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If I have of my initial stack left, same situation, I have left, and depending on the turn card and the texture of the flop, my reads on my opponents remaining, I have more options than you IMHO. June 25th, 3: September 12th, , 4: And how long you can make right decision, the stronger hands you will play. September 14th, , 8: September 14th, , 6:

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Download Zynga Poker and start playing today! Both policies are available in the Application License Agreement below as well as at www. Social Networking Service terms may also apply. I think that you can get into that game with and be ok. I always believe if you can buy in for big blinds then you should be fine regardless of the stack.

Just play your game, but if you get into a hand with a big stack understand that they may try to push you around. If you are not committed to the hand that you have and want to play it out just fold early and go to the next hand and see what happens. September 13th, , 2: When you play with bbs stack vs bbs, the effective stack size is bbs. Effective stack size is always the smallest stack, and the only one that matters.

Usual cash game strategy as found at the instructional videos or forums applies to bbs deep cash game. If you are inexperienced, i would not suggest you buy in for more and play your standard solid game. September 14th, , 8: Yes, bb buy-in is good enough! You can play optimal vs opponents who has times bigger stack then you. And how long you can make right decision, the stronger hands you will play. They will expect that you play indifferently combination.

You must be tight and wait. September 14th, , Is it usually always the same? September 14th, , 6: Originally Posted by BogdanStark. September 28th, , 7: September 28th, , 3: Wow, tough question actually. Do you take a knife to a gun fight?

If you get into a monster pot with a monster hand, do you want plenty of ammunition? Myself, I have developed the patience and discipline NOT to allow myself to play that way, and have the resources bankroll to absorb any loss mind you, not a sustained losing streak for months , so I sit with the maximum allowed and those with bigger stacks aren't so big anymore, and can quickly be all of mine , as I have enough chips to impact them, plus my stack allows me to make bets and have chips behind the cards , that can influence my opponent.

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