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Perhaps it is because of their shorter lives that they strive to achieve as much as they can in the years they are given. Doing everything they can to not make new content, just rehash everything old. In The Beyonders , magic words of the Edomic language disappear from the speaker's brain once spoken. Demon's Souls even has two separate kinds of slots for sorcery and miracles. There are many different forms of magic, the Vancian one being Wizardry. Upgrading it to the Mundane type gives a fixed damage bonus to every attack that it won't lose if it breaks, so if all your stats are fairly high it is very capable of a Death of a Thousand Cuts. There you will find a Mission terminal which grant Bounty Contract Missions tied to the event.

Welcome in Le Royaume des Ombres !

Where are the Gold and Dark Silver tracers? You took the time to make a comment and criticize the author about a year-old post. This list is a great starter tool for rookies and veterans alike. Bookmarked for every future character I create. To be honest I agree with Selterai. I understand that its meant to be for rookies, but in that case please at least admit this is pretty subjective, because there are numerous examples where I totally disagree with your reasoning. It IS a rather old guide now….

By all means, please feel free to post your own insight. The order of weapon ranking is also certainly more of general order, with the lesser used items toward the bottom and the higher ones toward the top, rather than a set-in-stone list.

With all this in mind I think this article has provided a lot of good information collected together to help people looking for build and weapon information as well as a bit of good discussion in the comments on the topic. But make no mistake, this weapon puts the Claymore to shame damage-wise. Butcher Knife- Pretty heavy for an axe.

Hammers tend to out-damage it, but it has more range. Great Scythe- This weapon should be a lot higher on the list.

It out-damages all other DEX weapons except the Murakumo. The overhead chops seem a tad slow at first, but they have a ton of range. It also has wide sweeping attacks quick and powerful enough to take out groups of enemies in one fell swoop. What really makes the Great Scythe stand out from most weapons aside from its astounding range is that the followup combos are ridiculously fast, and allow you to deal enormous amounts of damage without even getting close to the opponent.

All of that plus the bleed damage make it a boss killer. Did I mention the running attacks are also really really good? It cannot, however, be buffed. Murakumo- You need a fairly high 19 STR to 2-hand this weapon. It gets majorly out-classed by the Great Scythe, and it unfortunately cannot benefit from the Leo Ring, unlike most other halberds. Halberd- Quick, powerful thrusting attacks that benefit from the Leo Ring, along with some quick sweeping attacks that work nicely for groups of enemies.

The 2-handed overhead chop is amazing for popping counters with the Leo Ring. It has a better hit box, and might actually be faster than that of the Halberd. But the Halberd is slightly faster when held in 1 hand. Claymore- Pretty much the top-dog greatsword with a versatile move set for dishing out quick damage. Greatsword- Heavier than the Zweihander, and has slow thrusts instead of slames.

But if your timing is right, this weapon can deal some of the highest single-hit damage in the game with the Leo Ring. Lucerne- Shorter range and a little slower than other Halberds. But the attacks are supposedly tricky to parry, and they have a decent hit-box for boss fights. Based on my testing, ONLY the normal attacks are thrusts, despite the description. All that and it only requires 11 STR to 2-hand, making it incredibly efficient.

For that matter, it also makes a great Enchanted weapon… The Scythe is also noteworthy. I like the way the demon weapons look with stone armors. It swings around behind you, and you can easily pivot the followup to face your opponent if they happening to be behind you.

Ultra-greats are known for their stunlocking, but I still prefer the Greataxe so far since it seems slightly quicker, and it consumes less stamina. The main reason I like this weapon is because the 1-handed strong attack is a sideways-sweep that hits behind you, followed by an up-sweep that stuns most enemies and launches other players into the air regardless of poise! The Mace is the strongest of the hammer-type weapons, followed by the Reinforced Club, which has a more limited move-set but also has a bleed effect.

Why do none of the builds give a suggested number of points in Resistance? Is it not useful enough in the long run to be worth investing a few points in? We could have a hyperlink trade agreement between us. Head down the stairs and into the New Londo elevator. Go down from their and go in the tower straight ahead. Up those stairs through the door, go over the bridge and head left. When you get to the stone dragon grab the soul. When you go by the two items, you can grab the sword without waking it if your careful.

You will prob want both so expect to die lol. You can dodge its attack with good timing though, and get away if done correctly. Its useful early on for faith builds. The shield is nice too. Listing Quality weapons under Strength build, and that too at the top, without even mentioning actual strength weapons like Man-Serpent Greatsword or Demon Great Machete?

Thanks for the comment. I updated to include the Demon Great Machete, though my personal opinion was that I greatly disliked the move set and range of those two greatswords. I agree it might seem a little confusing that I listed Zweihander first when it is only a C rated Strength weapon. Plus it has a way better moveset and range.

Yes there are higher damage strength weapons with better stats Demon Great machete would be dmg in the above example , but I was factoring the the moveset into this as well. I did also add a note that it is a loosely ranked list. Currently going for a dex faith glass cannon build, to recap the gameplay for the upcoming remaster. Also, is resistance still useless for me? Some of these even have a direct str counterpart, Manserpent GS is a slightly slower Bastard sword, for example.

M — Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. Speaking generally to address your comment on quality vs strength weapons for a strength build: Another point considered when I made the list is the moveset and feel of each weapon. For example I always hated the feel of using the Manserpent Greatsword.

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This is beyond stupid. This is beyond moronic. Who in the fuck thought this is a good idea. Thanks for the money. If you want the additional cosmetic items, then it was kinda predictable that you would need to actually do something for them, not just retroactively get it without any additional effort. I could finish 2 chars with a lot of effort, but 8? These would have been awesome to add in as achievement rewards or something, but no, lord no, just no. There is absofuckinglutely nothing they could offer that would be good enough for me to grind two more characters all the way to 65 with an event time limit hanging over my head.

Even if I would be willing to, I seriously doubt the comps are worth it. I doubt they will be romancable or have their own sidequests or anything at all other than the a bit of envy from other players. I was thinking of leveling all female characters on another server anyway, so maybe i might beat that dead horse.

To each their own. I honestly cannot see wasting my time for sketchy rewards at best. If they would make some of this retroactive I would consider it. That was fan day at the office and during their tour they took his advice.

BW had no intention of going that route on their own till he spoke up. I had two pieces left, now I have to start from scratch. Like this event, not going to happen. Clearly not an event for you. Completionists an veterans are going to do it for the sake of having another mount or pet or gear. For them powerleveling fast wont be that much of a problem. All those people that already have tons of max level characters will do the event. If they already invested so much time in the game, doing the same repeating stuff, they will do it again for new rewards.

New players will have a clear roadsign what to do in the game and they will most of them achieve atleast the new companon part. Not everyone need to to everything and get legendary level. This is for the most persistent players.

Normal casual players will have another incentive to make one or two more alts to get eternal level. They have enough knowledge of the game for it not having to be a long endevour. There are plenty of people who will do the event.

And legendary level of rewards is not for everyone, but for the most commited players. No matter how many people are complaining here that they are not rewarded better, this even wont be failure. Many players will participate in it and it will be a success enough. Again, you are wrong.

And yet many of those people will still go and do the event. You may be not, but others will. The eternal level is for everyone and this is the main part of the whole event. And most people will do it. The legendary level is for hardcore completionists and most of them will do it. If you already invested a lot of time and effort into something, you are more inclined to invest even more, even if you are not completely pleased with the outcome.

Like this was the main requirement for the event and you get nothing if you wont do that. They look only for the most hardcore completionist reward and saying like it is a must. You may be right. Yes, some people will go for it even after a negative first reaction. I play a computer game for fun. A challenge, yes, but a fun challenge.

I can endure some grinding, hell even some seriously boring grinding… But this… This is beyond that. None of them will be pissing away time on this garbage. Defend BW all you want. Cash shops, extortionate pricing, half-arsed content delivery- this makes everything else look downright reasonable. I hope the team feels embarrassed and ashamed that this is their grand idea of a special event for the 5th year anniversary.

Whoever thought punishing the playerbase as an anniversary reward was the way to go needs to be sacked. I bet even you tomorrow wont be feeling as negative emotions about it like you feel now. Some, but most will ignore it. Are there different types of players?

Ofcourse there are different types of players. This event is aimed for many of them and many players will participate in it with zeal. I explained it more in nother post. However I do hope that people continue to bash them and criticize them because this is absolute bullshit. I consider myself an average player and i have spent quite a lot of my gaming time in SWTOR and i have 3 characters leveled to max. And for people who are completionists, they will be powerleveling their chars again to get that additional mount or title or piece of gear.

Anytime you see a golden sea monkey icon besides their name means that player has all 8 classes to story end. There are TONS of people that have done the 8 classes already, I meself have 24 toons, I know people that are at max cap.

This is a good idea only for those fairly recent to the game, I CANNOT for the life of me think that anybody that is a Legendary player looking forward to this. If this is how they think to keep veteran players they ought to share what the hell they are smoking so the rest of us can be happy about this as well.

Time and time again they shit on long time players. Those are waiting for some kind of Endgame content to be released, but these guys think only about recycling old stuff. Sure, I get that for those new or relatively new to the game this is a blast. I know people that have 40 plus characters… Are you fucking kidding me??? It feels like the loyal players are getting punished just for the sake of new player appeal, which causes loyal players to leave. Why not reward the loyal players for being here so long?

I mean, I suppose the rewards do you look interesting indeed, and they are trying to introduce content that does not get much traffic. Pffft this should be easy guys. A half hour of story per month it is BW.

I just put together a video analyzing this! Feel free to comment and let me know how you feel about the new event! Should be all fixed up now. Thanks again for the heads-up… man, you try to put a little music in the background, and you get banned from countries! Now I have to re-roll at least half of them? Fuck it, not going to do that. The alternative is starting fresh in another server, or just moving 1 toon to get all my previous unlocks, right? Not gonna bother for the Legendary one.

It would take 10 times more time than the first 5 combined. They could just have a totally new set of missions and material, instead of that crap.

Yeah, I had a music track in the background for atmosphere that was from SW: I expected it to be lame but wow. This is whole new level of desperate. Every HM FP, that is too much grind.

But all 8 classes to 50 in what is going to be a month event? Hopefully they are forced to remove that or at least make that specific achievement count your existing characters because that is just ridiculous.

Its like their only solution for people being starved for content is forcing us to level more toons. All toons get rewarded, but not all toons can participate. Looks like 1 toon start to finish will unlock most of the stuff with extremely dedicated players receiving the last tier. I have 39 characters on my primary server… I could do all of this on some other server, but would not have much use for the BoP or legacy based rewards on other servers. I could use my final slot to create and delete characters to get it all done on my primary server..

I figured maybe I could get myself to delete one existing character.. So, in other words for longtime players they want you to re-do everything essentially in their game if you want these rewards…wow….

I am in tears of joy. Bioware truly loves me. I swear since nothing new was dropping this summer my brothers and I decided that we were gonna replay 1 Imp and 1 Rep. So now we just have to wait til the weekend of the 4th and we can get all these new rewards as we play. Although no way am I planning on trying for that last tier. Definitely seems aimed at new players, or lucky old players. So old players would have to relevel new characters of EACH class both light and dark side to at least 50 on top of that complete ALL ingame activities including flashpoints many operation bosses and events.

If you miss one event its over all the hard work is gone if you aim for highest rewards. Ouch i dont even know where to begin to say that this is not going to happen…. I wrote out a well thought paragraph for my opinion. And somehow, someway it was detected as spam and deleted FML. Way to reward people like me that have been playing since launch.

But no way in Hell am I leveling 8 toons again. Urge to unsub rising. I feel your pain, man. I just talked about that on my YouTube vid… I have 30 toons, so having to grind up another one feels pretty hurtful from BioWare.

This event would be much better if they turned off Sprint until level 15 for DvL characters, brought back the crate box loop on Ilum, and required a win of every on-rails space mission. I applaud this guy right here.

He can keep a sense of humor about this. So let me get this right, people who have been playing for 5 years have to level yet another toon, from scratch and basically start all over. Not just one toon but all 8. Look at how fun that will be. Wait to make the game LESS of a grind, lmfao. This sounds like ridiculously tedious nonsense just get some mediocre cosmetic rewards.

Thats all it is. Do really old content and achievements you most likely already have. Thats the new event. Do old content and get some cosmetic rewards. This just seems like such a wasted opportunity to do something NEW ingame, rather than make us run the same treadmill yet again.

A Light and Dark Side artifact hunt across many worlds, encounters with ancient Jedi and Sith spirits, never-before-seen locations on Tython and Korriban… I can think of a hundred different ways to have made this something more people would be enthused about. I could still see them doing a part 2 later. I would only expect a new daily area on Yavin or Odessan and needing a sub to unlock.

Although I would only expect this if Season 2 is delayed or season 1 was not profitable enough come August and they need a quick cash grab. Even better is that you can follow BW example and reuse the image and sell it to a politico during the upcoming US presidential election.

So basically, you have to replay the whole game again on a brand new character to participate in this? I am tempted to do it as I still have a class to complete to level through all the classes but it seems a bit of a heavy handed requirement. I really like those new weapon tunings, too bad all we get is a chance to get them, rather than getting one guaranteed if you reach the highest event level. Can anyone tell me when the next gree, bounty contract and rakghoul events are? Also, does anyone know when this ends?

I know I know, at this point asking for ops is more of a joke than an actual request, not expecting anything anytime soon. End game now consists of throwing a snowball at someone in December on the fleet in order to get a reward you already paid cash for.

My brother has been banned already and the post deleted. Exactly, was going to say that but you beat me to it lol… They get you banned in swtor. I would have three questions for Musco after hearing about this and reading about all this nonsense that they want us to do again: In a sense yea but the scope of it for people what have been in the game is a bit over the top. Redo all the crafting professions time and cost there is just WTF added to the classes , 2 of those classes have to reach level 65 and do damn near all the story only skipping makeb.

Forget the past 5 years and do a bulk of it again because why the hell not. What we get will depend on global count of all the players worldwide. Are you kidding me? And the HM FPs! Some of them are literally broken! This is not going to be a fun event, this is going to be torture. Yes, spend hours levelling a toon and then delete it as soon as you are done.

Amazing event and great suggestion put forth by Eric Musco. The idea of levelling 8 toons should be to play them, not waste your life grinding away only to delete them as soon as they ding Am I the only one that thinks that idea is dumb?

He may as well add the uninstall button to the sentence as well. To reach lv 50 and delete a toon is unthinkable for me. I was already convinced that EAware is focusing on gaining new players over keeping current players and I left a while ago.

This is just funny though: I was going to comment the exact same thing. And most definitely, not gonna do 8 more characters. Will we need to level multiple characters in order to complete all the flashpoints, since some are faction restricted?

And will we need to level 8 different characters for the legacy challenge? Fuck my life… Who thought this would be a good idea?

Just go for eternal rewards. So basically, the Light vs Dark Event is as follows: Create and level and get up to the maximum possible achievement on eight different characters. But… my god, did they actually think this was going to be interesting to people? So that said, it is aimed for new players and pointing them and encouraging to experience different aspects of the game. It is aimed for casual players that have only few characters, to create another alts to fill the stories they havent played.

It is aimed for veteran players who will do it for the new companions, mounts, pets and the like. A bunch of people is complaining about it, but people are always complaining about games and some aspects of them, especially if they feel they are not rewarded enough. But despite that i predict that this event will still be a success enough for swtor. I can agree that there usually is a bunch of people complaining.

This blew up over the day an already had comments. Ive made it thus far an you are the third semi positive comment. Why are people saying that eight new characters need to be created? Thank you for the replies, I was hoping it was a mistake. No one is going to do that, new player or old. I gotta say BW makes one hell of an infomercial. Because many people are thinking only of the highest level of rewards, that requires, among other things, new characters for all the stories leveled through The thing that so many people here who are complaining are still thinking only like a completionists, make me thing that they are still going to playthrough it just to get that fw new rewards for them, despite their complaints.

Having just reread the thing I think that there will be a checklist. I think that each of the tiers will have information within them. Move along people, nothing to see here! Legendary players will cringe at this. I have no char slots, what am I supposed to do to achieve this crap as if? Play on another server where I have no guilds or friends? Shelve some more money on Character Slots? New players will have to rush through content to achieve this!

No more enjoying the story for you guys, just rush through everything in time to get the rewards. What about Epic storytelling? Out the window for the Summer I see…. Please, someone must be accountable for this…. Im not saying they good, i mean once bioware were nice company, they created mass effect But there many people quit, so now its only old name.

No this idea is quite old now. Basically it encourages replay by giving veterans and novices new rewards. Usually the events would not be this encompassing.

I guess it would be more common for the base game, then each expansion seperately. Ill have to make a new twitch account cause bioware is anti squelching. Except when you ask for new ops. Then they squelch you. Well I have been playing this game since release, I have no room for a new character let alone 8, I have legendary status, and now I Have to start all over on all 8 classes?

It would not, has to be character created after the 28th, all characters created before that date, is ineligible. So this is an event… that forces you to replay old content. This really is a punch in the gut to me, since I already have multiples of each class, and have done the story on all of them. I have seen what every choice does to the story. I have played enough PvP to get lots of PvP achievements. There is no area of this game I have overlooked.

What the fuck is this? Yep hence so many veterans are raging, a lot of people are pissed off by this decision to make it new characters only, I can understand the dark vs light decisions, because that would be extremely hard to track now, but people that have already done all this shite should have it completed in my very own unbiased opinion.

Well, adding all my guildies on steam is gonna take a while. I just hope that when the game is in fire that someone finds a way to play it singleplayer. Is it a grind? You only need 2 toons for that one…. Even better, it does not look like you have to do them in any order. Def for people who play this game constantly. There are people who actually LIKE going through all of that. Which is fine to me.

My only real question is will we have to do a recruitment mission at the end of the event for the comps not that i mind. Yes, the Chiss Jedi looks good. But i think having a Darth as a companion is just as awesome. Which makes sense considering that the achievements are bound to Legacy. All i have to do is hope that the lightside choices are the same as the last 6 months 59 percent, game wide.

All KotFE has been is rehash except for the single player story, Which imo is the worst story so far in swtor. Black Desert is grindy because there is no lvl hard cap, so some people want to push themselves way higher than everyone else. If you go to the soft caps where probably the majority are its not that bad. It also has the best combat system of an mmo to date. The game also has alot of things for people that like to focus on other stuff, like capturing horses mounts and breeding them, etc.

There are world bosses that need alot of work but thats about it. They are just now implementing the pvp part of the game, Guild vs Guild siege wars. I tried to get back into WoW a few months ago but they dumbed down the game way too much for my liking.

Seems like they wanted to make it playable for 8 yr olds or something. Seems they dont like to acknowledge their errors, for example mass effect 3 ending still great as they think. Personally me think its not that bad, but could be much better. This is utterly ridiculous.

What kind of nonsense is this? STO last year had the Delta Recruit event. Yes, you had to make a Delta Recruit to participate…but in addition to the rewards for your new Delta Recruit, you got a bunch of really nice rewards for your established characters. It makes an event like that much more enticing to someone that has been around the block and back again 42 times.

Bioware clearly has a crack problem, and they need to get themselves into rehab like yesterday. I will not participate in this event. If this is what their big plan is, constant rehashing of the existing content over and over and over and over again….

No need to stick around, much less keep paying, for the same old stuff. I get it, got the message and will oblige. The only means to send a signal and save yourself the annoyance is acting with your wallet. I mean do they give you both comps or do they let you choose? Since neutrality is a thing they should have some middle ground or did biofail not take that into consideration?

My understanding is the DS vs LS tally determines what companion you get, not your own personal alignment. So if your faction, on your server, scores Light…. The achievement is gained when you reach Dark V or Light V. So if you can make a character go aaaaaall the way to Dark V, then do enough missions to go to Light V…. We have almost ZERO force sensitive male companions 2. More light-saber females 6 already. All guys seem to be secret agents or ex generals with a hon solo vibe, blasters and whit, while the females get the force sensitive dangerous beauty construct.

Really boring templates overused. They killed the only force male marr they need some diversity already. I really expected the darkside light side companion to be male. Please let this be the end. The 3 dev monkeys working on this game seem like they are actually trying to sabotage their own shambles of an MMO. Because frankly anyone could. I thought about that earlier when I was reading through the forums.

I mean legacy has more then a few bugs what is all this doubling up of achievements you already have going to introduce? I actually think that the first 5 levels of rewards are ok. The Legendary Victor requirements are ridiculous. Actually to get that high you have to do it twice. Once on each side and to 65 as well. Female Force-user companions again? I would say that Vector is force sensitive at least and he does use willpower.

How could you forget Scourge?! And yes, they have basically a female, slim, human or human-looking female companion for almost every companion for obvious guy-pleasing reasons which is pretty sad. I have read more then one person mention this. That it would have been nice to have a male force user romance option finally. I mean males characters do get their choice of the first four females listed as romance options above.

You all realize of course that this is just a way to occupy us until November rehashing old content due to lack of new content.

They have nothing planned outside of the companion missions they call KotFE. Objective completed by BW then! I have been working on ESO pretty regularly since Feb. Musco you big troll. Strange someone not reported you yet, i would if i were close to your character in game. Im on red eclipse, sometimes i see strange names, i try to not think about it. If i join group with someone like this i report name. Sure people have rights to call char as they want, but i have rights too to have normal game experience.

What were you smoking when you came up the idea to create 8 new characters and complete them up to Kotfe!? Your not the least bit pissed you also have to re-level all 5 crafting professions.

You got any idea just how much that would suck. How expensive that would be? Can be possible, but i think effect would be stronger if they said this from beginning, so not likely. Again, this my opinion. Dam I love this game but this is one massive slap in the face — why would I bother making a new character especially when all the best looking armour was mostly in 1. No point in this event sorry. Also I would say fix the courting gifts but… nah whatever this recycled content is insulting. Oh my god, thank you.

I thought I was the only one who has a stock of those damn gifts in their storage. Good work biofuckup, you manage to piss alot of your subs. This is just another way to to get people.

Are they going to give free tokens? I bet we have to pay for the token. Fuck you Bioware you cheap not creative idiots. That was rude, you know. It must be something, live in the world, where no one needs you and you trying to blame other people, for the how shitty your life is. Like soul said, you are slaves of endless stupid illogical cliche. And probably a troll. Well, your every comment state you as a moron, so no, sorry to break your dream world, but you are a lower person.

And just to end this dialog. Well look at the bigger picture, only moron i see you, Bioware gives you shit, and you eat it up like a dipshit and you enjoy it. Good luck waiting long times queues for fp. You once again approved that you are a truly are a moron.

It is no secret, BW could make a bigger job and this event is kinda lame. Why dont you just drop the rest of the cliches as well? Just tell him he lives in his moms basement, and all that?

No point at stopping with no life, and no girlfriend right? Yes legendary is going to be a pain for most of us. I will most likely not hit legendary. But the rest is very doable. Once you have the new armor set, assuming it stacks with the rest of the xp boosts, making 50 can be done inside a day or two if you take your time. But I guess to do that you cant have a life. Honestly thou, the one thing i truly concerned about — do we get new companions ONLY on our characters, who walked through event or we get them on ALL of our characters, in the end of the event.

I kinda missed this point. Companions will be legacy wide. One character completes the required objectives all toons in that legacy will be able to get teh companion. If you are gonna like this, more power to you.

I mean that, no irony. If it was I was probably going to enjoy this as well…. Is not an event. Its just rewards for doing all over again or for new players. During a brain storming session its quite common to just have ideas flowing. I, however, would like to know what the idea team leader was thinking that this would be a good idea to purpose to the rest of the development team, and then what the full team was thinking in terms of its implementation.

How it made it beyond that utterly baffles me. I have yet to play as a Knight or Inquisitor, and I can do light and dark side respectively. Completing every flashpoint on all difficulties if the group finder is feeling generous , beating Eternal Championship, even fully leveling a character, that takes a significant amount of time, not to mention the fact that we have to level ALL EIGHT classes despite most of us having fully leveled classes already.

Some parts of this should definitely be retroactive, or this is just a simple waste of time. You might as well just ask us to complete every activity in the game on the hardest difficulty on all three disciplines on all sixteen specializations. Yeah, I went back through that giant last step and noticed that the second time. What do you get for leveling 8 toons? You must have one level 50 of each of the following eight Classes: Thanks for your help. I just totally glossed over it multiple times lol That really sucks though.

That shouldnt be the adamantium counter argument that it is, but there you have it. Both just have to be I have 16 characters currently. One of each class on each faction. All are done with all current content through Chapter 15 save for the E-Championship on most.

I even farmed HK parts on 12 of the 16 toons… I done it all, now you are asking me to do it again on two more if I want everything?! That is months of new work, and 3 years of pass work for nothing. After the noob influx wears off the event will be a middle finger to them as well as the vets.

More like a time drain since there will be barely minimal new content coming. Well there you have it folks. I said to my wife who also used to play SWTOR when we made the sad decision to unsub early this year after the death of group content and shit single story that KOTFE is among other reasons relating to 4.

With that much money coming in, EA could make even more money from this game if they invested said earnings into the game but no, this game is in maintenance mode until even the Cartel whales give up.

I could go on but many others have wonderfully covered all my other thoughts on this in the posts below already except one: Why call it Light vs, Dark event? What does regrinding all the old content from level 1 have to do with Light Side or Dark Side? Going Dark side you will play this event and spend all your free time away from family and friends.

Honestly, Breaktown Brawler is fine. Nerfing would only damage the content at this point, because they stupidly allow you to bring in full gear, use heroic moment on cooldown, possess a brain, and win! It already has failed at its job, because it teaches people that gear is enough to ignore half the mechanics in an ops fight. The burst at the end of the last boss is intentional, and honestly a brilliant move by bioware, if only it worked as intended.

Sadly the heroic moment ability, AND the lack of a gear nerf or restriction makes this move in vain. That boggles my mind. I have all 8 classes stories done, not re-doing any of their stories and certainly not all 8….

Going to be putting more time into Fallout 4 I guess. This is pretty much what is going on at swtor lol. Doubtful, but we can hope…. Some in the BW Austin office had seen it while others gave their best impression of giving a single fuck, having mastered it by using it on the player base and SWTOR itself.

But since no one spoke up and little fucktard Eric was oh so full of excitement, they went ahead and watched the movie. The movie was paused and all eyes turned to this dev who continued their train of thought. What if we make an event where everyone has to redo everything already in the game for years again to participate. But they cannot use their current toons or legacy to do it. And have incentives for doing it being new titles and armors.

Excited whispers began among the team for they knew if this idea saw the light, then very few of them would need to do any actual work. In fact it could all be done by Pablo, the office cleaner who just got a crash course on how to reskin armors and speeders after that one night fling he had with one of the drunk CM girls at the KOTFE release party. But then doubt began to spread. Would the shit eating lemmings they call the player base take to it?

This was all followed by excitement as they declared the rest of the year a holiday and went home content in how little they actually did the whole year. The lights were turned off leaving Eric Fucktard Musco in the dark. So afraid of the dark. Yeah no, they googled mmorpg news, saw Diablo 3 seasons and ripped it off, but made it worse, as in seasons you can take a toon and make it level 1 instead of needing to make new ones.

Having never played Diablo 3, care to explain how their event worked in relation to the pure facepalm that Bw announced?

You got me curious. Diablo 3 events last about months. Each time you start from scratch. Also get some achievements while doing so in season and few cosmetic items. Rince and repeate each season. For those who dont have life can also push into leaderboards. Ah sadly no, I too have not played it, just have people I know say that. This is how it works, kind of the same thing, its about trying to get old players back into the game, and trying to get people who did not do content to do it, and giving new players a chance to group up and get rewards.

Unless this companion gets its own story like HK did or any of the original companions did this is a giant waste of time. I would have done the events if I could use my characters already leveled and geared, but they want me to start all over again? The rewards are pretty cool, but this is some dumb level of grind they expect us to do.

No, you only get one of the companions. Any one can tell me how about character which one have done all of this missions , fps , events etc etc? No, only brand new characters that start at level 1 after the even goes live are eligible. But the titles and end of event rewards are legacy wide and the rewards from the packs will unlock to collections so you can pay to get them on existing characters.

You think it does, I think it does, and plus people on this thread alone think it does…. It only counts for characters created june 28th or later of this year. So no concerns about characters having to repeat. I spend millions on items for two characters created within the last month, making their outfit designer look how I want, only to find that now I will need to remake them as they are the two classes I have any inclination to level again …..

I miss read what you typed an i stand corrected. Sooo…do I get this right? Like, start on a new server and then spend CC to come back to our original server…? Just everything you have done up untill june 28th has been pointless as far as this event is concerned. If you have 8 free character slots then you are good to go. I agree with all said below and HUGE slap in the face to founders. Got excited last year when more story content was announced. After all grinders are usually in my exp the ones that will keep subbing instead of just going F2P.

Now they tell me that I need to play a level 1 again after I have 18 characters 14 already maxed out just to participate in this event? I rather walk barefoot on broken glass while chewing on tinfoil!

But if to obtain all achievement lvls must be done in one and same legacy does basically means in order to get all you MUST create new one legacy? Titles will unlock only in the current so mostly not the players main legacy ONLY? You MUST transfer characters to you main sever to have them? Every one who are eligible to pet companion will get the the same alignment rewards depending on which side wins?

Lol… I have to take my hat off to you guys at Bioware: Oh but you forgot one thing: Quit while it still looks good. While your sacred metrics say that more people than ever are playing this sorry excuse for a game. You make me sick. If I was half as bad at my job as you guys are, my ass would be so fired I would have to call the Fire Department to put it off…. You will have to purchase a new hat an create a new head for credit.

Seriously, what a load of crap. Would make the comment reading less tedious. I feel like they finally shut up the white knights. Also every comment that includes profanity, or how it is discriminatory and a slap in the face.

Therefore a majority of the content is liked while a small portion is vehemently disliked. This increases the likelihood that they will catch a trailer or info on season 2 get interested and probably sub for at least a portion of season 2. And that is after all content was already scaled once, while some flashpoints and operations were scaled three times. Meanwhile there is still nothing new other than a few nice cutscenes monthly, which I can see on Youtube.

Hhrrrrrmmmmmm, nah, maybe another time. Rather wait for the huge expansion coming later this summer for the game that shall not be named. Lol Legion is gonna flop just all all the previous expansions. Now lets be fair if you hate WoW. Well, the game has been hemorrhaging subs for the better half of a decade. Every single expansion, since TBC has had less subs when the expansion ended, than when it began. Draenor did flop in terms of retaining subscribers, one miss in a decade.

I expressed my great disappointment with the extremely poor development of SWTOR in which I invested so much time, effort and money, so it hurts. I did it along with fifteen others who quit swtor. If anything, i should just log into the Game and have all rewards for already completing everything on the to-do list.

Seems like BioWare Austin is trying to squeeze as much money out of the Game to get people back to re-subbing and buying their lottery packs without putting a lot of work into the Game. Honestly, they made so much money from this Game they could easily re-build it with a new Engine for better visuals and improved performance, hell even get it to run on Consoles to increase the player base like every other MMO is currently doing and still be in the green.

No interest in doing all the content again and again and over again. Soo… no time for this either. Better going on a good holiday trip with wife and kids: Not a full time job. Wuahahahahaha, Bioware, you bunch of old joksters and pranksters, you.

I mean, I almost bought it. All this shit abou-… A sheet of paper is handed to Wedge on which is written a short note in shaky handwriting. Profoundly confused and with a rising level of perplexity his eyes follow the departing messenger, who is hurrying on to the next player.

What does that even mean? In the event that will impact the shape of the entire galaxy this fall…. Nope not doing it Bioware I did the level grind I fail to see how this is suppose to be a event or anything like that.

Nah, fuck off BW, no money from me this time, time to unsub, gonna play something different while waiting for a good content if it will be created, which means.. AKA I just need to the 8 classes? You also have to get all crafting skills Cybertech, Biochem, etc. So you need to do that on individual characters. This is more like a stillborn. I can understand BW wants to encourage new players to play the game even though their ways to achieve such thing are quite strange , but why not to reward all those people, who play for years?

Or even slightly revamping the rewards from say Yavin and Ziost during the duration of the event. Dailies are mostly empty these days, and rightfully so, since you get more money AND crystals if you group up and do Heroics;. Screw the slot machines! Pazaak, Dejarik… With Tournaments! How cool would that be??? With some nice rewards for the Tournament winner s. Introducing gamer decks would be oh so cool;.

On circuits spread across all planets, or some of them. Equally with rewards for the race winners. Like the ship game NO ONE plays, we could get our Cybertechs to produce upgrades for the speeders, and they could even make some money from developing Cartel Market speeders. This is just bits and pieces I thought of out the top of my head.

How in the name of the Force do these people not think of this??? Your guess is as good as mine…. Hence the hate it gathers, quite well-deserved for such stupid idea. Once more we are seeing evidence that they should thank the original dev team for crafting the content of Makeb and Oricon so that even after they have been fired this game still had some decent content people can whine all they want about Makeb but it still came with one different story line for each faction where the NPCs were still acknowledging your class allowing you to play with a friend, with an op boss, with a new operation, with the macro and seeker droid quest line, etc.

Since then the new dev team has been unable to create anything decent. How can they proud themselves with rehashing content over and over?! If you make a calendar and write down all activity it will be like real work. Each day doing activites for 4 months. No time for real life then it can be done. But if you miss one event then all effort will be gone. Let me lay it out for you: Hello, i created petition to make this event retroactive as possible, and LightDarkRetroactive.

I would appreciate if you sign it. I LOVE rewards you have to work for. HK quest 51 was awesome. Gree equip is cool. An event has content. That BS crap your teachers used to do so they could hide out in the teachers lounge and have a drink while you did some worthless, rinse repeat work that means nothing.

Guys im really only in this for the revan reborn armor, will this be in the dark packs or light packs anyone know? When the pack first came out, I spent a month and about 6million on packs trying to get the cool white color crystal.

Then I got wise and just bought 2 off gtn for 2mil each. What the hell is wrong with them? Whoever had the idea for this should be crucified!

I spend already so much time and money. And now they offer me few rewards to do that whole shit again? I say it again, what the hell is wrong with you Bioware? Do they think, use their brain there? I have another briliant idea for EAware… remove all chars, recreate legacy and get some cool stuff by doing this. At least there is some resemblance. The old events have been the same for years. At least there is something different to do, albeit with old content.

When does this event end, as in how much time do we have? Just someone who takes the event at face value. Like someone said, get rewards for doing stuff I would have done anyway.