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Tornado outbreak of May 15—17, Visitation will be held prior to service, beginning at Posted About One Month Ago. Stray dogs and cats would always appear at his house and he would faithfully take care of them. Or if you are on the ground floor, just go out of the window directly but make sure that the area below it is safe. Rollover Pass has a lot of visitors who frequent my business and many of the business from Winnie to Bolivar. Nacogdoches New Braunfels Newton.

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Rollover is favorite amoung all who I introduce to the area as a pass is not a pier. Those that I have met while fishing the pass include a immigrant to this country for a former communist country, retired folks from Tennesee who make the pass an annual stop over and those just paasing through that had no idea the resource existed.

All take away memories of the pass as a special part of Texas. Just a short note to let everyone know that I do read your comments, and want to just say thanks for all of the great stories that come from your heart, these are some of the reasons that the Gilchrist Community Association has been working hard and will continue to represent the thousands of families, people from all walks or life who visit Rollover Pass, and all of the businesses from High Island all the way to Galveston.

I know there are issues at the Pass that need adressing if we want to keep it open, we will start adressing them in order of Safety and functionallity.

In the upcoming days ew will be installing more trash containers and adding a few more port a cans. I really wish Jerry Patterson of GLO, Galveston County, and the communities could work together and solve the problems, so I can do something that I came to the peninsula to do, Fish and relax. The most beautiful place I have seen. So many people and kids come by every year to fish. All different nationality of people come there and get along very well. A lot to learn with people telling their stories.

Very nice place, and it will be sad to close it. The Bait camp, the Shell Shop. We have rental cabins, rv parks, motels.. Somebody simply wants to cut our throats. And when Im not busy, I love to walk the pass and pick up some trash myself…. So many good things in life disappear way too soon..

We border it with a nice fence, we put up a small shack at each entrace, we clean it up, we have attendants, we charge an entry fee and a year membership and or a one time pay lifetime membership. We use the money generated to keep it clean and pay for fixing it up and pay the attendants. That will not only contribute to the cost of maintaning the pass, but it will also help filter the less desiarable folks who want to litter and abuse the pass.

If you are passionate about the pass and what it has to offer, you should have NO problem paying a gate fee or membership fee. Run it similar to how our state parks are ran. Its simple guys and gals. Why are we complicating things? I know ther is alot of red tape, but per my conversations with people who want to keep it open, we all agree that would be the way to accomplish alot. Has anyone every looked at all that rusted metal, all the railings that are missing, the parking area that is nearly impossible to drive through?

I believe we need to keep Rollover Pass, but we have got to do something to make it look better. Right now it is a HUGE safety hazard. I am susprised no one has gotten hurt or killed by all that sharp rusted metal sticking up. I would first like to apologize for my language. I am very passionate about the proposal for rollover to be closed, for many reasons.

You can argue its trashy. You can argue its this,or its that. Look how our new obama government and abuse of power is affecting our health care system and small business owners across America. By trying to close Rollover is a power move for monetary gain for developers. If we let them close the pass. Then next year it will be beach closers.

Then it will be our guns then there will be no fishing zones ect……… get the picture!?!?!? As I stated in last weeks replies. Its an absolute abuse of power!!!! Leave one of the last wild places in texas alone. There will be a substantial fight to keep it open. There are alot of behind the scenes money and lawyering going on.

Even Ted is not aware of the help and effort behind the scenes to keep it open. It takes voices and influence, and yes a few dollars. The same idiots that are saying its trashy and to close it. Are the same idiots that are throwing trash out of the window of there suv and the same idiots that wear there matching pretty little columbia shirts and whine about not catching any fish out of there 70k dollar bay boat.

Obama has nothing to do with an attempt to close the pass. The attempts are being made by agencies controlled by Texas elected Republicans, very conservative ones at that. It is not Obama, the Democrats, or anti-gun politcians. It is a Republican elected official, Patterson, who is as anti-Obama and pro-gun as any you will find. If you want even more of the same just vote for young Georgie P. Rollover Pass has a lot of visitors who frequent my business and many of the business from Winnie to Bolivar.

We all benefit from these visitors. Patterson I am not a beer joint or a bait camp. Warren and Pam Just wanted to thank you for your determination to help rebuild a new Gilchrist and your support of the pass.

Your establishment is what visitors expect when going to the beach. Gilchrist is returning bigger and better than before. Get more educated before you make an ignorant statement!!! It is not a navigable waterway. Yes it needs to be cleaned up more often. But your ignorance about the affect that it would cause on fishing and the quality of life in east Bay is noted. My net worth is more than likley triple both of you idiots combined. State your full name and quit being a coward behind a screne name.

You both are just ignorant. Its hard for me to reason with ignorance and stupidity!!!! And stay away from bolivar. We dont want you and we dont need you!!!! Thats why millionares and people come and live in Bolivar. I bet you both are yankees!!!! Darlene, Yes you are a yankee and a good one, you both have been and are very supportive of Rollover Pass, We all appreciate you.

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Oakland Ave Bolivar, Missouri Phone: For every females age 18 and over, there were The Granbury Independent School District consists of 21 campuses. Granbury has been a 5A district since There is also a Happy Hill Farm Academy home. In , boys' soccer won the 4A state championship in Texas.

It operates only recreational flights. Hood County is serviced by two news media sources, Hood County Free Press , [11] an online daily news publication, and the bi-weekly newspaper Hood County News. The climate in this area is characterized by hot, humid summers and generally mild to cool winters.

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