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In this case as well, the RFID area is cognisant of the entire surface and remains up-to-date, making it possible to identify the chips, even if they overlap. Great gift idea and turned out perfect! The plan is needed, authorities claimed, to combat traffic and congestion on the country's increasingly crowded roads - while also helping China safeguard the country against possible terrorist attacks after cars and trucks have been used by assailants across Europe and in North America. But the Chinese plan "would certainly be largest single program managed by one government in the world," said Manuel Moreno, vice president at Neology Inc. Gaming Table Building Supplies.

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Compliance will be voluntary at first, but it will become mandatory for all new vehicles by Jan. Of course, the plan will dramatically expand China's ability to track its citizens' every move - something that's becoming increasingly important as Chinese authorities seek to implement their "social credit score.

China's surveillance network already includes powerful cameras that can detect an individual's facial features from yards away, according to WSJ. Meanwhile, the program will have a serious impact on China's automotive industry, which is feeding the world's biggest market, with nearly 30 million vehicles expected to be sold this year. As far as western media outlets are concerned, implementing the network will involve RFID chips being affixed to car windshields.

As we reported earlier this year, citing a story published in an obscure trade journal, RFID chips are already being used by several governments - including China's neighbor the Philippines - to aid in tracking their citizens. Thanks you so much for everything.

It turned out amazing!! Olivia Montes on Received the poker set today. Denise G on I haven't taken the time to tell you thank you.

He wasn't expecting to get custom chips. They turned out great. Katie Haynes on I ordered this set for my husband. When I got it there were some chips that had been misprinted and the company promptly replaced every one of them! Very easy to work with. It is a great product and I would recommend to anyone looking for a gift for a hard to please man! Braxton B on Tara Smith on They all make great gifts as well.

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We utilize digital direct to chip full color printing, sublimation, digital inlay, and hot stamp print methods. All with the option of being fully customized with direct color printing or laser engraving. Gaming Accessories We offer playing cards, dealer buttons, and just about any other gaming accessory you can think off.

Both in pre-printed or customizable options.

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