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Spanish flu epidimic hits, leaves dead by early ; children ill at Lytton home north ofHealdsburg Oct. James Armstrong's heirs sell family property to county; in , state creates Armstrong Woods StatePark.

Quicksilver from Culver-Baer Mining Co. Petaluma seeks to secede and set up own county; effort foiled by state legislature in Bootleggers, rumrunners become part of the scene as Prohibition era arrives across U. During Prohibition hot claret wine gargle becomes popular "cure" for sore throats. John Grant forms company to generate electric power at the Big Geysers in northeast part of county.

Technical problems complicate the process; giant McCrays Resort hosts tourists. Rosenberg family constructs tallest building between San Francisco and Portland at the corner of 4th St. Aerial shows become popular. Sebastopol opens Cnopius Field airport; facility becomes home to numerous barnstormer pilots. Paving block industry diminishes as auto owners demand more comfortable surfaces. Grace Brothers Frank and Joe close brewery during Prohibition, turn to other operations such as butterand ice cream.

Partly because of legal loopholes, demand for wine grapes remains strong until Healdsburg Prunepackers form strong semi-pro baseball team, disband late in the decade, reappear ins.

Radio listeners get San Francisco programs, including one featuring a singing Boston Terrier from aPetaluma kennel. Mario Moch Lucchesi stars as player, coach, motivator for Petaluma semi-pro baseball. Expanding farm exports to Europe, Sonoma County ranks 8th in nation in farm production. Grape acreage climbs from 21, to 42, between and , with wineries; Prohibitionundermines the boom.

Santa Rosa High School's agricultural education program gains national recognition. Promoter Jack Prince opens Cotati Speedway auto race track to crowd of 20,; Speedway closes in Radio emerges as Press Democrat editor Ernest L. Egg Day wedding, brainchild of Petaluma promoter H. Max and son Fred combine to construct Rosenberg Building at northeast corner of 4th and MendocinoAves. First woman appointed to Santa Rosa police force; budget problems limit her stay to less than a year.

Petaluma successfully lobbies the federal government for tariffs to keep cheaper Chinese eggs fromundermining prices. The Bauer and Baugh Co.

Windy winter storm puts ship Klamath on the rocks in Sea Ranch area, jeopardizing more than 50 people. Newspapers report October "race riot" between Japanese and Caucasian cannery workers in Graton. Ku Klux Klan activity picks up with meetings at Lake Ralphine in Santa Rosa and on Petaluma Hill Rd;white robes and burning crosses included; activity diminishes by Kawaoka family of Penngrove challenges California Alien Land Law, designed to discourageOrientals from passing land to children.

Judge Ross Campbell rules apartment house owners can refuse to rent to blacks, a first-of-its-kind rulingin California. California Theater, with its mighty Wurlitzer organ, opens on B St. Strike by carpenters working on Santa Rosa Schools lasts three months, includes attack on non-unionworkers with steel pipes. Charles Dunbar elected to Santa Rosa City Council, becomes mayor and political power, including 7years as city manager. Fishermen hook 40 cases of liquor dumped by rum-runners in Tomales Bay in July.

Sonoma County has grammar schools, 7 high schools and 8, enrollees: Sebastopol insurance man, Republican Herbert Scudder, holds state assembly seat until Sonoma's Joe Ryan, "terror of bootleggers," becomes sheriff but dies of heart attack in Luther Burbank's comments on "life in the hereafter" draw international criticism; he dies Apr.

In perhaps the closest major race ever, Douglas Bills beats Petaluma Police Chief Mike Flohr by less than20 votes in election for sheriff. Petaluma population at 7,; 2, chicken farms operate in or near the Egg city. Al Hermann, noted for ability to do variety of chicken calls, builds Penngrove School. Cries of outrage come from farmers as U. Auto dealers hold mile Sonoma County run in a White Ford. Six women including poet Eugenia T.

John Greeott buys large ranch on Chalk Hill Rd. Gravenstein apple boom sees 1, carloads of fruit go to eastern and southern markets. Star running back Ernie Nevers helps semi-pro Santa Rosa Bonecrushers football team win three straightstate titles Santa Rosa Municipal Airport is dedicated north of city May Noted winemaker Julio Gallo begins buying grapes in county; company eventually becomes 2nd largestvineyard owner in county, behind Kendall-Jackson.

Press Democrat publisher E. Tin Lizzie Derby at Sonoma County Fairgrounds in late s ends up with 22 of 50 cars in a huge pileup.

Marguerite Hahn moves to Cotati, becomes town librarian and newspaper correspondent. As Depression deepens, growth is reported in number of "hoboes," soup kitchen activity and assistanceefforts for the poor. Industrialist Leonard Howarth leaves funds for parks, including Howarth Park and Lake Ralphine, heavilyused since the s. Incidents pit Caucasians against Filipino workers in west county apple orchards.

With help from market owners and butchers, Santa Rosa's "Dad" Burchell sets up soup kitchen on emptylot in depths of the Depression. Mirabel Park draws San Francisco vacationers for dancing, fun at the beach and skating; includes parkinglot for 2, cars. Sonoma County population 62, Annual total of hops grown rises to 3 million pounds; main hop years Eleven Santa Rosa doctors and a druggist are arrested on charges of writing fraudulent prescriptions for"hot claret wine gargle.

Wesley Jamison leads agricultural education program at Santa Rosa High School until , producingleaders of agricultural programs throughout the U. Public agencies in county cut budgets and pay; hobo jungles appear on the Petaluma River andelsewhere; conflicts between banks and farmers in debt raise tensions. Traverso and Arrigoni Market opens. Communist Party seek inclusion on ballot, present disputed signatures on petition. Forestville minister James Case is threatened with foreclosure on his apple orchard.

As Prohibition ends in December. When his father dies shortly before the game Oct. As tensions between business, farmers and laborers intensifies, Harry Patteson becomes sheriff. Government sets up programs to provide projects, jobs; state labor camp opens at Armstrong Grove.

Sonoma County club formed to support Townsend old-age pension plan; Petaluma event draws 3, in Gentleman rancher John Rosseter raises greyhounds and horses, holds grand party to honor sire stallionDisguise.

Petaluma Spartans organize first full-fledged marathon run west of the Mississippi; event continues intos. Amelia Mihan operates Hillside Hospital, first facility of its type in Sebastopol, until Vigilantes, including well-known county personages, tar and feather protestors Jack Green and SolNitzberg as tensions rise throughout the summer. Guerneville realtor and justice of the peace E.

Santa Rosa Fair Assn. Glen Guymon becomes Santa Rosa High School drama teacher, builds on Hollywood connections andwidespread community support to develop acclaimed program. John Frankfurter's Pioneer Motel south of Cotati serves as swim center for more than 30 years. Santa Rosan Florian Dauenhauer invents hop-picking machine, minimizing the need for hop pickers. County sets up major tubercular hospital near Community Hospital in Santa Rosa.

Melvin Dutch Flohr becomes a legend as Santa Rosa police chief, retiring in In spite of Depression, almost 30 million dozen eggs are shipped from Petaluma area; peak comes in at 51 million dozen.

Less than 10, acres of vineyards planted compared to 42, before World War I. Navy man Bill Montgomery dies Dec. As war starts, 2 airfields and military camps open in Sonoma County; Army airfield is north of Santa Rosa,navy facilities west of town and in Cotati. Blackouts begin in December, including one that lasts 3 hours five days after the start of World War II.

School delayed, Bay Area youth brought in to do agriculture picking during war year. Students at Santa Rosa High School rally in behalf of young teacher fired for being married to aserviceman.

California Youth Authority acquires property, builds Los Guilicos, a school for delinquent girls thatoperates for almost 30 years. Petaluma fire trucks are called out to break up post-football game riot after Santa Rosa-Petaluma footballgame in the fall.

Buyers of war bonds in Santa Rosa and Petaluma earmark funds to buy military aircraft. Although not revealed until war ends, Japan launches balloon bombs, at least six of which land in countyfrom Dec. When winemaker Samuele Sebastiani dies, son August and wife Sylvia take over winery and expandoperation hundredfold. Sun-O-Ma nudist colony flourishes near Sonoma until road access problems trigger legal problems.

Evert Person, son-in-law of E. Benny Friedman opens hardware store in Petaluma, moves to large facility in Santa Rosa in ;Friedman is major contributor to saving of Christian Life Center building and builds Friedman Center for theJewish community in With long history of major fires, Occidental organizes volunteer fire department.

Miniature chest X-rays used to screen people with tuberculosis, related problems. Switching chickens to wire cages and various automatic processes in late s undercuts Petaluma's"family-farm" industry. Art Volkerts joins Press Democrat staff, becomes editor and ardent advocate for growing county, includingWarm Springs Dam, earning enmity of environmental community that fears excessive growth.

Hubert Scudder of Sebastopol is elected to U. Petaluma ships 48 million dozen eggs before downhill slide of poultry industry begins. In spite of heavy criticism, new 4-lane highway built through Santa Rosa opens in May; critics point upnumber of deaths and injuries. Under community pressure, Santa Rosa Jr. Sonoma Mountain area near Penngrove gets electricity; phone service comes 5 years later. Developer Hugh Codding turns orchards into suburbs, building Town and Country, his first shoppingcenter, and Montgomery Village.

Hardtop racers, led by Rod Zanoline, compete at tracks in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and other bay areasites. Sam Hood becomes city manager, guides growth of Santa Rosa as city nearly doubles in size asassessed valuation triples. Press Democrat publishes morning, noon, afternoon editions for first time Feb.

First atomic-era civil defense drill Feb. Presbyterian Church of the Roses in new Montgomery Village area is built by workers in 5 hours, 16minutes. Karen Valentine, later to become a major television star, is Sebastopol Apple Princess.

Adventurer Devere Baker builds 4 rafts, floats successfully to Hawaii with a small crew in on Lehi IV;trip takes 69 days. George Smith and wife Joyce create Georgetown, a movie and family memorabilia center, on 30 acreswest of Santa Rosa.

Montgomery Village annexed to Santa Rosa, causing jump in city population from 18, to 30, Developers close deal with Fred Rohnert and his sister July 12 for land near Cotati. Writer Gaye LeBaron joins staff of Santa Rosa Press Democrat, with collaborators writes two definitivehistories of Santa Rosa and establishes herself as main historic voice in the county.

Merchant and "hometown boy" Corrick Brown builds small-town orchestra into professional symphonyduring 38 years as conductor after replacing George Trombley.

Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz and family live 10 years in Sebastopol before moving to Santa Rosa. Mary Fazio opens tiny pizza shack, expands Mary's Pizza Shacks from Sonoma area to other parts of thecounty and beyond. Petaluma initiates housing growth limits; city wins challenge to law in U. Many Russian River summer cottages converted for year-around use; counter-culture people with arts andcrafts interests move into Russian River area.

County population is ,; building of several mobile home parks spurs growth in Sonoma Valley;Sonoma City population 3,, Sonoma Valley 20, Willard Libby grows up in Sebastopol, graduates from Analy High School, wins Nobel Prize forchemistry for discovery of Carbon 14 dating process, is strong advocate for use of nuclear power. Civil rights becomes a public issue with sit-in at Silver Dollar Saloon May Cotati's new, expanded hillside St. Major fire threatens Santa Rosa, east county from Sept.

Ignacio Ig Vella, of Sonoma's cheese-making company, becomes "larger than life" member of theSonoma County Board of Supervisors until Fairfield Homes begins construction of Oakmont senior housing development between Santa Rosa andSonoma.

Helen Putnam becomes Petaluma mayor, serves for 13 years, is key figure in taking Petaluma's slowgrowth ordinance to U. Cotati's Tradewinds Tavern becomes major gathering spot for SSC students, some of whom plot drive toremove three veteran city councilmen. Oceanic Properties buys Del Mar Ranch from Ohlson family, makes plans to built upscale resortdevelopment.

Sonoma County's much-loved courthouse in downtown Santa Rosa is demolished; major party marks itsdemise. Fireman John Hurt dies June 29 fighting building blaze; first fatality in department. Inn of the Beginning, located in the old Cotati Inn building, draws the Grateful Dead and other modernmusical groups. Sears Point Investment Co. Cardinal Newman High School football coach Ed Lloyd leads team to a record 47 straight wins starting in Petaluma's historic Continental Hotel, a downtown fixture on Western Ave.

Sonoma High School officials send controversial letter to some parents saying their children wererumored to be using drugs, triggering public debate on use of marijuana and lifestyle issues. Lou Gottlieb deeds Morningstar Ranch commune to God May 6, in effort to avoid fines imposed by localagencies. Counter-culture becomes main part of the Cotati scene, led by artist and performer Vito Paulekas, whocreates a 9-foot tall statue of Indian Chief Cotate in the Cotati Plaza; Cotati Free Store performs as street theatergroup; Cotati Co-Op opens as health food store; student protests are common.

Fire destroys Boyes Hot Springs bathhouse in April. State Coastal Commission approved to control planning in areas near the Pacific Ocean. Voters twice approve long-delayed Warm Springs Dam project north of Healdsburg. Hewlett-Packard agrees to buy acres of Fountaingrove area for plant site, opens large high-techoperation in Santa Rosa.

In county's "worst air disaster," Air Force transport crashes on ranch near Sears Point on May 5, killing Petaluma develops plan to control growth by limiting number of housing units to be built each year.

Oil shortages bring odd-even gas rationing. Environmentalist Bill Kortum wins seat on county Board of Supervisors, is recalled in , but continuesas voice for preservation. Petaluma historic area converted into shopping mall called Great Petaluma Mill. Healdsburg Museum, under the leadership of former city clerk Edwin Langhart, is founded. City of Sonoma raises money to rebuild Sonoma Depot as a history museum; dedication takes place in SoNoMoreAtomics group forms in North Bay area to protest expansion of various nuclear power projects.

Santa Rosa's "most violent rally" occurs Sept. Voters give Warm Springs Dam big vote of support Nov. Teachers Management and Investment Corp.

Kaiser Permanente opens first Santa Rosa medical office. Bane bill in state legislature paves way for six public access trails at Sea Ranch development on northSonoma County coast. Windsor begins period of growth with major housing development.

A modest Guerneville firm, Centennial Savings, becomes center of national financial scandal of thedecade. With activists Mary Moore and others in the lead, Bohemian Club protestors hold summer actions atmeeting site along Russian River. Winemaker August Sebastiani, son of pioneer Samuele, dies at age 66, leaving wife Sylvia as matriarchof prominent wine family. Latino social activist Maria Rifo comes to Santa Rosa to continue work for social change after serving 12years as secretary for farm labor leader Cesar Chavez.

After years of lawsuits and other delays, controversial Santa Rosa downtown shopping mall opens. Warm Springs Dam, flood deterrent and water storage facility, is completed after decades of conflict. Federal government takes over insolvent Centennial Savings and Loan Aug.

Brenda Adelman leads campaign to keep Santa Rosa from dumping excessive sewage into the RussianRiver. Family differences end with call for Sam Sebastiani to step down as president of Sebastiani Winery.

Folk singer Kate Wolf dies of leukemia at age 44; famous for "Sonoma County" folksong style. Rosenberg's Department Store closes Apr. Winery worker Ramon Salcido of Boyes Springs kills 7 people, including his wife and two daughters, inmass murder rampage. Grape boom continues, spills into Lake and other counties. Spotted owl declared a threatened species June 22, raising fear of restrictions on lumber industry. Arterial Vascular Engineering, later to become Medtronics, is founded; Its development of heart stentsreflects growth of high-tech industries in Sonoma County.

Lynn Woolsey, the first former welfare mother elected to the U. Randy Shilts, who reported on life in the gay community, dies of Aids complications in Guerneville Feb San Francisco developer Tom Robertson restores historic Rosenberg's Department Store building,reopens it as a bookstore. Two young men allege allege they are victims of molestation, accuse Catholic priest Gary Timmons. Months-long storms soak county early in the year, ending years of low rain totals; county twice declared adisaster area.

Catholic Priest Gary Timmons pleads guilty in cases involving numerous sex acts wit children. Sonomans take sides over controversial opera The Dreamers, based on the life of pioneer MarianoVallejo. Petaluman Karl Kortum, leader in preservation of historic ships and head of the Maritime Museum in SanFrancisco, dies at Sonoma Index-Tribune publisher Robert Lynch writes story of Sonoma Valley, drawing on more than 50years of newspaper work.

County economy, in "golden age," grows 4th straight year. Telecom equipment industry, mostly in Petaluma, booms. Santa Rosa Railroad Depot, built of stone quarried near Annadel, reopens in as visitor's center inRailroad Square.

In fourth year of major disruption, El Nino storm hits Bodega Bay seaside homes; Rio Nido rains bringdown mountainside, threaten homes. Jobless rate drops to 2. Julia Butterfly Hill agrees to pact to save redwoods, comes down from Humboldt County tree where she has been living for two years. Sonoma County-connected threesome killed near Yosemite; handyman Cary Stayner accused after afourth murder.

Speculation fever increases in housing market as buyers camp out to make bids of homes. Closing of Vacu-Dry plant in Sebastopol speeds downswing of apple industry, a year trend. Construction begins on Santa Rosa wastewater pipeline to the Geysers northeast of Healdsburg. Jeff Gordon claims victory for third year in a row at Infineon Raceway, adding fourth and fifth victories in and Dot-com boom ends as layoffs hit county.

Long-time environmental leader Richard Dick Day dies. After expanding company, Don Sebastiani leaves family winery to set up own business. Health Plan of the Redwoods, local health insurance provider with 75, subscribers, goes out ofbusiness. More than year Catholic priest sex abuse scandal surfaces again with charges of coverup.

Two freeway lanes added between Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park, easing congestion. Leading revenue producer in county is State Farm Insurance Co. Leading employers in county are two health care systems, St. Laguna Foundation forms to plan preservation of area between Santa Rosa and Sebastopol. Health care struggles leave Kaiser and Santa Rosa Memorial as dominant facilities. Fears of agricultural labor shortage rise as nation deadlocks on how to deal with illegal immigrants. Marijuana cultivation continues in spite of increased eradication efforts in Sonoma, Mendocino, Lake andHumboldt counties.

Gang fears grow after fatal shooting of youth at a park near Sonoma in September and growing concernsabout home invasions involving drugs. Fatal shootings by law enforcement officials create growing community concerns. Dairy industry, once the leader in Sonoma County agriculture, suffers from cost problems--number ofdairies in county drops to about More than 93 percent of Sonoma County voters cast ballot, highest percentage in the state; area goesoverwhelmingly for new President Barack Obama.

European Union officials destroy 3, bottles of Gallo sparkling wine, claiming the company has no rightto call itself champagne. Business Week magazine names Bodega Bay one of the most expensive and exclusive small towns inthe U. Sonoma County remains in recession that began in October, ; at midyear, unemployment rises to For the first time in the history of local tax records, the assessed value of property in Sonoma Countydrops, a total of 1.

Sonoma County gains 4, residents over the year, bringing the area's population to , Finished 9 months ahead of schedule, lanes are added on Hwy. Public employees cities, schools and county of Sonoma are laid off as government officials make sharpbudget cuts. Carmina Salcido, now in her 20s, returns to Sonoma County, where her father Ramon killed most of hisfamily in a murder rampage in The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index ranks Sonoma County first in California and fifth nationwide for on factors such as mental and physical health, job satisfaction and healthy behavior.

Showing that in spite of the Recession the wine business is still functioning, a total of 25, peopleattend the Wine Road Barrel Tasting during two weekends in March. Showing that the Recession is lingering, statistics show Sonoma County bankruptcies soared from in to 2, in David Sabsay, the youngest library director in California when he came to Sonoma County in the s,and credited with creating an innovative, countywide library system, dies in March at age Figures show major increases in Sonoma County bankruptcy: Ignacio Ig Vella, who grew up in the Sonoma cheese trade and became a colorful county supervisor, dies at Critics demand public disclosure of pension records of Sonoma County government employees as retirement costs continue to rise.

Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to take a toll of American servicemen. Grape growers suffer for the second year in a row at harvest time, with a 20 percent drop in yields in Sonoma and Mendocino counties because of weather-related problems. Sonoma County population rises slightly in to an estimated , In October, Santa Rosa bicycling star Levi Leipheimer apologizes as he admits to many years of doping while competing in international races.

After 20 years, former welfare mother and anti-war Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey retires. The rise in payouts for public employee pensions causes local governments to seek ways to control growing costs. Exchange Bank announces it will resume its popular Doyle Scholarship program for incoming students, a program that was dropped because of financial difficulties in the past five years.

Wine prices increase as Sonoma County celebrates its best grape harvest in five years. Sonoma County attracts some 7. Year-end statistics show Sonoma County vineyard acreage more than doubles during a year period, from 28, acres in to 62, acres in Beer becomes a new economic force in Sonoma County with 18 breweries or more, three distilleries and four cideries operating in early

Sonoma County Timeline