'Underground Poker' Pilot Airs On Discovery Channel

Send a private message to Draidin. But if you decide to go with it goodluck to you. If you want to read more about gambling laws in Texas, visit these links: Alex Rodriguez participates in a Celebrity Poker Tournament. Do you need to spring for a hotel room?

Feds Secure Guilty Plea In Case Targeting Illegal Poker Operation

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This is a very nice guy here meant that you held three nines — and the suckers had no idea what we were saying to each other. The Westies staked out midtown. The party began winding down in the years after legal gambling came to New Jersey in They were all percentage guys. By that, he means they were into figuring out the mathematics behind the games they gambled at rather than cheating and playing by the seats of their pants.

The Mayfair was a tatty club where some of the brainiest players in New York gathered to engage in bridge and backgammon for serious money. Some of the most talented practitioners of the last few decades got their starts there. When he lost, he went crazy [going out of control and dropping increasingly large sums of cash]. He made the game playable. Over a wild four-year period, from until , the New York scene blew up.

Almost overnight, poker clubs seemed to be opening all over town. They would occupy sprawling loft spaces and load up with 15 or more felt-topped tables. Even though they were supposed to be secret joints, they had evocative, market-savvy names: Clubs were getting written up in newspapers and celebrities were spotted at tables.

But nobody seemed to care. Things were loose enough that The Post reported on Alex Rodriguez hanging out in a Union Square club — sitting alongside poker pro Phil Hellmuth — just hours after his Yankees beat the Orioles. Money was being scooped at all levels. Because poker had gotten so big and so trendy, there were loads of inept neophytes.

Some of them helped a struggling new-to-the-city publicist, who declined to be named, make rent in Manhattan. Plus it was a hell of a lot of fun. Are friends or family members ganging up on other players or softplaying each other? Getting paid at the end of the night can also be issue. Are players playing on tab, intending on settling up at a later date?

Convenience — getting up and running on a site like Bovada requires you to install some software then fund your account with a credit card or bank transfer. Game Integrity — online poker has long had issues with game integrity, from superusers being able to see hole cards to players sitting at the same table collaborating over conference calls.

So this makes it a bit harder for people to gang up on the worst players. While not in Houston, several Louisiana casinos have made a point to target Houstonians, and their parking lots are typically dominated by Texas license plates.

The closest ones that offer live poker are: Convenience — it typically takes 2. So, the 5 to 6 hour round trip travel time is significant. The poker rooms are small and can get very full on the weekends and holidays with multi-hour waits to get on a table. All of the casinos except for The Golden Nugget are on Bravo Poker Live , making it easy to see what tables are going and what the wait list is. We highly recommend taking the casino bus with Greatland Tours.

Some people tip more. Factoring in gas, lodging, and food is important when thinking about the overall cost of playing in Louisiana. Game Integrity — game integrity is usually good, with professional dealers, staff, and security and no tab.

That said, players do gain special treatment by tipping floor people. Houston has an active bar scene for live poker. No cash prize is awarded to the winner, but there are usually some sort of other low-value prizes up for grabs. The tournaments are usually a bit disorganized, and the play social in nature without a lot of skill. Legality — avoiding cash entries and prizes generally keeps these games out of trouble.

Safety — with no cash in play, these games are usually as safe as any other activity in a bar. Convenience — the tournaments take place all over town nightly. So finding one is usually pretty easy. They also typically have a fixed start time, making it easy to plan your visit. Collusion is rampant, as are repeated violations of poker etiquette.

We love home games at Texas Poker Training. Done right, they are completely legal in Texas and can offer very good security, economics, and action. Finding these can be tough, though. Also, sometimes underground games mask themselves as home games. Never assume that you are completely anonymous and cannot be identified by your posts. Lost User Name or Password? Local Daily Poker Tournaments. Post a Comment Messages that harass, abuse or threaten other members; have obscene or otherwise objectionable content; have spam, commercial or advertising content or links may be removed and may result in the loss of your Card Player Account.

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