Poker Test 2.0 (DVD and Gimmick)

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If you already own the original and it is working fine for you then you do not need 2. The new version only addresses the issues that many were having with the first version wearing out quickly or not working well even when new.

The only changes to the cards were behind the scenes so to speak, but the DVD is new and I believe contains material not on the first DVD. If the DVD alone is worth getting the new one, I cannot say, you would have to make that call. On Mar 9, , videoman wrote: I have both and use this regularly.

I never had any trouble with the first version; but, since this is something that I use regularly, I wanted a back up. As previously noted, the newer version only comes with the specific gimmicked cards - you need to supply the remaining cards yourself I much prefer to play with something right out of the box.

On the other hand, this newer version allows you tremendous flexibility to customize your routine however you desire: On Mar 19, , videoman wrote: Mar 21, Really is a great effect. Quick and it builds a few times to the finale. Should make the packet thinner. I'm sure people will want to look at the cards on occasion but this one is probably worth carrying around a himber or other type of switch wallet. Mar 22, On Mar 21, , emyers99 wrote: I lent my SF to someone.

When I get it back tomorrow, I'll make up a set. I've got a ton of DD's lying around. Apr 4, I purchased Poker Deal 2. This does what it says, it works well and has multiple changes. However I received the "new" version and it didn't last one evening.

The gimmick was useless after 1 hour. The supplier is sending out replacement cards but I doubt they will last any longer. The only upside I see is that it sent me on a quest to find a material to replicate the gimmicks when they do wear out, I could make my own. Great effect poor quality. Apr 5, Since my last post, the supplier sent me a new set of cards. These are remarkably better than the first set I got. It is obvious that they had changed the material in the manufacturing of the first gimmick I received.

It appears that this material will last much longer. I put the second set through as much abuse as the first and there is no failure like the first, as of yet. I did find a product I could use to make my own gimmick, which works identically to the second set sent to me, so wearing out the gimmick is no longer my concern. However, at this point I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Poker Test 2.

Feb 13, Feb 16, I have had both versions, and used v1 for some time, since it first came out, ever since I saw Greg Wilson dem it to me at a convention. I just thought it was a real crowd-pleaser. I have been using it as an opener for a walk around set. It is perfect for that. I had no problem with switching, examining, and the like, since for me it was a bit of eye-candy - bang, bang, bang - warm them up - put it away in your pocket reset for instant repeat and move on to the next item.

No need to dwell on it or over-complicate it. As it is it has an elegance and simplicity that is a crime to disturb with wallets, switches and the like. If you already have v1 and have no problems with it, there's no real point in getting v2.

But note that, if you use it a lot, the cards will wear out, and so you will be either making your own replacement if you can be bothered or getting another set.

If you're getting it for the first time, it makes sense to get the later version, since the cards are probably made a little better. What getting v2 did for me was to encourage me to rethink the cards I used. I changed the card denominations and backs, and made up my own set. I found the guests sometimes got a little confused about 'blank cards', since they are an unusual entity for lay people who are probably seeing them for the first time.

This holds up the flow just when you want to get the momentum up. V1 still works fine, but the one supplied in V2 is a little smoother than I can make, but I prefer mine because of the cards and the patter I can now show. It has to be said there are a few of this type of effect on the market, and I recall getting one from a convention 8 or 9 years ago that was very similar in concept.

Incidentally, the main 'weakness' in the presentation for me was the first reveal, where you ask what the bottom-most card is. They say 'blank' and you slide it out and show it's a 10H. To be strict, I'm aware it is a slight aberration from the sense of the effect, wherein they mis-remember all the physical aspects of the cards. But I have found the visible change gets a big reaction just where you want it, and kind of ushers in the subsequent changes. It always strikes me how much reaction I get and the reliance I now place on what is seemingly a kids magic-set kind of item.

And so very clean. I've heard a few magicians complain it is a trifle expensive for what it is - a packet trick. All I can say to that is: Feb 18, Feb 24, It's a great little effect, very easy to learn and very visual. For the price I think it's a winner! Aug 26, What a review on a neat packet trick! It's a great opener and closer. All in all, this is an instant classic and the gimmick could be easily rung in and out of play.

Do you want to respond to this review? This is one neat opening trick. It is quick, visual, and engages the spectators without having them touch anything. It also resets easily, making it a great table-hopping ice-breaker. The trick is well-made, with a short, to the point, instructional DVD. Fast shipping from Penguin makes this a "no brainer". This particular trick is great.

It's basically self working do it is super easy to do and anyone can do it. That is not to say however that a seasoned pro wouldn't like this trick. It's super-visual and looks great. The gimmick is super well made and works like a charm. However after a few uses I could see how the gimmick could get a bit worn but that is expected. Also not examinable by spectators and it is possible for them to figure out the secret just from a regular performance, though this is low probability.

All in all I have to recommend this trick. This is a great effect for an opener or in the middle of your routine. The amazement of this effect is wonderful.

I do not recommend showing the cards under six feet for there is a slight angle problem. I use this in the middle of my performance to keep people on their toes. It has already found a perfect place in my act and will make a amazing addition to yours! I do financial workshops and I did this trick the other night for my class that I was teaching. In the middle of my class I said, here is a quick observation test to see if you are all still with me and paying attention.

They were floored by stage 3 of the trick and I literally had to wait for the room to quite down to reveal stage 4 and then their mouths dropped in silence.

They were all in Awe. By the way everyone in the room requested an appointment with me and that rarely happens so I guess the trick helped me connect with my audience. I loved it and will be doing this trick alot. This is my first ever review on penguin. I havent seen any need to review other products tho they have been good but this one is just amazing!

What you see in the trailer is what you learn in minutes, I learnt it before I watched the dvd its just that easy. The dvd itself is very short but there is really nothing to teach since this effect is sleight free only need to know how to spread 5 cards.

All in all this is a great trick and worth the money! I liked the trick and it is a good first for a magic show. It does make a great impression. I am concerned about the durability of the gimmick. There should be an offer to purchase replacement cards without the DVD. I bought the original Poker Test and loved it.

Even if you have the first one, you should get this one. The gimmick is more durable and works every time. The original rarely didn't work. Also with the addition of a new trick using the gimmick The Swan Song , it's definitely worth buying.

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