"luipis17": dal NL5 al Regno Unito

I posted this thread just before going to sleep so forgive me for my English bizarre mistakes Sono arrivato da due settimane insieme a un altro amico, gioca anche lui. Only you can really decide when is the right time for you to move up. Korean Starcraft League Qualif.. Learn from online pros.

Why more than 255,701 poker players have joined CardsChat

Why more than 255,701 poker players have joined CardsChat

I agree with above that at 25NL villains can be much more aggressive and you need stronger reads to go after bluffs. Lower levels NL you won't find as much bluffing , so it's easier to play straight ABC poker and make a profit. Of course, you will find that certain tables are much more challenging than others, and the more players you know at the table playing style-wise , the more likely you are to capitalize on the action.

The more I've played the more I've discovered that table selection is a huge component of making a profit. October 26th, , 2: I believe that the style of the game should always be the same, it should not depend on the limits. If you want to be a plus player, you need to play carefully at any limits and, if possible, do not risk all the money.

At any limits, there is a fish and there are sharks, the main thing is to understand who is who, and use this situation for their own purposes. I prefer to play cautiously on any limits and this brings a good result, and I advise you. Join the Conversation at CardsChat. CardsChat is an online poker community of , members in countries. Why more than , poker players have joined CardsChat Quickly improve your game. Learn from online pros.

I was somehow arrived. Then I started applying some of your tips and I played with a wider range was nitty before. I bought CTM recently. Do you think I should make the move immediatly? Currently I've 25bi for next limit. Hi Simone, Good job on the winrate! Only you can really decide when is the right time for you to move up. But with your winrate there is no reason why you will not easily beat NL5 as well.

Oh moreover when I decided to restart playing I approached zoom poker. I hate in the past Zoom but now I feel somehow comfortable and I cannot really manage to move back to normal tables despite I'm quite sure the WR could be bigger in the long run.

Do you suggest me to "force" the comeback to normal tables if I play NL5? If you feel comfortable playing Zoom then I would just continue playing there. I think there is no question that the winrates will be higher at normal tables in the long run but I don't think it matters quite so much at NL2 or NL5. Currently on 35BI and counting, so hoping to take a shot at 5NL soon. This article serves as good starting point on what to check in my game and what to prepare for, thanks!

Hi Nathan, Thansk a lot for all those articles! So I've been taking a shot at Nl5 for a couple of month now and it's going fairly bad over 60 hands. Which is why I regularly run database analysis, and after messing around with filters fo a while I came to realize that I'm doing awesome in pots of more than 25 bbs and quite bad in anything less than that.

Question is, should I be worried, and if so, do you have any lead on what leaks to look for? Hi Thomas, Hmm, that is interesting.

I never really run tests like this. I assume that you have filtered for hands that go to the flop or something. You could further filter by the actions that you took to see if there is any big profit differences. And also, just start reviewing them one by one. Me again, shot at nl5 going worse than ever, 2 buy ins left, already made peace with the fact that I'm gonna have to go back to nl2 soon: So, I've fixed the 15 to 25bb pot size leak by narrowing my 3betting range.

To find out that my main leak is bbs pots coming mainly from the fact that nobody folds to my cbets. I apply the cbetting rules from crushing the micros as well as possible, I have an AF of 3. I'll go hand by hand again and again to try to find out what and if I'm doing something wrong but if u have any tips please enlighten me and if u don't thanks for reading anyways: Hi Guys, where can you see the number of hands that you played? I play live poker tournaments and cash for a little more than 7 years now and I just started the online in microstakes NL2.

I wanted to know how much I have to win in an hour session with 2 or 3 tables, to be considered a profit? I made 10 dollars in 3 days playing probably a total of 5 or 6 hours. How much time do you guys recommend for me to move up to NL5 and how much bankroll should I have?

Hi bangsok, For answers to your questions here I would suggest checking out the following 3 articles of mine. Hello, very good article, I am making rules of 40 buyns, I am a winner in nl2 those 19 days I did k of winrae hands of 5 bb , lack 2 buyns for the moveup, your articles helped me a lot. Thank you, I'm brasieiro, lol. Ya, it could still easily be variance over these samples. In fact it probably is given how big your NL2 winrate is. I'm currently at 2nl due to cashing out some of my winnings but hopefully be back up at 5nl quite soon.

What I enjoyed about 5nl is you play more regs which actually makes you have to improve your game. It was more exciting and challenging playing 5nl. I think the further up the ranks you go the more interesting the game will get. Yup, definitely more regs at NL5, good luck with the move up!

Hi Nathan, Discovering your blog and your books has brought me back to taking a serious shot at poker for the first time in 10 years. I've learned more about poker from you in 2 months than I did my first years.

Thanks for helping out poor suckers like me! Ignition is anonymous so I can't track the regs or fish but do you think I'd be okay approaching the 5NL players on Ignition like they're 2NL players? Perhaps with a bit of caution? Hey Jason, Glad to hear that my blogs and books have helped you! September 13th, , 7: Originally Posted by Aces2w1n. September 15th, , 1: September 24th, , 2: Of course play within your roll and you should be fine.

September 27th, , 6: The main thing, I think, is how you lost these 2bis. If it's your mistakes, then you came to that limit too early and must improve your skill. If this is a bad luck and you sure acted right, just play further.

Analyze your game after every session. September 28th, , 7: October 6th, , I will whright this topic after switch from NL5 to NL Before I dont have all information I need to correct view of this situation.

I think it will be very interesting. So wait some times, and I wright this interesting story of my poker development. October 7th, , I think representative sample should be not less then 20k hands. October 7th, , 6: Having played hands do not make any conclusions. We need to play much, much more. October 14th, , 2: October 14th, , 3: I moved up about a month ago and lost 10 buy-ins within the first hands. I'm only just back in the green after 16, October 19th, , 6: I think there are no diffrenceses between NL2 and NL5.

You was just unlucky on the first hand. Join the Conversation at CardsChat.