Common Crossword Clues Starting with G

Gives up office from basic date Gives up on Gives up responsibility Gives up the fight Gives up, in a way Gives way Gives way suddenly Gives way to rage Gives wide berth to Gives with confidence Gives workers pointers Gives zero stars to Gives, as homework Gives, old-style Givin' name to waxy substance Giving Giving a hoot? Can anybody explain her how to play poker? Get into some hot water? Claire Trevor or Helen Burgess? Retrieved May 17, Around this time, Sweet's physical and mental health began to decline; he had put on weight and slowed down.

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Minnesota Statutes 2002

Game associated with the Game at the corner store Game authority Game based on soft drugs making money Game bird Game bird and beef Game bird giving you bellyache Game bird pig trader shot Game bird, beef or carp Game birds Game birds - shows fear Game Boy's a throwback Game Chuck Yeager's first to neck drug Game co. Game ender Game ender, perhaps Game ending Game ending? Game ends Game equipment Game equipment for an old Game expert Game extenders: Game finder Game first introduced by married couple?

Game hard going for field worker Game has Robin going to some extent Game highlights shower Game hunters Game I play in Rome once Game in disarray Game in the Arctic Game in which a player ma Game in which all pieces Game in which all the spa Game in which crosses are Game in which each player Game in which it's easy t Game in which jacks are a Game in which jacks are h Game in which jacks are t Game in which kings are h Game in which losers have Game in which players bar Game in which players fam Game in which players pla Game in which players sub Game in which St Helens initially defend after turnover Game in which the 13 spad Game intro?

Game lacking a new style is worthless Game lady never joined Game lady, not half, scores freely Game like bingo Game location for an actr Game lure was set up on gravel Game maker since Game maker starting in 19 Game might be set in this? Like a shot Game moves quickly Game name Game needs Game not available for extensive period: Not entirely Game of chance could finally kill someone Game of chance lets one take the other for starters Game of cricket put strain on marriage Game of kings and queens Game of marbles Game of observation Game of poker cuts time for learning Game Of Thrones?

Game official Game old queen confined in cellar Game on a 3 x 3 grid hyph. Game room Game room? Game stopper Game stopper? Game suffering after hook, raids getting sloppy Game suggested by the fir Game summary Game supplies Game tactic Game tally: Game that depends on service Game that kids fall for Game that maybe Derby lost Game that uses King and Queen after work's over Game time?

Game to 11 points Game to 31 Game to 5, points Game to defraud, pocketing pounds in crooked stocktaking Game to have a couple of drinks? Games involving picks Games nobody wins Games of golf, and treats for all at the nineteenth hole Games org. Gandhi's land Gandhi's nation Gandhi's title Gandhi, e. Gang Gang brawl Gang brought in to pull massive vehicle Gang business's need Gang fight Gang fighters Gang found in Cheshire town, reportedly Gang gets time over botched raid Gang hanger-on Gang in bad condition with end prominent in book Gang interests Gang joined by Italian-American stripper?

Gaoler is arranging residence for 17 Gap Gap between neurons Gap between outstanding features of holiday mostly in prison Gap between words Gap filler? Gap in a baby's skull Gap in a manuscript Gap in head painlessly fixed, I'll set out Gap right in the middle of California causes complaint Gap sells pullovers and cardigans - even tops Gap to help us enter part of harbour undamaged, we're informed Gap, missing portion Gape Gape at Gaping Gaping hole Gaping holes Gaping mouth Gaping mouths Gaping opening Gaping pit Gaps Gaps in small steps Gar Garage activity Garage alternative Garage container Garage contents Garage feature Garage figure Garage job Garage job, for short Garage jobs Garage litter Garage occupant Garage opener?

Garden building Garden bulb Garden bulbs Garden center purchase Garden climber support Garden climbing frame Garden crasher Garden decoration Garden decorations Garden dish Garden display Garden display, say, recalling some particular epoch Garden divisions Garden dweller Garden enhancement Garden enrichment Garden entrance Garden feature Garden fertiliser Garden fertilizer Garden figure Garden fixtures Garden flower Garden flowers of the iris family Garden flowers: Garden pavilions Garden perennial Garden perennials Garden pest Garden pest misused energy, consuming tops of flowers Garden pests Garden pests concealed in sap, unusually Garden pests in Harry Pot Garden plant Garden plant support Garden plots Garden plots - English country Garden products brand Garden products name Garden root Garden section: Garden shelter Garden shop offering Garden shrub Garden sights Garden site Garden site — it's abandoned and decays Garden smoother Garden spot Garden spots Garden spray Garden statue Garden statuette Garden store offering Garden store purchase Garden structure Garden structures Garden support Garden tool Garden tool received initially wrapped in cloth Garden tools Garden tools caught in stockings Garden variety?

Not very Gardeners touring idyll perhaps somewhere in the Med Gardeners' aids Gardeners' woes Gardening ability Gardening job Gardening supplies Gardening tool Gardening tool - he'd touch Gardening tools Gardens amidst the sands Gardner a k a A. Garfield, for one Gargantua's ruled out sweetener Gargle, e. Garibaldi adherent in rev Garibaldi, perhaps, dropping it in his herbal tea Garibaldi, say, secure at island after revolution Garibaldi, the Liberator Garish Garish and in bad taste Garish clothing of one asleep on moor Garish glowers Garish lights Garland Garland fashioned of stone Garland finds end of rainbow and heart remedy Garland native to Minneso Garland's original Eastern holiday Garlands Garlic mayo Garlic mayonnaise Garlic piece Garlic relative Garlic segment Garlic unit Garlic units Garlic variety Garlic's kin Garlic, for one Garlic-crushing tool Garlic-flavoured sausage Garlicky dish Garlicky mayonnaise Garlicky sauce Garlicky seafood dish Garlicky shrimp dish Garlicky spread Garment Garment — king has one lacking colour?

Garment accompanying a gi Garment cherished, exactly fitting I see Garment edges Garment enlarger Garment for wrapping Garment from River Island splitting time and time again Garment from Salvation Army?

Not correct reportedly Garment in ancient Rome Garment in Gujarat Garment in hospital used before start of intravenous injection Garment industry innovato Garment juncture Garment line Garment made of lightweight material, small strip Garment maker alternatively extending part hanging at back of coat Garment opening Garment part Garment seen in cartoonist's penultimate strip Garment sends girth out of all proportion Garment slit Garment starts off small and rarely increases Garment superior to everything else?

Garment that doubles as hospital clothes Garment that may have adv Garment under a doublet Garment with a lot of poc Garment with folds Garment with no waistline Garment with underwires Garment workers Garment worn around head or neck Garment worn by Muslim women Garment worn over a choli Garment worn round head, neck, or shoulders Garment wrinkle remover Garments covered by amice Garments for granny Garments that moths may e Garments that usually cla Garments with cups Garments with old tears, looking awful Garner of jazz Garnered Garners Garnet confused with one type of stone Garnierite, for nickel Garnish amount Garnish leaf Garnish unit Garnish, possibly Garnishing plant Garniture Garr of "Close Encounters Garr of "Mr.

Gas Gas — none spreading Gas - light Gas about Number 4 gets ranker Gas additive Gas bill info Gas bill information Gas bill unit Gas bill's first to hurt Gas brand in Canada Gas brand that's also an Gas brand with the slogan Gas burner used in laboratories Gas company bought by BP Gas company famous for it Gas company that sells to Gas company with collecti Gas compounded of nitrogen and hydrogen, NH3 Gas containing fluorine in place of phosphorus turning the air blue! Gas inhaled by heavy-duty criminal Gas is primarily poor conductor Gas leak evidence Gas leak giveaway Gas leak site in wor Gas light Gas log fuel Gas log, e.

Gas meter almost broken by workman Gas or oil Gas producer Gas pump abbr. Gas pump number Gas pump option Gas pump rating Gas pump's place?

Gas station adjunct Gas station adjunct, ofte Gas station choice Gas station offering Gas station plazas Gas station product Gas suffix Gas thief, perhaps Gas type: Gas up again Gas usage units Gas used as an anesthetic Gas used in balloons Gas used in flash lamps Gas used in lighting Gas used in welding Gas with a penetrating od Gas with Hoskins and another then start on alcohol Gas worker in better shape Gas's partner: Gas, about 28 gm?

Gas, once found, regularly discharged Gas, say: Gas, to a Brit Gas-electric car, e. Gas-filled craft Gas-operated machine gun Gas: Gasolier lit up Topkapi Palace Gasoline additive Gasoline choice: Gasoline classification Gasoline dispensers Gasoline may make it go Gasoline or peat Gasoline rating Gasoline type, informally Gasoline unit Gasoline, in England Gasp Gasp - that woman not suitable for 1 across Gasp at old form of entertainment Gasp for breath Gasp grabbing tip in sparkler, perhaps?

Gasp like a man in gym Gasper Gasps for air Gassed up Gasser Gassy smell to change report of perfect readiness Gassy state? Deep-fried Indian breads contain zero gas Gasteyer of "S. Gate design Gate fastener Gate guess: Gate hardware Gate holder Gate info: Gate opener for Apollo Gate pivots Gate projection, for shor Gate with rails rebuilt in the country Gate-breaching bomb Gate-crash Gate-crashed, e.

Gateau Gateaux, last of those in different sack Gatecrasher? Gatecrashing suitor drunk in bar Gatehouse cry Gatehouse site Gatehouse; become fixed Gatekeeper Gatekeeper's cottage Gateman?

Gates secured by catches? Gateway Gateway Arch city: Gather crops Gather foreign station is accepting new recruits from the front Gather fuel — litres taken within Gather fuel round lake Gather gradually Gather in Gather in a condensed lay Gather in a crop Gather in a thin layer of Gather information alternately with the French Gather inside train ferry Gather into a bundle Gather into wrinkles Gather leaves Gather old woman's blocking a school's opening Gather on a surface, chem Gather on the surface, ch Gather one working in bed perhaps lacks guts Gather one's strength Gather organic fuel round lake Gather sailors?

Gathering clouds, for one Gathering clouds, say Gathering fool has cracked a priceless piece of porcelain? Gathering it's the custom Gathering of budding agri Gathering of crops Gathering of people united in criminal history Gathering of spies Gathering of women Gathering of women being quite upset about lecturer Gathering place for anima Gathering place: Gathering places Gathering point Gathering points Gathering storm Gathering suffix Gathering time for root vegetable Gatherings of king and supporters Gatherings where people h Gathers Gathers abundantly Gathers crops Gathers in spare parts Gathers leaves Gathers on a surface, che Gathers quotes on Gathers shellfish round river Gatling gun feature Gatling gun sound Gator add-on Gator relative Gator rival Gator's cousin Gator's kin Gator's relative Gatorade choice Gatorade, e.

Gave a face-lift Gave a fig Gave a goofball Gave a hoot Gave a keynote, say Gave a longing look Gave a makeover Gave a nod to, perhaps Gave a sly signal Gave a speech Gave a thumbs-up Gave a ticket Gave a toot Gave an order to Gave an unwelcome poke Gave another hand Gave approval for silver musical instrument Gave away an intruder, ma Gave back Gave birth - all but first raised Gave birth in a stable Gave birth to a litter Gave birth, as on a ranch Gave comfort Gave consent Gave dinner Gave drills to Gave extra attention Gave false hopes Gave for a while Gave generously Gave good service to one department Gave Grey Poupon to the h Gave grief Gave guff Gave guidance to the female that's stopped being exploited Gave heartburn, say Gave in Gave in church Gave in to exhaustion Gave information about tree, a crashing bore Gave instruction Gave Irish footballer ring midweek?

Gave it the old college t Gave lines to Gave medical aid to Gave medicine Gave medicine to Gave missiles to Gave new hands Gave off Gave off, as vapor Gave old drinks to half-cut nationalist Gave one's seat to, say Gave out Gave out one's address? Gave out rapidly, as the drunk did? Gave out, as a task Gave pills to Gave pills, e. Gave power to Gave rise to Gave sparingly, with "out Gave story to the media, though not watertight Gave supper Gave temporarily Gave the boot Gave the cold shoulder Gave the go-ahead Gave the high sign Gave the nod Gave the O.

Gay Bible taken into mortgage company Gay city Gay community synonymous with race relations? Gazetteer statistic Gazillionaire Trump Gazillions Gazing Gazing lasciviously Gazing outside carvery in the centre, very hungry Gazpacho ingredients Gazpacho, e.

Gear Gear for gondolas Gear for wet weather Gear for winter and spring workers Gear impediment Gear part Gear projection Gear redesigned by student leader featured in university handout Gear teeth Gear teeth trouble Gear to go very fast after 60 per cent reduction of speed Gear to help you hear Gear tooth Gear towards exhaust Gear with a small number Gear-shift system, inform Gearbox option Geared down, perhaps Geared up Gears up Gearshift mechanism, info Gearshift sequence Gearwheel Gee Gee follower Gee preceder Gee whiz!

Hooker fought in it Gen. Lee, in brief Gen. Meade's foe at Getty Gen. Torrijos Gender Gender abbr. Genealogical chart Genealogical datum: Genealogical diagram Genealogical discovery Genealogical grp. Genealogical info Genealogical listings: Genealogical work Genealogist's abbr. Genealogist's study Genealogist's work Genealogy Genealogy chart Genealogy display Genealogy word General acknowledgment? General acquisition General address General agreement General announcement?

General attacked north German town General Bradley General breakout General bursting balloon General called "Yellowhai General concern General condition of body and mind General denial? General deployed soldiers close to target — it's blown up General description of a General description? L General direction; fashion General effort? General name on menus General of Chinese menu f General on a Chinese menu General on a menu General on Chinese menus General or major General outlines General oversaw nothing fishy General pardon General passages written up inspired by Indian city?

General perception General plan; summary General played by Duvall General played by Fonda General prevalence of money General principle General program for a fut General put in doctored cards to make cut General reception? General servant General set of books has unknown picture of a representative group General staff originally appearing sorrowful General starting point?

General tendency General test for upper classes General transport? General-turned-politician Generally Generally - at sea? Generally accepted author of the first Gospel Generally agreed Apennines must range across Italy in part Generally good for all not to open zip Generally ignored astrono Generally shabby Generally speaking Generally speaking, one has nothing against the Queen at all Generally true saying Generally, not all divers go Generals' insignia Generalship Generates Generates returns Generating heat Generation Generation need?

A bit Generous bit to try out, not the first Generous carhop's prop? Generous daughter giving backing to family Generous donation Generous drink moves right to the heart Generous fairytale creature the French found aboard ship Generous gifts Generous granter Generous helpings Generous in giving - abundant Generous interpretation of braille Generous leeway Generous old writer to try contemporary series of talks?

Genesis agricultural prod Genesis brother Genesis city Genesis country Genesis craft Genesis creator Genesis duo Genesis event, with "the" Genesis evictee Genesis firstborn Genesis garden Genesis gentleman Genesis grandchild Genesis grandson Genesis high point Genesis highlight Genesis home Genesis landfall Genesis landing site Genesis locale Genesis location Genesis maker Genesis man Genesis mariner Genesis military force?

Genesis woman Genesis woman and namesak Genetic Genetic anomaly Genetic carrier, for shor Genetic carrier: Genetic code carrier Genetic condition known m Genetic copy Genetic endowment Genetic engineer's observ Genetic info Genetic info carrier Genetic info dispenser Genetic initials Genetic inits. Genetic letters Genetic material Genetic material with no Genetic materials Genetic messenger Genetic molecules Genetic research aid, oft Genetic strands Genetic stuff Genetic surprise Genetic trait carrier Genetically improved grai Genetically related organ Geneticist's studies Genetics lab study Genetics-or-environment d Geneva Geneva and others Geneva Convention concern Geneva research ctr.

Genius at a bakery? Genius dismissing what he'd call a mug Genius playing with teddy? That's not unknown, but not fully understood Genius plugs sustainable urban development? Genius that is returning playing tennis Genius, Humpty Dumpty? Gent from Argentina Gent's partner Gent, a little short, beds elderly rich blonde Genteel Genteel affair Genteel affairs Genteel event Genteel watering hole: Gentle coastal wind Gentle creature Gentle decline?

Gentle firelight Gentle handling, initiall Gentle hint, a member assumes Gentle one Gentle ones Gentle opening? Gentleman callers Gentleman enquiring about house paint Gentleman enthralled by top appointed authority in Indian city Gentleman of the court Gentleman of Verona Gentleman thief Lupin Gentleman Usher of the Palace of Westminster Gentleman's agreement? Gentleman's evening cloth Gentleman's gentleman Gentleman's intransigent Gentleman's partner Gentleman's partner?

Gentleness Gentlewoman Gently brush one old courtyard Gently comes to a close Gently cooked vegetable mostly consumed inside Gently gallops Gently heat Gently persuade Gently push head out from under jay's beak Gently roast Gently stroked Gently towels off Gently, quietly Gently, sympathetically Gentry Gents Gents drunkenly tip hat, with best man losing head Gents in Ohio regularly suffering consumption Gents running around in penalty area, where wingers are Gents, maybe, cut up when brought in to view new TV show Genuflect Genuflected Genuflection points Genuflector?

Genuine Genuine because wine almost finished Genuine about the universe being for enjoyment Genuine article received by BBC missing last chapter Genuine article? Genuine cases of contrite remorse shown after offence Genuine house, home to a bird Genuine Isuzu? Concerning when seen around church! Genuine; real Genuine; suitable Genuinely Genuinely attempt to provide cover for middle of July Genuinely devoid of energy in comeback Genuinely drunk, really hammered Genuinely the end of a letter?

Bush has one Geococcyx californianus Geode material Geoff oddly ignored during ridiculous life ban - it's beyond words Geoff sat uncomfortably in the wings Geoffrey Beene, Bill Blas Geoffrey of fashion Geoffrey the Giraffe's st Geog. Geographic feature depict Geographical "boot" Geographical abbr.

Geographical connectors Geographical datum Geographical feature unchanged with halves switched Geographical features Geographical finger Geographical index Geographical info Geographical name that me Geographical septet Geographical statistic Geographically named S. Geologic division Geologic layers Geologic period Geologic periods Geologic succession Geologic time Geologic time unit Geological deposit found in Jurassic layer Geological depression Geological epoch Geological epoch when mas Geological extent Geological feature on a U Geological formation Geological formations Geological fracture Geological layers Geological movement of land masses Geological period Geological range Geological ridge Geological sample Geological stretch Geological wonder Geologist Geologist's entire collec Geologist's measure Geologist's time Geologist?

Geometric calculation Geometric combining form Geometric corner Geometric curve Geometric fig. Geophysics topic Geordie entertainer plugs singer, one who intones Geordie inhabits Teesside location briefly - it's an alien territory Geordie ways to produce geeks? Scott movie wit George C. George Orwell and Colette finally breaking even, which produces a high note George Orwell's alma mate George Orwell, e.

Bush's alma mat George W. Bush's birthpla George W. Bush, as a coll George W. Bush, as a mana George W. Bush, for one George W. Georges with the best sel Georgetown athlete Georgetown hoopster Georgetown player Georgia and Lithuania, on Georgia and others, once: Abb Georgia was one: Georgia, its location full of oxygen - the state of oxygen!

German beer mug German bidet put out in a limited edition? German river to the Fulda German river to the North German river where Americ German river whose valley German romantic composer of orchestral and choral works, d. Germane Germanic invader offers perspective Germanic negative Germanic one Germanic tribesman Germany and Japan are in it, USA and I are out Germany and Thailand have abandoned a theatrical old language Germany avoiding change in power in German city according to the UK Germany gets agreement to produce chemicals for fabric industry Germany lost to France 12 - 1 Germany probes unagi sashimi reportedly not "fair trade" Germany reunifier Germany to Russia, in W.

Gestation locations Gesture Gesture from fellow rolling over Gesture of affection Gesture of indifference Gesture of resignation Gesture to a general Gestured to someone to come forward Gesturer Gesundheit! Get a bad mark on?

Get a bead on Get a better grip on Get a bigger car, say Get a blue ribbon Get a break Get a closer look, as wit Get a feel for things? Get a flat Get a good jump in a race Get a hand on the road? Get a handle on? Get a leather on the ear Get a line on? Get a little shuteye Get a little teary Get a load of Get a lode of this! Get a lungful Get a move on Get a move on! Get a move on, quaintly Get a new boyfriend? Get a new tenant for Get a party going Get a peep inside binder Get a pot with ice, bananas and a meat dish Get a program on the radi Get a ride for seismologi Get a rise out of?

Get a role adapted for second personality Get a sense for Get a sense of Get a sense something's u Get a sudden inspiration? Get a tan Get a tan in old age Get a total Get a tube made specially for lunch in France? Get a wife Get a workout via horseba Get actor performing as rural labourer perhaps Get ads Get ahead Get ahead? Get angry, as a missile d Get annoyed after study's coming out? Get child out of bed to do sums Get clean Get clean, as in rehab Get clean, so to speak Get clobbered Get close Get close, maybe Get closer Get closer to home, in a Get closer to, in a race Get comfortable Get comfortable with Get comfortably close Get comfy Get copy right Get cozy Get cracking Get cracking half of shandy with barrelled beer!

Get cracking with fish that's quite unexpected Get cracking, in a way Get crazier puzzle Get cross about the writer after sentimentality increased Get crushed by Get dark? Get darker Get decked out Get depressed, given long account that reaches no conclusion Get dewy-eyed Get dirty, menacing look after party Get divorced Get done Get done for moving illegal tender?

Get down Get down from a horse Get down half of Guinness - it's black and white and cold Get down in church Get down quickly Get down quickly and run back Get dressed up Get drunk Get drunk at home and eat Brie that's gone off Get drunk splitting French wine cask - I'm game!

Get dry and wrinkly Get engaged in game show Get entangled in details, Get even Get even for Get even with a very English earl Get exactly right Get excited Get excited over? Get extremely tiddly, imbibing rum in this? Get fitter, time drops Get fixed Get fixed? Get fogged up Get for less Get former pupil to exercise right away Get free Get free headgear in English Home Counties Get free international support Get fresh with Get friendlier Get friendly with fellow's bird grabbing rear?

Get goggle-eyed Get going Get guards returning last month to part company Get gull to circle one sitting on chicken Get guns again Get gussied up Get happy Get hardened like Wensleydale swimmers?

Get hot and bothered Get hot under the collar Get hot under the collar? Get hush money from, for Get in Get in a good one on Get in a hold Get in a lather Get in a mess, but look appropriate for Conference?

Get in a stew Get in boat at sea Get in essentials taking uniform in case Get in on a deal Get in on the ground floo Get in return Get in shape Get in sync again Get in the can early Get in the game Get in touch with Get in trouble, in a way, Get inspired Get intelligence from Get intense Get into Get into a habit?

Get into a jam Get into a pool Get into a row Get into a stew? Get into easily Get into hot water? Get into it, so to speak Get into shape Get into shape? Get into some hot water? Get into tangle stirring 10 drink Get into trouble Get into trouble, in a wa Get into trouble; be killed Get into uniform Get into, in a way Get introduced slowly Get involved in someone else's business?

Get irate, tickled by feather Get it Get it from where market traders keep stock Get it in the neck Get it wrong Get it? Aim must be revised to become less harsh Get jaded Get kicked?

Get killed on the run? Get less death around a river Get less iron Get lighter Get loaded Get loan for cultivating fruit Get lost Get lost for example in Ilium, say Get lost in a brown study Get lost in the rhythm, then I tango Get lost somewhere in India on the road Get lost! Koch addicted to Get naked with editor having some lines? Get name in credit or he could make things wicked for you Get near to Get NHS rent reviewed and grow stronger Get nosy Get off Get off - on fire Get off at a station Get off at the terminal Get off mother's milk Get off on Get off one's behind Get off one's chest Get off the fence Get off the fence, so to Get off the mark?

Get on board Get on board to hop Channel rapidly Get on in years Get on one's nerves Get on the bottom? Get one's points across? Get one's second wind Get organised, securing one place to stay in France Get Oscar after silent movie about 14 circus act Get out Get out and look inside meat dish Get out into the open Get out of Get out of a bind?

Get out of a channel in reverse drive finally Get out of a sentence? Get out of a slump? Get out of bed Get out of bed about noon to wash Get out of bed, perhaps, to drive a coach and horses through Get out of clothing Get out of former home, evicted from complex Get out of it on Tory leader's whizz Get out of it, perhaps with individual on Bass Get out of jail Get out of money Get out of shape?

Get out of the cold? Get out of the field Get out of the habit of Get out of the habit, may Get out of the line? Get out of the way Get out of the wreckage Get out of this! Get out of what one might get out for Get out of, as clothing Get out the tough dirt sp Get out, in a way Get outta here! One doesn't appreciate what it costs Get overexcited with wheeze that's saucy Get part of Get past Get pasted, say Get pickled Get plastered Get plenty of sleep Get prepared Get product to make babies Get promoted Get prone Get quite hot Get rate, say, to realign barn door?

Get ready Get ready for a big game Get ready for a bomb Get ready for a comeback Get ready for action Get ready for an exam Get ready for battle agai Get ready for chow Get ready for dinner, in Get ready for exercise Get ready for Judgment Da Get ready for the long ha Get ready for war Get ready for Web-surfing Get ready to be picked Get ready to bite Get ready to drive Get ready to drive, in go Get ready to fall, maybe Get ready to fly Get ready to forward Get ready to go Get ready to grill Get ready to kick off Get ready to leave Get ready to play, say Get ready to ride Get ready to ride, with " Get ready to run, in base Get ready to shoot Get ready to shoot again Get ready to shower Get ready to take more pi Get ready to take off Get ready, for short Get ready, while attracting lots of viewers Get really hot Get really steamed Get really wet Get renewed Get rid of Get rid of a lot of hospital gear Get rid of a relative scandal?

Get rid of a shadow Get rid of an area with bushes Get rid of article about bull, trivial, hollow? Get rid of bouncer and hawker Get rid of cream containing minute angelica root Get rid of dreadful boils in a hospital Get rid of drink ensnaring a 21 Get rid of E London journalists for speaking out Get rid of first person in Paris to come in drunk etc. Get rid of outhouse Get rid of slight problem with daughter supplanting husband Get rid of small uncertainty without Britain Get rid of superfluity, dismissing fifty Get rid of the holes in, Get rid of wrinkles Get rid of; channel Get rotten referee in place years Get rough Get rumour about something in this document?

Get shaking Get sharper, militarily Get shock when gold mark's given for third part of essay Get shot in a studio? Get shot of Paul? Get sick in the winter Get situated Get slick, in a way Get slippery Get slippery, in a way Get smaller car in vessel Get smart Get smart with Get smart? Get smitten hard Get snippy with Get snockered Get some air Get some air? Get some coffee, perhaps Get some quick lodging Get some shuteye Get some sleep Get some sun Get something done?

Get stricter reporting on match: We might Get tangled Get tangled up Get the ball rolling Get the best of Get the better of Get the better of Eric at the outset with story about new means of transportation Get the better of the fool among us?

That's not right Get the better of unfashionable party Get the big picture?: Get the fruit of another's labour? That's a feature of 22 down 26's game plan, initially Get the gold Get the gold? Get the goods Get the goods on Get the gravy Get the grime off Get the hang of Get the job done Get the last bit of suds Get the lead out Get the lead out?

Get the measure of Get the picture Get the point Get the point? Get this show on the road! Get through Get through dull work Get through hard work Get through one's head Get through slowly Get through successfully Get through to Get through using this code agent fashioned Get ticked off Get tiresome Get to Get to eat out with head of firm Get to go Get to grips with Greek technology company Get to know Get to people emotionally Get to the bottom of thin Get to the other side Get to the point Get to the point of?

Get to the point? Get to the root of? Get to the top of Get to work on Time Get to work on Time? Get to yes Get to, so to speak Get together Get together with Get together for a task Get together with old cla Get together without fanf Get together, being clever, to get around flipping mess? It was proper once Get too aroused by kiss with boob out, reportedly Get too big for Get too much sun Get totally involved with Get tough Get tough with footballers at top of Premiership Get tough, with "down" Get tree branch Get undressed Get unhitched Get union involved with 10?

It's not serious Get untidy she-devil upset Get up Get up - be productive Get up - finally Christmas! Too busy to play with toys Get up after a multiplaye Get up and it's gone Get up around noon and wash Get up? Get upset, having acquired work that is oddly cheesy Get used to Get used to Bill meeting a client without hesitation Get used to guarantee not having succeeded Get used to it Get very angry Get very cold Get very cross with one replacing young man's last partner Get very drunk, in slang Get very hot Get very upset, with health resort bathed in blood Get via roving eyes Get way too thin Get weapon out but don't win Get while the getting's g Get whipped Get wider Get wild Get wind of Get without effort Get worked up?

Get worse Get worse again Get wrong Get your butts on the ground! Getaway locale Getaway places Getaway planner? Gets a lift Gets a move on Gets a promotion Gets a rise out of?

Gets a whole new view of Gets acquainted with some Gets across? Gets all ditzy Gets and holds down Gets around Gets around like Superman Gets back Gets back to Gets back at Gets back from playing with a train set Gets back in business Gets back to business Gets back to, in a way Gets bearings East and South Gets bent out of shape Gets better Gets better at Gets better, as a wound Gets bigger Gets bigger and bigger Gets blitzed Gets book about mushroom Gets bounced by Gets by Gets calls from collector Gets charged up?

Gets choked up Gets choked up Gets closer to a batch of Gets closer to, as a targ Gets comfortable with Gets concrete results? Gets down to work Gets dressed up Gets drunk; eats an excessive amount of starchy food Gets educated Gets elected Gets engaged to, old-styl Gets even with Gets experts to circumvent tax Gets faster Gets fat?

Gets hung up Gets ill, beset by head cold after cycling - showing this? Gets in a sting Gets in over one's head? The term includes a person who converts, modifies, adds to, or removes parts or a portion from an item, device, or assembly to further its promotion, sale, or use as gambling equipment in this state. A person only adding or modifying promotional flares to advise the public of the prizes available, the rules of play, and the consideration required is not a manufacturer.

Paddle ticket card number. A paddle wheel may be an electronic device that simulates a paddle wheel. A pull-tab dispensing device may have as a component an auditory or visual enhancement to promote or provide information about a game being dispensed, provided the component does not affect the outcome of a game or display the results of a game or an individual ticket.

Share the pot raffle. A sports-themed tipboard is a board, placard, or other device that contains a grid of predesignated numbers for which the winning numbers are determined in whole or in part by the numerical outcome of one or more professional sporting events, serves as the game flare for player registration, but is not required to contain a seal.

For a sports-themed tipboard, the winning numbers must be determined solely by the numerical outcome. For a sports-themed tipboard, the tipboard ticket contains a set of numbers used to determine the winner based on the numerical outcome of a professional sporting event. A state lottery is established under the supervision and control of the director of the state lottery appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate.

The director must be qualified by experience and training in the operation of a lottery to supervise the lottery. The director serves in the unclassified service. Every person who, by playing at cards, dice, or other game, or by betting on the hands or sides of such as are gambling, shall lose to any person so playing or betting any sum of money or any goods, and pays or delivers the same, or any part thereof, to the winner, may sue for and recover such money by a civil action, before any court of competent jurisdiction.

For purposes of this section, gambling shall not include pari-mutuel wagering conducted under a license issued pursuant to chapter , purchase or sale of tickets in the state lottery, or gambling authorized under chapters and A. A participant's payment for use of a telephone number or another means of communication that results in payment to the sponsor of the plan constitutes consideration under this paragraph. A bet is a bargain whereby the parties mutually agree to a gain or loss by one to the other of specified money, property or benefit dependent upon chance although the chance is accompanied by some element of skill.

A gambling device is a contrivance which for a consideration affords the player an opportunity to obtain something of value, other than free plays, automatically from the machine or otherwise, the award of which is determined principally by chance. Associated equipment means any equipment used in connection with gambling that would not be classified as a gambling device, including but not limited to: A gambling place is a location or structure, stationary or movable, or any part thereof, wherein, as one of its uses, betting is permitted or promoted, a lottery is conducted or assisted or a gambling device is operated.

A bucket shop is a place wherein the operator is engaged in making bets in the form of purchases or sales on public exchanges of securities, commodities or other personal property for future delivery to be settled at prices dependent on the chance of those prevailing at the public exchanges without a bona fide purchase or sale being in fact made on a board of trade or exchange.

Video game of chance. A video game of chance is a game or device that simulates one or more games commonly referred to as poker, blackjack, craps, hi-lo, roulette, or other common gambling forms, though not offering any type of pecuniary award or gain to players.

The term also includes any video game having one or more of the following characteristics:. A video game that simulates horse racing that does not involve a prize payout is not a video game of chance. A telephone number is a ten-digit number, the first three numbers of which are from to A game means any game played with cards, dice, equipment, or any mechanical or electronic device or machine for money or other value, whether or not approved by law, and includes, but is not limited to: An authorized gambling activity means any form of gambling authorized by and operated in conformance with law.

An authorized gambling establishment means any premises where gambling authorized by law is occurring. For the purposes of sections Whoever does any of the following is guilty of a misdemeanor: Clause 5 does not prohibit possession of a gambling device in a person's dwelling for amusement purposes in a manner that does not afford players an opportunity to obtain anything of value. He expected that Darrow's reputation as one of the most brilliant defense attorneys in the country would attract desired publicity to the trial and its issues.

By the time of the trial, charges had been dropped against three of the original eleven defendants. On the morning of Friday, October 30, Clarence Darrow was ready for trial. An all-white jury was seated. By the end of November, and after long deliberations, most members of the jury came to an agreement that the eight remaining defendants should be acquitted; there were, however, a few holdouts. At this point, Judge Murphy dismissed the hung jury and declared a mistrial.

Sweet and Gladys expected to head back to court within a few weeks, but there were delays. The court accepted Darrow's motion to have the trial of the defendants severed, with each to be tried separately. Sweet's youngest brother Henry was to be tried first.

During the long delay between the first and second trial, Darrow did not devote much time to the Sweets' case. Almost three weeks after the announced trial date, the second trial started on Monday, April 19, Another all-white jury had been seated.

After the jury acquitted Henry Sweet, the prosecuting attorney elected to dismiss the charges against the remaining seven defendants, including Sweet. After Sweet and his friends were acquitted, his life continued to be difficult. Both Gladys and their daughter, Iva, were diagnosed with tuberculosis. Gladys believed she contracted the disease while in jail.

Iva died two months after her second birthday. During the next two years, Gladys' illness drove her and Sweet apart, and he returned to the apartment near Dunbar Memorial. She went to Tucson , Arizona , in order to benefit from the drier climate, which was the preferred treatment for TB, an often fatal disease when antibiotics for it had not yet been developed.

By mid, Sweet finally regained possession of his house, which had been vacant since the shooting. A few months after his wife Gladys returned home, she died of TB at the age of twenty-seven.

After her death, Sweet bought Garafalo's Drugstore. In , he left his practice to run a hospital in the heart of the ghetto. He would eventually run a few of these small hospitals, but none ever flourished financially. As he began to approach the age of fifty, Sweet started to buy land in East Bartow, Florida, as his father had. In the summer of , Sweet learned that his brother Henry had also contracted tuberculosis; six months later, Henry died.

By this point, Sweet's finances had failed. He was not able to pay off his land contract until , when he assumed full ownership of the house. He faced too much debt after that to keep it. After selling the house in April to another black family, Sweet converted his former office above Garafalo's Drugstore into an apartment.

Around this time, Sweet's physical and mental health began to decline; he had put on weight and slowed down. On March 20, , he killed himself in his bedroom with a shot to the head. Sweet's life and his trial for murder have been dramatized and memorialized as important events in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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