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Without delving to much into the storyline, there a two GIMP worthy interrogation scenes. Pit Lane A lane adjacent to the track used to enter and exit the race track circuit and where maintenance takes place prior to and during practice sessions and the race event. It is a result of the wind coming around a fairing or windshield. Florence Community Centre, 8 a. I might have to do some creative book-keeping to afford this, and Samantha Jo's Pawn Shop shoot. I have not seen "Satanic Panic," but your description is exactly what I would expect from this movie. Most noteworthy last year were the pre-tattoo Maria Ozawa stinkers.

Special Olympians get health screenings between competitions


Love the Supergirl pic That's the good thing about many superheroines, they keep bouncing back ready for the next torture session no matter what you do to them.

Imagine the fun you could have with Hayden Pantettiere Cheerleader on Heroes whose power is that she always heals no matter what is done to her body. A little too big in both size and price but maybe Jane could use couple in future productions On the Ratings question, I use the two-stage approach with a bonus based on 'star' of the film. So much better, even if the action is light, when the heroine comes close to one of our pictures of attractive perfection.

On that note, Ralphus asked me to score the two movies I mentioned so here goes. As for Five Across the Eyes C - as a movie stretches credibility and too dark to see and C- for GIMPage shots are dark, short and from the wrong angle too often but lots of good screaming and expressive facial shots with a bonus as the girls are cute and there's five of them. I agree with you in regards to bondage and one's own movements causing their discomfort.

One I'd like to see done by one of our esteemed producers are you listening guys? An even nastier variation would involve three damsels, with a rope tied to each breast leading to a different lady. I don't think you can really call it a GIMP scene, though, as Ursula seems to be rather enjoying herself. Or maybe she's trying not to burst out laughing. The fun starts at 1: I've never seen that show, but the character sounds like a GIMPer's dream come true.

I could brutally whip her until her bare back is a mass of bloody welts, and a short time later her smooth, unblemished skin would be as good as new, ready for the next round of torture. A nice red-hot branding iron, perhaps? Of course, I hope she feels pain just as us ordinary mortals do. Otherwise, where's the fun?

Did anyone see "Species 2"? It seemed the GIMPer scientists were doing that with acid! I'm going to ask Santa to bring me one of those! Thank you sir, I will definitely check these out. Always liked Jennifer Connelly. I think it's much better than the actual box cover.

Of course, neither scene is found in the movie. Friday, December 11th - She looks about as flexible as Amber Rayne. I like your scenario! Plus what made it worse was it ended up looking consensual as when the guy pulled on the rope to lift her, the knot slipped off her breasts and she ended up just standing there passively, allowing him to re-tie them.

Which One Has The Gimp! You guessed The Keeper? Another skip it on both levels. You got it in just three guesses this time. Late Fee has two minor scenes and another, depending on your viewpoint or fetish slightly better one. The first has a female prisoner in a makeshift jail cell, wearing only a shirt, is backed up against the front of the cells bars.

She then has her hands pulled up over her head and out through the bars where they are zip-tied as a female guard pats her down feels her up. The next scene has another female prisoner pregnant strapped down on an exam table. The last scene has the female prisoner from the first scene wearing a short, strapless black dress and black high heels. She is about to be the star of a snuff movie.

She is tightly gagged with a black strap and has her hands tied behind her back also with a black strap. Finishing the all black ensemble, her ankles are also tied together with black strapping.

She later gets rescued before the scene can play out. Late Fee trailer Friday, December 11th - Wondering if you had any feedback. Yes, that "strategically placed restraints" business always makes me chuckle. Once her legs are tied further apart, she'll be ready for a few belly punches followed by a cunt punch. Let's get her screaming and crying -- just for starters.

Best use for Kryptonite I've ever seen! I agree with the second part, but I think putting the Kryptonite into a big fat dildo would be even better. At least with Good Murders, you have two reviews, so you know what you're getting. They "borrowed" that concept from Catharsis Erotica part of Necrobabes , who did a series called "Tension" -- four girls are "killed" by their own weight.

I could upload some vid-caps if you're interested. Kind of riffing on this idea, there's a mainstream movie title unknown where a topless girl has a wire noose attached to a door. Her friends are trying to rescue her but don't know about the trap, They slowly push the door open, causing her to strangle and die. It's a nice scene, esp. Belly punched by Edward Scissorhands! Shot over and over -- wait until she heals and then repeat the process. Strangle her with barbed wire! Just don't shoot her in the head.

I know this because the movie also has an AOH scene. LTL-you and it sounds like the rest of this board know me too well. I told myself I wasnt gonna buy another gruesome horror movie because of the armpit and hairy bush always present in these movies, but I got the Birch Astray.

I wonder if the producers will ever change that. Thanks for the info on Forced Entry. That was one I had sought out years ago because I had had heard Nancy Allen had a nude bondage scene in it. I've always liked Nancy Allen But anyway, I don't remember seeing anything in that film that rung my bell. But that was several years ago and it might be time to check that one out again. I think you gave us enough info to justify moving that one to the Reviews section, so give me a grade next time and I'll put it in there for you.

Same goes for you, LTL. You've given us some important information recently but I'm not sure if it's something you want added. I'm only going to be putting up reviews if they have a grade from now on.

I put your two reviews in separately. Check out the Reviews section under Mainstream for the links. Here's a few observations: Good performances by both girls, although the second half with Lexi was much better, since Kala was only tied up hands in front I hate that! The spread-eagled electric shock scene with Lexi was the highlight. The first half was fast-forward material once I saw Emily's nasty tattoos yeah, I hate them that much.

The second half was definitely worthwhile, with an even better shock scene with Raven. She's a real pretty girl from the front, although likewise, she has a nasty tat on the small of her back that ruined the later rape scene for me Did I mention how much I hate tats?

The one dud out of the bunch that I saw. I ordered this one for cute little Kirsten. Well, she's still awfully cute, but unfortunately, she can't act. At least not in this movie. She almost acted bored. Didn't emote much, not even when being shocked with a stun gun.

BTW, they blew that illusion in the way it was filmed. You could tell the current wasn't coming out of the taser when it touched her skin. I know it's being faked, I don't want to able to see that it's faked, though. Only saw the first half of it, but liked what I saw. This is Raven again. They have her tied, ballgagged and shocked with a stun gun, and the girl knows how to play a victim.

When I edit this for my highlights, I'll have to cut out any part where they flip her over and show her big ugly tattoo. Up next time is the one I was initially looking forward to the most, Basement Schoolgirl. But that also stars the aforementioned Kirsten and now I'm not so sure it's gonna be as good as I had hoped.

I'll let you guys know. Saturday, December 12th - I think you are referring to Blood Relic, which Raffish has clipped. Yep, that's the one. Ha ha, LTL, Ralphus agrees with me. Catherine Oxenberg in Lair of the White Worm. You know maybe it's because they aren't wearing any hair other than on the head it's starting to appeal to me.

She has a nice shine on her from the beads of sweat but when you figure he is using a cigar on her he can get rid of the hair. Then again the smell of burning hair is almost as bad as wet dog.

I remember a little snippet where they used a candle to burn off the hair. We were told the secret was to burn a little and put it out. Just enough to start to tingle but not enough to cause harm. I guess in our fantasy we hope to see that fine line crossed. Thanks for giving us your take on the PKF Studios films. While I did appreciate the insights, I am a little worried that I may have to return this book that I bought you for Christmas.

Or was the scene inspired by the drawing? Why do you think you only see him in long sleeves? Hell, I know girls with tube-tops smaller than that. Thanks for the feedback. I think you hit upon the meaning of the company name. The hideous hair must be it. Lets hope you guys fare better this time. Donkey Punch ya say? And in a little tidbit, the guy who survived the crazy outback guy in Wolf Creek stars in this one. I guess he needed a vacation after the outback. You guessed Wicked Lake? Reluctantly I guess I gotta give you a correct answer.

There are three girls tied with their hands behind their backs but when one is singled out to perform a sex act on an old cripple, she is untied.

She later bites the cock of the old fart and spits it out at one of the intruders as the other two sit passively by the entire time.

Entertainment wise Wicked Lake is average at best. Dismal is a dismally average horror flick. But in a refreshing break from all the mutant, inbred, cannibal, hill-people flicks, this one has mutant, inbred, cannibal, swamp people ;- Gimp wise Dismal has a fairly long sequence in which two girls are chained AOH in a seated position.

The movie is about 3 girls who hookup with 4 guys on a yacht. After all is said and done, and not meaning to ruin this for anyone wanting to see the film, all 4 of the guys are killed.

One girl dies via rough sex, setting everything else in motion, and another commits suicide by jumping overboard. Gabriela Atar E-mail address: One thing I remember about the scene where the girl is strangled by the wire attached to the door: Even though there wasn't a lot of time to set her up in that predicament, the villian made sure that the poor girl lost her shirt and bra.

I guess they figured that you guys like to see nipples with your strangulation. Gabriela Saturday, December 12th - Of those last three movies, I've only seen "Wicked Lake.

I mean, you have hot women who get naked at every opportunity, glimpses of some bondage equipment as a foreshadowing technique, and a home invasion committed by sex-starved weirdos. And then what happens? But "Dismal" looks like it has some promise. Thanks for the brief descriptions of the PKF movies. Following A Canadian's example, I guess my Christmas gift to you of this woman would probably be a bad idea.

I loved that scene in "Lair of the White Worm. I personally like to see nipples with any form of torture. But isn't this representative of the current sad state of torture in mainstream movies? Here, we are praising a film for just showing nipples, as if this is an added bonus. It should be a requirement! And how often are mainstream scenes ruined by a simple lack of common sense by the filmmakers? How many more times do we have to see wrists tied in front, easily escapable bonds, loose OTM gags with no packing, fully clothed victims, scissors and knives within reach of the victims?

I've said this before but any filmmaker who does a GIMP scene should be required to first view PD's "Rope Tutorial" on how to easily--and securely--tie up and gag females. It would make their movies much more plausible. Seeing the new daily pic , I'm guessing that Lizard Men have a thing for exposed nipples too. Gabriela Sunday, December 13th - I dunno how I missed that Bella Morte one. Definitely let me know if you find any other AOH stuff. Thanks also for the lead on Dismal.

Looks like there is putz action in that though. Sunday, December 13th - I've seen the movie "Blood Relic". Now there's a villain who has his priorities straight. The girl must always lose her shirt and bra.

Even if time is short, a true GIMPer always makes time. Is this the Blood Relic with Debbie Rochon? I saw a clip of this showing a group of guys and gals playing strip poker; they were all losing their shirts and bras, for the girls except Debbie, who was winning.

But she flashed a tit and asked one of the mopey girls, "Does that make you feel better? That is the same "Blood Relic" movie. There is a strip poker scene, and a scene where a girl is forced to strip down to her panties at knife point. If I remember right, the "mopey girl" who replies to Debbie Rochon is the one who gets strangled. And it's gotten soooo chilly lately! Do I have to? Badger I was just now perusing the New Release section of my local independent video store and the box for a movie title "Run Bitch Run" caught my eye.

Anyone have any intel on this? I plan to make a return trip to the store in a few days. Tell me about it. Especially since the first girl the nude model was really hot. Run Bitch Run has been on my radar too. Apparently, there are two versions, a PG13 and a more explicit one. Check out the URL above. Seems there's some rape in "Run Bitch Run" but maybe not a lot of bondage. Clip starts off with Elise strung up naked AOH, and a spreader bar tied to her ankles.

For the first couple of minutes, Elise is just fondled and ravished above and below the waist by the villain. After this, the villain starts applying short jolts with the taser all over her body. Elise struggles nicely and looks pretty good. After a few minutes, the villain starts applying long jolts, especially to her pussy, which eventually snuffs her.

We then see a few pics of her in a slideshow format. My main complaint of this movie is that it's short and unimaginative. Its just 6 minutes of tasering after 2 minutes of fondling.

Elise does some decent struggling but it would've been great to mix the tasering up with some punching, whipping, slapping, or even some dialogue. I give this one a B. Despite your criticism, you still gave it a fairly good grade. Elise can look pretty nice sometimes. I would have liked to have gotten that clip but I really didn't care for the setup of that particular one.

I'd like to hear why it worked for you. And I'll tell you why it doesn't for me. But before we do that. Which of the following do you consider the correct acting response to electro torture? Curl up in a fetal position? Roll from side to side? Rapidly sit-up and flop back down repeatedly similar to Linda Blair in The Exorcist?

Tense up, become rigid and start twitching? All of the above? Fill in your own answer here. I can't tell if you want me to wait until the others answer the poll question, but seeing as I just took another look at both Lexi's and Raven's shock scenes again to prepare for your challenging question, here's my take. I preferred Raven's scene in a few ways.

Number one, I usually prefer bare wire taped directly to the nipple over clamps. I've used both in real life and I like the direct contact of wire to skin.

Also, halfway through Raven's scene, the bad guys took one of the wires off her nipple and taped it to her clit. A little extra pain in a most sensitive area. Now, to compare the two, Lexi's shock scene was a bit more subtle. The way she reacted was more similar to your "D" answer: She tensed up, become rigid and start twitching. Raven's was more obvious, more of a whole body spasm with a bit of shaking back and forth. It was almost as if she was getting fucked by an invisible man. Indeed, I could imagine being on top of her pounding away inside of her while she was being zapped.

It turned me on. Which was the better performance? You would probably say Lexi's because it's supposedly more realistic. Yeah, you're not supposed to be able to move when current comes in contact with the body I know a little bit about science.

But you know what? These are fantasy movies. When I see a girl get shocked, I like to see her twitch spasmodically in pain. I like to hear her scream like it really hurts her. Rick Masters of ZFX adds animated sparking effects to his later electroshock torture scenes.

Hell, no, but it adds to the fantasy. He even had smoke coming out of a pussy as it was being shocked. Well, you tell me if you ever saw that before from a company like Insex, which used a real tens unit and never faked a thing. Electric shock is one of my favorite tortures, but the effectiveness of a particular scene is really dependent on the acting of the girl being shocked, as well as how well the filmmakers pull off the illusion.

In the aforementioned Hogtie Killer 3 , Kirsten barely moved, just lightly twitched when a stun gun was applied to her bare skin. She also didn't scream. She might as well have been sleeping through the whole thing, since she was already on her back in bed. It didn't help that you could see very well that there was no spark coming out of the weapon when it was being used. And I want to hear her screaming and moaning in pain.

Getting shocked has to hurt like hell, so prove it to me. I enjoy getting feedback and always learn from it. Sometimes, however, there is nothing to learn. I blame myself -- a tired director after a long day and a late--late shoot. In any case, I think she does better on her others. We'll see what he says. It is one of my favorite things to do, but really hard to decide what to do.

I create movies for so many. I tend to create a hybrid of both. I have been experimenting with new shock effects, etc. Next year, I will have something very special. JohnM Sunday, December 13th - I'm already into ! One woman is killed, more or less accidentally during the rough sex orgy, meaning the other 3 have to go. Rape, torture and murder -- a delight for theater-goers everywhere! Speaking just for myself, I like nipples, period. The strangulation is just an added bonus!

If you don't lose your shirt and blouse, we'll lose them for you. Then force you face-down into the gravel or concrete while we rape you. Those rough stones scraping against your tender flesh -- doesn't that sound like fun? Arch the back, lifting the butt off the bed, and strain every muscle. May not be accurate, but it sure is sexy.

So I guess my answer to your poll question would be F: Do you think we can run some tests on Gabriela or Jane? Monday, December 14th - MAV As far as electro torture goes, I'm a fan. It's torment and supposedly doesnt bloody up the victim. I prefer D especially when it involves back-arching and thus bust enhancing as well as ungagged grunts. I'm with jhlipton on this. There was a clip on YouTied a while back - someone help me with the name of the movie, I think it may have been Bamboo House of Dolls or some other Asian WIP flick - in which the woman performs this maneuver a few times.

In between jolts, she lies flat, gasping and sweating profusely. Very well done scene, the actress is very convincing. Brutus - ditto on your assessment of the "Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism" cover shot - thought even the scene where Karin Dor is strapped to the slab near the end was wildly under played - I found the most provacative bondage scenes to be the sequences where Count Regula sits on his chair and the background scans show the bodies of his nubile victims restrained to the various torture devices where they met their demise - again, under played but better than anything else in the flick.

LTL - love your contests partner - will look forward to more come the new year. MAV - "Open House" has an AOH electro scene if you're not already aware of that one - gorgeous chick, AOH to a column, wires running to her chest enhanced by champaign poured over her - it is fatal when he turns on the juice but not too bad a scene and she really jumps from the jolt. Poll question - well, the best electro in any mainstream reamins "Fatal Pulse" for me - now she was standing and bound to a bed frame but from her reaction to the jolts I'll throw my lot in with "D" as I thought it reasonably credible.

Stay Well All Monday, December 14th - What a predicament for her. Just for kicks, I decided to try tying my legs like the girl in the picture. One leg frogtied, the other leg frogtied and tied to my waist I did it for real, just to see if I could move. Let me tell you, I could NOT move. That girl in the picture is in trouble! She's not going anywhere. Gabriela Monday, December 14th - I agree with Sloth in that "Fatal Pulse" had the most memorable mainstream electro scene.

I also enjoyed the victim's reaction back arched, naked breasts thrust up in "Blood Sucking Freaks. Hell, they should have done that in the first place! I think I urk Ralphus when I do that though even more reason to continue ;-. What the hell is wrong with you woman? The reason people die from accidental electrocutions is because they are unable to free themselves from the electrical source.

Their bodies tense up, making them unable to move or let go of the wires they have a hold of. Every electric chair execution is consistent with this physical principle.

The condemned prisoners tense up when the switch is flipped. They tense up, become rigid, tremble, and die. If she could roll around, she would be able to control her other movements as well that of her mouth , and then that would not have been a concern. Now suddenly Raven is going to react in a different manner to the same stimuli? I know ones acting is subject to the interpretation of what each individual sees.

So lets just take the acting out of it for a moment and look only at the physical movements. IMO, flopping and rolling is not what comes to mind when I think of one being tortured with electricity. In response to your writing: I rest my case: Did I mention how much I hate this performance?

No disrespect to JohnM, as I know a lot of what he does is customs. So he may and Raven too for that matter have followed script to the letter. I would go for C and D. B not so much, and A is right out-- can't see her eyes or her chest and where's the fun in that?

Above all, the victim has to look like she's in agony, not just bored and twitching a little. Topless is essential, with nudity highly desirable. Other things that make the scene: Wires or electrodes connected to the victim's breasts. Nipples are good but the tape or even better clip ala the work our own host did in BSF shouldn't obscure too much.

Actually, this is the only instance in which I could like nipple rings-- plug and play, as it were insert evil grin here. The scene should have a good setup in which the victim sees, realizes, and is terrified about the prospect of what is going to happen to her. The experience is best savored, so no fast high voltage quick treatment.

Lots of jolts of maybe seconds, ramping up the power after each. Lots of violent convulsing with the resulting jiggling, arching of the back, etc. Painful screams not horror-movie screams. Maybe administer the current in sharp, short jolts about a tenth of a second or so long with about a half second interval between them It also saves on electricity and is thus consistent with a "green" philosophy: Each electrode would be paired with a motion sensor that would, when activated, administer a jolt to her counterpart in the same location or perhaps a different random location.

Or do I have it all wrong? A Canadian The poll question: I'm not a big electroshock guy but my vote is for D. There are times when I think the electric stuff has worked well.

As has already been mentioned, I like the scene in Bloodsucking Freaks. Thanks for stating your points. I don't agree with all them, though. Let me just hammer away at a few, why don't I? Okay, let me ask you this. How many actual electric chair executions have you seen? Most likely, the correct answer is none. We've all seen theatrical depictions of such in movies, and I can tell you I've seen violent shaking in several of them. Not in all of them, but many different times. Maybe the bodies tensing up and not moving at all is more accurate.

It's also less dramatic, maybe even boring. Who's to say which is correct? Unless you're government-appointed executioner and have seen people go through it, you don't really know exactly what happens, do you? Likewise, have you ever seen a girl actually shocked with electricity?

The Brewers Association says that this omission allows the Blue Moon Brewing Company to masquerade as an independent craft brewer. Coors at first responded by adding "Made in USA" and "Belgian-style" in small print to the bottle labels, but refused to change its advertising or packaging.

Additionally, the CBB distributes the beer to conglomerates in European countries. Honey Moon contains 5. The beer was renamed "Summer Honey Wheat" in , and is still sold under that name.

This variety contains the flavors of pumpkins and other autumnal spices. Harvest Moon is typically available in bottles from mid-September through December. The beer was renamed "Harvest Pumpkin Ale" and is still marketed under that name. It is brewed with natural flavor and a caramel color. Full Moon contains 5. The name was changed to "Mountain Abbey Ale" in Whip Out My Keys.

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