CNC Prop 46mm, 1. Easy Move Carbon Fiber 45mm x mm battery tray. Graupner K Series 60mm. A guest will not be able to post questions or view pictures and videos. May 26, , Power HD 23kg Water proof servo. New Blackjack 29 lipo connection question.

OffshoreElectrics Stickers Clear Background. Antenna Mounting Bracket for Transom. ABC H-2 44mm 1. AeroMarine collet style couplers. Upgrade bearings - Boca Ceramic Hybrid Bearing.

Dremel EZ Lock Mandrel. Heavy duty 1" Wide Velcro. Swordfish Pro amp - 6s lipo ESC. Octura 3 Blade Propeller. Wide fiberglass battery tray for monos mm long. Fiberglass Battery Tray mm. Carbon-fiber Integrated Brushless esc and servo mount for catamaran.

AeroMarine replacement collet insert. Heavy Duty 2" Wide Velcro. Stainless steel water outlet. Aluminum Large Water Outlet. Etti Adjustable Motor Mount Size. Traxxas Spartan Upgraded Cooling jacket. Water resistant receiver box. Quick Tips Expert Tool Set. Ultimate Startup Tool Set. Based on 2 ratings. Octura Offset Mini Strut System. Linkage Rod Boots Medium. Carbon Fiber Battery Trays. Painted scale driver red. OSE Dual pickup rudder assembly. OSE Dual pickup rudder blade for pursuit.

Graphene Oxide Hard Carbon Cells. Revolectrix Lipo Pack mah: Carbon fiber bare hull. ABC H-5 45mm 1. Leopard X2 Motor. Octura Inline Rudder System. Glass Filled 3 Blade Propeller. Octura 2 Blade Prop. ABC H-6 mm " Propeller. Scotch Extreme 30lb Mounting Tape 1" x 5'. Servo Tape by Great Planes: Retaining Glue Loctite Octura Offset Rudder System.

Linkage Rod Boots Large. OSE Stuffing tube mount with oil fitting. OSE Stuffing tube clamp with oil fitting. Easy Move Fiberglass 45mm x mm battery tray. Easy Move Fiberglass 65mm x mm battery tray. Radio box grommet and boots. Radio box grommet and boots XL. OSE Target outlet with dual discharge ports. Traxxas Spartan Adjustable Turn Fins. TFL T bar stuffing tube mount. Speedmaster Mono Hardware System. Servo Mounting Standard Size.

Duratrax Pit Tech Threadlocker. Easy Move Carbon Fiber 45mm x mm battery tray. Octura 3 Blade. Inline Catamaran Strut and Rudder System. TFL 5" T bar stuffing tube mount. TFL Pursuit Carbon fiber hatch. Rosin Paste Flux, 2 oz. Merc Decal for Outboard. Standard Size Servo Aluminum Mount.

Octura R Plastic - reverse rotation. TFL Adjustable 5" T bar stuffing tube mount. Servo mount for inside transom wall mount. Servo Mount for Mini Size Servo. ABC H mm " Propeller. Stainless Steel Bulkhead Fitting. Etti Magnetic Prop Balancer. Stand Up for Mini Size Servo. Stand Up for Standard Size Servo. Futaba Servo Horn Screw. Leopard Kv Motor. Futaba Double Aluminum Horn Silver 20mm. ABC H 59mm 2.

Water jacket 36 x 45mm long. Adjustable Mount for to Size Motors. Futaba Y Harness 6". Hitec Y Harness 6". ABC H 55mm 2. AeroMarine Titan 29 Hull: Dubro Tru-Spin Prop Balance. Top Flite Prop Balancer. Hobby Wing SeaKing 30 v3. Water jacket 36 x 60mm long. Hobby Wing SeaKing 60 v3. Hobby Wing SeaKing v3. OSE Raider 6s amp Esc with connectors. Based on 3 ratings. AeroMarine Challenger 31 Hull. Octura Boat Propeller Balancer. Water jacket 40 x 50mm long: Cowl locks - Small.

Water jacket 40 x 55mm long: Cowl locks - Large. AeroMarine 33" Mini Jersey Skiff. Hifei High Voltage Capacitor Broad. Water jacket 40 x 70mm long: Zap Adhesives Z-7 De-Bonder 1 oz.

AeroMarine Titan 33 Hull: Deans Ultra Connectors 1 Pair. Deans Ultra Female 4 Pack. AquaCraft Tow Hook Large. Hatch Lift Nut - Small. Fiberglass, Water cooled heavy duty motor mount for 36mm motors. SpeedMaster small inline skeg strut and single pickup rudder assembly.

Hatch Lift Nut - Large. SpeedMaster small inline skeg strut and dual pickup rudder assembly. AeroMarine Avenger 36 Catamaran Hull. Zap a Gap Foam Safe Kicker 2 oz. Esc mount mm x 76mm. Esc mount 60mm x 62mm. Seaking V3 Esc mount. Carbon, Water cooled heavy duty motor mount for 36mm motors. Etti Brushless Navy Race Opto. Carbon fiber, Water cooled heavy duty motor mount for 40mm motors.

New Carbon fiber, heavy duty motor mount for 40mm motors. Flanged Ceramic Hybrid sealed bearing for 4mm shafts 4 x 10 x 4mm. Flanged Ceramic Hybrid sealed bearing for 4mm shafts 4 x 7 x 2. Flanged Ceramic Hybrid sealed bearing for 4mm shafts 4 x 8 x 3mm. Ceramic Hybrid sealed bearing for 4mm shafts 4 x 7 x 2. OSE medium metal Y fitting. High mount fiberglass, Water cooled heavy duty motor mount for 40mm motors. Fully adjustable 36mm diameter motor mount with carbon stands.

Fully adjustable 40mm diameter motor mount with carbon stands. OSE large metal T fitting. OSE large metal Y fitting. CNC Prop 40mm, 1. Multi charge adapter for 18 battery connector types.

Delta Force Mini Sniper Hull. Tactic TTX 3-Channel 2. Originally Posted by jfraleyjr. Mine on my Geico same boat lasted for a heck of a long time. Once it finally went I did stick a Aquacraft cable in and left the shaft and prop to Davey Jones. I'm really getting to hate him. So even though an upgraded flex seems like an unecessary expense, it'll save ya a fortune later down the line. Also, get a shaft saver. A collar with a setscrew to fit around the flex just behind the collet. It'll save your shaft and prop if ya forget to tighten the collet after greasing the shaft.

I use oilers on all my boats so I don't have to remove the shaft at the lake. I only remove it at the shop when cleaning up after a days run. Originally Posted by tlandauer. Yup, no more AQ cable for me. Originally Posted by dre Which OSE one did you buy? Was it this one? Join Date Nov Location ca Posts I just pulled the teflon liner and fitted a cable, changed the collet for a octura one, had to grind a little off the mount but I have not lost a prop due to flex failure,I don't know if your strut has a brass bushing if it has remove it and replace with Teflon bushings.

The prop I like best is a m, one of the best things I done was getting rid of that terrible plastic hatch that smashes too easily for a fiberglass one, but truely the must for this hull is blue print the hull. Socal Fe member, miss gieco castle 1y t, blackjack29 stock,insane FE30 p sport castle 1y t, insane FE30 p spec ul-1 motor t, insane 34"mono neu 1. Scottsdale Model Boaters California: Wave Blasters of Florida Florida: Atlanta Model Boaters Georgia: Mid Michigan Electric Unlimiteds Texas: Classic Thunder Washington State: