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This great city has a huge variety of attractions with wonderful hotels in exactly the right locations. The truth is that sometimes you crave indie alternative rock and other times you're attacked by a serious hankering for pop music. San Diego Event Tickets. I can't wait to do it again! From the family-friendly San Diego beaches and hot surf spots of North County to the pine covered Laguna mountains and apple pies of historical Julian, San Diego has many dimensions to satisfy every traveler.

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Check out our site for information on all of the above mentioned theme parks and attractions in San Diego and don't forget to take a look at delicious restaurants, entertainment, nightlife and upcoming San Diego events!

San Diego entertainment makes being in this city so incredibly fun. San Diego gets so much love from visitors and locals, and it's attributable in part to the vast amount of entertainment in San Diego. This sunny, fun-filled and laid back part of the world is chock full of San Diego entertainment just waiting to captivate you completely. Looking for a mellow way to spend an evening in San Diego? Just like you did back in middle school, you can go to the movie theater and have a blast - and there are plenty of movie theaters screening the latest flicks for you, providing great entertainment in San Diego.

When you have a good solid chunk of free time, you want to fill it with all the fun that you can get. Penciling in a movie date with your friends or catching the newest play that's taking San Diego by storm can be just the kind of fun you had in mind. San Diego live entertainment takes things to another level of impressiveness - when you're watching actors perform in a play right in front of you, somehow the emotions and the delivery of lines can reel you in that much more.

San Diego live entertainment might get you thinking that these shows can give legendary theater hot spots all over the nation a run for their money. The San Diego Civic Theatre brings both music and theatre events to the stage. These San Diego shows have included the Broadway hit " Wicked ", classical music quartet Il Divo, and even comedian Bo Burnham singing his goofy songs and making audiences erupt with laughter. Boasting great views from every seat in the house, this San Diego gem packs its calendar with unique shows like MIXTAPE, a celebration of 80's music, and gives you plenty of options within walking distance for dining before and after your show.

When you think of San Diego plays, do you think of Shakespeare? You and fellow San Diegans curious about seeing Shakespeare's works come to life in front of you can enjoy a slew of plays from the Shakespeare repertoire. Get a load of funny with San Diego entertainment. Hope you've done your ab exercises - it's likely you're going to crack up so much that your sides will hurt at San Diego's National Comedy Theatre.

This is improv comedy at its best. There's nonstop laughter to be had during this top San Diego entertainment event. Maybe this is why San Diegans are so jolly all year round. There's nothing like a good comedy show to ease the crippling pain of work stress, or boredom.

Even if you're already as happy as a dolphin at SeaWorld , rounding up all your friends to attend an improv comedy show in San Diego will likely pan out to be one of your best ideas yet. Hollywood whipped up a great big storm in San Diego entertainment, filming a number of well-known movies and TV shows here over the years.

Tom Cruise may be strange because he jumped up and down on Oprah's sofa, but he's also awesome because he filmed " Top Gun " in San Diego.

That gives him several extra cool points. You got that right, San Diego's exciting past includes plenty of movie stars propelling themselves to the highest heights of stardom - in this sun-kissed city. How's that for amazing entertainment in San Diego? Entertainment in San Diego is set to rock your world with music concerts. There are venues of every shape and size, because different music lovers appreciate different features in their music venues.

For a mix of shows and types of audiences , Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach is the laid back yet very cool spot with high-quality acoustics. The fun thing to do is try them all, and enjoy brand new experiences in your music listening life. The truth is that sometimes you crave indie alternative rock and other times you're attacked by a serious hankering for pop music.

For every kind of music that you like, San Diego entertainment is constantly bringing big acts to the city that can satisfy your particular music craving. The San Diego entertainment scene has broad appeal for a reason - the sheer variety of offerings makes San Diego California entertainment intriguing whether you're a teenybopper or a hipster, a jazz aficionado or a classical symphony fan, a country lover or a rap music listener.

San Diego music shows can be buckets of fun. When you're not at a hot concert in San Diego, the movie theater with its blockbuster films and smaller, artsy flicks can be pretty entertaining. Or, enjoy a raw and moving live performance during a San Diego play.

What's fun about entertainment in San Diego is that you have so many choices, and there's constantly going to be something great to capture your interest as well as provide you and your friends with an amazing time.

Pick your San Diego entertainment any way that you want to - whether you like a certain theater and want to keep up with the shows that they specifically offer, want to search by entertainment type music, comedy, theatre or want to be spontaneous and randomly look through all the possibilities, the choice of San Diego entertainment is yours at SanDiego. Content may not be reproduced without written consent.

Skip to main content. Yes, I am a visitor to San Diego. No, I am a local San Diegan. Search form Search San Diego. You are here Home. San Diego Theater Tickets. San Diego Entertainment San Diego is home to some of the best music venues, theater, activities and attractions making San Diego entertainment the best around. San Diego International Film Festival. San Diego Baseball Tickets. San Diego Concert Tickets. We staff only the most friendly, professionally trained casino dealers availble.

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