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Two players called his raise, as did I. I was under the gun. My reasoning is based off your preflop raise. But there was one silver lining. Player Score 1 mczhang 6,

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They spread poker on 15 tables in two rooms and have other casino gambling in an adjacent room. They have a lovely dining room, open to those admitted. The Aviation Club is open to the public but has certain restrictions regarding attire. You must be dressed in "business casual". This means no jeans, no sneakers or tennis shoes, and a collared shirt. You must also have ID proving you're 21 or over.

Curiously, these rules don't seem to apply to regular patrons — many of whom were at the table with t-shirts, jeans and sneakers. But if you're a visitor it's best that you look sharp, though no tie or jacket is required. There are a number of live games and tournaments offered.

There were long lists for everything but the half and half game — so that's where I sat down. Things were a little different from what I was used to. This seemed extremely steep — since no-limit pots often get up to levels that would trigger the maximum rake. And the time charges are similarly high. That can really add up. If I were to return and play here regularly I'd want to focus on the tournaments, which seemed full and fun when I was there.

I played on three separate occasions. From what I observed the games are extremely juicy, though I was on the losing end of things all three times, unfortunately.

There were a couple of very strong players in the room, with the rest either fairly young players or true gamblers who enjoyed the action more than the science of the game. I had fun despite of my losses. The restaurant was truly top notch. I took my wife and daughter there for a meal — trying to assuage my guilt, I suppose, for spending my first night in Paris playing poker.

We had a tremendous authentic French dinner — from escargot to a huge tasty beef dish for two that was enough for four hungry Americans. The service was impeccable; the ambiance high class, at least by my plebian standards. And yet the bill was extremely reasonable by Parisian standards. I was unlucky more than outplayed at the table. Unfortunately, I was unlucky in pot-limit and no-limit, so the damage was my entire stack on three occasions. If you hate bad beat stories read no further.

The game was short-handed — only six players, including me. On my third hand after sitting down I was dealt, under the gun,. I'm surely no Omaha expert. But this seemed like a pretty good hand.

So did every other player. I was eager to see the flop. There were two checks to me. I got four callers. The turn was the. The small and big blind had folded on the prior round so I was first to go. Two players called me. The river was a diamond. The next player bet the pot. The last player called him. As Matthieu Sustrac pointed out on PokerNews France, the closure of the ACF is only the last one of a number of episodes that are not contributing to threaten the survival of the game in Paris.

After the closure of the Cercle Haussmann , on January 15, another popular poker club in the French capital, the Association Cercle Cadet , was put in judicial liquidation by the country's authorities. Get all the latest PokerNews updates on your social media outlets. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

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