Hialeah Park Casino to Open New Poker Room and Gaming System

Fortunately there are a number of rooms down here that see fit to do so. It's going on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday this month. Find Threads Started by Panama Ed. Page 1 of 2. However, this is just the latest in a long-list of casino-led scams and frauds , stretching from Florida to Macau and all places in-between. There are no criminal allegations in the complaint, but the report indicates it is unclear whether every dollar that went into the jackpot fund got paid out.

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Shulman says another player related the following story: After Shulman and the others, whose names aren't listed in state documents, complained, the state began investigating almost immediately. Many employees were interviewed offsite, at the Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering's regional office in Fort Lauderdale.

In a seven-page administrative complaint issued this past December 29, the state determined that 13 players who had won money in the tournament did not receive required receipts.

Investigators also found that required casino surveillance video did not properly cover parts of the poker room, including areas where cash was handled, and that money was kept in Costa's office rather than a cashier's cage or vault. They also dug deeper into daily nontournament operations and had problems with that too. The state also says Hialeah didn't keep a ledger of jackpot debits and credits. There are no criminal allegations in the complaint, but the report indicates it is unclear whether every dollar that went into the jackpot fund got paid out.

Not mentioned by name in the report is the manager, Costa, who had run nearby rival Casino Miami Jai-Alai before joining Hialeah in August He brought many of his managers and staff with him, including attractive women, who smile and joke as they pitch cards to the players.

His three assistants were terminated almost immediately after the tournament. Costa resigned a couple of months later. His ability to bring in players made Hialeah lucrative, but even though he and the others are gone, poker dealers say there's a lasting effect: Regular players aren't coming in as frequently, and the tips aren't as generous. The trust still needs to be rebuilt, says a dealer who didn't want to be named.

But why did such irregularities go unnoticed by managers and regular state inspectors? Well, poker is a minor part of a casino, and tournament poker is a small part of poker at Hialeah.

So tournament poker did 1. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in!

Meanwhile, Hialeah has toned down its poker offerings. Those are close to the everyday numbers at some other South Florida poker rooms. Sergio Morejon, a semiregular who calls Hialeah his favorite place to play, says the regulars simply hadn't paid as much attention to the irregularities until the state stepped in.

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The friends, Jeffrey D. Both employees were fired shortly after being found out, their scam being to allow their accomplices to place very late bets and make inaudible comments, which the dealers would then pay out on whether the men had won or not — the trick being that fellow players would not generally realize what was happening and fellow dealers not in in the scam were out of earshot or otherwise preoccupied. Martin, however, has pled not guilty.

Fortunately, someone noticed and came forward. If found guilty, the craps phrase "Baby needs a new pair of shoes! Adding to the weight of evidence against them, police also discovered that Green conversed with the players outside of the casino before and after the alleged cheating.

According to Michigan NewsHerald reports:. If convicted, the defendants face felony sentences from four years to 10 years for the various charges laid against them. Instances of poker dealer cheating are not unusual, as I reported here in November. The indictment by a Cuyahoga County grand jury claimed that the dealer "knowingly or intentionally cheated while dealing at the casino on Sept. Although cheating and scams cover all forms of casino gambling games, the poker world regularly sees such cases.

I once reported on Christian Lusardi and described how the poker pro was jailed for five years after being found guilty of using counterfeit chips at the Borgata Winter Open in Atlantic City. In a separate court case he received another five—year sentence for his part in an international DVD-counterfeiting operation.

All in all, we've seen a lot of scandals pop up in the world of professional gambling. I suppose that when there is that much money on the table,everyone with sticky fingers is going to try to grab a handful.

Ming Zhang, a baccarat dealer from Alexandria, Virginia, now faces up to five years in prison. Cate Hall has placed herself at the centre of a very public staking dispute this week. You've been idle for more than 3 minutes. Click, press the button bellow or any key to dismiss. Not Signed Up yet? Already have an Account? Texas Holdem Poker Videos. Casino Scams and Frauds Andrew Burnett , 2 years ago. Did you like this article?

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