A Guide to Poker in Thailand

This is a major casino area that also has live poker. If you can afford to go do not be shy. Our Friends SUP boards. Order your poker set today! There are chips suppliers, mainly located in Asia.

Online Poker in Thailand

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Their software has a play money version that can be used to get the hang of the game without risking any money. By playing just a few hands it is easy to understand how the game works.

It is also important you understand poker hand rankings. If you work on your game and start beating the smallest stakes consistently you can move up in stakes and keep doing this. Or you might just keep playing for fun treating it like a casino game. Again, Holdem Poker is a fun game that anyone can play even if just for fun or to gamble.

For those looking to get good, you should realise that the tournament version is actually seen by many as a sport. It has a huge following around the world.

There are major high-stakes tournaments that anyone paying the entry fee or winning a seat online can play in. With the major events, the final-tables are aired on television in many countries across the globe. Perhaps only for the reason Thailand has less exposure to poker, not too many Thais play in the big international tournaments. For quite some time all the top Thai money winners at live tournaments were foreigners. One who might pass as Thai is Bangkok resident Mansour Khorramshahi.

He however is of Persian Iranian ethnicity. The fact no Thai national had major success on the tournament circuit changed in March As the game is now starting to catch on here, it is probably only a matter of time before a multi-way race emerges for who is the best Thai national at poker tournaments.

If you have hopes of becoming a great player, or are just looking for some entertainment, playing live poker is a good idea. This will help you get used to it in case you ever win a seat online to a major tournament. This can however not be done in Thailand as we have no casinos or poker rooms here and playing cards are not even legal to own or sell.

For this you will need to travel. If you can afford the expense, Macau is for sure the best destination. This is a Poker Mecca that most every serious poker player eventually travels too. It is also where many of the high stakes televised tournaments take place. If you can afford to go do not be shy. The Wynn even has a school that teaches the basics of the game. Macau is friendly for players of most stakes.

The hotel rooms are however expensive, but taxi costs are reasonable enough if finding a budget hotel and AirAsia often has reasonable priced flights.

Note that the price differences by dates can often be huge. Apparently, they bet on just about anything, including illegal cock fights, kickboxing matches, and even the trivial details of government ceremonies. There are said to be many, many illegal underground casinos in the country. But for my purposes, the order is null and void, as the chips would never make it past customs and would likely be destroyed. Sadly, there will not be a chip set of Key Wests in Bangkok.

This leads me to wonder: Do we have any members on PCF hailing from Thailand? Has anyone here visited? Did you see or hear about gambling there, or even take part? Joined Oct 28, Messages 9, Likes 10, Joined Dec 9, Messages 5, Likes 6, Location here and there. I've been many times. Yes, I hear that there is huge gambling including the events you described It would be cool if they had special chips there Never play billiards for money with a bar girl no matter how good you think you are.

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