Australian magnate James Packer gains generous casino foothold in Sri Lanka

Mr Gyngell and Mr Packer issued a joint statement on Monday morning, saying: The RBA thinks so. Please do what is legally correct and refrain from tarnishing your image. Connect Upload Contact Us. Archived from the original on 16 September

James Packer has been handed a sweetheart deal to build a casino in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo.

Casinos to save Sri Lanka

Even Cameron will start wondering whether these donkeys can hold a candle to the current regime when he sees the development across the land on his way for the audience with our Vellala CM in the North. Actually UNP is afraid that they will loose their Voter base further with this new Deshapremi Casino project as lot of our beautiful young Girls will get job opportunities in Casino centers and earn Handsome package including white skin babies without Fathers.

SB has already said he has also played Casino and it is good and going to introduce Casino as higher education Subject in the Universities. Even our Pathola Champika is not against Casino and says all the foreigners should start to Play Casino after observing 5 sill as this is pure Sinhala Buddhist Country.

Packer has powerful backers and customers. This is just another scam worked on by criminals that you can not even begin to fathom.. Every Sin is committed in this Sin Hal la land in grand scale.

So what is wrong in having a grand casino. Along with the casino there will be many playgrounds for you know who. Is it the master plan of VP to destroy Sri Lanka this way. For more detail see our Comment policy https: James Packer and the Packer Family are completely corrupt.

His father, Kerry Packer, owned the network TV station Channel 9 which rigged gambling shows on TV centred on sports, especially cricket and horse-racing. They used carefully calculated strategies was to addict people, especially the poor and uneducated, to gambling. This has resulted in thousands of suicides in Australia in addition to enormous amounts of depression and misery.

It has also driven countless people to early deaths through alcohol and stress which causes heart attacks, diabetes, hypertension and many other health problems. In addition, the Packer gambling empire rigs horse-racing as well as the casino tables. The idea is to collect all the coins of the poor, especially the elderly. They get cheap alcohol and are hypnotized by computer screens with flashing lights to put coin after coin into the machine.

The coins are then examined carefully for their numismatic value, resulting in multi-million-dollar profits for the gambling empires. Kerry Packer should have been arrested for his crimes long ago; but he is now dead. His son, James, is just as bad as his father.

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