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We gotta help keep them going, we need more tracks involved. Posted 21 September - If you like what you see, we'd love to see you at our meetings - there are always cars available to borrow! Lets continue to work together to improve proxy drag racing and thank you for your support. Think I'll have a break too I have seen a video of some dutch guys using ultragrips if you are not used to cutting down donuts. I guess I am the only entrant who ran at both the Florida and V-town races.

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Our not allowing vac bodies in the V-Town race was not for any performance issue. It was simply to make the event more like a vintage event from the period. The way the "glue thing" was handled by Rodney was pretty "period vintage" too. The racing part of the track was a clean, high gloss and glue free zone. It was kind of like the high gloss Formica strips in the day I know that's a bit of a stretch but it was clean and high gloss. Low and behold, clean vintage "German" tires hooked up well just like they did on the 60's tracks.

Better still, currently available reproduction vintage urethane tires hood up great too. I was planning a build for your event. I knew it wouldn't be the fastest car of course but I thought it would be a really fun build and look killer on the strip. Then I read a post by a blogger who was building his car. He said he'd have to lengthen it to meet the 8" minimum length rule.

The Double Dragster Rail is way shorter than that. I would of had to make it several inches longer and I thought it just wouldn't look right I guess I am the only entrant who ran at both the Florida and V-town races. I was only at V-town for the second weekend I didn't know that there was a "first" weekend until I got there. So I didn't get to see all of the cars make their passes. I'd certainly like to see a unified set of classes, including a hard-body limitation in the future.

To be practical, I would like to see modern guides and rear rubber allowed. I think the head-to-head races are much more realistic and should be the norm, along with the publishing of brackets and time slips. Keeps things a lot more interesting and I like the idea of getting the "locals" involved as drivers as well. I'm good with constructive. Thanks Rick I'm tryin'.

The cool part is the slate is still clean and we can make it into what we want it to be. I'm optimistic that we can find common ground on rules and procedures to make it all 'Fun'. Personally I think there is a place for Vac bodies. This car, formally Don's which I absolutely love fits in my 'stereo viewer' of vintage drags.

Then again I wasn't 'been there, done that'. I hate friggin glue. My view on tires is These cars seam to like some 'wheel speed' because they don't have wheelie bars. Just like the front engine 60s rails. To grow this segment we can't totally rely on epay or secret stashes. We need more guys like Rgeo Rick to step up. If it grows and we can prove demand more will come. Track owners need to sell something like tires, axles, bearings, guides We gotta help keep them going, we need more tracks involved.

I want everyone to run what they like That fit the exhibition class. Posted 01 June - Im in this because it's the fun first! I never got to run in any Slot Drag races in the 60's.

At the time there wasn't any tracks I knew of that had a drag strip. I had bought and built up a Russkit rail with Pittman motor and all hoping Id get a chance to do it never happened, life moved on and my mom gave off my stuff! I am hoping to have a car or more for the next big proxy races, hard body, a 62 Vette in Gasser class see my icon pic and a 64 Dodge, maybe more.

I'm even looking into and considering finding a Drag Track one over in Dallas that could become the 3rd track in this Proxy program! They are big into glue so Ill have to see what they would consider about cleaning! What color was yours? Sounds like a very cool car.. Dave brought the track from Pendles last weekend, thanks Dave. The club will be paying for it though. Nice to see some of the club funds being used to benefit the members.

Previously club cars have been purchased by the club and we can all see how much those classes are enjoyed and appreciated. Looking forward to this Onchan, Isle of Man. I think we should all have to pick a race number too and I am willing to get a few NASCAR style numbers drawn up and printed onto decal paper for people if people want me to.

Maybe hold the number 1 back for the yearly champion? With regards to the motors, will the normal handsets of club members be able to cope with the more grunty motors? I know nothing about motors so I may be barking up the wrong tree but a deathstar motor sound like it will be powerful!

The yearly champ runs a gold roofed car but I suppose the number 1 would look right at home on that. Steve I think the 3 quid bodies are pre built painted etc. A unprepared body is less than that I think difficult to read the writing on the top left page and there is a huge choice of styles. The motor would be same or similar to the falcon motors in the jelly moulds. So the controller for that would suffice, I believe. You wouldn't have something a little more Gulfish by any chance would you?

After being kicked out of my office at work it now looks like I have no where for my slot car box. Do I detect some sort of conspiracy being played out while I am on my hollies? Maybe there is Andy The Mikes have a cunning plan fear not ;- Nice one Ryan, think I like the bottom left two. Is this more your style? Each risk weight determines how much capital the bank must hold against potential losses on that loan. Banks have been given until this summer to categorise all their loans in this way unless they can demonstrate any alternative model is accurate and conservative.

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