“Main-Lining” Tutorial by Nugbuckets: Train Marijuana Plants for Bigger Yields & Flat Canopies

It produces woody stems with a short internode. On the other hand, he's also personally replaced the source of all light and hope in the universe. Very well known between heavy smokers that look for strong buds. Only very few people in the show's world seem to appreciate him. This champion mom is an easy feeder and a fat yielder.

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The buzz is stoney and comes on hard. As the name suggests the plant produces huge buds with high levels of THC. This is an ideal commercial growers plant. Like Big Bud the harvest will be massive. The plant remains short and is extremely strong and vigorous.

THC Bomb is a real winner! Aurora Indica Seeds One of the most potent Indicas. Stays short and produces heavy colas. Exceptional resin production and dense buds. Produces a deep, near black hash and heavy indica buzz. Nearly all promising modern indoor strains contain NL genes.

High flower to leaf ratio, compact buds, good yields and exceptional resin production. Northern Lights is a most lucrative plant for the indoor grower. The smoke is full bodied yet somewhat neutral in flavour. White Widow almost instantly appeared on about every coffeeshop menu in Holland.

White Widow grows tall with delicate arms. Buds are moderately compact in order to contain the copious amounts of resin.

Leaning on the sativa side, buzz is powerful yet energetic and very social. It has a weeks flowering time, and a very typical Christmas tree shape. Plants grow quite tall, but the internodes are not too far apart, and allow easy topping.

The leaves are very sativa-like, while bud formation comes dense and has a high calyx-to-leaf ratio. Number 5 is a very resinous plant, quite tall for an AK 47 plant cross reaching 50 to cm tall.

This plant has a purple afghani bred into it so outside it will go a lovely rich shade of purple. Auto Bomb Feminized Seeds Bomb Seeds After several years in the making we have successfully crossed the power of Bomb seeds with an autoflowering ruderalis to create Auto Bomb. Auto bomb is ready from seed to harvest in as little as 65 days.

One of the largest yielding autos to date. Skunk 1 has a great consistency of generating a good strong punch with a great skunky sweet taste. Skunk 1 will take a lot of abuse and performs well both indoor and in a greenhouse. Top 44 Seeds Feminized and Regular Top 44 is a top commercial strain and fastest flowering variety. Top 44 stays low and doesn't branch too much making it ideal for confined gardens or sea of green farming. Smoke is deep and skunky with a long lasting buzz.

Top 44 is strong and easy to grow making it a great selection for the beginner! First of all to bring superior quality in the automatic feminized genepool. In AutoBlueberry these qualities are incorporated in the feminized and automatic form.

Automatic feminized varieties have several advantages above lightcycle dependent feminized varieties: Buds beco unreliable indoors. Flowering starts mid-July to beginning of August in Holland. The name LSD comes from the trippy effect when smoked. Developed from long established genetics L. With just a little care and attention, the L. The flavor is intense earthy chestnut with a sweet musky smell.

The LSD produces a euphoric, almost psychedelic experience. Pest and mold resistant strain that can reach 2 meters in height with promising yields. Large long budleaves, buds are also large and long with lots of resin. A sweet licorice or anise flavour. Well suited for outcrossing with late bloomers to produce earlier flowering. Also does very well under artificial light. A very popular variety. Bred for maximum yield high yielder without compromising quality, in fact flowers can be so heavy branches become weighed down!

Some Skunk characteristics with fairly long lasting high. Great choice for beginners! Afghani Seeds Selectively bred for indoor cultivation, Afghani is a good all rounder - short plant, good yielder, high THC, heavy smoke and almost numbing buzz. It's also easy to grow making it a good choice for beginners! Hashberry Seeds Mandala Seeds Hashberry develops tight and heavy head bud with dense buds located on firm side shoots. Refreshing fruity-floral scent during flowering period.

After proper drying and maturation fragrance transforms into a delicious hashy-berry like aroma. Hashberry is very heat resistant and easy to grow. Grows tall with huge leaves. Long, tight buds have a sweet earthy flavour that has a hint of anise. Famous for its trippy up high! Master Kush Seeds Feminized and Regular A strong plant of medium height and bushiness, Master Kush is a heavy producer with soil, hydro, and has great greenhouse results. Earthy smell of Master Kush is strong and smoke is smooth.

Grows very similar to Northern Lights, has all the desirable qualities but with an added colorful appearance and light berry after taste when smoked. Neutral smell so good choice for grow rooms. A good alternative to Northern Lights if you want to try something new. Hash Plant Seeds Hash Plant is a small, bushy plant, and has unusually large, wide dark leaves.

Branches very keenly enabling it to be very successful when flowering. Its calyx to leaf ratio is one of the largest for any indica strain. Has a sweet hashy flavour and aroma due to high resin content of the flowers.

Very fast flowering plant producing copious resin. Medi Bomb 1 stays fairly short; around cm and thanks to the Bomb 1 influence has great yield and a powerful punch, which gives an Indica dominant look to the plant. Blue Himalaya Seeds Short Stuff Seeds Feminized and Regular Our auto himalaya blue diesel is a hybrid of the ever popular blueberry and an automatic kush strain from nepal which has been spiced up with the addition of new york city diesel.

This mix of 2 classy auto strains provides a very strong indica biased hybrid with a spicy fruity flavour. Decent yields and a a knockout stone makes this strain a must for any keen collector. Early Misty is one of the strongest outdoor varieties. Early Misty stays low and has wide leaves. Early Misty stand low temperatures and is pest resistant. Some plants give almost a coffee scent when cured properly.

Haze Automatic Feminized Seeds Dinafem Seeds We crossed plants selected from the Roadrunner strain with a JYD Haze, with the specific idea in mind of changing the characteristic taste of all the automatics.

What we have achieved is something worthy of satisfaction: What kind of person is that human standing there? She could clearly feel just by exchanging visual contact how intelligent the mammal was. This one looked very curious, kind and also very young. Anna took her shoes off and kneeled on the edge of the water and kept looking at all the. Not a second later, Steve came back with a big bucket of fish. They went over to the trainers platform, which was about six by eight feet.

This trainers platform was almost water level as some water could come over it if there were to be any waves. It was padded up with a thick cushiony rubber material to prevent slipping and falling and also from getting hurt. With both their shoes off, he started to feed the dolphins. They all came really close and opened their mouths to beg for a food treat.

He threw the little fish at the sea mammals as they caught the food in mid air with amazing agility. He blew into his whistle and all the dolphins swam a little back. One of them went really far as Steve was giving the animals some signals with his whistle. Making a move that he was about to throw a fish strongly, the dolphin swam towards the center of the pool really fast and came straight out of the surface jumping way high above water, leaping for the food treat he had just thrown with surprising synchronocity.

The dolphin caught his catch and splashed back inside the clear water of the pool. The young teenager smiled at the Russian tennis star filled with joy, standing there with him on this night. He was having the time of his life…He blew into his dolphin calling instrument again and only a few came back towards the. One came real close, he was trying to make it do something. It turned around in a small circle then propelled itself out of the water on to the training platform with perfect force.

She started to caress the animal on the side of its head. It also felt very muscular and strong, she could feel the. Steve gave the dolphin a fish then it pushed itself back into the water splashing water all over them. I think he likes you, I can tell… That water splash was a sign of acceptance. These things can really know how you are feeling towards them. The tip of her hair caressing the top of the water, she looked at him standing there on the platform….

The friendly pair started to swim around having fun, splashing each other as the dolphins watched them. As they were playing around, one of the sea mammals came close to them and checked out the intriguing blonde visitor again. She was pleased to get such quick attention once inside the pool. The friendly mammal then started to get real close, swimming around the curious girl brushing himself against her soft human skin ever so gently, accurately using its pectoral fins like the brush of a painter on a canvas.

The caressing of the water-born animal was surprisingly pleasant, coming into contact with its long smooth body like a breeze against the top of a leafy tree line. Right after being grabbed, the big sea mammal began swimming, dragging its thrilled passenger around the pool. Having a great time, she had to let go of the dolphin before swallowing too much water as she was laughing too hard to adequately keep holding on.

Standing on her feet again in the shallow part of the pool, the attentive Russian noticed one of the dolphins coming back towards them dragging and pushing a big orange ball above the water. We always leave them some stuff to play around with over there. The acrobat mammal skillfully took its snout a taped on the ball hitting it towards its playing partner.

The ball fell a little short as she walked to go get it. She threw the ball at the dolphin and to her surprise, it caught the ball with its snout hitting it back at her. She kept throwing the ball at her new found friend a few more times when on the last throw, the ball went far outside of the pool. She climbed the ladder and got out of the pool to go get the ball. Looking at his all wet dream girl, he watched her fantastic gleaming figure as she scaled the steps, exposing her gorgeous butt in the process.

She got the ball and threw it hard towards the deeper part of the pool. The seductive water covered woman walked back, with her soaked little pink tank top glued to her titillating front side, the fine pink cotton underwear hugging to her feminine parts between her legs. The material was very thin, once wet, he could clearly see the shape of her sex through the soaked material.

The dazzled young man stared at her in awe, she looked so beautiful, so sexy… He felt like cupping her round breasts, reaching for her nipples that were poking out, and tearing her fragile underwear off.

The tennis star saw him checking her out and looked at him with a smirk on her face…. The walking wet angel walked to the edge and sat down with her feet in the water. The young man went towards her as she was holding her index in front, making a calling gesture. Taking his hand as he got close, the charming Russian pulled him next to her between her legs, grabbed his face with her hands, closed her big meadow green eyes and began kissing him.

Their labial orifices connected in the most gentle way, her mouth was so soft, her lips were just perfect, she was such a great kisser. She then jumped in the water and took him into her arms as the water rippled in a harmonious sequence around their waist.

It was so quiet again, Anna then pulled off her drenched tank top exposing her bare round breasts, and threw it in the pool. Pressing her naked torso against him, they resumed their impassioned lip lock. The hypnotized boy could of kept on kissing his dream girl like that forever…He caressed her naked back as he hugged her in his arms while their mouths fondled each other.

It kept playfully swimming around near them with her tank top, then let it go to catch it skillfully with one of its flippers, then with its tail, after did a U turn to grab it again with its snout. The dolphin was clearly playing around, demonstrating his extraordinary agility. They both laughed as they watched the goofy sea mammal fooling around and resumed kissing.

Steve was becoming a little more aggressive and gradually pushed her back towards to side of the pool. As her back touched the wall, she paused, removed her underwear, and threw them in the pool adorning the naughtiest of smiles.

They went back to necking again as his now erecting member pressed against the delicate hardness of her abdomen.

She could feel his beating excitement pushing against her as he wanted her so bad. She took one of her hands, seized his erected organ and began to slowly masturbate it through his wet underwear. By the way she was clamping and fondling his rod, he could tell how much she was sex-starved for his erection. The obvious sexual intent of his raised penis was making her female organs fill with lubricating fluids again.

Both were now, sexually aroused…. Steve started to grab her ass cheeks firmly with his hands as they continued their foreplay. The willing girl then pulled his underwear off with their bodies tightly pressed together. She felt his completely erect member pressing against her belly now, thumping like it was knocking at her door. Squeezing his shaft, she slowly starting to jerk him off again…. The aroused boy was breathing hard from excitement, losing control from her godlike hand job…Looking at him in the eyes, she observed him becoming entirely lost in sexual pleasure.

Anna kept going up and down his shaft then took her other hand and gently fondled his balls as he closed his eyes, completely lost in ecstasy! After a few minutes which seemed like hours, she stopped, raised one of her legs and wrapped it around her mate.

Steve knew what she was doing. He lowered himself in the water, took his penis and rubbed it against her swollen vulva. The horny tennis star wanted him to make love to her in the pool. His member was gliding inside her like it was meant to be there. Her vagina felt perfectly tight around his penis like it was air sealing itself.

He slowly began to fuck the willing tennis star in the pool with her right leg still around him. Boy did it feel great! He dug deeper and deeper into her pussy, feeling the lips of her love hole stretching around his tool. The sexed up Russian tennis girl started to moan from the back and forth motion; she was really enjoying this… Wrapping both of her legs around his waist, she made him go all the way in, letting out a soft moan.

The young man grabbed her by her butt, his member still all the way in, tried to do his best, but this position was really hard to do in the pool. Climbing off her sex slave, Anna turned her back to him, held the side of the pool with her body bent forwards with her ass just breaking the surface. Her back was carrying a small puddle of water in the middle of her spine area, just below her tattoo where her dorsal muscles were trapping it. Coming in closer towards the waiting tennis girl holding on to the edge of the pool, he caressed her lovely back, splendid buttocks, rubbed his hand over her genitals, guided his dick into her pussy and entered her from behind as she breathed and moaned from pleasure.

She began moaning on each thrust as his member dug deep inside her vagina. The pounding young man kept thrusting away, as he observed his dick penetrating all the way in just beneath the surface of the clear blue water. The inside of her vagina felt so good, and the willingly assaulted Anna was enjoying it so much that she was bucking her hips backwards to have her love slave penetrate her stronger.

Their bodies were now slapping against each other a little more violently as the water began splashing from the sexual pounding…. The noise had attracted the attention of the friendly sea mammals swimming around. One curiously got closer and observed them mating inside their watery environment. The dolphins are very intelligent and this one knew what they were doing as it began to have an erection.

It swam over towards them, came in between both of their legs, brushing against them in the process, upside down with its dick hanging out. It did a few humping motions below the water then swam away. The stumped young man did not answer back and remembered the dolphin dildo he used on her earlier. The undisturbed Anna then began to tap the water to call it back.

The intelligent sea creature felt her tone and swam to her very slowly with total confidence and came right beside her. The dolphin began to emit some clicks probably wanting to say something. The mammal then took its snouts and pressed it against her genitals and quickly did something to her.

Oh geez that felt awesome! He just did the strangest thing to me! His snout vibrated like, really strongly, and… and I almost came on the spot! She remembered the vibrating mode on her dildo at home and would never use it the same way again. The naughty dolphin swam back slowly towards her and just stayed there next to her. She pet him on the head and said:. The guilty marine mammal started to emit some loud clicks with its head above water, looking at the blonde figure standing there.

They both started laughing again thinking that it was trying to communicate…. She looked at Steve smiling as he stood there watching her.

Planning her next move, Anna subtly began giving the mammal longer strokes along its leathery body, still staring at the attentive young man. The exploring tennis girl kept on stroking the animal and went down lower along its body. Her hand gradually going on its side as she caressed it along its length, approaching its genital area bit by bit.

She used her hand as well as her forearm to have more contact with its smooth body. The skin of a dolphin is very sensitive, its outer layer is entirely made of live cells.

The stunned boy kept watching her, stupefied at what was happening, as the dolphin then went on its side presenting its underbelly. After gently caressing its underside, she continued on to the slit area of the sea mammal. Her eyes then turned towards the protruding sex organ of the sea mammal and intensified her rubbing around it. The paralyzed boy tried to gather his thoughts and said to himself: The horny tennis star could feel the pronounced ridge along the length of its large organ as she slowly began masturbating the animal.

It then turned, took a breath from its blowhole, and went belly up exposing its big pink swollen member above the water surface. Its sexual organ is also somewhat prehensile It can wiggle around but not quite grab objects. His heart was racing, he looked down and noticed his dick was rock hard!

To his ultimate surprise, he was enjoying watching Anna do this! She took the big penis in her hand again, bent down, and started to kiss the underside of the animal, going towards its erect member that was twitching around in excitement.

She then kissed the tip of its penis and began to rub the large erecting member over her face. The penis craved girl was breathing a little faster now, clearly enjoying this. Starting to lick its tool while still looking at the worried young man, the tennis star opened her mouth and began sucking its dick. It felt very big and rock hard as she spread her lips over it, and to her enjoyment, almost tasteless as she stroke it with her tongue inside her mouth. The impassioned tennis girl lustfully.

Sensing the arousal of the turned on mammal, the hungry blonde began taking its long member deeper inside her wanting mouth. Steve almost pinched himself trying to wake up from a weird dream.

He never knew the perverted Russian tennis star had those fantasies and that she could be so kinky! The dolphin dildo was starting to make even more sense now….

Her lower jaw was now fully. It was at least nine inches and she was trying to take it all in. She kept looking at Steve, fearful of his reaction, but loved the way he was watching her. She then noticed his tall erection poking at the surface of water and now knew he was turned on by this, so she pressed on with her impeccable hand job a little more vigorously, wanting to make the mammal climax.

After thirty seconds of manual stimulation, the dolphin started to shake and jerk and did some humping motions as it was about to come. Some was landing on her hands, forearms, stomach and even on her pretty face. She slowed her pace squeezing the remaining seminal fluids of the contented animal, oozing over her hand while it kept shaking from orgasmic sensations. Giving it a final passionate suck, dragging her lips tenderly over the.

Losing its erection, it flipped over, took a breath and slowly swam away. The aroused young man watched her throat as she swallowed it…He was totally turned on! Anna then walked over to him without saying a word, looked at him with her arched eyebrows like a predator watching his prey, grabbed his dick with both of her hands, squeezed it tightly, and began to masturbate him staring at her hand job victim straight into his eyes with her predatory gaze.

The victim of manual stimulation was way overdue to blow his load and could feel it building inside him. He started breathing heavier as she kept fucking his tool with her hands. She grabbed it even tighter and tighter… Started to go faster and faster… After a couple of minutes she felt his orgasm was soon coming. With perfect timing, before he would reach orgasm, she stopped, bent down and put her head at water level, grabbed the teenager by his ass, and began deep throating him.

His dick was going all the way inside her mouth. He could feel all the inside of her mouth hugging around his penis as she was sucking him. He could feel his member going down her throat as his knees started to shake. She grabbed his balls and curved them up to feel his genitals contract as he was shooting bursts after bursts of hot sperm into her mouth. The sperm hungry girl took her mouth off of his penis and took a deep breath of air.

She slowly kept masturbating him as he finished coming. As he looked down, he watched the blonde culprit squeezing the remaining jism out of his dick and licking it off, sticking out her tongue, then gulping it down as she looked at him with her piercing blue-green eyes.

She had such a sexual look on her face! After making her young man come, she stood up, still holding and jerking his dick slowly and whispered in his ear: The longing Russian tennis star began trying to call the dolphins over, tapping on the water again, hoping to copulate with them..

They had developed a trust with her, and they could fell that the visitor with long hair had only good intentions. She picked the closest one and started to socialize with it, gently talking to it and caressing it; trying to rub it the same way she did with the first one to get it aroused. After about minute, the insatiable girl easily managed to make it get a hard on, and a big one too! She then put her body in a forty-five degree angle, with her front side up while holding the ladder bars, her arms over her head.

Finally one came near but did not try to mount her. It was so powerful! Like ten times the feeling of a normal vibrator. She turned around and reached for a towel to wipe her face giving a great back angle. As she did that, it came around started to nibble at her privates from behind.

She grabbed the ladder and looked at Steve and said:. He grabbed her by the ankles and stretched her body near the surface of the water. This time, it was. It kept doing it longer this time and did it three times in a row. Watching the tennis star contract herself as she came violently, he witnessed her perfect little pussy starting to ejaculate.

He then let go of her as her feet hit bottom again. The horny sea mammal stopped as its head was too close to the wall of the pool, swam away and did a circle. It now was wanting to fuck the beautiful human girl that was toying with them, penetrate her and mate with her.

Even though her legs where still all wobbly from just having an orgasm, Anna got back into her initial position, holding the ladder with her front side up, as she saw the big mammal coming around. She tapped the water above her stomach area to guide the dolphin over her.

She pulled her legs apart and raised her hips up just a little to give a nice angle and some room for the big dolphin. She had been waiting for this for a long time …. The dick was really big and painfully stiff and rigid as the dolphin introduced his pink tool inside her a little quickly so it hurt, but felt very good after a few seconds. The big sea mammal was directly above her now, its smooth body brushing against her soft and tanned skin.

The contact of their flesh was exquisite and very special. She lifted and pressed her body as best she could against it to enhance the pleasing sensation of the joining bodies as she gave herself up to the willing dolphin. The helping boy looked as her pretty round breasts were being squeezed from the pressure. After about another twenty seconds, with the help of its broad tail fin to propel itself inside her, the dolphin started to hump her at a rhythmical pace….

She let go of one arm and held on to the dolphin as it kept fucking her, caressing its leathery skin with her hand. It was stretching out her vagina wider and wider, as it went in further inside her on each thrust. Its erected penis felt so hard inside her, this one was bigger then the first one and dug in very deeply.

The submissive girl then laid back, turned her head a little to the side and closed her eyes as the big animal was humping away at her little pussy while Steve observed its forceful tail thrusting between her legs like it was a big water-born fucking machine. Its tail fin was propelling the mammal forward, hitting her pubic area a little more and more violently as it wildly fucked the Russian tennis star. The impact of her pubic bone was stimulating her G-spot and she adored it…. The bestial girl then wrapped both her legs around it as it pressed on.

Steve quickly went over and tried to lift up her body in a position that she could breathe again while the relentless dolphin kept going. She opened her eyes again and looked down to watch this big beast boring inside her, as it was rubbing its S shaped penis right against the underside of her G-spot.

Combined with the ramming of her pubic bone, the sensations were overpowering as her body quivered, tightening her lovely toned thighs around the animal, yearning for pleasure. The young man held the half drowning woman in his arms as best he could, as he felt his arms weakening on each thrust from the mighty lunges of the animal, completely filling up her vagina.

She was swallowing some water and trying to catch her breath, completely out of control as the dolphin kept on humping and humping. Anna then realized she was being wildly fucked by a beautiful and horny marine mammal and loving it! The dominated girl was so filled up, there was no room for her to tighten up her pussy as she was coming.

The sensation was overwhelming! Thrust after thrust, Anna could feel the sperm shooting really hard inside her as it pounded her real hard while she was clearly in ecstasy. The animal jerked, filling her with every bit of semen he had, shuddering as it was coming, thrusting and arching its tail to come inside its human partner as deeply as it could.

She could feel the large quantity of semen invading her insides on each orgasm contraction it was having while her own climax was making her constrict around its pumping tool. She felt the dolphin contract all of its muscles from the sexual climax it was having while she tightly held it in her arms. After a few more deep and powerful thrusts inside her, as both came violently together, her and the dolphin both relaxed and caught their breaths.

The dolphin just laid there, on top of Anna, resting its head on her shoulder, looking at her. She could feel the big loud thumps of its big heart beating as they hugged. She never thought she could have this kind of profound connection with an animal.

She held it in her arms, caressed it and gave it a nice kiss on the side of its head then resumed her hug. After about five minutes of total quiet, it slowly swam away.

Anna just said one thing…. Steve really was amazed at how much he enjoyed all of this. No wonder they have a huge permanent smile on their faces, he thought. The only problem, Anna was getting submerged by the animal in that position.

So he got out of the pool and went to find some kind of floating board. As the searching teenager was looking for his board, there was something going on in the pool. Another one came back swimming near her and it had a huge hard on too! Anna was looking away, waiting for him to come back. The waiting girl was letting herself float in the water while still holding the ladder, but her ass was facing up.

Her pussy had become very sensitive, so she had the reflex to go lower to get out of the way from the sudden overwhelming sensation. As she did that, the surprised tennis girl turned her head around and saw her perpetator as it swam over her back getting in position for sexual intercourse!

It was a lot more aggressive and very horny. It wanted to have a go at Anna too. The the tip of its penis wiggled, poking at her crotch with amazing gracefulness. This one was the oldest and biggest; it was at least seven to eight feet in length! She could feel its member probing at her pussy area, fondling the erogenous zone between her legs with its tool as its long slick underbelly grazed over her entire back.

Its penis was a lot bigger. She could feel the sheer size of it expanding her walls as it was gradually digging deeper inside her. His enormous pink probe was near twelve inches with its large base almost as wide as the middle of her roundish forearms!

Ow…huuuuh…What am I doing! Just as she said that, the dolphin began hammering away and it was hurting a lot! She held on tight to the ladder not to hit her head on the side of the pool.

Starting to loosen up a little, the tennis star started to grunt on each thrust the dolphin was giving her like she was trying to return an overpowering forehand. It was starting to hurt the assaulted Russian even more as it was going deeper in, but she let it go on, overtaken by desire and excitement.

With this position, it felt very different. The animal dick was so enormous that it was hitting bottom, pushing against her cervix. She was feeling the tip of its digging penis pressing against her womb entrance, trying to make room for all of his oversized sex tool. She had never been penetrated this deeply before and did not know she could. She could clearly feel it deep inside her lower abdomen now as she let herself be fucked by this huge animal now getting back its rhythm. Pain and pleasure were being mixed up as the energized marine lover fucked the famous tennis star ever so deep.

After thinking for a few seconds, pleasure was taking over pain so she just abandoned herself to her big sexual partner…. He watched the two of them brushing against each other, forming some kind of a perfect union. She looked at the stunned young man straight into his eyes as she started to be overwhelmed by her next orgasm. The coming girl started to shake and squirm as she was firmly holding the ladder bars.

She closed her eyes for a brief moment and went: The poor dolphin had not come yet, so it was still trying to copulate with her. After a brief moment, with her lowered body now deeper in the water, she could still feel its dick probing around as it tried to keep on fucking her, but its penis was closer to her ass!

This was all the way now! Without another moment to spare, Anna arched her back to raise that beautiful round ass up, widening the gap between her soft and toned buttocks, exposing her waiting ass hole to the poking beast.

After only a few seconds, its agile pointy tip found the small orifice and dug in between her parted ass cheeks. But again, the insatiable Russian star was in horny mode…Besides, only the base is really wide…. The animal then gave a few strong thrusts and bored inside her anal passage with its enormous spear shaped sexual organ. Then it started to hump, and boy did it hurt!

The helpless girl tried her best to relax her anal entry to ease the pain, only letting the aggressive marine mammal go deeper inside her ass.

Inch after inch was going in on each thrust, the wider base of its oversized penis gradually stretching her anal entry to its limits, as the violated tennis star was screaming from her lungs. The hurting girl looked up, reached out, seized one of his hands, and gripped it tightly as the big sea ammal continued to perform his anal sex, making its big penis disappear between her battered round buns.

She grabbed the ladder again with a firm grip as it pressed on, humping her hard, she soon could feel the dolphin about to come in her tight ass. This feels so good! It kept on humping and humping while the helpless blonde was grunting on every impaling thrusts. She vigorously began rubbing her erect clitoris to try and come at the same time. With six or seven thrusting convulsions, the dolphin started to release his love juice deep inside her rear end, arching its tail downwards to come into its blonde human sex partner as deep as it could.

Steve watched as she was being pushed forward from the violent thrusts of the climaxing dolphin. Her entire body shuddered on each of its powerful thrusts as she was overcame by yet another tremendous orgasm. The famous tennis star was still amazed at how much she was loving this…. She looked down again as it finished coming, took her right hand down and caressed the side of its powerful tail, feeling all of its strong muscles contract as it was giving its last ramming thrusts against her abused satin like behind; letting out cute high-pitched little moans as the big dolphin released its remaining semen inside her pretty ass.

She tried to catch her breath as the big creature then slowly detached from its blonde sexual partner, caressing her back with one of its flippers as it slowly pulled away. Steve kneeled in front of her to see if she was all right. Steve just let the abused girl lay there in his lap, and caressed her head and hair….

Steve helped Anna out of the pool, then grabbed their things preparing to leave. She then heard one of the dolphins calling. There was one of them, right at the edge of the pool as it knew they were leaving. The sea mammal had brought her underwear and tank top back to her. They both got in the car and drove towards home. Once on the highway, the famous young woman laid her head on his lap and said: Steve drove on as he held Anna sleeping on his lap…. Arrived at his home they said their good byes, made him promise to not say anything and parted ways…Besides, who would believe that story!

To his surprise, she had bought a brand new cool looking tractor mower. He smiled and went to mow the lawn with a big grin on his face…. Anna Revisits Marineland Posted on March 20, by admin. It was mid July, humid, and really hot…It was right after Wimbledon, and Anna was kind of missing playing tennis. Most of them had the remaining of the day off and the tennis star was getting kind of bored.

Usually so busy with multiple photo shoots, publics appearances, endless promos and stuff, she had some free time on her hands. Before he could manage to guess what it was, Anna noticed him grabbing that sex thing… She quickly shouted: Try the pocket in front!

The blushing tennis star began giggling again, thinking of what the poor kid had put his hands on just a minute ago. She tasted as enticing as her smell… The excited teenager then held her ass cheeks apart, looking at her perfect little wet opening, and dove in, parting her pussy lips with his oral tool.

She kept moaning and breathing hard then got her head up and said: How do you know that? That thing has vibrating mode? Could you just pick up my bag and bring it inside? I think I need to get dressed!

She was such a good kisser… She then pushed him on his back before resuming to kiss him, sitting there, on top of him, naked… He got excited again fast! The obliging teenager took his wet shirt off and put the one she gave him on. After puting on some sporty looking sandals, the hurrying girl grabbed her purse and keys and looked at Steve asking: Anna was trying to get him to loosen up a bit… The hesitant boy turned the key and started the car… He was being careful to do his best, concentrating on what he had to do.

Seeing that, she naughtily started to rub his thigh a little more vigorously trying to excite him more… It worked really well! Sensing the excitement, and the car starting to go a little fast she then stopped, but slowly continued to jerk him off, looked at him and said in a sensual voice: Chapter four After going around a few streets, five minutes later, they arrived at their destination.

Anna grabbed his arm and said: Anna took her shoes off and kneeled on the edge of the water and kept looking at all the dolphins just floating there waiting for something, with their famous permanent smile drawn upon their faces. He was having the time of his life…He blew into his dolphin calling instrument again and only a few came back towards the platform this time.

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