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TonyBet Poker is the only online poker site where you can play real money hold'em and Omaha, and open-face Chinese poker under one roof. UltraBet is part of Asia's largest online poker network and offers unique features such as all-in insurance, rake bonuses and a ban on third-party software. Betfair Poker is one of the most financially secure companies in the world that runs great promotions, offers a large sign-up bonus and is frequented by recreational players from around the globe.

Paddy Power Poker is part of the massive Irish betting firm Paddy Power, one of the most trusted and financially secure gambling companies in the world. Play for real money at BorgataPoker. India's most trusted and user-friendly gaming website in India offers PokerNews readers a percent bonus of up to INR7, Today's poker players are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting a online poker room to play at thanks to there being dozens of major sites offering online poker services to them.

Sometimes, too much choice can make the selection process stressful, so here at PokerNews we've created a ranking system for what we believe are the best online poker rooms in business today.

The team at PokerNews are not only experts in all areas of poker, we also love this fantastic game and are avid online poker players ourselves. This means that we are committed to providing an accurate ranking system that helps you, our loyal readers, to choose a poker room that is going to provide you with endless entertainment and a first class experience every time you sit down to play poker. When one of our team is tasked with writing a review of an online poker room, they go to great lengths to ensure the review is accurate, fair and a true representation of what you will experience if you choose to give your business to that particular poker room.

To do this, the reviewer looks at several key areas — detailed below — and puts the software through its paces so you know what to expect when you come to create your account at the site in question. In short, we do all of the groundwork and research so you do not have to.

One of the most common questions asked by poker players is which are the best online poker rooms. The answer to this question, like most poker-related inquiries, is it depends. Cash game players have different needs than multi-table tournament specialists, while low-stakes grinders look at a site differently to high-volume high-stakes players.

Thankfully, regardless of what games you play and what stakes you currently compete it, PokerNews ' online poker room rankings and reviews give you an insight into what to expect from each poker room listed; both the positive and negative qualities are there for all to see. Our team members examine each of the online poker rooms in great detail before publishing their findings on the PokerNews site. As you will see from the reviews, we give a brief description of the poker room, list several pros and cons and reveal who the poker room's owner is, where its headquarters are, who provides the online poker room with its software and, if known, where the game servers are located.

From there, we take a look at bonuses and loyalty schemes offered by each poker room, examine where most of the site's traffic is concentrated, detail any notable software features that allow the site to stand out from other poker rooms, list the deposit and withdrawal methods, before highlighting the all-important customer support channels. If a site has plentiful traffic across all games and formats they will rank higher than online poker rooms that are less busy.

Likewise, should a poker room offer generous sign-up bonuses or run regular value-packed promotions it will rank higher than one where these offers are scant. By looking at these key areas, you know what to expect and what not to expect before you sign up to a poker room, which means you can concentrate solely on playing poker and enjoying yourself.

It is all well and good having the PokerNews reviews at hand, but what should you be looking for other than glowing references from our team of experts? Here are some key areas that you should be looking for in an online poker room. Every online poker room offers new customers a bonus when they sign up for an account with them. The size of the bonus and the conditions of its release vary wildly from each poker room, but most require you to make an initial deposit and will gift you a bonus based on the size of that deposit.

An increasing number of online poker rooms offer a no-deposit bonus so you can test the software for yourself without the need to risk any of your own bonus. The main downside to these types of bonuses is they are always much smaller than a typical welcome, sign-up or first deposit bonus.

Once you have signed up to a poker room, it will want to retain your business and one way to do this is via a loyalty of VIP scheme. You will very likely be facing another bet on the turn. Therefore you have to look at the odds of hitting your draw with just one card to come.

Once you've determined the rough pot odds and odds of hitting your draw, than you can compare them to find out if calling on a draw would be profitable.

We already know that: Regarding the example above: Another program called PokerStove makes it possible to calculate the chance of winning your equity in the hand versus a range of possible holdings. PokerStove is free to download and it is highly recommended that you play around with some hand match ups on different board types to develop a sense of how the odds of winning might differ from the odds of hitting your draws.

As long as you aren't calling an all-in with a draw than there is money left to be bet on later streets. The money that could possibly be won when you hit your draw besides what is already in the pot when making the call can make a play profitable that would appear to be a mistake when only considering the pot odds.

These extra odds are called implied odds. The concept of implied odds is very important to apply correctly as in many occasions pot odds alone won't justify a call. By disregarding implied odds you could often be folding in spots where calling would be very profitable instead. By regarding and overestimating implied odds however, you could just as often be calling in unprofitable spots.

There are several factors to consider when making an estimate of the implied odds:. Effective stack size This is the smallest stack of the players battling it out. The bigger the effective stacks, the higher the implied odds. How well concealed is your draw when it hits?

A straight draw with one hole card and three cards to a straight on the board does not offer the implied odds of a straight draw for which you use two of your hole cards.

In the first case, mostly every opponent will become very cautious when you hit your straight and therefore your implied odds are low. Your opponent's tendencies Some players just can't let go of their holdings although all the obvious draws completed and you scream at them you've got it with a large raise.

These players offer high implied odds. Conversely, weak players might let easily go of their hand after a draw completes and don't offer high implied odds. Your own image If you are generally tight and only bet with very strong holdings your opponents might be aware of that and are less likely to pay you off when you hit your draw. This point will be less valid at the lower stakes where your opponents will generally stay unaware of a tight playing style. As you can see implied odds are impossible to determine exactly, because they depend on some variables you can only estimate.

Of the three factors mentioned, stack size will surely be the most important one to pay attention to at the micro stakes no limit games. Effective stack sizes can be determined exactly and they form the upper threshold of your implied odds.

Your opponent's tendencies, your own image and the concealed nature of your draw determine how much lower than this threshold your implied odds will eventually be. This is very important to realize in order to not structurally overestimate your implied odds. A very common mistake that a lot of people make at the micro stakes no limit hold'em games is incorrectly 'set mining' or 'set farming'.

As most of the nano and micro stakes players are of the kind that doesn't let his or her hands go too easily it won't be the lack of attention to the opponent's tendencies that causes people to set mine without implied odds but rather the lack of attention to stack sizes. A lot of people will buy in with a short stack that doesn't leave much money to be bet after the flop and hence doesn't offer any implied odds, neither for the short stacked player's opponents nor for the player in question himself.

Because people don't let go of their hand in the micro stakes very easily, correct set mining will be very profitable and certainly should be part of a basic winning poker strategy.

So, let's take a closer look at some facts concerning set mining:. What all this means is that you should be looking for implied odds of at the very least 10 times the pre-flop call when set mining. Or in other words: There is a simple rule of thumb for correctly set mining called the ' rule'.

You might have noticed that very little actual plays have been discussed. We briefly discussed continuation betting and maybe dug a little deeper into set mining. Nothing was mentioned about bluffing, bet sizing, stealing blinds, how to play aces, when to check-raise and exactly what hands to play and which not. And I have to admit that just knowing all of the above concepts won't get you very far if you don't truly understand them and correctly implement them at the tables.

I do believe however, that an understanding of these concepts automatically leads you to making correct plays in many occasions.

Let's take a closer look at some of the plays mentioned just now and see how to use or execute them at the micro stakes with the basic poker strategy fundamentals as a starting point. At the online micro stakes cash games you will find a lot of loose and passive opponents. They generally tend to call a lot, even with very marginal holdings. These opponents don't have a very good understanding of the game and therefore won't pay attention to most of the variables and subtleties to which you do pay attention from now on: Because of this they tend to offer good implied odds if they have enough chips at the table ; they offer good pot odds for your draws by not betting strong post-flop; they don't take the initiative in the hand very often and they have a wide range of possible holdings.

Therefore the level of understanding your opponents have of the game of poker is often the key to whether a play can be seen as creative and well thought out or just as dumb FPS see first paragraph. Think about the strength of your hand as being relative. Think of where it stands compared to the range of hands your opponent can have. Look at the board, your own and your opponent's position, your opponent's betting pattern.

Try to take the initiative in hands and always see bet sizes in relation to the pot size. Know your odds of hitting a draw roughly and compare them with your pot odds.

Don't forget to take implied odds into account and you are already playing with a big edge over your opponents at the lower stakes. Keep improving your game by playing a lot, analyzing your play and reading forums or this website: Dry board Wet board. Positional awareness in poker. Actual percentages are just a very rough guideline. You're playing a game of no limit hold'em and see the turn with one other opponent.

Hole cards Board In this case any 10 4 total and any 5 also 4 will complete your open ended straight draw. You have got a total of 8 outs if you think that you can only win with the straight. Faut vraiment pas savoir jouer pour gagner. Le site vous favorise ou vous defavorise comme bon lui semble!

Lors de vos depots et retraits vous pouvez facilement comprendre que quelque choze cloche.. Un bonne appatage de poisson. Il n y a que les bons joueurs qui se prennent des bads Bon site Bons tournois. Dommage car votre site serait sympa. Mais bon avec tout se que je lie sur wina, c'est soit de la chance ou alors c pour "donner confiance au petit nouveau comme moi" je ne c'est pas l'avenir me le dira!! On voit juste du n'importe quoi tous le temps. Et si vous gagnez retirez direct quasiment tout avant qu'ils vous reprennent tout: Sans les rivers je suis Phil Ivey!

Forcement si je boite j'ai couleur et lui paie pour se prendre un 4 a la river qui lui donne full. Qu'on ne me parle pas de la variance ou qu'on joue plus de mains d'ou les bads. Je ne sais plus quoi penser de ce site!

Je joue au poker depuis plusieurs annees en live j'ai deja participe au World championships de Las Vegas, au Million Maker de Las Vegas, J'ai decide cette annee d'ouvrir un compte sur Winamax, j'ai joue 2 mois et j'ai decide d'arreter car Winamax ce n'est pas du poker, tout simplement une insulte au poker.

J'ai perdu euros sur le site et je suis satisfait de ma decision. Ne pas perdre son temps avec Winamax. OH je m'y attendais pas tient! Je ne vais pas raconter tous mes badssur ce site car je pense que ce n'est pas utile! Donc ne mettez pas une thune sur ce site, jouez du free et un conseil allez investir vos gains sur une autre room que winamax ou pokerstars.

En conclusion, winamax, une super room pour jouer du free Salut tout le monde. Winamax, fiable ou pas fiable? Pour ma pomme, cela fais deux mois que je suis inscrit. Quelle erreur, je m'en mords les doigts. GooD LucK to All. J'ai toujours eu de bonnes statistiques lorsque je jouais au casino, je termine presque toujours premier lors de tournois avec mes amis, bref je suis un relativement bon joueur. N'allez ni sur winamax ni sur pokerstars. Bref une honte, une perte de temps incommensurable surtout ne mettez pas de l'argent sur ce site c'est un conseil d'ami.

Pour les fishs qui ont du frics, profiter en c'est au bonheur la chance. Lancer vous avec All-in vous aller avoir des surprises.

Dernier exemple en date pour un ticket super free roll. De plus, ne pas se juger sur les parties gratuites: Je suis pas un gros rageur mais bon, il faut comme meme dire que ce site est le roi des bad beat! OK je veux bien C'est clairement un Nid a Bad Beat!!! Alors la ou je me pose la question Apres des centaines de mains de la sorte Mais il est vrai qu'il est difficile d'y voir une quelconque forme de tricherie.

Par contre il est vrai qu'il existe des indices qui ne trompe pas. La statistique sur les mains preflop gagnantes en est une. Bref je dis a chacun de se poser la question. Winamax est le meilleur site que j'ai connu. On peux passer de bon moment tout en jouant au poker. Moi je sais quand je joue bien ou quand je joue mal Winamax est le meilleur site de Poker en ligne, a part pour mettre Bruel en affiche Le site des newbies.

Le meilleur site pour perdre tout votre argent. Le meilleur site de poker en ligne,mais interdit en belgique depuis peu,nous on a juste droit a cette " " de pokerstars. Winamax le top du poker, les plus: Du grand n'importe quoi! Un ras le bol en permanence de ces coups bien foireux venus de nul part! J'ai tout vu et tout eu je crois. C 'est franchement trop zarb. Soit que les joueurs aiment claquer leur tune soit qu'il y a anguille sous roche.

Franchement je me barre de winamax.

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