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Ringers efficient at this won't even care if you're looking because they can make the switch right under your eyes. And of course the backs of the switched-in deck of cards are identical to the backs of the one switched out. Not unless he's got a laptop on the table!

If you notice Russ Hamilton sitting next to you at the poker table, or at any seat at the poker table, or even simply inside the brick and mortar poker room, there is no need to worry. Hamilton may have also been a brick and mortar poker cheat before his infamy as an online poker cheat at UltimateBet. Hamilton already has millions stashed away from his Ultimate Bet booty. He plays poker in cardrooms now strictly because he loves poker and has nothing else to do.

While playing craps, you might be unwittingly losing money not to the casino but to fellow opportunistic players at the table. As craps is by far the most complicated table game in casinos, with all its lay, take and proposition bets, it's very easy to get confused and not realize when your bets actually win. The most glaring example of this in when the come bet wins when the dice "seven out.

What they forget is that the come bets they had just made before the roll have won. These winning bets left on the layout by players leaving the table are called "sleepers" because they are left their to sleep until someone picks them up. That someone is usually a professional casino cheater working the crap tables for that exact occasion. It is very low risk for them becuase casino bosses do not watch to see who picks up which winning bets.

Remember, a come bet is the exact same bet as a pass line bet. The only difference is it's made after the come-out roll when a point has been established, and can be made any time between the come-out roll and the eventual seven-out.

The come-out roll is the roll after a pass line winner or loser. Bill is as full of the wind as they come. To see why click here. You might simply assume that the best shift to cheat live casinos is the swing shift because that's simply the busiest shift for casinos. While that is indeed true it doesn't always mean that professional casino cheat teams prefer to work the swing shift as a priority.

Although it is usually best for cheat teams to work busy casinos simply to blend in better and camouflage their cheat moves, sometimes the busy casinos prove burdensome for organized cheat teams, especially when they consist of three or four members working to do the moves.

They may find it nearly impossible to secure their places at the tables. Other slower times such as the graveyard shift offer cheat teams a more relaxed atmosphere where pit personnel and dealers are friendlier and less on-guard for cheating. When moves are very strong and don't require more than one or two team members to pull them off, the graveyard can be the ideal shift. If you have to get the hell out of "Dodge" on the quick and bolt across the casino, you are going to stick out like a sore thumb and have a heck of a time getting away!

Unless you are top-shelf casino team that can figure out a way to make casinos disbelieve what their RFID monitors on the tables are telling them, you best avoid working these casinos. However, if you are ingenious enough to accomplish what I just said, then you can kick their asses How do you do that? You've got to use psychology to set them up.

Well, how do you do that? That, my friends, is VERY valuable information! Can wearing sunglasses help a poker cheat? Well, if you ask Daniel Negreanu, he'll tell you that poker players wearing sunglasses is outright cheating.

But does wearing sunglasses really help a poker cheat? You bet, especially if he is part of a collusion team. However, since all players are permitted to wear sunglasses, I don't see this as poker cheating. See my blog entry for more about this. Protect yourself against these scams where you get seemingly legitimate emails from a popular online company, such as eBay, PayPal or Neteller, that ask you to follow a link and enter your account information.

There are a wide variety of excuses used in these false emails to get you to click the links within them. However, these links will bring you to a false website which looks just like the real one. And once you give them your personal information, they will wipe out your accounts! Remember that true professional sites like eBay and PayPal will never request information in this manner.

If you ever receive an email from one of these "companies," simply forward the email to the real company that supposedly sent it, expressing your concerns and hopes that they will investigate it. NEVER click on the link as it may also contain a virus!

Did you ever get a chat box message like this? It starts out with a player asking you to do a favor and trade money with him from one site to another. You decide to help out and the transaction goes smoothly… until your account and funds are suspended for being involved in money laundering!!! The innocent player who now has the laundered money in their account is left in a mess of trouble, while the crook simply cashes out of the other site.

The scammer starts with a small amount and gets dozens of people involved. He'll gain your trust by sending the promised money back promptly the next day, chatting with you, and becoming buddies. But once he has many people involved, he starts asking for a little more cash while still promising high returns. Then you can kiss that grand goodbye! Beware of the old Ponzi scam. Well, more than training your face to reveal nothing, avoid eye contact with people whom you're trying to deceive, as your eyes are the biggest giveaway.

But when you have to look 'em in the eye, best is to exaggerate the look. By this I mean stare at the person direct and hard, to the point that he or she ends up breaking the eye contact first. This look on your face and in your eyes lends to credibility and trustowrthyness while you're pulling down their pants!

Ever seen this type of promise on a Google tag line? Can you really make serious money cheating at online poker? Well, you certainly can, but NOT from anything you're gonna get from these bogus sites. They're all full of crap, so don't get hooked! Don't think for a second that whenever you see blackjack being dealt from a card shoe you're in a legit game.

Although finding a cheater's shoe in a legitimate casino is extremely rare, I have seen them on blackjack tables in many "semi" legitimate casinos. Be careful when playing at so called "casino nights" or other chartiable events. Sometimes the people running these games are more in business for themselves than donating your losses to charity.

Gaffed shoes allow the dealer to perform many tricks, including holding out the top card and dealing seconds just as skilled card mechanics do from handheld decks. I would say edge-sorting--but only when the edge-sorters somehow alter the dealing of the game, which in that case would be cheating. In the old days of Las Vegas, casinos generally did not share information about cheats plying their crafts inside their casinos for various reasons, two of which may have been that they didn't want to be embarrassed by being a victim or kind of liked when other casinos were the victims.

Today, however, that has completely changed. Casinos everywhere across the world communicate and update each other on organized cheating scams and exchange digital photos of the cheats and advantage players entering their properties. That is somewhat in dispute. Believe it or not, some do. Only in unlicensed and illegal games. Although there was a Poker Analyzer cheating incident in a supposedly aboveboard casino in Scotland, this is a very rare event. No doubt about it He's playing blackjack, of course.

But is he still counting cards? Because that's where the money is. But it depends on one thing? I bet you can guess it Makes sense, doesn't it?

Right up there with the best of 'em! I just found out! Two ways to look at it. They seem to be equally good at hacking into slot machines as they are at hacking into worldwide elections! But beware of the Bulgarian slot-cheat teams.

They are very good as well. That casinos in Las Vegas certainly need to do more in order to protect their patrons. Casino executives need to consider the people inside their casinos at least as important as the profit margins generated by their gaming operations. Note that I didn't say "more than.

I have just opened up my poker and casino-cheating blog to guest posts from casino personnel who either work or have worked in the trenches of the casino green-felt jungle. I posted the first guest artilce today! It is a doozy! I think you all already know the delicate balance that is the response to that question.

Well, it may be waning a bit in baccarat, but the ol' false-shuffle scam is certainly alive and well in poker! In a short answer: No Just like the reality that no matter how hard we try to predict who might blow up a building or train station, we will never be able to predict who might shoot up a casino--no matter how angry or depressed that person may seem at a blackjack table losing their money. Because it's still very active despite casinos worldwide having knowledge of exactly how the scam works.

You can say it's somewhat like the Russians meddling in Western elections. We all know they're doing it except maybe the American president yet we can't stop them from doing it over and over again. Why roulette of course! I believe it has. People in poor financial situations tend to get depressed as Christmas time nears, especially if they have no money to buy their loved ones gifts.

So some of these people who live near casinos rob them out of desperation. Some get away with it and end up having a merry Christmas while others end up throwing their entire lives away on what should be happy times. It certainly is making its fair claim! Petersberg have had their share of cheating incidents and scandals the past few years, some of which include Ponzi schemes and even tournaments where the prize money never even got distributed. I do think so. Read more about Cryptocurrency here.

They're so damn easy for casinos to stop. Read it and you might not believe it! I don't think any casino will ever quite rival Singapore's Marina Bay Sands as far as cheating goes, but I do think the new Wynn Boston Harbor Casino will be hit hard by casino cheats when it opens in It will be a giant casino with lots of action and high-rollers, just perfect for professional casino-cheat teams. And it is happening elsewhere--in all types of online poker games.

So keep your hand-tracking software going and be alert! Whatever court makes the final decision, it is very unlikely that Ivey and Sun will get to keep their baccarat-cheat winnings. To the best of my knowledge, the last time a Nevada casino was actually closed down for cheating its clientel was in A dealer was found with five sets of mis-spotted dice tucked in his apron.

In , the Silver Slipper casino on the Las Vegas Strip was shut down on similar dice-cheating charges. Dealers do not properly case their layouts Yes, but Cambodia is catching up fast!

There is one now! That title belongs to Eliot Jacobson. Because casino craps personnel practically invite the dice-sliders to their tables. They don't enforce the simple rule that both dice have to tumble and not slide, and both must hit the back wall and tumble back on the layout naturally. Nothing more to stopping it. Cheating fellow poker players, be it in brick and mortar poker rooms or online, is pretty downright low! There are so many more advantage players than cheats in today's casinos, but the cheats make much bigger scores than the advantage players, albeit with much less frequency of pay-days.

Given the huge scams like Phil Ivey's edge-sorting the baccarat tables vs the constant winning grinds of blackjack and derivative games advantage players, it is really hard to say which group does more damage, so I am going to say that I just don't know Believe it or not, they are actually quite similar.

Like everybody else who has an angle to make serious money, casino cheats sometimes go too far. They don't know when to quit or they don't know how to keep their edge under the radar. Phil Ivey, who perhaps took his edge-sorting baccarat cheat scam too far too quickly, might understand what I'm saying.

A lot of this online casino-cheat and advantage-play information is good and accurate. A lot of it is not. One major online casino-cheat and advantage-play blog that is highly questionable is the blog. I'd say it's Pennsylvania followed by Ohio, both in outside cheat scams and casino employee-engineered cheat scams.

In fact, just this week a 7-year prison sentence was handed down to the mastermind of what was perhaps the biggest counterfeit-chip scam ever.

It's called growing pains. Like all new casino jurisdictions, Pennsylvania casinos and their staffs will go through the casino-cheat attacks and will eventually wise-up to how casino cheats operate.

One is that all the heat is on inside baccarat scams with dealers colluding with players on false-shuffle and other baccarat scams. Another is that craps is a very fast and crowded game when the dice are rolled, so sharp dishonest dealers can find room for quick cheat moves.

And payoffs can be confusing, even for boxmen and floor personnel watching the action. They may be doing more than that! Most of them do, but not all. Everything and nothing, depending on who you ask. With the Phil Ivey Edge-Sorting cases, you can get a dozen completely different arguments supporting that it is either advantage-play or cheating. Generally this is not a good idea. Perhaps one or two percent.

I certainly think so. First off, boxmenless craps tables will see dealers who make mistakes on payoffs not get corrected. Also, dealers who want to partner-up with agents to cheat the casino will have a much easier time doing so. A crooked craps dealer passing off chips to an agent, overpaying and not taking losers can easily get away with all three without a boxman's eyes on his side of the layout.

Cheat scams from the outside would also be easier to pull off. These cheat moves are too easily seen due to lack of player-activity on the physical tables. Well, I guess they have to in order to get casinos to enlist their services.

You bet it is, although casinos are getting more hip to it. What started in Singapore has developed into perhaps the most organized international slot machine cheat scam in casino history. Hundreds, if not thousands, of casinos have been hit in the US and many others have been hit in Europe and Asia. Outside the US, the legality or illegality of dice-sliding is less clear. The recently deceased Robert "Bob" Griffin certainly was the number-one casino-cheat-catcher in his day, and he certainly was a royal pain in my ass!

The high-tech war between casino cheats and surveillance departments inside land-based casinos will continue just as the cyberwar between the US and Russia and China will. But remember that the bulk of effective casino cheating will always be carried out by professional low-tech casino cheats. It's the Super Bowl of casino cheaters! Like all new major casinos in young jurisdictions, the MGM Grand in National Harbor, Maryland is quite vulnerable to professional and amateur casino cheating, but I have heard they are taking pretty good countermeasures to minimize it.

Slot cheating against players by operators, either online or land-based, is virtually nonexistant. The only complaints I have heard about slot integrity are related to false advertising concerning payoff return percentage or bonuses.

This happens infrequently both online and in real casinos. Home poker-game cheating evolves just like public cardroom poker-game cheating. And home-game cheating is always attractive to cheats because there usually is no criminal risk to the cheats. Most of the home-games scams are elementary but from time to time they get sophisticated. I highly doubt it. After all the publicity surrounding Phil Ivey's edge-sorting cases involving tens of millions of dollars taken from casinos worldwide, I think casinos have certainly wised-up to this one!

But you have to put in the work reading, studying and practicing whatever advantage play tactics you're going to use against the casinos. It's still 3-card monte as foreign tourists keep falling for the same old con.

And some Americans fall for it as well! Not as important as accuracy! In fact, you don't have to be that fast when counting the cards. There is plenty of time even when the dealer is speedy. But are these lists any good? Are they really informative? The simple answer is yes You bet they do! They are able to do this when claiming their cheat moves and during their bet-back procedures as they sell the casinos to the sham that they are legitimate high rollers whom the casinos want to see come back to the tables.

Because he keeps getting away with it. Every time he gets caught he gets a temporary ban from the site, but he eventually comes back for more.

What he needs is a harsh penalty, something like forteiting funds in the misrepresented accounts he uses, to finally teach him a lesson.

So is this practice of storing cards right in the baccarat room a bit careless? Yes, in casinos with weak internal controls on examining their playing cards before they are brought to the gaming tables. The poker cheat mastermind who engineered the cheat scam, Christian Lusardi, is now serving five years in prison.

That is a difficult question as the newer ones tend to be at the top of that list, and every month there are new casino-openings. For a long while it has been baccarat with all the digital camera scams tracking the shuffles and deals, but as more and more of these scams hit the baccarat tables, casinos are reacting in their efforts to curb them.

The result is that more high-tech scams are now aimed at slot machines. I always found that there floorpeople were sharp and lots of them were skilled in detecting casino and poker cheats. In fact, back in the day, I considered it a challenge to do my best casino cheat moves in London's casinos. I had a lot of success but it was always hard work! Most do but some don't. In fact, card-marking poker cheats are as popular as ever.

Today's card-makrers have generally gone high-tech and use invisible or disappearing ink and infrared lenses to see the markings. But old-fashioned card-marking methods such as daub and sandpaper are still being used. Picking up sleepers occurs most often on roulette and craps layouts. A long and prosperous cheating career or one huge scam that earns millions, like Phil Ivey's baccarat edge-sorting scam.

Mostly the way legitimate professional poker players do: I used to meditate to prepare myself for a casino bombardment! Only in online casinos Not only have I been getting lots of emails asking me this, I have been getting a bunch promoting it The sharp ones do not. They know how to stay below the radar. By far it's poker collusion at poker and hole-carding at blackjack. Because both are virtually risk-free. Even though casinos and poker rooms consider both methods to be cheating, the courts do not.

This is due to the large crowds and huge action that can be seen throughout the casino world and especially in Las Vegas. I do not want to encourage anyone, but the answer is yes. They tell me it's great stuff! I bet it could! Simply because casinos are depending on it too much. Problem is that more the cameras know less the surveillance staff knows. Depends what you consider major I kinda have mixed feelings about this issue, about which people have been writing me.

His accomplishments as an edge-sorting baccarat cheat are certain worthy of Poker and Casino Cheats Hall of Fame consideration, but in spite of that, he has not spent all that much time as a casino cheat or a poker cheat--at least as much as we know. The truth is that the descriptions of poker cheat and casino cheat moves given on TV documentaries is pretty good, but sometimes the actual film depicting the moves are not.

If chess grandmasters can run into the bathroom during tournaments and dig out their hidden smart phones from toilet paper dispensers like Pacino dug out his hidden gun in the Godfather , we may soon see casino cheats running into casino bathrooms to do the same Not unless you've got some pretty darn good equipment and some brains to go with it.

The window on this type of casino-cheating is evaporating, and it is becoming less and less worthy of the cash. Plus in most major casino-areas it is a felony. You can read more about this in my blog. Well, the jury is out on this one, but they will soon be in! The one thing I can tell you now is that cheating casinos and poker rooms with smart watches will be easier than doing it with smart phones.

Stay tuned to my blog for upcoming articles on this very very interesting subject! No time in the near future. Several are already in development. When I get more info on this, I will pass it along. Yep, you guessed it.. There have been some cases of NFL players trying to cheat in casinos, most while drunk, but on a more serious note, some high-level Russian tennis players have been suspected of being part of poker-collusion cheating rings both in brick and mortar poker rooms and in high-stakes online games.

The problem is the online poker cheats are just as smart and savvy as the experts working for PokerStars security. It only means that those who have the talent to deal seconds and make other cheat-moves have not been at their craft recently. But overall it would be rare. The reason for this is due to the sheer huge numbers of participants in the events, especially the main-event championship. Back in the day when there were only a few hundred, or even a few thousand in the main event, it paid off for the poker-colluding tournament cheat-syndicates to team up against the rest of the field.

But today, even with perfect colluding, it is very difficult to get a player to a final table, no matter how many chip-dumps his colluding-team can manage. Yes, but there function is much more supplying its client casinos with information than actively patrolling casinos looking for cheats like they used to. I am not joking! I could write a book just on that They offered him extremely foolish rebates on his losses as well as other casino-detrimental incentives.

For this to happen again, an almost impossible set of circumstances would have to reoccurr. You can always file a complaint with the gaming commission that governs the particular casino or poker room, however, in most cases they simply back the casino or poker room. Do I believe them? I have not heard about a case of that in years! Heavy shadows can make it impossible to discern chip values and even card values, both of which can hamper casino and poker-cheating investigations.

I have seen this shadow-problem most with poker tables. The overhead camera is often shadowed-out by the low table-lighting above the poker table. I will have much more on this upcoming on my blog page. In fact they do! Even though poker collusion is very difficult to prove, enough circumstantial evidence can convince a judge or jury that collusion did indeed take place.

The key is to obtain surveillance video of the game in question, which would be the equivalent of tracing hand histories in online games. I won it in So I think we will put that one to bed!

Probably not much in the poker tournament area, but player beware in the side cash games! Lots of big time poker collusion will go on. Well, the answer is simple-stupid. That kind of answers the question, right?? Even though your chances of beating Phil Ivey at poker, given his skills as both a top-notch poker player and cheat, he is still not the person I would least want to go up against.

Remember his spying-on-other-teams scandal a few years back? Actually, it could be. If you can convince a jury by explaining how the collusion happened with accompanying visual backup, you can win that case! With the publicity generated by the multiple edge-sorting cheat-attempts some successful for several million bucks by famous poker pro Phil Ivey, you can bet casino playing-card manufacturers are going to clean up their act and start putting out cards whose edges cannot be sorted.

Expect a lot of these high-tech scams in the coming years, mostly in mid-size casino areas outside of Vegas and Atlantic City. I have heard so, though I am not too confident about putting my money into a card-counting operation against CSMs. I will be blogging on the subject shortly. Did you ever hear the saying "Going to the blackjack table one time too many? But without perfect timing, the good hands and agility does not mean much.

Yes, keep it simple stupid. Too many casinos are constantly training their staffs to combat high-tech scams that in reality happen rarely and in only certain type-select casinos. While doing that, they omit training their staffs on the basics of game protection and cheating.

But only very very few actually do it. I have heard two reports of undetectable loaded dice having been used in Detroit casinos. Although I am quite skeptical about this being a reality, I am actively investigating it. My findings will be published in an upcoming article on my blog page. It is the second most important cheating event for both professional poker cheats and professional casino cheats. Check your local listings! We will see high-tech scams in other games such as roulette.

In low stakes games it is virtually zero, the only collusion action being the cheats practicing for the bigger games. And at these levels, the collusion pokoer cheats get the money! Generally no, but when you try to alter the deal of the game to allow yourself the chance to appy edge-sorting, then it is cheating. This is something that changes, but for the past few years it has clearly been baccarat.

Before this we were seeing more false-shuffle scams perfromed by dealers on baccarat tables. If you don't know what I'm referring to, an off-set comp scam is when people try to show fake big action in order to get room and food comps from the casino. This is done on games where two or more players can off-set each other's bets, such as craps and baccarat.

These bets wash unless double-sixes come out on the come-out roll. Same thing in baccarat with the player and the bank bets Casinos will not catch on to this trick when it's done skillfully and not too long at any given table.

Also, make sure there is plenty of action on the table if you do this at. This offset fashion is how my team used to obtain the chips we needed for our cheating moves. Don't always make your opposing bets match exactly. Yes, but it's getting tougher and tougher since Don Johnson beat several Atlantic City casinos out of millions by taking advantage of their blackjack offers to high-rollers. Just spend a little time on this website!

And if you can't find info on what you're looking for, just send me an email. Note as well that if you want to search something on my blog page, it is better to go to Google and search it with what you are looking for in conjunction with richardmarcusbooks. For example, if you want to read about roulette cheating, search Google for: Overall, collusion between poker players is best defended against by legitimate players in the game who pick up on the collusion cheats.

Scams such as card-marking, card-switching and card-mucking are as hard to detect as ever when the poker cheats pulling them off are skilled. Don't be fooled by the poker cheat busts you read about because you don't read about the ones that go on unscathed. I answer that here. Due to the tremendous advances in slot and electronic technology, both the numbers of professional slot cheats and slot scams have decreased dramatically the past decade.

However, the few scams that do still happen are major and usually pulled off with help from casino employees. And I mean bet.

This is because they are generally too preoccupied with following procedure and avoiding mistakes that they overlook the obvious cheating. I don't think so. It's surely a possibility.

One thing I do know is that hacking surveillance cameras serves absolutely no purpose to cheaters. What's the difference between seeing the hands played out live or seeing them played out on video tape?

Exposing the bottom cards of the hands as they raise them over the lip for delivery to the players. Some sloppy dealers flash as many one bottom card per player at the table, which is enough to give advantage players playing this edge on ALL poker derivative carnival games. Its use in the worldwide casino industry has increased during the past five years, but it is still in use in only a small minority of casinos, especially where keeping track of casino chips is concerned.

From a game protection perspective, it is effective against some kinds of casino cheating, mainly pastposting on table layouts, but advanced casino cheats are able to bypass it.

Only in casinos that are not hip to them, which is becoming less and less. In the UK, the casinos are the sharpest against them. I wouldn't say so. There's no need to buy what you can read and learn for free. Unless the cheating poker dealer is making his extra pay stealing chips, he is dumping off both good cards and chips to a confederate playing in your poker game. The dealer usually does this by holding key cards at the top of the deck and dealing seconds until his confederate needs those cards.

The only thing you can do to protect yourself if you are suspicious is to listen closely for that slight raspy sound second cards being dealt always make Or I should say almost make. So if you get caught in a game with a crooked dealer working with his agent, you are really up against it!

Hang in there and try to beat your games on the square. It will probably turn around unless you're just a bad player. And if you're a bad player, you'd probably be a bad cheat as well! Depends who's offering them. I don't want to mention any names, but there is one guy out there bombarding everyone with his table games workshops, which, in my opinion, are highly repetitive and exaggerated. You should be very selective in spending your casino's money on game protection seminars, table games workshops, etc.

The means is marking the cards rather than the more-often seen switching cards. Usually not, but in some cases yes. Prior to the start of the season , St Kilda progressed to the Ansett Australia Cup final in which they were defeated by North Melbourne.

St Kilda made their best start to a season since by winning five out of six matches by Round 6. At the half-way mark of the season, St Kilda had jumped to top spot on the ladder in Round 14 with eleven wins and three losses after defeating the Western Bulldogs in a top of the ladder clash at Waverley Park and were tipped as warm favourites for the premiership.

However, the team's performance dramatically faded after going from second place in Round 17 to sixth at the home and away games conclusion in Round After qualifying for the finals in consecutive seasons, St Kilda were defeated narrowly by Sydney in the qualifying finals and then eliminated comprehensively by Melbourne in the semi-finals.

Consolation for the team's performance that year was Robert Harvey becoming the second St Kilda player in history to become a dual Brownlow Medalist after winning the Brownlow Medal with 32 votes, the highest ever votes at the time. St Kilda made a good start to the premiership season after progressing to the top four in Round Their form, however, then faded and by the season's end conclusion they would finish 10th on the ladder.

St Kilda's final home game for premiership points at Waverley Park was the Round 20 match on 14 August , a point loss to North Melbourne which ended their chance at a third consecutive finals campaign in a row since In , St Kilda moved to a new playing home at Docklands Stadium currently known by its sponsorship name as Etihad Stadium whilst maintaining the club's training and administration headquarters at Moorabbin.

The Saints struggled in the early part of this decade, winning only two matches and drawing one to finish with the wooden spoon in They did not fare well in or either, finishing second-last in both seasons; the time spent at the bottom allowed St Kilda to recruit players such as Justin Koschitzke , Nick Riewoldt , Nick Dal Santo and Brendon Goddard , who were mainstays of the team over the following decade.

The season saw a much improved Saints outfit, finishing 11th at the season's end. They scored a notable five-point victory over the eventual three-time premiers Brisbane in Round St Kilda had wins over Adelaide in the round of 16, [23] Richmond in the quarter-finals, [24] Essendon in the semi-finals [25] and defeating Geelong in the final — 1. The AFL season saw the team win a then club record of 10 consecutive matches from round 1 to round A consistent and competitive season saw St Kilda qualify third at the end of the home and away rounds and qualify for the finals series with 16 wins and 6 losses.

Fraser Gehrig won the Coleman Medal for leading goalkicker in the home and away season, the fifth St Kilda player to win the league's leading goalkicker award.

His tally of goals in including finals matches was the fifth year a St Kilda player had kicked more than goals in a season. St Kilda were defeated by Brisbane in the qualifying finals, [28] defeated Sydney in the semi-finals [29] and were eliminated by the eventual premiers, Port Adelaide , in the preliminary final. In a consistent and competitive AFL season , the Saints finished the home and away rounds in the top four in fourth position, qualifying for the finals series with 14 wins and 8 losses.

Fraser Gehrig won the Coleman Medal for leading goalkicker in the home and away season, the second St Kilda player to win the league's leading goalkicker award twice and the first have consecutive wins. St Kilda defeated the minor premiers, Adelaide, in a qualifying final in Adelaide. They were eliminated by the eventual premiers, Sydney, in the preliminary finals two weeks later. A competitive AFL season with 14 wins and 8 losses saw the club finish in sixth position at the end of the home and away rounds and qualify for a third successive finals series.

St Kilda were eliminated by Melbourne in the elimination finals. In Round 7, against Geelong at Docklands Stadium, Robert Harvey broke the all-time games record for St Kilda until then held by Nathan Burke when he played in his th premiership season match. In a competitive AFL season St Kilda again qualified for the finals series, a point win over Essendon in the final home and away round saw the club take fourth position for the finals series with 13 wins. St Kilda won the first 19 games of the season, breaking the club record of 10 successive wins which was set in the first 10 games of the season.

The winning streak was brought to end by Essendon in Round 20 when they defeated the Saints by two points. An after-the-siren shot at goal which would have won the game for St Kilda was missed by Nick Riewoldt. In Round 14, on 5 July, St Kilda played the premiership favourites Geelong, a club they had not beaten since Both teams were undefeated prior to the round 14 clash. St Kilda defeated Geelong by six points. The game was sold out two weeks in advance, [46] causing a change in timeslot moving from 2.

St Kilda went on to qualify for the AFL finals series in first position, winning a third minor premiership and second McClelland Trophy with 20 wins and 2 losses — the best home and away record in the club's history and one of the most dominant home and away seasons ever in AFL history. St Kilda defeated Collingwood in the qualifying finals [47] and went on to qualify for the AFL Grand Final by defeating the Western Bulldogs in the preliminary final.

St Kilda were defeated by Geelong in the grand final by 12 points. Ross Lyon signed a three-year extension to his coaching contract until the end of the season. St Kilda reached the final of the NAB Cup competition with wins over Collingwood in the first round, [51] Sydney in the quarter finals [52] and Fremantle in the semi-finals.

The Saints qualified for the AFL finals in third position with a home and away record of 15 wins, one draw and six losses, the fourth best home and away season record in the club's history. The Saints achieved a new record membership for a season over 40, for the first time , new record home total attendance of ,, new record home average attendance for a season, new record total attendance for all matches in a season of 1,, — and averaged 76, for all matches at the MCG in — more than any other team.

St Kilda reached the semi finals of the restructured NAB Cup competition with a win over Brisbane and a draw with Essendon in the pool games in Round 1 [62] [63] then a win over Geelong in the quarter finals [64] before losing to Essendon in the semi-finals. The Saints opened their premiership campaign on 25 March , losing to the Geelong Cats by one point. St Kilda played in an elimination final in Week 1 of the finals against Sydney at Docklands Stadium, losing by 25 points.

Under their new coach the Saints started the year with some improvement on , winning three of their first five games, including a point win against the Gold Coast Suns. The match was held in Wellington, New Zealand on 25 April Anzac Day , the day each year on which both Australia and New Zealand commemorate the soldiers from both countries who have fought in conflicts around the world.

The match was played in frigid and slippery conditions. The Saints lost the match by 16 points. The Saints won by 71 points. St Kilda won five matches for the year and finished 16th on the ladder. On 1 November, senior coach Scott Watters was sacked. On 14 November, former Port Adelaide director of coaching Alan Richardson was announced as new senior coach for the next three years.

In the off-season, the Saints trading negotiations resulted in the arrival of Shane Savage , Luke Delaney , Josh Bruce and Billy Longer , while also picking up draft picks 3, 18 and 19, which were used to take Jack Billings , Luke Dunstan and Blake Acres respectively. St Kilda began under new coach Richardson with a point win over favourites Melbourne. They followed this with a win over the GWS Giants to start the season for the first time since After a close loss to West Coast and a heavy defeat to Adelaide, the Saints managed to upset top eight favourites Essendon by 16 points.

Following this, the Saints lost the next 11 games, including losses by over 80 points to Hawthorn, Collingwood, Geelong and Carlton. On 15 July, Lenny Hayes announced that he would retire at the end of the season.

The following weekend, the Saints beat Fremantle by 58 points at Etihad Stadium in the upset of the season. The Saints then lost the remaining five games to end the season with 4 wins and 18 losses as well as their first wooden spoon since In , the club still struggled to compete with the higher echelons of the competition, however, the team still showed its potential with an eleven-goal comeback against the Western Bulldogs a particular highlight, as well as the emergence of key forward Josh Bruce , who finished the year with 50 goals.

In , St Kilda once again challenged for a spot in the top 8, highlighted by their Round 16 victory over eventual premiers Richmond, in which they recorded an point margin at half time, leading However, after a mid season dip in form which saw them lose three games in a row by over six goals to the Sydney Swans 50 points , the Western Bulldogs 40 points and the Adelaide Crows 57 points , coupled with late season losses to Melbourne and Richmond, St Kilda's finals chances were dismissed, eventually leading to the Saints finishing the season at 11th place on the ladder with 11 wins and 11 losses.

The original colours of the St Kilda Football Club are red, white and black. In the club's early years, from to , the players wore a thinly striped red, white and black jumper; the stripes were later widened. In , St Kilda changed its colours to red, yellow and black, to avoid playing in the colours of the German Empire's flag during a war against that country; [72] in honour of allied power Belgium, they played in its flag colours for the remainder of the First World War.

The St Kilda Football Club Crest first appeared officially on the jumper in approximately after existing at the club for quite some time beforehand in basic design form. In the Saints' jumper took on a "vest" style of the three stripes; red, white and black on the front with the club crest, and a plain black back with white numbers — which is used today. The most common variation on that basic design through the years has been the ribbing area around the sleeves and neck having various alternative designs.

For a period from to , a stylised jumper based on the club crest itself was worn. The St Kilda jumper has three vertical stripes of red, white and black on the front with the club crest a plain black back with white ribbing and numbers. The clash jumper is very distinct from the home jumper, bearing red, white and black vertical stripes with a white back. The clubs current apparel partner is X Blades. The club has used many logos since it was formed in for promotional and merchandise purposes.

The league did not use official club logos until approximately the s. Prior to the s logos were generally created by clubs and in some cases outside companies for sales of merchandise but were in no way official or registered trademarks in some cases.

In the past all the club logos were printed in the same basic design frame in the form of a badge or shield shape and had each clubs individual colours, name and design in them. St Kilda used several different logos, including some featuring the stick figure in the s and s. Shortly after the league officially changed its name to the AFL prior to the start of the premiership season, the club used a logo with a red white and black vertically striped design with the goal and behind posts on it, with a stick figure attempting a mark on it with a halo above its head, with the league logo and the club crest on top of either behind post.

A logo change before the start of the season saw the club make the decision to use the official club crest — which has been on the club jumper since it was first designed in the s and was already an officially registered trade mark of the club — as the club's official logo in the league.

The crest is an iconic feature of the club's jumper — a well-known and recognisable symbol of the club. The crest also includes the club's motto, Fortius Quo Fidelius , which is usually translated as "Strength through loyalty".

As with the nickname "Saints" the club crest has no religious associations. The song was recorded with all copyright and royalty agreements in place and the AFL has permission to broadcast it publicly at each St Kilda match. When the club moved to Moorabbin Oval a popular chant called "We are the Saints" was sung by supporters. We will make stops along the way, with the first being the famous Hearst Castle which is now a historic house museum and a California State Park.

With a personal collection of ancient art, sculptures, furniture, relics and more, William Randolph Hearst amassed a collection that still rivals museums today. He used almost every square inch of the hilltop California estate to showcase it all.

After our tour, we will enjoy an included lunch at a nearby restaurant. The best reason to stop at this turnout is the chance to see some very big, very bizarre creatures. Elephant Seals hang out at this beach and along the California coastline from December through March. Rise and shine to a wonderful breakfast before boarding the motorcoach as we head on over to Monterey Bay Aquarium; one of the most outstanding aquariums around!

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After touring the complex you can enjoy lunch on your own with some time to roam around or do some shopping at the mall directly across the street.

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