Roulette Battler Series

Lists with This Book. Seeing his mother Holy falling ill because of DIO, and heeding his grandfather Joseph Joestar 's call, Jotaro travels to Egypt in order to save his mother and stop the Vampire once and for all. Jotaro again wears a dark overcoat; this time of more detail. Made in Heaven 6 p. We incorporate services including:.

Roulette Battler Series

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However, Jotaro doesn't show mercy to evil women and will if need be severely beat them, such as when Midler attacked it and he busted her teeth through her Stand [8]. Jotaro is an extremely cool individual, able to keep his composure in even the direst situations. The best example of his coolness would be against Daniel J.

D'Arby, playing a dangerous game of poker during which he successfully bluffs the expert poker player into folding even if he didn't know what cards he had and wagered the souls of every companion and ally involved. Moreover, Jotaro is blunt and foul-mouthed, having no problem being insolent towards his mother or any other authority figure [10].

The teenager favors witty one-liners, often ridiculing whoever is the target of his quips and offering absurd reasons for his feats. For instance, he took the time to tell DIO the reason he lost was that the vampire "pissed him off" [11]. Whether Jotaro does take himself seriously or is just having fun when using his one-liners is left unanswered. Nonetheless, Jotaro has shown a modicum of respect to the occasional enemy Stand User, praising N'Doul for having been formidable enough to manage to knock his hat off his head and commit suicide to help DIO, then listening to his speech about his devotion and finally burying his corpse in the desert [12].

Moreover, he noted how Daniel J. D'Arby was dangerous and compared him favorably to Telence, stating that Daniel would have spotted an obvious ploy which tricked Telence [13].

Jotaro is interested in a large range of subjects, such as sumo or the TV series Columbo , from which he claims to have acquired his deductive skills [14].

Several hobbies indicate that he has an intellectual side, which would result in him becoming a marine biologist by part 4. Awkward and doting girls chasing him both at his school and throughout his journey annoy Jotaro, who ignores or rudely drives them away, particularly when they begin to fuss or bicker [15]. However, he seems to care about children. When Anne accompanies them on his journey, he never yells at her and even protects her from enemy Stand Users, and also watches over her in a similar fashion to an older brother despite being visibly annoyed by her antics.

When he takes an ice pop from a young boy, he tells the boy that he will buy him a new one [16]. Jotaro also has a quirky, particular fashion taste and attachment to his clothes, from refusing to cut off parts of his pants when the school nurse asked him to to buying clothes [17] to replace the ones that were destroyed after his fight with ZZ with exact replicas as pointed out by Joseph [18].

When he first trades blows with DIO, he specifically points out how the fight tore a hole in his pants, whose high price is openly noted [19].

He also has an attachment to his hat. Although his aloofness is still present, it has diminished somewhat over the years; meeting Tomoko Higashikata whilst looking for Josuke shortly after her father is killed by Anjuro , he tolerates her sudden clinginess when she mistakes him for Joseph, and offers some consolation for her father's death.

He also admits to Koichi that he was glad to meet him, albeit privately. After he is "revived", Anasui , one of Jolyne's companions who is enthralled by her, asks Jotaro to approve his proposal to marry. Reacting first as though he spoke meaninglessly, when Jotaro sees Jolyne lean against Anasui's chest, he pulls her into his arms, protectively; leaving Jolyne clueless as to their interaction. During the final fight against Pucci, Jotaro's love for his family got the best of him, and he made the mistake of trying to both save Jolyne and kill Pucci, succeeding in neither and resulting in his death.

One of the strongest Stands in the series, Star Platinum possesses superhuman senses, strength, stamina, accuracy and speed. Like other physically-powerful or Close-Range Stands, Star Platinum suffers from a narrow range of activity; active only within a meter radius from Jotaro. This evolved version of Star Platinum appears near the end of Stone Ocean. This is the highest form to which Jotaro is shown to develop his Stand.

TW can stop time for as long as 5 seconds. It is stated that it can freeze time for longer, but 5 seconds is the limit for human endurance under stopped time. Jotaro is extremely proficient at using his Stand, which is facilitated by how powerful it is in the first place. The student is capable of exploiting the basic abilities of a Stand to channel Star Platinum inside his body for better protection or only conjure a part of it for stealth. He is also imaginative in using its physical prowess, using it to punch through obstacles at its most basic, but also stretch it for extra range, lift heavy objects, or more ridiculous ideas like using Star Platinum's lungs to neutralize Justice.

Since he lacks the stamina, Jotaro only stops time with parsimony. He mainly uses it for defense, using the extra time to defend an ally or avoid attacks, and has only occasionally used timestop for offense. Jotaro is an adept tactician, using a mix of straightforward brute force and unexpected tricks to prevail. Thanks to Star Platinum tremendous strength in all regards, Jotaro can either force his way out of any tough situation or use unexpected feats of strength such as tunneling his way toward an enemy or using his lung capacity to neutralize a fog Stand.

Jotaro has occasionally used the environment to his advantage, filling his clothes with thick books when expecting DIO to use projectiles against him, or taking full advantage of The Fool's glider to approach N'Doul. The years have only increased his wits, and in Part 4 and 6, Jotaro demonstrates a methodical and vigilant sense of observation, watching his environment to anticipate the enemy's moves and attacks, and having a good grasp of the general mechanics of Stands to better identify a Stand's weaknesses.

Jotaro is a good trickster although not on the level of Joseph. He is an accomplished bluffer, and use the enemy's own vigilance against the formidable Star Platinum to psych them out, forcing D'Arby to fold in a game of poker he had all but won or tricking DIO into underestimating Star Platinum's ability to move in the stopped time. He also provoked Forever into entering the range of Star Platinum to defeat him. It is implied that Jotaro has accumulated a considerable amount of varied knowledge.

At the beginning of Part 3 , in his cell, in order to understand his Stand, he had collected a number of books on the theme of the paranormal.

In Part 4 , it is revealed that he specialized in marine biology ; and he briefs Josuke skilfully for the task of hunting two Stand-wielding rats. Jotaro is naturally confident and intolerant to suggestions that he should defer in any way; backed up by his own strength as well as that of his Stand.

Jotaro is apparently able to hold up to five lit cigarettes in his mouth, lit side inwards, and drink juice without putting them out. Oingo failed to replicate this technique. However, this trick could be false. The Joestar family's "Secret Technique", running away, is usually utilized as a last resort.

It is used by Jotaro in the series during his fight against Rubber Soul. He participated in many activities, including playing ball as a toddler, running track as a young boy and attending school. Throughout his childhood, he was supported and supervised by his mother, Holy , while his father Sadao was constantly on tour. In , at the age of seventeen, Jotaro severely injured four gang members in a fight.

Knowing his strength could not grow to such a length, he began thinking he was possessed by an "evil spirit" and so turned himself into the police.

Despite the police and Holy telling him he was free to go, Jotaro insisted on staying, demonstrating the danger by taking one of the policeman's guns and shooting himself in the head. He was not killed, however, as a third arm appeared to him and was able to catch the bullet in mid-air.

Holy soon called her father, Joseph Joestar , to work out the situation. Avdol then sent out his own "evil spirit", known as Magician's Red , and trapped Jotaro's limbs with rings of fire. Joseph then revealed that the "evil spirit" was known as a Stand , a manifestation of an individual's life force. While breaking the iron bars of his cell, Jotaro accidentally let himself out of his cell.

With Jotaro freed, Joseph told him the real reason he and Avdol came to Japan. Using it's ability to put visions of distant places onto film, Joseph revealed a picture of DIO to Jotaro. The picture revealed that DIO's body was actually Jonathan's due to the star-shaped birthmark , that all blood members of the Joestar family possess, being on the nape of his neck. The bud caused Kakyoin to become loyal to DIO and would also kill him in a few days, an operation to remove it would only damage his brain.

Using the precise hand movements of his Stand, Jotaro began removing Kakyoin's flesh bud. Despite the flesh attacking him, the removal was successful, allowing Kakyoin to return to his senses.

But due to Holy having a much gentler persona, she could not control her Stand. Avdol then estimated that she would die in 50 days and the only way to cure her would be to kill DIO. Avdol then gave Jotaro's Stand a name, Star Platinum. After giving a final goodbye to Holy, who was in the care of the Speedwagon Foundation , the four left from Narita airport on a flight to Cairo. While above the East China Sea, they noticed an insect on the plane. The insect then began attacking Jotaro, who quickly deduced that it was a Stand.

While Jotaro was able to fend it off, Tower of Gray was able to kill a few innocent people, taking their tongues. With the Stand defeated, the identity of the user was quickly shown to be Gray Fly , an old man who was on their flight.

Despite Gray Fly's defeat, the group quickly found out that the pilots had already been killed by Tower of Gray earlier. Gray Fly, with his dying breath, then told the Jotaro and the others that he was only the first of many assassins and that they would never reach Egypt. With no other choice, Jotaro and Joseph were forced to land the plane 35 kilometers off the coast of Hong Kong and now knew that they now had to head to Egypt by either land or sea.

Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [edit page ] 1 Appearance 1. The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Savage Garden Strategy Head for the Courtyard! Made in Heaven 6 p. DIO's World 10 p. Stone Ocean 6 Games 7 Figurines 8 Other. Relationships in Eyes of Heaven. Contents [edit page ] 1 Stand 2 Personal. Possessed by an "Evil Spirit". You gotta carve out your own path in life.

Next time we meet, I'm gonna land a thousand strikes on that face of yours. Even a guy like me can smell the stench of evil from miles away! I'm the kind of guy who keeps a grudge if someone screws with me. It's hard to see who you really are from your own perspective You're such a joke I can't even think of anything to say to you. It's not cheating if you don't get caught.

I don't have any pity. You can't pay back what you owe with money! There's only one reason you lost You reap what you sow. Humans are basically creatures who destroy so they may live, but you've got the gentlest ability of them all. Once a life ends, it never comes back Focus on staying calm before you worry about speed. You did well to fight this long on your own Go on, say something to him True observation means seeing with your mind, not your eyes It just does whatever it wants Really getting through to someone is an amazing thing, but sometimes there's a little leftover mess.

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