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Finally the payout is very very poor. Be sure to catch the complimentary shuttle from the Rosemont Blue Line to the casino 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also search near a city, place, or address instead. It was very nice to come and see a lot of people win and loose money. There's a bar in the center. Click the following links for map, schedule and fare information:.

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However if you're a big poker player they do not have a poker room. There are multiple bars with one big one in the center and they do have servers walking around take care of you. There are several restaurants in the casino although I did not get a chance to try them. This was a great visit as all my past visits here have been. If you like to gamble and you're in Chicago this place would be my recommendation. This place is pretty cool looking, but I'm in no way a gambler so maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I was into that.

People of all ages were here when I came, but I noticed that way too many people save spots with sweaters and purses so that nobody else uses certain machines This place reminds me of a Gameworks for adults I didn't play any table games, so my review is solely on the slot machines.

I haven't won anything here, but I also don't have the best luck. However, with everyone saving machines, they seem to kill any chance of anyone else winning anything, anyways. Came here for a birthday celebration.

Plenty of parking available. This location has restaurants and a Starbucks. Do not get the coffee. I've never tasted such bad coffee in my life. We ended up eating at the buffet. If it's your first time coming to the casino you get a buy one get one free deal. Worth the price for a free meal.

Our waiter was very friendly. The restaurant is very nice inside. The casino has ok slot machines. The staff need to smile more. It's like they are robots. This wouldn't be my first choice for a casino because it's not terrible. I would come back one day I have fun here when I'm not gambling, I love playing roulette and normally put my bet down at the last moment possible.

The deal or spinner was calling the table and the ball was still spinning around like 6 more times. I final said something and at that time the eye in the sky made sure I lost everything.

This place sucks for gambling, expect to loss everything you bring. You will not walk away with money EVER Racist ass place!!!! I witnessed a black man win a jackpot on a table game and they denied him his winnings and told him if he called gaming they would make sure he's arrested. Don't give your money to these dummies. It was a Saturday night and they charged to get into the nightclub that I peaked to see through and there was like not even 5 people in there. I also walked around and there were so many drinks left everywhere.

All of the tables we tried to sit at had empty drinks and dirty napkins everywhere. They should hire somebody that goes around and cleans up the empty glasses because the bartenders are way too busy with everybody else so it makes the place look sloppy.

I do have to commend you guys for your awesome casino shuttle bus driver!!! He was on time, very polite and caring!!! He picked us up from the hotel and made sure we got to our destination safely and he was fun to talk to. You guys won the lotto with him! It was a fun experience and would definitely go again!

It's not a large casino but it has enough to cure the urge. Drink prices are reasonable, staff is friendly and the bathrooms are clean. They also have a few good restaurants within.

This is definitely one of the nicer casinos in the Chicagoland area, but wow is it expensive! This is the closest casino around, and I do get the "wow" factor- but the burgers and all other individual food items are overpriced- much like airport surge pricing. As for the games, there's plenty to keep everyone happy. During weekends it can get super busy and you might have to circle around the cheaper slots if you want a particular machine.

Unlike other casinos, you won't find a free pop machine somewhere in the corner. If you want water or a drink, you'll have to flag down a cocktail waitress. Was treated to Christmas dinner in the buffet I have zero complaints as everything I tried was very delicious. The staff was so friendly and made sure we were enjoying ourselves.

There was always fresh food put out which just made everything even better. I will be back! Good place to hang out and do a little gambling. Outside of downtown Chicago by O'Hare airport. Good food choices inside, especially with Hugo's Frog Bar inside. For the gambling, had slot machines on the perimeter and the table games on the inside.

There's a bar in the center. Some people whined that the table game minimums were high, but it didn't seem bad. Wide variety of people in the crowd. Some women in hot dresses with their tits out, others dressed down like they were going to the grocery store. I like this casino it's amazing and so nice. The dealers are so polite.

Specially one dealer her name is Tina she is found at the blackjack tables but not that often. She is so positive even when the players are rude to her because they are not having a lucky day, she always keeps a smile on her face. I've never really won much here but I always have a good hour or two of fun.

Rivers is great to bring out of town guests to who like to play. I wouldn't spend more than a couple hours here, but that's just me - I always enjoy the atmosphere everything looks brand new! Check Easy to get a Drink: It was very nice to come and see a lot of people win and loose money.

Rivers casino has a few restaurant right inside the casino with out walking outside. I sat ate the cafe it was a little on the pricy side but who cares YIU are here to spend money. I loved the atmosphere and the people that work are very nice. I loved the fact that some of the employees were correcting and asking rude customers to say please and thank you. I was a little bit scared to come to the casino since I hear a lot in the news that people get rubbed but we found parking right across the street in the casino parking lot.

I met a few interesting people that were waiting for the significant other to finish gambling as I was too. It was an exiting adventure but not saying people gamble there money away. Rivers casino is very clean and has very nice and kind employees. I hope this was my last time coming here Went here about a month ago and my experience the second time was just as good as the first.

I did not win any money this time around but hey, you win some you lose some. But we did stop in at Hugo's Frog Bar and the food is delicious so are their drinks. The staff at Rivers is friendly so it makes it an enjoyable experience.

I am a lover of coffee so you know that I am automatically a huge fan of the coffee bar inside of the casino. Mostly because it is open late and they serve delicious coffee. I go the red velvet frappe I believe it was and it oh my goodness it was so good. Another great thing about this casino is the large amount of parking they have at this casino.

They parking lots and in addition they also have a large parking garage which is connected by a tunnel to the casino. Cannot wait till my next adventure leads me to Rivers Rivers Casino is alright. For Chicago, I was surprised to see how small it was compared to other casinos that I've been to.

For a Thursday night, the table games got incredibly overcrowded. I had wished the slot machines were a little more organized, it was hard to tell apart the penny machines from the high roller slots. It's not bad, but I'll probably branch out and try another casino the next time I'm in Chicago willing to lose all of my money. The worst casino ever! It's literally a miracle if you win on slots and then the machines take it right back.

You can't win any money to keep playing and spend more time at the ATM. Players are always pissed off and it's not fun! They deserve any fines they get from improper promotions and if another casino opens in Chicago Rivers deserves to fold!

They may as well just rob people at the entrance and save you the time and frustration!! All machines were full had to wait for something available. Didn't pay out very much on slots. Tables paid well, however. Food court food was gross. Slots are tight, bonuses don't pay. People are spitting on the machines. Only thing you can win in this casino is a disease. According to new findings, level of bacteria on buttons is 40 times higher than on public toilet seats.

Among the common bacteria likely to be found on the machines are E. That's just from touching, not counting the spitting that is going on on regular basis. The casino got fined for several gaming regulations violations, including promotional infractions. Also they hired contractor whose top exec has ties to reputed mob figures and organized crime. They would not do that if they were not crooks. Slots are probably not paying the percentage they supposed to pay, because fines for this are much lower than profit they make by making slots not pay the percentage they supposed to pay.

So it's more profitable to pay fines than make machines pay the percentage they supposed to pay. Owner of the casino says people who play are unintelligent. Tonight I decided to come to Rivers for a little bit of entertainment. If I could give it a negative rating I would. There is no manners, respect or etiquette here. People are bumping into each other. If you are playing slots and need to run to the restroom don't expect anyone to save your machine for you. I asked her what happened and she claimed that I didn't ask her to watch the machine.

At that point I had to call security. After a long wait and multiple requests, manager Daniel finally arrived. He explained that Rivers Casino policy is that if you walk away from your machine, for any reason whatsoever, anyone can claim your money.

He also stated that there is a little white sign at the bottom of the machine that states that. When I looked at the little sticker about the size of a quarter, he referred to, it only showed Rivers address.

No, the casino would not reimburse me for any money taken nor would they pull cameras to see what had actually happened. What an stupid, expensive lesson to learn. Especially when you try to trust the person playing next to you. I have played at other casinos before and never had such an incident happen to me or anyone I know. Good luck, the servers fly past you if you're lucky enough to spot one.. Security is sparse and takes forever to respond which makes it a very dangerous place considering that everyone there is carrying cash.

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Fashion Outlets of Chicago is easily accessible via several Pace bus routes. Click the following links for map, schedule and fare information:. From the Rosemont Station, the mall is a 5 minute walk east on Balmoral Avenue. Skip to main content Skip to footer site map. Visit Us Fashion Outlets of Chicago features over outlet stores and a variety of services for traveling shoppers. Tourism Professionals Learn about business-to-business programs for tour operators, meeting planners, and resort and hotel partners at our newly launched Macerich Tourism website.

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