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Obviously, since poker tournaments are so top-heavy it needs a lot more than just 50 tournaments to turn this ROI into a secure income. Poker tournament overlays are a fantastic way for players to boost their bankrolls and receive added ROI. Unfortunately he rivered an 8 and I was out. Originally Posted by Dorkus Malorkus. Probably would have finished my Computer Science degree and been working on some startups, I don't think I would have ended up at a 'normal' job, at least not for long. Playing only a few 50 in this example tournaments yields quite different results: Really really enjoyed all of them.

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Where was my most recent Live Tournament win? How much did I take down? How much have I earned in rakeback to date? What is the symbol of my sponsor Lock Poker? In 4 years of playing 6 man SNGs, how many years did I lead the world in total profit pre rakeback? Who won most of my money in my last losing poker session? What was my screen name on Absolute Poker? What's my favorite TV show of all time?

What injury was I rehabbing from when I started up my 1st online poker account? August 8 th , Name 1 real life example I compared the tyraak situation to in today's blog.

Dropping a wallet on the street, etc…. What stakes did I say start playing poker at online in my Poker verdict interview? Online is much more aggressive. Before becoming a professional poker player, what was my major in college? Fill in the blank: In STTs I stated: After 3, games you are x likely to be within x of your true ROI. In my interview on Tourneyblog what did I list as my interests outside of poker?

Sports, fantasy football, camping, fishing, working out. What city did my US Poker Bowl team represent? San Diego meaning a whales vagina according to Ron Burgundy. In my PokerVerdict interview what book did I say revolutionized the way I play poker?

Harrington on Hold em. Who was on my US Poker Bowl team? What games did I mostly play on Pokerroom? Sarcastic, motivated, loyal, easy going, dedicated. Erik Heights 2 wins. I had a question about labels on blogspot. If you know the answer just let me know. I was wondering if you put spaces in a label if it still works. For example, does the label online poker work, or do you need to put onlinepoker?

I couldn't find the answer on google. Posted by jhub at 9: Thursday, March 1, Weekly Interview Series: You can read the interview below. How did you get started in poker? How old were you? What did you play? How did you progress through the stakes and different games? I Started playing poker in my 1st year at university. I progressed onto playing small rebuy tournaments at the local casino in brighton England where i met James Dempsey. After getting to grips with online poker i started to grind full time in where i met some great poker players like chris moorman.

I switched over to being backed by Chris in which enabled me to play all the high buyin live and online events. What has worked best for you over the years in regards to improving your game? I feel like i used to follow set rules and guidelines when grinding mtt's 10bb do thisbb do that but talking with these guys has enabled me to keep up to date with player tendancies with certain stack sizes and ways to exploit those tendancies.

How old are you now? How many tables do you usually play online? I used to play up to 20 tables at a time during full tilt multi entry week but now i try to focus on playing less tables. I played a session of mtt's earlier today and i peaked at 14 tables but i averaged around 9 tables throughout the 8 hour session. How many hours per week do you usually play? How many hours per week do you usually spend total on poker-related activities? I try to play a full MTT schedule across all the major sites on Tuesday and Sunday which usually lasts around 10 hours per day and then i usually play more days on Lock Poker playing MTT's and sit n go's which usually lasts around hours a day.

So most of the time i play around hours a week but i have been known to take lazy weeks. I am looking to start doing some training videos for Tournament Poker Edge in the near future. What kind of a computer setup do you have for playing? Do you use any poker software? I have a 17 inch Macbook pro attached to a 23 inch external monitor.

I try to tile 12 tables on the external monitor before using my Macbooks screen for tables and i use the laptop screen for lobbys and skype.

I have recently switched over from holdem manager 2 to poker tracker 3. HM2 was way to glitchy for my liking and it was easy enough to export all of my hands over so ive been using it for the past few weeks. I would love to one day capture a big live title wpt, ept, wsop but i only really play weeks of live poker a year at the wsop and maybe 1 or 2 other live events per year. How long do you plan on playing poker for a living? I think i will try to play the WSOP main event and some of the side events every year but i would like to start some other projects that ultimately lead me away from being a full time grinder.

The beauty of playing poker is the ability to make your own schedule. I have 2 dogs, a fiancee and hopefully one day some children so my goal is to make enough money to provide for my family so i can enjoy watching my kids grow up. Its hard to put a timestamp on it but in 5 years time i would like to think that i would have other projects on the go that will occupy more of my time than poker.

At this point in your career does poker feel more like a hobby or a job? Do you still enjoy the game as much as you used to? After playing poker for 6 years i still love the game when things are going my way.

I find it really exciting when im deep in a really big tournament but obviously it becomes a little tiresome when things are not going great. It definetly feels like a job more so than a hobby but i still get excited to load up the computer on a sunday as on any given Sunday you can win 6 figures!

I have had a huge downswing in the past and it really starts to eat you alive but luckily i managed to dig my way out of the whole. I am a big beleiver in taking some time off to clear your mind when things are taking a turn for the worse. I try to put things into perspective and i realise that i am lucky to make a living playing a game of cards so overall i am very happy that i stumbled across poker all those years back. How did it feel to win so much money in one tournament and has this inspired you to play more live events?

It was a huge weight off of my shoulders. I have been so close to huge scores on mutiple occasions and ive not managed to close out so this was more of a relief than anything. Since winning the event i have put in more hours online than the previous 3 months month so i guess it has inspired me to play more. In regards to playing more live poker i hate flying and im in a pretty serious relationship so being a live grinder just isnt feasible and to be completely honest i dont think i would enjoy being on the road all the time.

I cant wait for the WSOP to roll around now! How do you adjust your game when playing a live event as opposed to an online MTT? I try to play a similar game live to online but obviously you can make some cool adjustments as you can instantly profile people and assign them pretty accurate ranges in most situations. I tend to stereotype youngsters as competant, woman as tight, middle aged men as solid and old guys as tight or insane and i will make adjustements based on how i see them play over the time i spend at the tables.

Alot of people get stuck in the routine of following a set of rules for certain stack sizes and hands and positions but in live poker you can bend those rules and make plays that would be unprofitable online into a profitable live play.

Raise folding off smaller stacks, 3b folding off smaller stacks and other quirky plays become much more profitable live as people dont tend to pay attention to the stack sizes and situations and just assume a 3b means the player has a good hand or that they cant play vs an open as they have a bad hand.

If you never got into poker, what do you think you would be doing for a living right now? When i was at university i studied Business and Marketing so i would probably be working in a bank or something similar. How did you go about getting a Lock Pro Elite contract? How has your experience at Lock been so far? Lock approached me 2 years back for a small rakeback deal but i was grinding MTT's so it wasnt realistic. Last year in June i was contacted again through my poker agent at Poker Players International PPI Randy Kasper and i took a serious look into the company and there vision.

I spoke with Eric Lynch for a few weeks on and off and i really liked the direction Lock were headed. They had some great ideas and the roster of Pro's were solid in American and European markets. Lock have been great to me!

The pro team is like a family more than a team and i love representing them. They have gone from strength to strength over the past year and they continue to listen to what the players want and they do there best to accomodate. I would like to run a little better on the site though as im losing quite a bit in MTT's right now: What do you like to do in your spare time besides poker? What are your favorite movies and TV shows? Anything with denzel washington, edward norton kevin spacey or morgan freeman.

Music is practically impossible to rank as its all mood dependant but lately ive been listening to lifehouse, eminem, evanescence and daughtry.

Me and my Fiancee Barbara have been trying out various diets lately. I am currently on the Paleo Diet which is basically the caveman diet. Its all meats and vegetables which im a huge fan of!

I love all foods and Barbara is from an Italian family so cooking is a huge part of our life. I love seafood aswell so i really am easy to please in the food department. The only thing i will not eat is celery I love being in las vegas with all of my friends for the world series. I also love going to the cottage in the summer in northern ontario with all my friends for bbq's, beer and volleyball.

For more on Nicky Evans you can follow him on twitter nickyevanspoker and go to his homepage at http: In case you missed the past weekly interviews, here they are: Thursday, February 16, Weekly Interview Series: After that I played a ton of sit n gos, and eventually moved into cash.

For a long time I was the guy who played all the time and spent very little time studying. I try to do this once a week when I can, where I just pull of my own HHs at random and go through them, I think it gives me a good snap-shot of what I play like on a daily basis, and seeing some of the occasional glaring errors that sneak in there keep me level headed and help me remember there is always more to work on, so I find it pretty motivating and enlightening.

I usually do something like I'll sit 1k, , , and when I had 3 tables stop regging 's, 4 tables stop regging s, and pretty much never stop regging 1ks as long as I can get action. When you were playing the most poker of your career, how many hours per week did you usually play? How many hours did you usually spend total on poker-related activities? At my volume peak I would play probably minimum hours per day, 7 days a week, so right around 60 hours, with some weeks being way way more, but during that time I pretty much never took days off which wasn't really ideal.

Outside of actually playing I would spend another 5 to 10 weekly coaching and studying,. How many hours per week do you usually play now? How many total hours a week do you usually spend on poker-related activities now? Due to how tough it's become for me to get decent action my play has dropped off a lot, I probably spend hours per week now with everything mixed in, including coaching, studying, and playing, but i'm hoping to increase that in the near future, especially with WSOP coming up.

I have a PC I built myself for gaming, so pretty high quality, with 2 monitors, a 30" and a 24". I only use hold'em manager for poker software. Short term I don't have a lot of goals, just putting in volume when I can and enjoying it, long term i'd really like to focus a bit more on playing less of the 8 hours a day every day grind, and more focused on traveling a bit to some tourney series and playing REALLY focused for a couple weeks, and then break again outside of that.

I've been playing for a really long time now and finding myself wanting to add increasing amounts of balance to the poker aspect of my life. Definitely more like a job, i'm outside of the place in my life where i'm living in a cheap apartment with some friends and outside of basic living expenses it wouldn't be the end of the world to me if I busted a roll, or just stopped playing, etc.

Were those your biggest scores ever and how did it feel to go so deep in such prestigious events? Those were my biggest cashes along with a follow up similar cash in the WSOP Main Event as well , These all were really unique experiences, in the 10k HU I played suchhh sick draws leading up to the final 8 and had such a big lead there that it was pretty devastating losing to the player I did someone who wasn't very good.

The Main Event I was like top 10 in chips for days 2 - 5, so it was pretty crazy, got a lot of coverage, a few feature tables, and was just really exciting the whole way through.

Lost a huge hand my 3rd place vs his 6th place chip stacks vs James Carroll late day 5 to make a HUGE Chip Leader, and then just kind of floated through to day 6 until I busted. Then last years Main Event I never had a great stack or got anything going, just kind of survived until Day 6 and lost a flip there for like 1.

There really is nothing quite like going deep in a big live MTT, one of the best and most exciting feelings there is. Could you tell us more about that experience?

I don't doubt it was me 'raging' like that, as my very bad temper takes control once in a while, but I find it hard to believe that i would say stuff like what you mentioned "ill kick your ass anytime" etc etc Who knows; maybe i was smashed drunk Anyways I do apologize if I acted like an ass, but I honestly don't remember this incident specifically.

PM me the hand history if you could spare the time I'm honestly trying to remember when he's talking about and can't figure it out If I knew your PS name, DeepStacks, then I could come up with the HH via pokertracker, but I'm clueless to the incident otherwise. Though I'm kind of embarassed of what might come up. August 17th, , 7: Originally Posted by F Paulsson. It's not wrong; it's the same thing. Only difference is that the way Chris calculates it, your ROI will show up as "1.

Use whatever way you're more comfortable with. You're being even more of a nit than I usually am. August 17th, , 8: Originally Posted by Welly. SNGs , commonly argued that They seem to be convinced it is definately Found the source of this "statistic" for anyone who's interested: August 17th, , 9: Alon asked for clarification and it is wrong as stated.

It does matter which you use. Objectively, no question about it - doesn't matter what word you would use. And most people have negative ROIs. Come off it, someone asks how you calculate ROI and he's given the wrong formula, and you're trying to shoot me down for giving the right one? August 18th, , I really refuse to be drawn into such a stupid argument, and I'm not trying to 'shoot down' anyone.

All I will say is there's an old saying about there being various ways to skin cats which I feel is appropriate here. I'll take my leave of this thread unless it actually get interesting somehow with my favourite quote! Originally Posted by FPaulsson. Unnecesary spur-of-the-moment comments removed. Show me a worked example bearing this in mind where my formula gives an incorrect answer and I will admit I'm wrong. August 18th, , 3: Really, this is getting silly, can we just agree to disagree?

August 20th, , 3: I'm still confused as to what a good score is so I'd like to know if that is strong or not. Originally Posted by Joe August 22nd, , 6: Originally Posted by joosebuck. August 22nd, , 7: Originally Posted by Jack Daniels. I think Dorkus and Bombjack are just trying to artificially inflate their post counts. Page 1 of 2 Use the arrow to the right to read the next 1 page s.

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Page 1 of 2. Originally Posted by F Paulsson It's not wrong; it's the same thing. Originally Posted by Bombjack Alon asked for clarification and it is wrong as stated.

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