Terry v. Ohio

Hosted Document Mgmt Oper. State lotteries are synonymous with Las Vegas gambling. This means that we honestly review each and every online casino, telling you which casinos are trustworthy, where the best games are located, and everything else important to you. Their treatment of the murdered man's body was fiendish in the extreme. If you want to spend a day away from lines and ruckus at the major attractions, slip away and experience some little treasures. Performance Audit State Agency. A person appointed by the division to act as an agent for the sale of spirituous liquor pursuant to section

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International Lodging Not Included in Package. International Meals Not Included in Package. International Transportation Not in Travel Package. International Travel - Miscellaneous. Investigative Exp - Not Elsewhere Classified. IT Development Equipment - Centralized. IT Development Hosting Services. IT Equipment - Centralized. IT Equipment - End User. IT Equipment for Centralized Support. Laboratory or Other Non-Medical Tests.

Land Purchases - Title Fees. Leased Equipment - Interest. Leasehold Improvements - Leased Space. Lodging Out-of State - Travel. Lodging Reimbursement In-State - Travel. Mainframe Proprietary Software Maintenance. Major Prize Installments by Lottery Commission. Major Prize Payments in Lump Sum. Meal Time Supplement - Other. Medical Services - PPS. Medical, Laboratory, Therapeutic Supplies. Medicare - Employer Contribution. Messenger Courier Service - Regulated. Messenger Courier Service - Unregulated.

Mileage In-State - Personal Vehicles. Mileage Out-of-State - Personal Vehicles. Miscellaneous In-State - Travel. Miscellaneous Out-of-State - Travel. Mobile Device - Reimbursement. Moving Expense - Reimbursement. Non-Cash Awards - Lottery. Non-Cash Awards other than Lottery. Non-Monetary Award Service or Safety. Parental Leave Benefit Fund. Pay for Holiday Worked. Payment of Forged Warrants.

Payment to Keep Property Vacant. Personal Leave Compensation - Termination. Personal Leave used in lieu of Sick Leave. Petty Cash Fund New or Increase. Petty Cash Replenishments - Lost or Stolen. Postage Machines - Rental. Pre-bid - Non Residential Costs. Pre-Bid Expenses Service Based.

Prompt Pay Interest - Only. Refunds - Unclaimed Funds. Refunds other than Tax. Reimbursement Personal Property Expenses. Research Services - PPS. Road Construction Heavy Equipment. Road or Soil Testing Equipment. Roads, Bridges, Trails, Ground Structures.

Sexual Assault Kits - Hospitals. Sick Leave Compensation - Termination. State Ward Damage Claims. Transportation - Non-State Employees. Trucks Over 26, LBS. Undergrad Tuition Paid to Educational Institutions. Undergraduate Tuition Reimbursements Paid to Employees. Vacation Leave Compensation - Termination. Vacation used in lieu of Sick Leave.

Vehicle Parts or Supplies. Vehicle Rental - Three Months or Less. Witness Fees - PPS. Workers Compensation Employer Contribution. Narrow your spending search by selecting the type of expense being made. Select from the Expense Category the broadest spending description , followed by Expense Type , and then Expense Code the most specific spending description.

Academic Building Replace Heaters. Access to Dental Care. Adams County Satellite Campus. Adena Hall Renovations - Newark.

Admin Hall Water Infiltration. Administration State Debt Service. Adoption Program - Federal. Advanced Tech Ctr Bldg-Phase 2. Agency - Wide Grants. Agricultural Commodity Marketing Program. Air Pollution Control Administration. Airforce Advanced Manufacturing Facility.

Airport Improvements - State. Akron Education Workforce Center. Akron Global Business Accelerator. American Ex-Prisoners of War. American Legion of Ohio. Anatomy Specimen Storage Facility.

Appalachian New Economy Partnership. Army National Guard Service Agreement. Aronoff Center Building Management. Attorney General Federal Funds. Attorney General Pass - Through Fund. Aurora Outdoor Sports Complex. Auto Emissions E-Check Program.

Automated Title Processing Board. Aviation Infrastructure Bank - State. Avon Lake — Folger House. Basic Renovations - Newark. Basic Renovations - Wayne. Bellefair Jewish Children's Home. Bennett Hall Elec - Chillicothe. Biomedical Technology For Safe Eggs. Board of Voting Machine Examiners. Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. Bowling Green Curling Club. Bowstring Arch Bridge Rehab.

Brasee Hall Renovation - Lancaster. Brickyard Edu - Tainment Distrct. Briggsdale Aprtments - Phase II. Broad Street Historical Renovation. Brown Library Modrnztn Ph 2. Buckeye Lake Dam Rehabilitation.

Building 22 Lab Equip. Building Automation System Upgrades. Business Services Operating Expenses. Butler Institute of Art. Campus Center Reno - Metropolitan. Campus Core Lighting Upgrades. Campus Energy Cost Reduction Project. Campus Security Improvement - Lima. Campus Wide Building System Upgrades. Campus wide Electrical Upgrade. Campus Wide Elevator Upgrades. Cancer Incidence Surveillance System. Capital Access Loan Program. Capitol Square Maintenance Expenses.

Career - Tech Education Basic Grant. Carnegie Cente - Tusculum Reno. Caroline Scott Harrison Statue. Cash Management Improvement Fund. Casino Control - Operating. Center for Addiction Treatment. Central State University Center. Central Support Indirect Cost. Central Support Indirect Costs. Chemical Dependency Professionals - Operating.

Child Support - Federal. Child Support - Local. Child Support Intercept - Federal. Child Support Intercept - State. Children's Crisis Care Facility. Children's Trust Fund Federal. Children's Wish Grant Program. Choose Ohio First Scholarship.

Cincinnati Music Hall Revitalization. Civil Case Filing Fee. Civil Justice Grant Program. Civil War Site Improvements. CLA Victims of Crime. Classroom Building Renovation E Livepool. Classroom Student Service Renovation. Clean Air - Non Title V. Clean Ohio - District 1. Clean Ohio - District Clean Ohio - District 2.

Clean Ohio - District 3. Clean Ohio - District 4. Clean Ohio - District 5. Clean Ohio - District 6. Clean Ohio - District 7. Clean Ohio - District 8.

Clean Ohio - Operating. Clean Ohio Agricultural Easement Fund. Clean Ohio Agricultural Easement Op. Clean Ohio Trail Fund. Cleveland Museum of Art. Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

Cntrl St Coop Ext Srvce. Collections Outside Counsel Payments. College Compltn to Career Center. College of Fine Arts Infrastructure Upgrades. Comm Medicaid Legacy Support. Commodity Handlers Regulatory Program. Community Centers For The Deaf.

Community Development Block Grant. Community Mental Health Projects. Community School Classrm Fac. Community Services Block Grant.

Competency Based Education Pilot. Conard 2nd Floor Renovations. Conservation General Obligation Debt Service. Conservation Projects Bond Service. Consolidated Federal Grant Administration. Continuum of Care Services. Coop Funding for Boating Facilities. Cooperating Regional Library Depository - Northeastern. Correctional Institutions Inspection Committee. County Board Case Management. County Board Waiver Match. County Law Library Resources Board. County Prosecutors Pay Supplement.

County Sheriffs Pay Supplement. Crile Building Renovation Western Campus. Cures - Opioid Str. Cutler Hall High Voltage Upgrade. Dam Rehabilitation - Parks. DC Direct Care Services. DD Council Operating Expenses. Dental Hygiene Facility Renovation. Dental Hygienist Loan Repayment. Department of Veterans Services. Dependent Care Spending Account. Development Services Reimbursable Expenditures. Deyor Performing Arts Center.

Disabled Workers Relief Fund. District Office Renovations Dev. Division of Chief Engineer. Division of Natural Areas. Division of Wildlife Conservation. Domestic Water Booster Pump - Lima. Door Control System Upgrade.

Drinking Water Loan Fee. Drinking Water Research Center. Drug Abuse Response Team Grant. E - Rate Program. Early Childhood Mental Health Council. Education of Exceptional Children. Emergency Medical Services Grants. Employment First Pilot Program.

Energy Efficiency Revolving Fund. Energy Industry Training Center. Enlightening on Eating Disorders. Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati. Enterprise Firewall Phase 2. Equal Opportunity Division - Operating. Erie County Water Lab. Expansion of Lettuce Work. Fairview Park Bain Park Cabin.

Family Assistance - Local. Family Violence Shelter Programs. Farm Operations Building - Wooster. Fatality Analys Rprt Sys Grn. Federal - Vocational Rehabilitation. Federal - Supported Employment. Federal Abandoned Mine Lands. Federal Flood Pass - Thru.

Federal Forest Pass - Thru. Federal Mine Safety Grant. Federal Public Health Programs. Federally Qualified Health Centers. Fenn Hall Addition Project. Fiber Optic Data Closet Upgrd.

Fine Arts Building Reno-Stark. Fire Alarm System Replace - Tax. Fire Alarm System Replacements. Five Oaks Historic Home. Fort Recovery Historical Society. Foster Care Program - Federal. Fountain Square Facilities Management.

Free Clinic Safety Net Services. Fulton County Visitor Heritage Center. G - Dining Area Renovations. G Parking Lot Expansion.

Galion Hstbig Four Dpt Rstr. Gaming Research Intr for Lrn Lab. Geaga County Historical Society. Gear - Up Grant. Gen 4 Integrated Student Services.

General Services Division - Operating. Geological Survey - Federal. Gov's Residence Security Upgrade. Grade Crossings - Federal. Gross Casino Revenue County. Gross Casino Revenue County Student. Gross Casino Revenue Host City. Harding Home State Memorial. Haz Mat Civil Forfeiture. Hazardous Waste Facility Management. Head Start Collaboration Project. Health Care Grants Federal. Health Care Spending Account. Health Careers Building Renovation.

Health Sci Program Expansion. Healthcare Grants - State. Healthier Buckeye Grant Prgm. Healthier Buckeye Grant Prog. Healthy Food Financing Initiat. Healthy Lake Erie Fund. Healthy Lake Erie Initiative. Heidelberg Water Quality Lab. Herrold Hall Renovstion - Zanesville. Higher Education General Obligation.

Higher Education Program Supp. Highway Capital Improvement Bond Retirement. Highway Construction - Bonds. Highway Construction - Federal.

Highway Construction - Other. Highway Construction - State. Highway Construction - Turnpike. Highway Infrastructure Bank - Bond. Highway Infrastructure Bank - Federal. Highway Infrastructure Bank - State. Highway Maintenance - State. Highway Patrol Justice Contraband. Highway Patrol Treasury Contraband. Highway Safety Programs Grant. Historic Strand Theater Reno. Hocking Hills State Park Lodge. Home Energy Assist Block Grant.

Homeland Security - Operating. Homeland Security Disaster Grant. Homerville Comm Cntr Expansion. Horse-Racing Tax Municipality District. Housing Finance Agency - Personal Services. Human Performance Consortium Center. Human Resource Direct Service. Human Resources Division - Operating.

HV Breeder Kennel Control. Immediate Removal Special Account. Incumbent Wrkfrce Traing Vchr. Indigent Defense Support - State. Indigent Defense Support Fund. Indigent Drivers Alcohol Treatment. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Infant Mortality Health Grants. Infrastructure - District 1. Infrastructure - District Infrastructure - District 2. Infrastructure - District 3. Infrastructure - District 4. Infrastructure - District 5. Infrastructure - District 6. Infrastructure - District 7. Infrastructure - District 8. Infrastructure - District 9. Infrastructure Debt Reserve - State. Infrastructure Debt Reserve 23 - International Fuel Tax Distribution. International Registration Plan Distribution. Investigative Unit Fed Equitable Share.

IT Data Infrastructure Upgrade. IT Disaster Recovery Site. Job Ready Site Development. Joh Brown House and Grounds. John Paulding Museum Expansion. Johnston Farm and Indian Agenc. Jones Hall Facility Upgrades. Kan Du Community Arts Center. Kilowatt Hour Tax Administration. Kinship Permanency Incentive Program. Lake Ct Regional Response Fac. Lakes In Economic Distress Rev. Law - Related Education.

Law Assistance Enforcement Program. Law Enforcement Automated Data System. Lead Plumbing Fixture Replacement. Leaking Underground Storage Tank. Lease Rental Payment - Cultural Facilities. Library Fire Protection System. Library for the Blind. Life And Sciences Education Ct. Liquor Jobs Ohio Extraordinary. Liquor Regulatory Operating Expenses. Literacy Improvement Classroom Grants. Local Air Pollution Control. Local Excise Tax Administration. Local Juvenile Detention Centers.

Local Parks Projects - Statewide. Local Public Enhancement Fund. Local Transport Improvement - District 1. Local Transport Improvement - District 2. Local Transport Improvement - District 3. Local Transport Improvement - District 4. Local Transport Improvement - District 5. Local Transport Improvement - District 7. Local Transport Improvement - District 8. Local Transport Improvement - District 9.

Local Transportation Improvement - District Local Transportation Improvement - District 6. Local Transportation Improvement Program Operating. Long Term Care Budget - Federal.

Long Term Care Budget - State. Main Classroom Roof - Geauga. Maintenance - State - Owned Residence. Mandown Alert Communications - Statewide. Mary Patterson Building Renov. Maternal Child Health Block Grant. MCO - Basic Renovations. Medicaid - HC Quality Assurance. Medicaid Agency Transition - Federal. Medicaid Health Information Technology. Medicaid Intragency Pass Through. Medicaid Professional Services Reimbursement. Medicaid Program Support - Local. Medicaid Program Support - Local Transportation.

Medicaid Program Support Federal. Medicaid Program Support State. Medicaid Services - Federal. Medicaid Services - Long Term. Medicaid Services - Payment Withholding. Medicaid Services - Recoveries. Medicaid Waiver Program Support. Medical Marijuana Control Prg. Medically Handicapped Children Audit. Medically Handicapped Children Co Assessment. Mental Health Block Grant. Mental Health Unit Construction.

Midwest Higher Education Compact. Military Injury Relief Program. Military Order of The Purple Heart. Minority Business Bond Program Admin. Minority Business Enterprise Loan.

Money Follows the Person. Moseley Hall Science Labs. Motor Carrier Enforcement Expansion. Motor Carrier Safety Asst Program. Motor Fuel Tax Administration. Motor Vehicle Dealers Board. Multi Juris Fiber Utility. Municipal Income Tax Administration. Muntz Hall - Blue Ash. National Guard Tuition Grant Program.

Native American Museum Of Mariemont. Natural Areas Checkoff Funds. Natural Resources Bond Retirement. Natural Resources Special Purpose. NCC - Kehoe Center. Network Operations Center Upgrade. New Student Life Building. Non - Haz Mat Civil Forfeiture. Non - Public Administration Cost Reimbursement. North High Building Complex Renovations. Nurse Education Grant Program.

Nursing Home Consumer Guide. Oak Hill Liberty Theatre. Office of Support Services. Office Services Building Renovations. Ohio Center Laser Shock Processing. Ohio College Opportunity Grant. Ohio Constitutional Revision Commission. Ohio Courts Tech Initiative. Ohio Educational Computer Network. Ohio Farm Loan Revolving Fund. Ohio Geology License Plate. Ohio Government Telecom Studio. Ohio History License Plate.

Ohio Israel Agricultural Initiative. Ohio Physician Loan Repayment. Ohio Political Party Distributions. Ohio School Sponsorship Program. Ohio State Fair Harness Racing. Ohio Univ Southern Walkng Path. OHS Museum of Ceramics. Older Americans Support Services.

Operating Expense - BMV. Operating Expenses - EMA. Operating Expenses - Judiciary. Operating Expenses - SOA. Otterbein Steam Innovation Center. Parking Lot Repairs - Eastern. Peace Officer Private Security Fund. Peace Officer Training - Casino. Pearson Hall Renovation - Phase 1. Percent for Art Acquisitions. Performance Cash Bond Refunds. Perry County Opera House. Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, Iraq Compensation. Petroleum Activity Tax Admin.

Pipeline Safety - State. Platform Technology for MRI. Police Officer Training Academy Fee. Polishing The Gem Project.

Preble County Historical Society. Preventive Health Block Grant. Property Tax Reimbursement Education. Property Tax Reimbursmnt Local Governments. Public Audit Expense - Intrastate. Public Audit Expense - Local Government. Public Health Emergency Prep. Public Safety Trng Ctr-Phase 2. Public Transportation - Federal. Public Transportation - Other. Public Transportation - State. Racetrack Facility Commission Econ Redev.

Rail Transportation - Other. Rankin House State Memorial. Reading Flood Plain Study. Real Estate Appraiser - Operating.

Reentry Center - CCI. Regional Long-Term Care Ombudsman. Remote Ballot Marking System. Renovation of Science Hall. Renovation Projects - Fed Share. Rent - William Green Building. Repl of Utility Infra Sys. Research Incentive Third Frontier. Research Lab Reno Phase I. Research Portal - Taxable. Resident Services Coordinator Program. Resort Area Excise Tax. Revolving Loan - District 1. Revolving Loan - District Revolving Loan - District 2. Revolving Loan - District 3. Revolving Loan - District 4.

Revolving Loan - District 5.

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