intended to cut down on the bureaucracy and move projects forward faster. Its mandate is to compress the time taken to obtain the necessary approvals for direct inward investment into Bermuda. Unwelcoming and bureaucratic procedures in the years prior to reduced the flow of inward direct investment to virtually a trickle.

Energy Commission Since November The mission is to assist in the development and maintenance of affordable, clean and sustainable energy, for the economic, social and environmental well-being of residents and businesses in Bermuda. Members are appointed for a period of three years. Meets twice a month and primary duties are to: Review, and subsequently approve or disallow variations to the price or charge for electrical power submitted to the Commission by a specified businesses; Set out the terms and conditions under which a specified business may make a variation to the price or charge for electrical power; Conduct inquiries into the price or charge made for any energy-related commodity; Conduct inquiries into other matters concerning the cost or supply of any energy-related commodity; Conduct inquiries into any matter which may affect the exercise of the Minister's powers under the Energy Act ; and Advise the Minister in the discharge of the Minister's functions under the Energy Act Fair Political Practices Commission Bermuda Monetary Authority, the financial regulator, hosted the sixth meeting of the FPC at its offices in November and some details of what was discussed were released today.

Finally, members urged all relevant authorities to continue to attach priority and to assign adequate resources to ensuring its timely implementation so as to lead to a favorable assessment. The meeting was the last one to be attended by Sir Courtney Blackman, whose term has ended. Fiscal Responsibility Panel Asked for comment, a Ministry of Finance spokesman said more on the upcoming Budget would be revealed in the coming days.

Final positions by the Government with regard to fiscal matters are usually revealed on Budget Day, which is normally during a Parliamentary sitting on the third or fourth Friday in February.

The FRP had a suggestion to address this issue: Other ideas included moving away from fixed-rate social insurance contributions to a percentage of income, and taxing capital income of residents, such as dividends, interest and capital gains, with an exemption for an initial tranche of such income.

Tax reform and broadening the tax base cannot be effective if they are unwilling to look at taxing the passive income of the privileged persons in society. Immigration Appeal Tribunal Established in July by the House of Assembly as an independent but Government-appointed tribunal on immigration matters. Justice System Review Committee. Marine Resources Board Fisheries Act It is authorized by the House of Assembly to look at public expenditure.

The committee also investigates findings reported by the Auditor General in the annual and other special reports. Phone , Its website is www. For information on private pensions. Forms are available online or phone or by e-mail at info pensioncommission. There is a Pension Commissioner. Ports Authority Marine Board Act Former deputy head of the civil service Judith Hall Bean will lead the council as chairman.

Dr Peets is a long-serving family therapist and counselor, Dr Apopa is the executive director of the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute, while Mr Monkman was a long-serving civil servant.

Mrs Keane, a retired lawyer, will serve as Secretary for the council. Most importantly, we are proud with the abundance of talent, skill and experience that each of these council members brings to the table. They will ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to problem gambling and minimizing as much risk as possible to the people of Bermuda. The Commission is still in the process of recruiting a Director of Problem and Responsible Gaming, who will be appointed on the advice of the council and serve as the conduit between the commission and the council.

Their duties will also include overseeing the accreditation process for treatment providers, managing a gambling hotline and a self-exclusion list and community outreach. A full list of professional surveyors in alphabetical order of name with their qualifications and area of specialty, is published every January. The committee also investigates findings reported by the Auditor-General in the annual and other special reports. Regulatory Authority January 2, Mr Micallef was then the executive chairman of the Malta Communications Authority.

Mr Micallef has extensive experience in middle and senior management roles from the last 25 years with various organisations in the Information and Communication Technology ICT and Telecommunication sectors across Europe, the Ministry of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy said. The RA will be set up as part of the regulatory reform in the telecoms sector, which will allow companies to offer bundled services.

Between and , Mr. Micallef served as a Government-appointed director on the board of Maltacom plc. In , he was appointed CEO of Melita Cable plc and then, a year later, he also led the Melita management team in the auction process which resulted in the sale of the company to the current shareholders. In the interim, he will work informally with the Minister , the RA Commissioners and their external advisers to keep the reform process moving forward.

Earlier, the Minister had announced the selection of the three Regulatory Authority Commissioners, who began their terms on January 2, Register of Audiologists Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act A full list is published annually. Register of Chiropodists Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act , not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last.

A full list every year. Register of Dental Practitioners Bermuda Government maintained under the Section 6 2 of the Dental Practitioners Act , not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. Register of Dieticians Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act , not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last.

Register of Medical Laboratory Technologists Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act , not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last.

Register of Medical Practitioners Bermuda Government maintained under Section 6 2 of the Medical Practitioners Act , not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. Register of Midwives Bermuda Government maintained under Section 6 2 of the Midwives Act , not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last.

Register of Occupational Therapists Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act , not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. It shows every currently licensed pharmacist - Bermudian and non-Bermudian - by full first, middle and last name and the year, day and month when entered in the register.

Register of Physiotherapists Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act , not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. Register of Radiographers Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act , not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last.

Register of Speech-Language Therapists Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act , not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. Review Committee Investment Business Act Road Safety Council No specific legislation. Salaries Review Board Inquiries into the fate of the dormant Salaries Review Board have gone unanswered, despite MPs continuing to debate the issue each year.

The council will be made up of 15 individuals including, Dr John Cann as its chairman and Marian Sherratt as it deputy chairwoman. Minister of Seniors Jeanne Atherden made the announcement. I will be asking the Seniors Advisory Council to work with our government department and our civil servants to develop a comprehensive National Ageing Plan for Bermuda. Part of that plan will, by necessity and as a matter of priority, need to address the issues surrounding long-term care.

Mrs Atherden said group would form subcommittees, which will invite the participation of individuals who are not on the council, but have expertise relevant to the subcommittee.

George's Preservation Authority Town of St. School Reorganization Advisory Committee Score Parental anxieties fuelled by rumours over possible school closures have influenced the latest public school application figures, according to one principal, Romelle Warner, who led this committee. Reports to Minister of Education. All surviving beneficiaries of such pensions are senior citizens.

First introduced in April Its primary role is to advise the Cabinet on a sustainable future for the country in areas of economics, the environment and culture.

Seven of the members are new and six are from the previous Roundtable. Among those not invited back is environmentalist Stuart Hayward, who, since leaving the Government advisory committee, has become an outspoken opponent of the Southlands bid for an SDO. Tax Information Exchange Portal Bob Richards, the Minister of Finance, said the Tax Information Reporting Portal was essential for the island to adhere to international compliance standards and to protect its status as a financial centre.

The new portal will enable overseas tax authorities to access tax information on individuals and multinational companies and was borne out of international agreements designed to clamp down on tax dodging.

Bermuda has also initiated renegotiation of all four of its double-taxation agreements to revise them to the standard articulated by the Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to Prevent BEPS.

The Tax Reform Commission is facing a difficult but achievable challenge, according to new chairman Ronald Simmons. Mr Simmons, a former director of the Bermuda Monetary Authority, said he was honored by the opportunity to serve as chairman.

Given the numerous risks, uncertainties and challenges facing our economy, we have a lot of work to accomplish. Our system of taxation creates inequality by its very nature and structure and our over reliance on payroll tax at the same time discourages job creation in Bermuda. Telecommunications Commission Telecommunications Act Transport Planning Team A total of 2, people completed the Government survey for the Green Paper on Transportation.

The Transport Survey on public transportation, which includes elements of road safety, also sought direct input from some 70 stakeholders. The Ministry of Transport and Regulatory Affairs is now moving to its next phase of broad public consultation in advance of new policy decisions. The exercise is designed to leverage the collective intelligence of the group. Deputy Premier and transport minister Walter Roban said he was extremely pleased with the amount of people who took the time to complete the survey, estimated to take about 15 minutes, on the Government portal over the four weeks of the exercise.

We are determined to get a broad understanding of public wishes before embarking on any plan to change the state of transportation in Bermuda. But something must be done and we expect to begin making substantive changes this year to improve the quality of life in Bermuda with regard to transportation.

Before we move on to another exciting phase of this initiative, it is important that I convey how grateful I am that so many took the 15 to 20 minutes necessary to participate in this important survey. Bermuda faces a litany of challenges when it comes to transportation. And the Government may propose a series of changes that will alter some aspects of how any of us get from point A to B in the future. But right now we are listening and we will continue to do that with a survey planned for students, and, another forum that will allow public input.

Separate to the priority list of solutions, the Ministry will be making decisions shortly on outstanding matters which include those related to minicars and minibuses. VPC p romotes standards with a code of conduct, with powers to investigate all allegations of professional misconduct. It will examine the qualifications of overseas vets applying to practice here. In the past, t he profession had only been governed by a short section of the Agriculture Act which was inadequate.

There is now an annual register of vets to be published and re-registration will be required every three years to ensure vets keep up to date with latest standards. Veterinary certificate holders under the Agriculture Act will automatically qualify for the register. West End Corporation Act It includes members from the private sector, Corporation of St. For the six months the Corporation of Hamilton declined to participate on the Task Force.

It was made clear that in the future the number of cruise ships in Hamilton and St. George's would decrease and the opportunity would exist to redevelop the waterfronts at each port.

Water Safety Council Ministry of Transport. Population density per square mile. Number of elected legislators in House of Assembly and their salaries.

Number of appointed politicians in Senate. Number of Government Boards. Number of Justices of the Peace. Over , or About , over 20 per square mile. Number in Bermuda Regiment. All Bermudian, the authorized strength of which is members, or Registered voters who participated in General Election. Air Transport Licensing Board. Appeals Committee - Education. Appeals Tribunal Hotel Licensing. Architects Registration Act The Bermuda Archives Act Bermuda Arts Council Act Formed in by Government through the Ministry of Economic Development.

Bermuda Cadet Corps Act Bermuda Betting Licensing Authority. Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission. Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority. Responsible for the regulation and safety oversight of aviation in Bermuda and all aircraft on the Bermuda Aircraft Registry. Bermuda College Board of Governors. Bermuda College Act for this Bermuda Government owned and operated facility.

Dental Practitioners Act Bermuda Deposit Insurance Corporation. Ministry of Health and Family services. Bermuda Financial Policy Council. Bermuda Historical Wrecks Authority. A Bermuda Government quango. Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust. Bermuda Housing Trust Act Medical Practitioners Act A Bermuda Government quango and regulatory agency. Bermuda National Library Committee. Transfer of Functions and Reorganization Act Bermuda National Trust Council.

Bermuda National Trust Act Bermuda Parliamentary Boundaries Commission. Psychological Practitioners Act Bermuda Public Funds Investment Committee. Public Funds Act Bermuda Public Services Union. Bermuda Small Business Development Corporation. Bermuda Sports Anti Doping Agency. Bermuda War Pensions Commissioners.

Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act Board of Medical Laboratory Technologists. Board of Occupational Therapists. Board of Speech Therapists. Board of Trustees of the Golf Courses. The Golf Courses Consolidation Act Public Works Department Act Broadcasting Commissioners Act The Building Act Cedarbridge Academy Board of Governors.

Child Care Placement Board. Appointed on 5 November by the Governor under the Constitution of Bermuda. Ministry of Community Affairs and Sport. Consultative Immigration Reform Working Group. The group, which will examine the issue of immigration policy, was appointed after a week of protests outside Parliament sparked by the controversial Pathways to Status legislation. Contributory Pensions Appeal Tribunal. Contributory Pensions Act Price Commission Act Mental Health Act Criminal Injuries Compensation Board.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Act Government-founded island online safety group warning youngsters about the dangers of cyber-bullying and more. Section 6, Defence Act Section 35 and Schedule, Employment Act Clean Air Act The Essential Industries Disputes Board. Labour Relations Act Fair Political Practices Commission. Financial Assistance Act Operated by the Bermuda Police, not be confused with the above.

Fire Services Advisory Board. Fire Services Act General Improvement Area Tribunal. Government Employees Health Insurance Act Historic Building Advisory Committee. Hospital Insurance Act Hotel Licensing Appeal Tribunal.

Human Rights Act Immigration Reform Working Croup. Judicial and Legal Services Committee. Recommends judicial and legal appointees. Land Valuation Appeals Tribunal. Proposed in the Throne Speech to ensure the constant review of legislation and to make the law responsive to the needs of society. Ministry of Legislative Affairs. Legal Aid Act Determines which businesses in the retail, wholesale and restaurants sectors get liquor licences. Motor Car Act Mental Health Review Tribunal.

Millennium Fund Act Ministers and Members of the Legislature Pension Fund. Ministers and Members of Parliament pay Ministers and Parliamentarians Salary Review Board. Set up by legislation enacted in in an effort to end the recurring controversy that flares up every time MPs vote for a pay rise for themselves.

National Accessibility and Advisory Council. Established after the Committee for a National Policy on Disabilities was established in to determine guiding principles; recommend policy objectives in the areas of access, communication, education, training, health, housing and transportation; and to identify overall goals and objectives for each area. National Anti-Money Laundering Committee.

Established in under the Proceeds of Crime Act. National Child Safeguarding Committee. National Drug Commission Act The Bermuda National Parks Act National Security Defence Review. The National Training Board Act National Tourism Action Group. Optometrists and Opticians Council. Optometrists and Opticians Act Made up of Members of Parliament.

The Parole Board Act Permanent Police Arbitration Tribunal. Pharmacy and Poisons Amendment Act Police Complaints Authority Act See Cost of Living Commission. Professional Engineers Registration Council. The Professional Engineers Registration Act Professional Surveyors Registration Council.

The Surveyors Registration Act Professions Supplementary to Medicine Council. Promotions Board for Bermuda Regiment. Authorized by the House of Assembly to look at public expenditure. Public Debt Management Advisory Group. Bermuda Archives Act Public Sector Negotiating Team. A Bermuda Government entity. Public Service Superannuation Board. Public Service Superannuation Act Public Service Vehicles Licensing Board. Public Transportation Board Act Purchasing and Tendering Committee.

Earlier, the Minister had announced the selection of the three Regulatory Authority Commissioners, who began their terms on January 2, Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act , not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last.

Register of Dental Hygienists. Bermuda Government maintained under the Dental Hygienists Regulations Register of Dental Technicians. Register of Dental Practitioners. Bermuda Government maintained under the Section 6 2 of the Dental Practitioners Act , not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last.

Register of Emergency Medical Technicians. Bermuda Government maintained, registered with the office of the Chief Medical Officer. Register of Medical Laboratory Technologists. Register of Medical Practitioners. Bermuda Government maintained under Section 6 2 of the Medical Practitioners Act , not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last.

Bermuda Government maintained under Section 6 2 of the Midwives Act , not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last.

Register of Occupational Therapists. Bermuda Government maintained under Section 4 Part III of the Optometrists and Opticians Act , not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. Register of Speech-Language Therapists. Rent Increases Advisory Panel. Residential Child Care Advisory Board.

Protection of Children Act Investment Business Act Seniors Law Reform Committee. In completed a review focused on improving the protection of seniors from financial abuse, with recommendations on amendments to legislation to ensure greater financial and personal protection of seniors. In some ways, they were completely different from the slot machines we can play at modern gambling facilities and yet, somehow, they were quite similar as well.

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Most Bermudians won't use them then, they consider the water too cold until late May and after Labour Day. This is usually included in a cruise line's up-front pricing paid by individual passengers. Bermuda charges in this respect are understood to be the world's highest. If your cruise ship will be in Bermuda on a Saturday or Sunday or other religiously-significant day and you want to attend Mass or a service ashore, expect the on-board cruise director staff to have full information on what churches and other places of worship are nearby, with times of services, and what public transportation or taxi services are available.

In October Bermuda's Members of Parliament changed the law, to allow them to remain open, after prolonged intensive lobbying from cruise ship lines which pointed out that this restriction applied nowhere else in the cruise ship world. On-board casinos can now operate between 9pm and 5am, in return for a license fee per ship payable to the Bermuda Government. Cruise ships have to be in port for one night or more to qualify.

The use of the casino is to be limited to passengers on board the ship only. No local residents or visitors to the ship will be allowed to participate in casino activities. Bermuda hospital and emergency treatment costs are higher than in the USA. Always prudently take out travel insurance, spare money and have adequate hospital and medical health insurance to cope with possible unexpected problems in a foreign country, such as Bermuda.

If you are hospitalized in Bermuda, you or your insurance will always be responsible. Unlike Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland, Bermuda has no National Health Service and no free clinics or free medical or surgical or prescription for visitors.

Bermuda does not give free hospital and surgical benefits to visitors from USA who claim they have no health insurance. Affordable local accommodation in Bermuda for spouses or friends or families who come to visit you in hospital, is difficult or impossible to find, especially in the cruise ship or tourist high season from April to November. Marriages on board a cruise ship are conducted by either the captain or staff captain. Shopping in Bermuda is expensive.

Disabled cruise ship passengers visiting American ports are pleasantly surprised by ADA laws applicable there. Physically challenged or blind or hearing impaired or mobility-restricted passengers should check in advance or ask their caregivers do so, what facilities are available for them on the cruise ships of the cruise lines they favor or, when not available, on competing cruise ships.

These can vary considerably. Matters of particular importance may include: Those sailing from US ports to Bermuda are required by US laws have between 15 and 25 disabled cabins and staterooms, more roomy than for the non-disabled. Disabled persons, if denied a cabin specifically for the disabled, under American laws But not in other countries have specific legal remedies if such cabins are instead given by cruise ship operators to persons not officially registered as disabled and don't have appropriate disability and ID documentation to prove it.

Here are some of the problems: Cabin bathrooms especially on ocean-going cruise ships, also on riverboats.

Many are so tiny and narrow that those who have a mobility or balance problem and don't ask for a disabled-friendly cabin will suffer, especially in the showers seemingly designed for half-grown children. Using a cruise-ship's elevator lift. Most often, they are packed. Getting seating for the ship's shows.

You'll miss out because by the time you get via wheelchair or by walking slowly due to your reduced mobility to the night club or venue, you may find that all seats are taken. You'll possibly go to some exotic ports, but in the Caribbean especially you'll have a problem.

Because cruise lines calling at Caribbean and other ports don't require those ports, for the business the cruise lines give them, to have disabled-friendly transportation.

You won't be able to go on many shore excursions even though you may have pre-paid for them. Cruise ships arriving in Bermuda with blind other otherwise disabled passengers with their own guide dogs should see "Guide Dogs for the Blind or Disabled" below. Accessible Cruising, see http: Cruise ships not classified as disability-friendly despite having some accessible facilities, see http: Princess Cruises Accessibility for disabled passengers , see http: Regent Seven Seas Cruises Accessibility.

Royal Caribbean Disabled Accessibility Cruises, see http: Blind cruise and other visitors who have guide dogs should get their sighted caregivers or family members to apply as long as possible in advance, as all visiting animals including guide dogs that go ashore must be pre-approved.

In all cases, including for cruise ship visitors, a formal application must be made in advance to the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The guide dogs must be licensed and micro chipped in their normal place of residence and be free from any problems that could potentially affect Bermuda. The same applies to blind newcomers who are not working, with their own guide dogs and dependents of those on work Permits.

For all personal importers of pets, there is a strict import and export procedure for their documentation and certification. You can personally import and export animals, usually from the USA but also from Canada and the UK, with sufficient notice which can be as high as 6 months. Bermuda does NOT have a quarantine period. This website deals in detail with all the forms of public transport available to visitors and what they can and cannot carry.

Note how each course is shown with nearest Bermuda port for cruise ship passengers, how best to get there, how close public transportation will go of you do not have your own clubs; and whether public or private. Always check yourself with the course what the rates are as they can vary significantly by time of day and time of year.

There is no free unrestricted WIFI access to its cruise ship passengers when going ashore unlike in the Caribbean or Europe or Canary Islands with nearby shopping in shopping malls. Any Wi-Fi enabled device such as a smart phone, tablet, personal computer or digital audio player, can connect to the network via seamless access points installed throughout the city.

See Internet in Bermuda. Internet on Cruise ships by cruise line See the following for a guide on cost of Internet on cruise ships: In accessibility to cruise visitors, note the challenges faced. See Getting around for Visitors. Also Transport Options for Residents. Transport minister Walter Roban led the delegation aboard the Bermuda-registered luxury liner which arrived from the port of Charleston, United States, on its inaugural visit to the island. Stopping in its home port for the day and then sailing on to Ponta Delgada, Azores, the vessel carried some 1, passengers and a crew of He said in a press release: I congratulate you and your crew for your participation in the growth of the cruise industry.

I send thanks and praises to all who have made it possible. It is particularly pleasing to receive this award as it is voted for by the people who use the facilities which reflects positively on Dockyard and Bermuda as a whole. The service begun on Monday when junior minister for tourism Kenny Bascome rode with the crew, assisting some of passengers who took the trip from west to east on the first day.

Disney cruise vacationers and the new experiential travellers now discovering Bermuda are very similar, in that they want to see, taste and experience everything Bermuda has to offer. Senator Michael Fahy, the Minister for Tourism and Transport, said the calls were significant because they helped lengthen the visitor season. Norwegian Epic , the largest Norwegian Cruise Line ship by tonnage to visit Bermuda, came along side Heritage Wharf this morning on its inaugural visit.

Captain Frank Juliussen welcomed a Bermuda delegation on board, led by acting minister of tourism, transport and municipalities Cole Simons, who was joined by junior tourism minister Kenneth Bascome.

It was scheduled to leave port last evening, bound for Madeira in Portugal. Mr Simons engaged in a customary plaque exchange with the captain. The Norwegian Epic arrived with 4, passengers and a crew of 1, Built in , the metre vessel is expected to spend six months out of its home port of Barcelona, including the summer season, before deploying to the Caribbean for the winter.

The , gross ton vessel has been offshore in Bermuda waters on two previous occasions, transferring individuals to the island for medical emergencies. But today was its first official day in port. Norwegian Cruise Lines has committed to bringing 56 cruise ships to Bermuda each year in return for concessions and berthing rights, tourism minister Michael Fahy told the Senate.

Mr Fahy made the announcement as he outlined spending in the Ministry of Tourism, Transport and Municipalities as senators debated the Budget. He also addressed the continuing problems with buses and said four new vehicles would arrive on island in the third quarter of The Government is also looking to buy eight more buses in the coming fiscal year.

Mr Fahy urged the unions to accept the bus schedule that has been put forward, saying it would significantly reduce overtime and allow a massively improved maintenance schedule. This failure to agree by the union has now become a serious issue and must be resolved. We must put the public first and the new schedule will complement our other efforts to improve service and safety for passengers.

The tender is intended to be licensed for passengers and will operate on days when NCL ships are in port. Speaking about the Department of Marine and Ports, Mr Fahy said that the ferry Millennium would continue to operate until the end of the season, but the contract would not be renewed. Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line said: Included is a groundbreaking bike-ride-in-the-sky attraction called SkyRide, an IMAX Theatre and a massive Waterworks aqua park featuring a water tube slide called Kaleid-o-slide.

A variety of unique dining and bar concepts and spectacular outdoor spaces found only on Carnival Horizon will be announced in the near future. Cruiseport Ferry Management, owned by experienced mariner Beau Evans, will operate the two foot catamarans from next July.

The service, to be entirely staffed by Bermudians, will provide a massive boost in transport capacity to St George. I am also very pleased to announce that the captains, crews and all of the associated support staff for this venture will be Bermudian. Mr Hanbury added that the new service would augment to public ferry system rather than supplant it and the investment was not one Bermuda could have afforded on its own. Businesses in struggling St George yesterday welcomed news that the Olde Towne will next year play host to 16 cruise ships.

David Zuill, co-owner of Davidrose jewellery store in Water Street, said: More ferries means more people in the town. Ships from the two lines will visit St George a total of 12 times in We have seen in the past that even a small ship makes a huge amount of difference during the day. It just makes a huge difference. They wanted their guests to do more than just be on a cruise ship. To come up with this service over and above the Government ferry service is fantastic.

It encourages us to spend more and invest more. The NCL cruise ships that are coming in are high-end cruise ships that hold about passengers, which is very good for us. I have no complaints. With dedicated cruise ships, the restaurants, retail and local businesses will see a huge boost.

And Bermuda Tourism Authority is attempting to lure even more. All told, the island will see cruise ship visits next year, up from in Our team went out to create and cultivate important cruise industry relationships over the past two years, then worked with the tourism ministry to close the deals. We know these additional calls may be the difference between make or break for some of our tourism industry partners, particularly in the east end. The carrying capacity of the two tenders is a combined total of passengers.

They will work alongside the normal ferry service already operating between the two hubs. Senator Michael Fahy, the tourism minister, stated: These luxury brands bring to Bermuda exactly the kind of premium traveller we have been pursuing. Other cruise developments in Passengers scheduled to join a cruise ship in Bermuda were left disappointed at the weekend after the liner cancelled its call at Dockyard due to bad weather. The Anthem of the Seas was due to arrive in Bermuda on Saturday morning for a daylong trip before returning to Cape Liberty in New Jersey the same day.

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