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The first written reference in the United States came from Jonathan H. Locally Owned and Operated since Your email address will not be published. You can scope out some photos of our crazy nights from our friends Icon Nightlife Marketing www. Liquid Joe's is Salt Lake City's premier live music party bar!

Wild West Poker Tour

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It was professional gamblers who were largely responsible for the poker boom. Though having a high opinion of themselves, the public viewed them with disdain, considering them as contributing nothing to society. This viewpoint was often warranted in many cases, as a large number of professional gamblers often cheated in order to win. To be successful, professional gamblers had to have irresistible personalities in order to attract men to play with them.

Often dressing in dandy clothes, their success depended partly on chance and partly on skill, sometimes on slight of hand, and in the Old West , their shooting abilities. By the s, citizens began to blame professional gamblers for any and every crime in the area and gambling itself began to be attacked. It was during these riverboat gambling heydays that an interesting story occurred in On a Mississippi steamboat four men were playing poker, three of which were professional gamblers, and the fourth, a hapless traveler from Natchez.

If it contains more than five cards I shall kill you! Anxious citizens of these river port towns grew more and more wary of the confidence men that were multiplying so quickly. In Vicksburg, Mississippi, the citizens rage had become so increased by , five cardsharps were lynched by a vigilante group.

It was soon after this that many of the gamblers moved onto the riverboats, benefiting from the transient riverboat lifestyle. At the conclusion of the Civil War , America pushed her boundaries West , where the frontier was born of speculators, travelers, and miners. These hardy pioneers had high risk taking characteristics, making any gambling situation a popular pastime for these rough and tumble men of the frontier. In virtually every mining camp and prairie town a poker table could soon be found in each saloon, surrounded by prospectors, lawmen , cowboys , railroad workers, soldiers , and outlaws for a chance to tempt fortune and fate.

During the California Gold Rush of gambling houses sprouted up all over northern California , offering a wide array of not only gaming tables, but also musicians and pretty women to entertain the gamblers as they played.

It was at this time that dance halls began to appear and spread throughout later settlements. While these saloons usually offered games of chance, their chief attraction was dancing.

After the dance, the girl would steer the gentleman to the bar, where she would make an additional commission from the sale of a drink. A popular girl would average 50 dances a night, sometimes making more a night than a working man could make in a month.

Your email address will not be published. Liquid Joe's is Salt Lake City's premier live music party bar! We also have karaoke, pool, darts, NFL ticket and Monday night football with tons of givaway. Located in the basement of The Historic Hotel, The Barrel Room is a place to enjoy whisky, craft beer, and live acoustic bands. Locally Owned and Operated since Citris Grill your "Neighborhood Squeeze"! Nearby bars and pubs. In The Venue S W.

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