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Open Face Chinese Poker & Pineapple OFC

As with most poker games, the origins of Chinese Poker are murky. In Pai Gow a player is dealt seven cards, and sets one five card poker hand and one two card hand. In Chinese poker a player is dealt thirteen cards, from which they are expected to make one three card hand and two five card hands. Since a version of Pai Gow can be traced back to the 10th century AD, it's likely safe to assume that Chinese Poker shares these ancient roots.

The game has been popular in Mainland China and other locales in the Far East for some time, but it didn't demand the attention of poker players in the West until , when it was featured as one of the events in the WSOP.

The event was discontinued in , but by then the game had already earned a loyal following amongst high rolling poker pros on the tournament circuit. If there's one consistent trait amongst poker games that originated in the Far East it's that the financial swings can be extraordinarily violent, and Chinese Poker is certainly no exception to this rule.

Chinese Poker can be played with anywhere between two and four players there is a variation that allows for five players, but this is less common. Each player is dealt thirteen cards, from which they must set three poker hands; one five card hand called the middle hand , a second five card hand called the back hand , and one three card hand called the front hand.

The back hand must outrank the middle hand, and the middle hand must outrank the front hand. In the front hand straights and flushes do not count; thus, the best possible front hand would be three aces. After each player has set their hands each hand is exposed, with the player who has the highest front, middle and back hands declared the winner for each of those respective hands. To date no standard scoring system for Chinese Poker has been established, so it is important that you decide which scoring system to use before beginning a game.

The most common scoring system is probably the '' system, in which a player wins one point for winning two out of three hands from an opponent, and three points for winning all three hands.

In the '' scoring system a player wins two points for winning two out of three hands, and four points for winning all three hands. Another popular scoring system is the ' system, in which a player wins one point for winning two out of three hands, and six points for winning all three. Score can be kept either by pen or paper, whereby a running account is kept of how much each player owes another, or with chips, whereby the players exchange chips which have been purchased from a community bank with each other at the conclusion of each hand.

The 'bonus hand'system involves bonus payments for players who are lucky enough to have uncommonly strong poker hands in eithertheir front,middleorbackhand. Someofthecommon bonus hand payment amounts are as follows: A straight flush in the middle or the back hand-player receives four additional points. A four of a kind in the middle or back hand- player receives three additional points.

A full house in the middle hand- player receives one additional point 4. Except you did understand this poker room, or it's a famous poker room in Asian, otherwise don't sign up.

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