Lynyrd Skynyrd to Embark on Farewell Tour

They deserved it and we felt so at home with it That's right, shameless self promotion. I mean, why bother going through the pain of a musical which may close in Philadelphia? Hard Rock Punta Cana - outdoor shower Even the outdoor showers were luxe. In perhaps the greatest diversion from the stage version, a mistake leads Berger to go to Vietnam in Claude's place, where he is killed. That is awesome man,so you are the one who actually lifted,turned the rock over and found it, but you also actually let your family have that excitement as well?



We toured it in the UK and it went over amazingly well. People just loved it and I was really touched by the depth of the love of the music and the way the band responded and the way the audience responded to their playing. When Free first got together, Paul Kossoff and I would listen to Albert King, BB King, Cream and Hendrix and we could hear that going on; we could hear the question and answer between the musicians and the space in order to have a conversation musically.

You have to wait for the moment. The music of Free sounds timeless 50 years onward, can you proffer an explanation? We listened to that and soaked it up and we tried to emulate that. When we were listening to the blues, some of it was 40 years old when we started listening to it laughs. The band was called Free; when writing and recording, how did you get into a state where there was less thinking and more instinctual musical freedom?

I think that happens as you go, that evolves. Actually the whole Free Spirit set evolved that way. The purpose is to engage the audience and take them on a journey and reach a fitting climax at the end.

Did you ever see Otis Redding perform live? No, I never got to see Otis live. I saw a lot of great artists there. I regret not being able to see Otis live. He had such a big voice. Speaking of classic soul singers, the great Wilson Pickett covered a song you co-wrote and sang with Free. It was very amazing that he picked up on it without any pushing from our record company.

All of a sudden there it was. It was a dream come true to write a song that Wilson Pickett would record. I did get to meet him at a show in New York and he died soon afterwards. It was very heartfelt. I enjoyed the show, but to be honest it was a little bit overkill with too many instruments. Elvis was great but there were a lot of singers and a lot of musicians and I really like Elvis with his original stripped-back band with Scotty Moore , Bill Black and DJ Fontana. But he was great and his voice was still really powerful.

I read a lot and I love a good writer. A lot of the blues guys actually captured a lot in very few words. We went into it with our eyes wide shut. We knew nothing about the music business in terms of contracts and lawyers, the legality of law and all that sort of thing. But you kind of find out. So yeah, the wide eyed innocence was just wanting to play music.

I mean, we found each other. We were four individual blues players when we came together in the afternoon and by the end of the day we were a band. The records are not set in stone for them. You're still too far north, reverse and then run. If you search near the palace your name will be mud.

The planet you orbit will soon shoot you down. You look for the rock but you won't find a trace. The doors have been closed so you can't fill your purse. It's just a mirage so the rock won't be found. No rock at this lake, no rock on these grounds. His music lives on; this hotel does not pay. This ain't his hotel; there's no prize you can claim. Nothing, nada, the breeze missed the mark. Don't spend your time here, you'll be left in the cold. Keep searching here and you soon will be Toast. First to screen flix, but there's no need to park.

Wranglers skate here but no prize to be won. Mountains surround you, no rock meets the test. This mountainous park will not bring you joy. No rock in this park will give you good cheer. Search in this park and you'll be in a jam.

Patriots all, but no rock in this nest. Searching here is useless, no rock, no prize, no rings. Betty is a good girl, no rock at either end. Don't search in this park ten thousand bills. Stay away from your favorite pit crew. Searching here ain't worth it, the sweat upon your brow. Even though you search here you, you'll leave with empty hands. Four upon the throne here, and no rock below this sign. Stay between the boulders to hit a big grand slam.

The newer one is closer to the land you want to scan. Keep moving to the south, you're passing uncle sam. Choose the side you play on and find the rock, you might. Louis is the team for whom he fought and won. He pitched his big idea, they did not score a run. Keep on looking to the east of this big valley drive. Setting sun behind, you now go towards the spot. Please pass the bowl of silver and keep on moving south.

So keep heading south so you don't miss a thing. Search east of the beans and your path will be true. Now head to the east and don't roll the dice. It's been a great year Jingle Bell Rock fans don't sit there and pout all day about it Seriously, We Love it Also a special thanks to Miz Lolas for throwing up the 10, Minden for the diamond earings.

Second, how about a great big hand for Brian, the guy who found the rock. I have no idea if he was looking for three days, two weeks, or the whole time, but he brought it home. Third, how about a big shout out to DeCall, the biggest fan and avid rock hunter of us all. This guy is amazing. What a great friend and I will tell everybody you have to meet this guy. He has been very close to finding this rock, he would sleep in his van, welding truck, or some other vehicle I cannot identify at Logandale and go over the map and satellite picture with a high lighter and mark the area he searched.

A very determined man to find this prize. I cannot say enough about this gentlemen. Ok, now my perspective on the JBR What a great contest!!! Not only do I live for this, half the time I cannot sleep but a few hours a night. This one is one to remember.

I thought I was close many of times only to be outdone by the man behind the scene. He was outstanding this year. Last year I have to admit I had no clue where the rock was. I was in Henderson, the Speedway, and Downtown. Only to find out it was in my backyard, a half mile from my house. Ok back to this year. I first started my journey in Henderson again and was there for about a week and finally discovered it wasn't there by the handwritten clue A place they call home.

I still don't know why that clue was hand written, but oh well, maybe he was saying get the heck out of Hooterville Dummy!!! Then I realized we were at I and St. Rose and the west side opened up. Rubbing my hands back and forth I was like sweet maybe he hid it in the Northwest again. After days at Lone Mtn. I discovered the water, water every sign and figured I was totally in the right spot only to be outdone again as many rocks were overturned.

I was like this guy is good. After a couple of days of the Planes clue I knew it was out there somewhere I could not lead myself out far enough to find it. Boy was I too late on that idea. Thursday morning had too much work to do and couldn't make it out there only too find out at lunch time it had been found the night before. Oh well there is always next year!!!!

Again thanks for all the memories and will be looking forward to next year!! Minden Jewelers for the Diamond Ring. Also I would like to thank DeCall Thomas, for putting up the web site so everyone could have the clues, I know it's hard if you miss a clue or a bonus, I would have been lost if it had not been for DeCall putting up the clues like he did. This was a Unofficial fan web site for the Jingle Bell Rock Contest, listeners that had missed a clue, it would have been hard if you missed a clue and could not get it, so for that my hats off to DeCall for having the site.

I did meet him on the hunt this year out in Henderson around the NS collage on a very cold day, but had lots of fun looking for the JBR. Also I met other people looking for the JBR and hope to see them next year. I hope that some year that he finds the JBR and we can all be happy that he did. Also help support the site by checking out the sponsors and his web site.

And to everyone on the chat line, it was great talking to everyone, and to all of you that said you had the JBR, well I hope next year you do have it. Thank You very much for the site again this year DeCall, see you next year. I was right to think El capitan was the big enchilada in the clues, but I should of stayed the course.

Thinking that the sign at Santa fa station enchiladas for 7. We had a great time me and my 6 year old daughter. Memories we will always have together we still win.. Helps us share ideas, save a little gasoline, help new people, and let off a little steam. We want their success year after year, and we want their sponsorship year after year.

Also, you may consider joining the gambler bonus club at Miz Lola's 10 - 20 thousand points free.. Choose the right county and you'll make your mark. Don't stay here too long, there's no silver lining. Failure sure will find you here these rocks will make you blanche. No Prize no how no way. It has not been placed in a dark lonely alley, soon we will set the scene. In front of you a turtle head, mt Charleston to the right. Travel, travel all day long, Not helping in the least. Charley to the right, ahead the rocks are red, behind the night is bright.

The choice is very difficult, but turn away from mother. Ralph or Louie, You must decide now brother. To participate in the contest, Clues will be read in the 8: A daily bonus clue will be posted at all five Miz Lola's locations, address listed on www. This is probably the best clue you can get. The color on the other side probably matches Vegas dirt, relatively close to his hand color. They may change it to a different color, you never know. What does it look like on the other side??

We'd all like to know, you'll just have to use your imagination. You can buy one at the hardware store if you are crazy weird out of your mind. Trust me, if you actually set your eyes on this baby, you'll know it.

Also, it doesn't look like the rock is in two pieces this time. In years past we have seen two pieces, the big one out there somewhere and the little one to match up. Like a key to a lock. The one in Nevada holds Jingle Bell bounties. Anthem is a place you don't have to scout.

Is this where you'll find that Jingle Bell prize in? Minden won't give it to you. It sure does at a time like this. That is awesome, that of course courtesy of Findlay Toyota and Michael E. Now there's a lot of lovely young ladies in here, why don't you give us the names of all these ladies. I have my wife kim, my mother in law jan, my daughter courtland and my other daughter chelsey. Chelsey are you getting that diamond necklace from Micheal E.

Ok now I've got to ask ya, what is the clue that finally gave it away for you guys? The number clues that talked about the view of the city, about seeing the stratosphere, the power the dam, there are areas we've been to, behind shadow ridge high school you got that dirt lot, and you run into where the view of the strip is blocked but you can see the stratosphere peeking up between the two buildings,..

For all those playing along with us on the jingle bell rock this year, please once again specifically give us the area where it was found. North Decatur all the way out, there's a bunch of power lines that come together, take a left at thom street blvd back behind shadow ridge high school there's a big dirt lot that's unclear, that's right were the rock is.

The fun story is, they deserved to flip the rock just as I did that night, so I wrapped it in a box, and ripped it open, so they could have that same exciting feeling,that's the most terrific fun i've ever had in my life.

That is awesome man,so you are the one who actually lifted,turned the rock over and found it, but you also actually let your family have that excitement as well? They deserved it and we felt so at home with it We'd like to thank the sponsors of kklz and kklz this is an awesome promotion, and you listen to the radio and you haven't gone out and done this If you get out in that lot, about halfway out, the view of the strip is blocked by shadow ridge high school, and there's a gap between the buildings that the stratosphere pokes up above.

If you walk towards it, that's where the rock was This one says "Classic Hits" so it is from or before. We hid the rock in plain sight however at night you may need a light. If you're hangin in the southwest the might be the best. You Idiot jerk, that is private property, it's not public property, that's why no one was looking for it there There's 95 and 15 too. Stay in between and you'll be cool.

Well, you are here and it's kind of cold. Go to the place where new meets old. When you park, you'll need to know, take 20 steps is all you go. A field here, a field there. Look over there and you can do your hair. The city's lights are all a glow, but when you are here you already know. The Spot you seek is right around you, but you need a missing clue. Now you're at a place to turn, don't turn right because that will burn.

There's one here and another state too. That's what you need it's a missing clue. Use bonus clues 2 and 1 to find the spot you should have begun. It tells you where the JBR may be 5a. Ann and Craig are good friends, but if you're with them you're at the wrong end. If you keep going, you'd reach the end. You need not worry, Just 'round the bend. If you were here it'd be Wyoming, but it's not so keep going. You could play, you better not or lose your way.

You might think it's AZ but it's not so just keep going. The key you need for today is to take clue one and throw it away. We got the clues you need to know, but not the right order you ought to know. The bonus clue said to take If you do that, you'll hop like a bunny. There's a big plantation and a blue raven, but if you're here you have no clue.

That's another number you will need. We told you once that North was best. If Lee you're now looking, turn around, you've done too much booking. THERE's sheep here and over there, but not in person and the guy won't care. For now come back towards the town, times running out, so don't clown around. You're near a spot where once was nothing, exit the highway and start your trucking. Let's stop and think what you know. You're running out of places to go. There's 20 and 3 now 10 and Use them correctly and you'll be in heaven.

The road is long and turns to dust, but don't drive there you'll break the crust. You have the weekend to think and to look, remember the numbers from the notes you took. If you stop here it's like a choir as you hear the wind blow through the wires.

Maggie and Brent are here to say, When you say hi, you're on the right way. You little rascal is what you think, take out the "s" so this clue doesn't stink.

If you're still looking in Arizona, you're on the wrong side Just thought I'd warn yah. Past hollywood on lake meade at inspiration point the rock in was Ugly..

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That's right, shameless self promotion. I'm the guy who made this web page. I have nothing to do with KKLZ. I just like this contest. Pinewood Derby Stuff Pinewoodderby. The world famous Jingle Bell Rock has been found. One of the first things we figured out was that Mrs. JBR wanted her husband to be found asap by eliminating big areas, but Mr. JBR was slowly giving the clues. To get going in the right direction the clue: The pictures of the airport and Nellis got us to the airstrip off exit From there it all started coming together.

Dec 15th kept getting mentioned, and it meant exit 12 off the All the signs up matched the clues given. Then there was a sign leading you to the ghost town go go go, but not on Durango. The last sign on the opposite side of the road was a sponsor for The Twisters drill team I cannot promise a breeze in this part of the desert.

Next you come to a small old graveyard, just as you hit the sign for the town of Goodsprings rack em stack um. Around the bend is the Saloon that has a Welcome to Goodsprings sign all the welcome to pictures.

The icing on the cake was the clue: Come and find me and mine. We drove right back through town and came to Columbia Mill Rd the road less traveled ; which led us to Reimann rd where we saw the back of a stop sign octagon.

We located the Jingle Bell Rock very soon after. It was on the same side of the road as the stop sign with a "rock group". It was slightly visible when approaching it; since it was leaning down toward the base of the largest rock in the group. Thank you all for your kind words. Also, I want to take a moment and thank Decall for bringing all the JBR hunters together and creating a space where we can all talk things through. Let's do it again next year!!! JingleBallzRock Exact Location red arrow.

Jingle Bell Rock" talks. We have known this for years of course, with his grouchy comments and insults. Also well known, is that "JB" has no difficulties with the ladies, often seen throwing themselves on him.

Who knew he was married?! Recent promos have revealed JB is indeed married, and she has something to say about this contest. JB is an elusive and mysterious guy Click here to listen to Mr.

JBR Your browser does not support the audio element. Click here to listen to Mrs. Jingle Bell Rock says: Charleston is way too cold for me" Mr Jingle Bell Rocks says: Puzzle Piece 1 Picture Clues. If you see any differences, please let me know. Tuesday, November 21st - 5pm to 7pm From kklz. Enjoy food and drink specials, plus awesome prize giveaways!

For complete contest rules, click HERE. The Jingle Bell Rock Has been found!! Has Claimed the rock Dec 5: East end of Burkholder Blvd. Flat as a pancake 3. Down and dirty 4. Lean on me; the rock does not Nov. The Devil Wears Prada; you should not 6. Take the long way home 7. This rock won't roll 8. Ring around the rosie Nov. Let's go to the videotape Please be kind; rewind Look behind the bush Not a Blockbuster video See Picture Clue 1 below Dec.

Lots of laughs