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Bagus banget artikelnya sangat bermanfaat https: In music we had Britpop and artists such as Blur, Oasis and the Spice Girls meant that we were the centre of a cool new generation, the likes of which this country had not experienced since the hedonist days of the Beatles! I made a mini batch tonight and everyone loved it, so it looks like this is a keeper. Bean Boozled is a winner in this house. It was more entertaining to watch as a movie than pornography. It would be really great if i could use your idea! Special offers and product promotions Size:

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Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention flavors gross taste playing bean disgusting played nasty party skunk flavor funny lol hilarious eat barf laughs food blast birthday. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I canNOT get enough of this game. I was introduced to this game when it was gifted to a coworker during Secret Santa.

We sat down to play and I honestly could not stop laughing as we spun the wheel and tried the different types of jelly beans. At the very least this is a game for people who like the have fun, especially the risk takers. I was very surprised at the people around me who refused to even try, fearing they might get "barf" or "rotten egg.

After playing a few rounds with the coworker I soon purchased my own from Amazon and have had fun playing with my family over the holidays and any friends that have stopped over.

It's also been interesting to see which friends can taste the flavor immediately and who has to chew for a while, some people's taste buds are shot! This is a clever game that offers a few minutes of fun. I just feel sorry for the poor folks at Jelly Belly that have to do the taste testing. And the barf flavor - could we add more of a half digested pepperoni flavor to it? Thanks, I look forward to the new iteration.

Boy, did I regret it. Toothpaste, though technically a 'bad' flavour, is your lifesaver in this box, always aim for the blue! But the worst of it THE worst of it I had the misfortune of getting this.

It was so mindbogglingly vile, that I immediately gargled a bottle of mouthwash immediately afterwards, and mere seconds later, the Skunk Spray flavouring battled the mouthwash and WON. I tried in vain to eat a couple of the toothpaste jellybeans, and those too, screamed as they died a rancid, painful death in the war on terror. The flavour stayed with me for hours. And, as if that wasn't bad enough, it causes all gaseous eruptions to become lethal weapons of anal destruction on everyone within a five-mile radius.

No sooner had I let one rip, it was tantamount to unleashing a tear gas grenade in there. Parents ran with the screaming children in hand, tears streaming down their face as they tried to save their young ones from the unholy abomination of odour.

Co-workers collapsed and sprawled on the floor, their faces melting from the abominable stench. Windows burst open, spraying shards of glass and horrid bowel air everywhere. That's right, because of BeanBoozled, I saved you all from Armageddon. Oh, but if this spinner ever lands on black, please do yourself a favour. Spinner Gift Box Verified Purchase.

My husband almost threw up over barf flavor? Or was it dead fish? Either way, what a wimp! Don't tell him I said that. I only got one good jelly bean out of 10 rounds.

There are alot more yucky ones. The spoiled milk is terrible! But, I've got a stomach of steel! It really was a lot of fun Of course, my daughter won, because, well, three year olds can eat anything, can't they?! My oldest son however, wouldn't touch it! Probably the only sane person here?! It's a fun game for the family but not for the weak stomached. And again, it's gross! Oh my goodness, this game is amazing and SO funny! I am the mom of 4 kids who, for some reason, have been squabbling more lately than usual back to school?

They range in age from 4 to 12 and no matter what I have tried, they just keep arguing. I saw this game while browsing Amazon and decided to try it.

Boy, did it work! I did not tell them this was coming ahead of time, and honestly I sort of forgot about it until it showed up. Super fast shipping, btw. This virtually never happens that there is something all 4 of them are interested in and for them all to want to do it at the same time Bean Boozled is some game! That evening, we played. I suggest a little setting up beforehand because this game is a little bit messy and a lot gross which is why they love it. Put a paper towel or paper plate down as a place mat at each person's place.

Make sure to have a big pile of paper napkins at each end of the table. I took my place at the end of the table with camera in hand, my husband sat at the other end, and the kids sat on the sides. Since I had the camera, I did not participate in the game.

Round after round, they got things like baby wipes and skunk and canned dog food flavored jelly beans, and much to my amazement, they willingly continued. My husband made it a couple rounds, and was done once he got a booger flavored one yes, really Our oldest son 12 lasted a while until he got canned dog food and then barf one after the other, and decided that was enough for him. The 4 year old had moldy cheese she liked it - said it tasted like spicy nachos , but kept getting skunk and got tired of skunk after 3 rounds of that and nothing else.

Our 8 and 11 year olds got every single flavor I think, and just kept going until I cut them off. If you have adventurous year olds, I think it is best suited to them. We also all decided this would make a great alternative to a drinking game. Bean Boozled is a winner in this house. Everybody loved it, the kids are getting along better again since that evening, and it is a VERY funny game to play! Oh, and after playing for an hour with 6 people, we only used about half the box.

They give you quite a few. See all 2, reviews. See all customer images. Most recent customer reviews. Published 3 days ago. Published 9 days ago. Published 11 days ago. Published 13 days ago. Published 19 days ago. Published 23 days ago. This will give an even texture once it's blended - no tough bits, no pink bits!!

Put the cooked liver into a food processor. If the butter has set warm it a little until it's liquid, skim off any scum from the surface and remove, any thyme twigs. Run the motor until you have a smooth paste.

Pour it into ramekins and make the surface flat. For months in the freezer. Give everyone a glass of madeira and let them help themselves. Adding parsley, and caramelised onion at the blending stage and then mixing it with cooked chicken thighs or mushrooms - fabulous, and makes a great starter.

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