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See Extinguishing medium above. Room Dividers and Screens free woodworking plans,room dividers,room divider plans,room divider screens,photo screens,room divi. We are offering a dollar reward for anyone Brand new, never opened. Let us see about the rebar. Could you please send me names of good universities whose fees are affordable.

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Could you please send me names of good universities whose fees are affordable. This is veeramani from chennai. I have completed Msc,Biotechnology and i am loking for a biotech and microbiology jobs in anywhere. If you have any vacany is thir plaese kindly arrange the jobs. I am a Bsc holder in microbiology and I will really love to further my studies but back in my country I do not really have a career option. I have done my graducation in medical laboratory technology. I want to continue my study in usa.

I am looking for a qualified microbiologist to compound sterile medicines. Based in Sydney Australia. Abroad as well as in India Thanks for this information, it's really useful to me but considering the fact that i'm still an undergraduate student of microbiology in my country, i want to know the prospects of me pursuing a Masters degree in the near future and companies where i could work part time. Thanks for your intended co-operation.

Sack- ah- waun- ee- ahh. Yeah well imm from the country part of ohio river. My clients say im a bit of a kid. I m a final year student,studying microbiology in nashik,looking forward for msc,but i m confused abt my job, dont know my future as a microbiologists? I have police identifacation and records officer I would like to know how i can achieve this. Am a 2nd year undergraduate in microbiology. And please tell me which university is the best for it and the course i have to study.

This information is very useful. What are the requirements for masters in biotechnology or industrial microbiology? I want to take a degree course in medical microbiology. Phil graduate from Bharathiar university,coimbatore,india. G graduation in Microbiology and in M. Phil with major as Microbial Bitechnology. I would kindly like to know if one can take a degree in veterinary medicine after graduating with a bachelors degree in microbiology.

If yes then how long does it take. I really liked the information on this page. However, I wish there were some colleges shown that offer majors in the field of microbiology and maybe some internships that people who want to become microbiologists, can look at.

But overall, good information. This will help with my assignment. Also as having served as an intern to a microbiologist I can definitly confirm that they are VERY precise and take great care not to contaminate anything.

This is a very helpful article. It sure cleared alot of my questions especially on employment opportunities. Thank you for providing information. This was so helpful, now i have a better understanding of what Microbiologist is all about. Asnwering the Nithya's question i would say after Postgraduation in microbio we can try in pharmaceuticals and can get a good salaries, good hike with the experience.

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Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Human Resources etc. Mass Communication, English, History, etc. Candidates must have completed the mandatory NYSC program.

Good leadership traits, verbal and written communication and computer be a team player with good interpersonal skills and have ability to do well in a multi disciplinary and culturally diverse workplace.

I am a high school student interested in becoming a microbiologist and I am doing a research project on the math involved to become one. I would just like to know a little more than what websites can tell me, opinions and advice. Do you need admission into any Nigeria university? I am recent graduate in microbiology and I truly enjoyed reading this information you are sharing. I don't understand much about what microbiologist actually do, but after reading this I am over excited and cant wait to go my masters already.

I am currently working as a science teacher and I thought its awkward, now I am proud to be a science teacher and a microbiologist.

Thank you so much, I cant thank you enough. If you wish to share anything with me you are free to sent it to my email: I have done my BSc in Medical laboratory, department of Microbiology, and I had a brief course of water microbiology at university. I was wondering If I could take more courses in water microbiology, where and how? I have completed M. If any vacancies found in tamilnadu. Good evening, I have completed msc microbiology then already worked in chennai.

Now i will search job in singapore. I want to the full information about futures,jobs and placement in the Industrial Microbiology please help mi and send information on ma Email please.

Daer all' I want to say bs-microbiology 4 years. Phill, than why it is written that after bs, we should move toward masters? Male Date of Birth: July 25th Nationality: Nigerian Objective To provide leading edge services while working along side teams of professionals in an or-ganisation that offers excellent career opportunity.

Also to work with existing staff, seek self development and contribute to the improvement of organizational objectives to achieve managerial goals. Peace Tidings Ventures Limited Feb. Responsible in assisting community mobilisation for health awareness; help in correct health information dissemination; keeping records of health activities and assisting in client reception and flow. Project Management Professional Trainer Duties: In charge of training registered candidates the skills and techniques required in project management through demonstrated experience, knowledge and skills to lead and direct project teams.

Social Secondary School, Idoani, 24th Oct. Science Tutor Corp member Duties: And also, conducting practical and tutorial classes. Area registration officer 1 and presiding officer, PO Duties: Area registration officer 1 and presiding officer, PO. In the April, Polls. I was able to manage a large crowd of people who came to my unit to cast their votes. I ensured effective time management with good planning skills working alongside with team of INEC ad-hoc officials.

I was also able to manage stress. The excersice exposed me to loyal and acountable at all time. Industrial Trainee level Training Duties: I learnt about the preparation and preservation of media and culture media; I was made familiar with all the laboratory equipment in different sections; I had the background knowledge and practical acquisition of biochemical test, Gram staining and sensitivity test; I learnt the use of antibiotics to check mate mi-crobial growth.

I am in 2nd year in microbiology student. Kindy proivde the best option to do my further studies for future jobs. I am 3rd year undergraduate student of jahangirnagar university in the depertment of microbiology. I want to job in soudiarab,is there any opportunity for bangladeshi. I am presently studding Environmental Microbiology at my Masters level. Where is the possible place I can work after concluding the program.

How will i integrate to be microbiologist and doctor of medicine in future? Am a student of Gombe State University department of Microbiology and am in l,which to know more about the course am studing. I am 4m Pakistan. I have passed M. Sc-1 year ,and M. Sc 2nd to be continue I am a first year undergraduate at Rhodes University South Africa. I found this information helpful in building up my career. Greetings My name is Phumla Radebe, I am a girl of 14 years and am deeply in love with microorganisms and wish to be a microbiologist someday!

I love this occupation due to the fact that in South Africa we are struggling in these fields. Please keep me updated with anything that I might need in the field. To Apply, Register on Shine. Good Definition and Nature of the Work Microbiologists are biological scientists who study organisms so small that, generally, they can only be seen with a microscope.

Education and Training Requirements You generally need a doctoral degree to become a microbiologist. Ads by Google Naukri. Getting the Job Your college instructors or placement office may be able to help you find a job in the field of microbiology. Advancement Possibilities and Employment Outlook There are many possible avenues of advancement for microbiologists, especially for those with a doctoral degree.

Working Conditions Working conditions for microbiologists vary. Sir, I had completed my M. K university andhra pradesh, which type of job can i select for my life?

God will bless you aboundantly if you can help me. I have completed my bsc in microbiology ,msc in biotech ,I'm interested to work in this , please send some information about that I am having a degree in progress Chinhoyi University Biotechnology.

Wil be ready for attachment July please help me to be attached somewhere with better learning environments and new technology. Currently working as Microbiologist at state TB training and demonstration centre Bangalore.

Now I would like to offer my candidature to serve your esteemed organization and looking forward for a positive reply. If given an opportunity, I shall fully justify and live up to the best satisfaction of my Superiors.

I will be thankful if you give a chance to present my capabilities in a personal meeting with you With regards, Yours sincerely, G. A challenging and rewarding career, which stimulates my growth and professionalism to facilitate a sense of achievement and impulsion in life as well as organizational growth.

Isolation and multi drug resistance of Aeromonas hudrophila isolated from retail fish shops in Bangalore,South india. Prevalence and antibiotic resistance of s. Having good knowledge of WHO guidelines: I declare that all the information furnished above is correct and true to my knowledge. What does it take to get people out from behind their I-phones and computer screens. Susan, are you aware of this? Environmental advocates say Pruitt's actions have decreased critical oversight of polluting industries.

He said Pruitt is delivering on his promise: Don't do enforcement so polluters can be left to pollute. SF office has about less people and about have bailed nation wide since Trump took office.

These people sound so committed to their work, so serious and purposeful. I wanted a shake up and more response from them. I did not want them gone! We were to get some rain today but did not. Nice day as it goes these days. Then saw a really huge rope like trail hanging over the Bay and here to the south and from the west. Awhile later, it had a buddy, another big rope. Now, a couple of hours later both big ropes visible but a stormy blue gray color and to the west, layers of thin lines, just stacked tight and dark and advancing.

Looks like they are trying for rain tomorrow. To borrow a phrase from Dennie: Yesterday I watched a bunch of native bees I'm guessing, very interested in a hanging clump of 'my' redwood here. I mean I never saw that before. Clearly the effort is to increase pollution. Gosh, is this a copyright infringement? The other life-giving necessity for the Creature to live is human flesh….. Originally published at Wolf Street. The corporate marriage between Bayer and Monsanto has already received the blessing of more than half the 30 antitrust authorities that need to sign off on the acquisition, including those in the US and Brazil.

US giants Dow and DuPont were the first to tie the knot. Their merger, completed in , resulted in a combined seed-and-pesticide unit that, in terms of annual sales, is roughly the size of its biggest current rival, Monsanto. In the last two years, Chinese chemical giant ChemChina has bought up Swiss pesticide-and-seed player Syngenta; and fertilizer giants Agrium and Potash Corp of Saskatchewan have merged into a new mega-player called Nutrien. Those six are now five.

This trend has massive implications for both the choice and price of the food people consume. Seeds, which for millennia have been a common good to be shared out and improved among small communities of farmers, are increasingly becoming the preserve of a tiny handful of companies. Susan, My God but I love the word Oligopolization! But, what of Europe's ban on GM foods? This does not mention that. I understand the article, but the main focus for who is concerned with this very disturbing reality and for who is writing about the issue, must be the "market" of the real Seeds and real Food.

This incredibly important market must gain visibility. You may find this somewhat hopeful: This grain is twice the size of modern-day wheat and is known for its rich, nutty flavor. An interesting history of wheat and gluten https: Paul's Episcopal Church in San Rafael. The wheat is then baked with salt, honey and yeast in an ancient bread recipe.

One could hear the buzzing of their wings and smell the honey and beeswax on warm days…their presence was considered pesky and quite worrisome. Here's a link to information about the benefits of spelt wheat: Barely a decade ago, gluten intolerance and celiac disease were considered uncommon genetic aberrations, occurring in perhaps 1 in persons worldwide.

In short, a sizable proportion of our population is gluten intolerant and reacts with a wide spectrum of symptoms ranging from no apparent reaction to severe life-threatening diseases.

Another outcome of the mass production of industrial bakery products has been to create grotesque taste standards and expectations that have no connection to an honest ingredient. Commercial cereal products have become health hazards because of everything from grain hybridization to flour adulteration to inadequate, inappropriate and violent processing. They also are aesthetically repugnant, which is just as important a factor to consider when talking about the nourishment of food.

Consider this prophetic statement by Rudolf Steiner in an address to members of the Anthroposophical Society on June 20, and published in Spiritual Foundations for the Renewal of Agriculture: Indeed, not many people know that during the last few decades the agricultural products on which our life depends have degenerated extremely rapidly. In this present time of transition.

Even materialistic farmers nowadays. It will certainly be within this century. Resources also exist to reintroduce ancient grains, such as emmer and einkorn wheats, into our food supply and diversify cereal choices with alternatives to the few overly hybridized cultivars largely in use today. Growing and preparing food ought to be a sacramental service.

It should not be based on violence, as is most of modern agriculture, factory animal farms and factories that produce finished food items like bread. There are no more subtle energies in these debased foods, let alone mere measureable nutrients or soul-satisfying taste and vitality. Its preparation and enjoyment constitute a daily opportunity to experience happiness, satisfaction and gratitude. Most flour mills bleach their products with either benzoyl peroxide the active ingredient in acne cremes and hair dyes or chlorine dioxide, a potent poison also used to bleach paper products and textiles.

Humans have continued the process chemically in the last century, and especially during the last 50 years in order to increase yields, resist fungal diseases and pest attacks, improve ease of mechanical harvesting and meet rigorous demands of industrial milling and mechanized baking methods.

Transgenic wheat varieties via GMO technology are now waiting in the wings for their debut, albeit to an unexpectedly at least to Monsanto hostile audience both at home and abroad. In my opinion regarding cereals , the genetic causes in these plants which are seen as the only factor for disease are not certainly the only cause that should be pointed in this serious issue of the intolerance to food:.

In , glyphosate was the most used herbicide in the United States' agricultural sector and the second-most used in home and garden 2,4-D being the most used , government and industry, and commerce. It inhibits a plant enzyme involved in the synthesis of three aromatic amino acids: Therefore, it is effective only on actively growing plants and is not effective as a pre-emergence herbicide. An increasing number of crops have been genetically engineered to be tolerant of glyphosate e.

Roundup Ready soybean, the first Roundup Ready crop, also created by Monsanto which allows farmers to use glyphosate as a postemergence herbicide against weeds. The development of glyphosate resistance in weed species is emerging as a costly problem. In many organic cultures in Iberian Peninsula, tests are showing positive results for several pesticides and glyphosate in fields where the farmers are not using these products, and in locations where these farmers do not have conventional agricultural fields near them.

Also we have the vanishing of the Insects. The weather schedulers have no plans to give us any sun here in Nova Scotia for at least a week. Rain and snow showers for days and days. It's been going on now for almost a week. The skies are thick with toxins that make it hard for anyone to breathe. I'm about ten minutes from the ocean. I wonder if they're using the Atlantic Ocean to conjure up this next snowstorm on the east coast. I'm on the NB coast, riding out the 2nd of 3 Nor'easters forecast within a week.

Today's storm began with a thick toxic fog this afternoon. Wet heavy snow piling up on trees and power lines. Noticed twice today very loud and unusual thunder booms. Have never heard thunder during a snow storm before, and this was the long drawn out, almost painful sounding thunder.

Then after the boom, down comes some 'snow'. They are also coming on the heals of a series of large earthquakes come from New Guinea 2. I think this energy is either disrupting the weather machines, or helping to alter the 'sleep' that has been cast on people during the winter, or both.

March 7th was indeed a freakish weather day. WTVG chief "meteorologist" Jay Berschback stumbling over the pronunciation of the word "graupel," what he described as the "dipping dots" or "mini styrofoam balls" type precipitation falling from the sky in Ohio, which form around supercooled water droplets.

We had a sudden "graupel" storm Wednesday afternoon which was a pretty uneventful weather day initially; then wave after wave of fiercely blowing dipping dots looked like mini-blizzards. Most of the "snow"fall this winter has resembled this styrofoam ball-type precipitation. Why a German name for this weather phenomenon? Once again, our destructive government has come up with a solution to prevent wildfires caused by geoengineered droughts, but they won't say that…..

Seems the government of Portugal has decided to point the finger at Nature and its citizens for the cause of Geoengineered droughts. I have to cut down ALL my trees. No more nature………Fucking Criminals!!!!

Tie-wearing Criminals are what the Government is. Let me explain the "forcing people to cut down all trees" part. If the property owners don't cut all the trees down within meters of residential and commercial buildings by the end of April, they will be fined euros to euros. Then, the regional authorities will come in to your property and cut down the trees themselves, but then you have to pay the regional authorities for cutting down your trees…….

Man, am I getting sick of all this stupid shit. On the "verge" of a nervous breakdown, is where I'm at, right now. Nelson thank you for your news. Keep posting what goes on in Portugal please. Great to have you on board, I have a good friend, my only friend who I am able to discuss geoengineering with without losing the friendship.

He is from Portugal and goes there a few times a year, in fact he just returned from a trip and I am going to ask him if he knows of this situation you describe. It is horrible and I am sorry to hear this for you! What is wrong with them to demand cutting down all trees? My antenna is vibrating, I suspect something else is in play but need to know more about this, do please keep us posted!

I would fight for my trees and give them a hard time! Why dont you hand the tree cutting order followers some flyers from this site to get the truth to them. Just keep planting seeds and throw the toxic dirt in their faces……but stay safe friend! Oh Nelson, I am stunned to hear of such an ignorant policy which Portugal's government 'officials' have now devised- cutting down remaining 'healthy' trees if there are indeed truly healthy trees around anymore near homes and businesses there.

I see little evidence of good health in the trees here in the southeast north american continent where I live. The amount of nincompoops in decision making positions today is truly mind numbing. So sad to hear this unfortunate news for you folks there. Perhaps a peaceful demonstration against this ridiculous idea with enough numbers of people could help stave it off?..

Just wishful thinking on my part I suppose. Inside gardens — 5 m around the houses five. Inside gardens, the trunk of the Trees must be clean, in the first 4 m starting from the ground.

Branches over the roofs are not allowed. Around villages, m!!! The lack of intellectual honesty of these psychopaths is hard to comprehend. Besides the FACT that climate engineering is still kept a secret, and will be kept like that until people start to wake, many and many areas with Forests that were very clean, have burned too. And it is possible to create strong winds with the electromagnetic transmissions some factories and houses that burned were structures that had not trees around, in a radius of more than m!

The wind carried debris in flames for hundreds of meters. The cleaning of the Forests is conversation that politicians use for distraction.

Green and healthy Forests with sufficient humidity are not easy to burn vegetation on the ground is excellent to maintain the soil humid — in normal conditions , these Forests burn slowly, even in the case of the type of Forests which are present in the Mediterranean region, even the eucalyptus tree, if healthy, does not burn very fast.

But now the Forests of any kind , are not heathy anymore. All Trees are very dry excluding the GM eucalyptus, that resists much more to the aluminum particles , not only because of the drought, but mainly because of the desiccant effect that the nano particles of aluminum cause in the Trees.

Other Trees last over one thousand years — is the case of the Olive Tree , and all Trees are in a terrible shape, because of the desiccant effect of the aerosols, the drought, the EM frequencies, and the UV radiation. Weather whiplash all over the place. From midwest to east coast U. Dane you do great maps showing manmade weather now for many years.

Another storm coming where I live in 3 days. Perhaps this has been posted here. If not take a look. Hello, Bane, perhaps it would be time well spent to send some credible geoengineering information to the ownwer of the youtube channel you posted. Do what Dane replied to you because to me it seemed genuine that the guy filming the pink stuff was really unaware of what he was looking at, which does seem like it could be another fool job and it could be he is just a really good con, but I don't think that is the case.

Many people are seeing but they are still in the matrix if you will. That means though that their DNA is receiving the real reality but their brains, like a computer, are not processing the internal message being received in the subconscious mind because the two are on different frequencies. Does that make sense? I think about this critical mass awareness a lot because I believe it is the only way to stop all this madness going on, the laws will never work for us.

So that being said, pay attention to reactions. Even those who ridicule and turn on us who speak out, they saw it too or there would be no rebellion.

So the good news is we are really making incredibly huge strides in our endeavors if we include the many who fall into this category. I also think I am so correct that this is why the push to suppress info and continue the hypnotic trance is becoming ever more intense.

Because "they" know this is so too or why else would they need to double down on trying to keep people in the dark? Hope I am making sense to ya! Sometimes it is hard to explain what I see with only a keyboard. Another thought, there must be more to this then just control to be the rulers and have us as robot slaves. I think past that even and it feels to me, why do they really want to control us? What is really going on? There must be something else huge they do not want us to obtain, and it must be very obtainable for them to be trying so hard to make people unaware of it.

Because everything, even the Geo spraying, has chemicals in it to do what besides the stated purpose of which it does also do? Its all about the brain, the mind, the head.

Hmmmm, why is that? It is very powerful. Let your mind think about this and see where it takes you! Finally the pink stuff you asked what is causing it? Its the dam aerosol Geo spray. I see that a lot, we also see pink clouds. Notice in the video that pink stuff is on top of the white cloud cover, because they spray above the clouds usually.

You can also notice the thin true blue atmospheric layer above all else which used to be all else by itself.

So this shows how they have turned the lower area of the atmosphere into a man made chemical lower layer and that is the color of their chems used.

Like the blue ice in news a couple posts ago. I think they use dyes in some or all of these chems mixes sprayed in order to try to make it blend in as much as possible with what we know as real sky colors, and also food coloring dyes are a known brain killer like all else they hit us with, but you can't fool mother nature and so sometimes we see pink, indigo, silver blue etc etc. Please correct me if I am wrong. Yup, that is my pink! Only my pink was pinker, really a good shade of pink, very pink, not a tad of orange to it.

Thing is for a long time now we get pink, a lot of pink, my whole mostly closed house will glow with pink and then I look and am always blown.

The case I described was late afternoon when It began and I saw it come via that huge fog like 'cloud' near what appeared to be front of Bay but to my left as in north, then it grew taller, then advanced and I'd not seen that happen and wish I had exact date, I believe late January, not sure. But we've had way too much pink here for a long time, as I say often, sunrise iin the west, sunset in the east, driving me nuts.

But the overhead affect, wow, stunningly beautiful if unholy. I don't know where the pink clouds are, Europe? He just says it's "up north," then mentions the heat anomalies in Greenland and massive snowstorms in the U. Like many Mn II species, these salts are pink, with the paleness of the color being characteristic of transition metal complexes with high spin d5 configurations. Thank you for the suggestion. I am somewhat limited with only a cell phone. He is aware of the difference between official pronouncements and his evidence to the contrary.

A video of his documents the correlation between UV and dying trees and shrubs. I suggested he post a comment here. It's properties are conducive to weaponizing the atmosphere by increasing the electrical conductivity. Are we being sprayed with lithium aerosols? Did no one hear that the other day 'we' put a weather satellite up to watch the Pacific Ocean, supposedly to better track the weather? I was surprised as I thought they had this all figured out to their way of thinking, guess not…?

Also, last week I think, Elon Musk? What, how does our ozone layer respond to these assaults, these fuels? Earthweek this past Sunday had a number of interesting things.

February's freak warm spell across the Arctic shocked seasoned observers and climate experts alike, some of whom say they may be forced to reconsider their worst-case predictions of climate change. Food and Agriculture Organization says in the journal Science that many commercial fish stocks are now being caught at unsustainable levels. Native friends up north described how waters? In the journal that is science, Nature, there was an article I didn't get as far into as I wanted about an Arctic whistle blower: I did not find out what whistle he blew but I would like to know.

And, of course, I wonder if he would now be receptive to questions from us, of course about geoengineering if he does know anything. Something is different in the spraying. We've had some beautiful blue skies lately, just startling blue.

But in the midst of this blue a bit after noon, one plane, going at an angle downwards, a sorta sharp angle, with a long trail looking lonesome in all that sky, but it did not seem to morph into something else.

This was in the east. At end of day yesterday, inside instead of outside, I gave it a look from window, and there was another trail, not like any other, rather like a big rope hanging loose. It took up a huge amount of blue sky and looked so bizarre one wonders how others process something like that, so odd, even by my own standards. Right now, I'd say that the sky is whited out to the west, but actually it is beige as one can see row after row of white lines from spraying, yet I can see the headlands clearly and have been able to for sometime now which makes a change.

Supposedly, rain is coming. I've noticed shifts in the atmospheric sprays. It is also known that the climate warming impact of a vapour trail of a given horizontal extent is determined, at least in part, by its optical depth. Recent scientific work has established that suitable reductions in the number of soot particles emitted per unit mass of fuel burned by an aircraft's engine could reduce the initial optical depth of exhaust vapour trails. Hereafter in this application the number of soot particles emitted per unit mass of fuel burned is termed the "soot emission index".

Show me the signature area on the agreement. Because of the virtual blackout on mention of fluoride as a pollutant, many medical experts and public health officials are unaware of the seriousness of fluoride pollution. Fluoride is an extremely toxic ion; near sources of fluoride air pollution, vegetation is destroyed, animals get sick and die, and people suffer eye irritation, respiratory problems, or more serious symptoms of fluoride poisoning. But fluoride can be dangerous even in very tiny amounts, because many plants and animals accumulate the ion in their tissues.

Over several months or years, even the faintest measurable traces of fluoride can add up and cause harmful effects. Knee, hip, replacements, teeth problems. The aluminum industry, which uses about 65 pounds of fluoride to produce a ton of metal, is a repeated offender.

Fluoride Action Network Fluorides in the Air. Hello renate BC Canada: Allot of people are not aware of the huge problems with fluoride. Even dentists are clueless… Putting mercury amalgams into teeth is pretty clueless too… Keep the flow coming. Good to have you here. Many ways to kill trees it seems. I love the reference to smokestacks as modern day volcanoes. Except I suspect that what volcanoes emit is less poisonous but for volume.

Scared the bejeessus out of me when I was standing next to my big panorama kitchen window and the hail storm appeared out of nowhere!

This doesn't happen here. Sounded like a bunch of hudlums throwing rocks to break my window and I thought if that would happen what a problem that would be! And then I thought of all the people worldwide who are losing their homes, livelihood, and lives because of this satanic, psychopathic agenda …. Slow Train coming 'round the bend….

Just lost the breaks… And it's not bringing any presents. Hello again Rachel Robson: There are so many fine people coming to this site daily. The reader comments and links often send me off on missions I would never have discovered.

Everything in life is a "teaching moment"…. The evolution of multicomponent systems at high pressures: The thermodynamic stability of the hydrogen—carbon system: The genesis of hydrocarbons and the origin of petroleum.

PNAS August, 99 17 John Fletcher Prouty fossil fuel Commentary https: Our military's position is that they get to spray us with whatever they want, whenever they want, as long as they classify their activities as "research".

Prohibited Activities- The Secretary of Defense may not conduct directly or by contract ,. Any test or experiment involving the use of a chemical agent or biological agent on a civilian population; or. Any peaceful purpose that is related to a medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, or research activity. So, as long as they classify mass murder as a peaceful purpose that is related to a medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, or research activity, they get to spray us with whatever, whenever they want!

Law was passed in right about the time when the Geo aresol spraying of our atmosphere kicked into high gear. Now, this lead me to google the Nuremberg Code with regards to its specific language regarding the right of consent to we the people. The Nuremberg Code has not been officially accepted as law by any nation or as official ethics guidelines by any association.

In fact, the code's reference to " Hippocratic duty" to the individual patient and the need to provide information was not initially favored by the American Medical Association. The Western world initially dismissed the code as a "code for barbarians" and not for civilized physicians and investigators. That is quite a dance routine aye!? Just the words chosen tip you off to the lack of morality and dignity towards human beings, but we are human subjects instead.

How do we win by exposure with laws and language as this is written? I am no lawyer so hopefully I missed something here, but looks to me folks like we are pretty screwed without critical mass awakening to hold them accountable. The laws are worthless IMHO. God Bless you Dane for the legal battles you have ongoing, if nothing else it is more exposure and for me exposure in mass is our only hope to stopping this all forever and ever Amen!

Godspeed to us all! Well hold on to your hats because their not done with the storms. Another one to come this week. TNGeowatch, thanks for that news link on the arctic! Good one and yes sobering it sure is.

Those feedback loops described in that piece are UNreversable you know. They did the 'weather' in two parts. One part showed temperatures on the East coast of upper 30's to 40 F. Then they changed the subject.

Later, the big headline drama Nor-Easter predicted snow all over the East coast, while the fake animation graphic showed the 'chilling' snow coming in from the Southwest. I wonder how some people walk across the street, since they seem so utterly unobservant. A couple of days ago, finding Good Morning America, the weather liar was so happy telling about the storms, both west and east, saying they likely would meet in middle of the country.

Another co-host did actually ask him why he looked so happy about that. That was a good question, but they all laughed and moved right along smiling. Anyone besides me notice a missing regular contribution on this weeks comment column? Hope "things" are OK over there my friend. Here is global map of ocean hypoxia — one area right on Margate.

Andrew, I missed you too! Went to read your link but they have already removed it — says Page Not Found. Hmmm Guess they don't want us to know about this latest catastrophe! I believe I've been hearing hypoxia when reading about the sea life die-offs on the Left Coast of North America. AND we could have watched this meeting on You Tube?!! I mean, Helllo Marcia McNutt.

And however, 3 or 4 years ago my neighbor house sat in Texas and I'd been talking to her about weather modification but none of her Sierra Club. EPA friends, etc, would have any of it and she backed away, but then, hello Texas and driving around one day she saw a weather modification balloon and emailed the pic to me. It was an independent company as seems allowed, state by state.

Supposedly not related to military activities, but this???! The skies were the bluest I can recall in a long time. Many dignitaries, Christian artists, Nary a spray in sight. With unusually high East Winds. I can't help but think of how many of those How ironic that the same pattern of Jesus dying on the cross on a "Good Friday" and rising again on the 3rd day that they celebrate as "Easter" paralleled Billy Graham's burial weekend. With three days off for no geoengineering here in NC.

Stating he was excited to be preaching on Sunday. However he did not. And it finally hit me as to what someone mentioned in this thread earlier. Regarding the strange weather and wind storm that was affecting Virginia and DC on Friday.

Franklin Graham mentioned it in his latest Instagram post of how it was affecting travel for so many but how the President and Vice President were able to fly in to Charlotte for the funeral. Someone gave the geoengineering program three days off. And whomever that might be, I have reason to believe they were seated under that tent that was being whipped by a strong East Wind. And I believe that the gathering of so many I believe the very "Flying Blind" 22 minute video that the Billy Graham organization prepared for a lost world is as important to those in leadership who preach the Good News while also knowing the secrets that are destroying the earth.

I believe the East Wind is a strong reminder to all of them gathered under that tent, that God will have the final word and He will not be mocked as they put plumes of toxic geoengineering nano-particles in their art work. With a might East Wind of destruction. Today it is Monday. They are back at it, line after line after line.

Erm… About that blue sky: The standard nomenclature to represent the isoelectric point is pH I , [1] although pI is also commonly seen, [2] and is used in this article for brevity. It was a joy to see. Same here in Southern California. Last week was no noticeable spraying. Then the jet stream dropped down finally, and we had a decent amount of rainfall.

Sunday started off with a clear blue sky, and then the planes appeared spraying again. It has continued this week. The UK three days ago had pretty much nationwide sub-zero blizzard conditions, which shut down or severely impacted much of the infrastructure.

As I do everyday I went out walking with the dog. Nearly everyone I encountered had a comment to make ie "gosh, isn't it warm…" or "you wouldn't have guessed just a few days ago there was two foot of snow! This is entirely unnatural. A "classic" example of weather whiplash encountered after a "cool down event" or some such similar interference. I was somewhat encouraged? That folks are noticing this patently fake weather more often now, but I fear that as usual it will be just a momentary intrigue, and the distractions of Big Media Programming will soon retake peoples attention.

The main reason I have not owned a television for over a decade — the prevalence of short term gratification viewing, for example soap operas or chat shows or Britains Got Talent koff koff etc. Keeping the sheeple content and oblivious. As much as I can I tell people to look up about geoengineering and weather manipulation etc, without trying to bombard them with technofear, but most of all I say to folks think.

You know things aren't right. Question the establishment baseline. Do you have concern about the future — if not yours, your childrens…? Hi Andy, I understand what you mean about the UK. I used to live there and was one of those sheeple. Here I have been forced to wake-up as it turned out I have a front-row seat to watch the "Apocalypse" unfold from my roof-terrace! Some weeks ago, I posted that I found that inside the routers there are two transmitters emitting two different wifi signals one wifi point plus an "hot spot".

And the services do not tell nothing about that to their clients. It's not important to tell the entire story again about how I found that. After that I sent one email to mr Kevin Mottus, and I told him what happen. After some time, Mr Mottus was kind enough to send me a response, and the reply was this one:. Yes your router has two transmitters one which you cannot turn off. You can use a different router that does not have wireless see website of building biologist http: What city do you live in?

To have more people awake and demanding a cease and desist on all forms of climate engineering is a great start. Paper currency will likely fail or hyper-inflate, etc. So, stopping climate engineering is the first and most critical step, but what comes next will be nothing short of biblical in my humble opinion.

The earth can heal itself and it absolutely does not need us to be here to do so. Prepare yourselves spiritually, economically and physically for what comes next, because it is on its way …. Yes, they are using wind as a weapon!

Here SW Portugal it has been blowing ferociously for over a week now and is driving us crazy! They are destroying what little nature we have left. The blossom on the trees, the poor birds that were building their nests. Even the cats dont want to go out today. Sometimes I can face things calmly but this wind is just insane!

Thank You for everything, Dane! We have ordered several packets of your materials. Thank you for providing them! We are getting T shirts designed for our group, and a large banner. I am also looking forward to my first Gem Faire in Pleasanton next weekend. They also give away free passes if you sign up for their mailing list and check on "free pass. I can't believe Gem Faire is coming so close to me, close but not close enough.

You can get in free to Gem Faire when you make a donation to the food bank so bring some nonperishable goods that food banks can use. San Rafael is closer to Berkeley A vendor told me that.

Although, I notice they don't post more than 3 months out on their website. In contemporary practice, such requests may still be made on the basis of reciprocity but may also be made pursuant to bilateral and multilateral treaties that obligate countries to provide assistance.

Many countries are able to provide a broad range of mutual legal assistance to other countries even in the absence of a treaty. The RICO act was not an idle coincidence. Note the ratification dates disclosed in the rogatory procedure. Whoever corruptly, or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication influences, obstructs, or impedes or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede the due and proper administration of the law under which any pending proceeding is being had before any department or agency of the United States, or the due and proper exercise of the power of inquiry under which any inquiry or investigation is being had by either House, or any committee of either House or any joint committee of the Congress — Shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years or, if the offense involves international or domestic terrorism as defined in section , imprisoned not more than 8 years, or both.

Legal system is so corrupt along w the politicans who side w big corps and do not care about the harm they are doing to the planet or mankind. Exposing geoengineering thru the legal system is extremely hard but I give the lawyers on board and Dane and whoever else is working the system on this case alot of credit. A involve violent acts or acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State, or that would be a criminal violation if committed within the jurisdiction of the United States or of any State ;.

C occur primarily outside the territorial jurisdiction of the United States, or transcend national boundaries in terms of the means by which they are accomplished, the persons they appear intended to intimidate or coerce, or the locale in which their perpetrators operate or seek asylum;. A involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;. These bills are a direct reaction from politicians and corporations to the tactics of some of the most effective protesters in recent history, including Black Lives Matter and the water protectors challenging construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock.

If they succeed, these legislative moves will suppress dissent and undercut marginalized groups voicing concerns that disrupt current power dynamics.

Efforts vary from state to state, but they have one thing in common: Legislation introduced in Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, and North Dakota would have allowed drivers to hit protesters with cars without criminal repercussions. Corporations like Energy Transfer Partners — the company behind the Dakota Access pipeline — and industry groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council are encouraging these bills.

Not surprisingly, the efforts have gotten the most traction in states key to oil and gas interests. Thank you both for your many excellent postings. We need many more like you to come forward and speak their minds. Lawsuits are not the way to force corrective measures when the issues before us are criminal and terroristic by definition. Very small book, very much information.

And this one section by Bill McKibben when asked about his efforts via That is how he achieved a first in U. But given the fast-deteriorating climate, we've had to turn education into confrontation quickly. It won—but its more important victory was spawning a thousand similar fights, what one fossil fuel exec called the 'Keystonization' of projects around the world. Or the divestment campaign, which has pulled trillions of dollars' worth of endowments out of fossil fuel—but more importantly driven home the argument that we have five times as much fossil fuel in our reserves as we can burn.

In essence, it's turning the fossil fuel giants into rogue companies. In other words, 'they' have seen the writing on the wall. And drew so much attention for the brutal treatment of the protestors. Throw in Trump and white nationalism and that cake is baked.

We must stop this somehow, though I suspect it would be difficult, especially now, again, given Trump who was so very impressed by lack of protestors in Saudi Arabia!!!!

Now, more than ever, we need to fight tooth and nail for our rights. We do have rights and we can't afford to lose even one. We here on the east coast, N. Philadelphia, Baltimore have had very mild weather. We had to stay at a local Holiday Inn off the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Which was sold out, people were sleeping in the lobby. People were speaking of freakish weather.

This gave me the opportunity to speak about Geo-Engineering and geoengineering watch. Was very well excepted. People were connecting the dots.

So, out of this man made disaster, it gave me the opportunity to speak to people about this and other problem with these foundation's and how they are doing more harm then good, people had a HaHa moment!! They promised to tell at least 3 other people, that's how information is assimilated.

Thank you for allowing me to tell my story. Dane keep up the good work. As Dennie previously mentioned, and also in the words of the criminal Rahm Emmanuel "Never let a good crisis go to waste. A captive audience of Way to go! It just is as you will see.

They are the worlds best hackers and are exposing everything. They suggest alerting the masses via a virus just to spread the word. Enjoy what they do. They are so many worldwide. We all know full well that an intense evil is being visited upon the peoples of the entire planet Earth. This is a known characteristic of the psychopath. McNutt when she first was informed about Geoengineeringwatch's legal team and their objective of exposing and halting the programs, back in Talk about easy money.

I knew that the legal profession was hard up, but this is above and beyond. Once the public is fully awakened to what has been done to them, and to who participated, will Nuremberg type trials ensue? Time will soon enough reveal the answer to this question. I recommend reading the entire exchanges between Mr.

It gives some important perspective, now that the NAS is moving from "research" into "practice" regarding the issue. I wonder if we all could put signs in our car windows, lawns, etc, with the words something like, why all the dead dying and soon to be dead trees? While driving to the grocery store this afternoon we saw a huge nasty grey cloud on the ground maybe miles in the distance.

By the time we exited the store, the "fog" engulfed the store's parking lot. I tried to hold my breath until in the car — like that would do any good! It makes me so damn mad! Temps here in the northland are warmer than they should be.

I have no beliefs that a small handful of individuals are able to control the political, social, and economic course of history. Hilary Clinton once stated: And when that village is made up of shadow corporations supported by an uneducated and morally corrupt society, the end game is villenage, not a village.

A base tenure , where a man holds upon terms of doing whatsoever is commanded of him, nor knows in the evening what is to be done in the morning, and is always bound to an uncertain service. So very many examples of so much won via one person's efforts.

This is what so impressed me with Ralph Nader's small book: We should at least give that a try before all hope of free speech and resistance are lost. And he is a voice with experience. Nader quotes Howard Zinn: Not to mention if we pulled off this theoretical 'pot luck' effort it would have to include much of the developed world and perhaps beyond that. At some point, followers must become leaders.

I believe Trump is on his way out but it could take half of forever and what he does in the meantime could destroy waaay too much.

Our rights too, especially regarding protests and forcing. Clinton was rifting on raising a child, and I gotta agree that does take a village! Or, rather, should, for the well being of the children. This is different and we do seem to have many in a number of countries. If we had a geoengineering day of awareness, individuals everywhere could speak out if only from a small table in their front yard.

It would not be a forcing issue, rather an answers issue. As people hear of it, they could take their questions to the nearest person set up to reply. I don't own this house, so I can't do with it what I want fully. Like put up a permanent sign. But, even I could sit in my yard on such a day and give info to all who ask and I bet some would, if only to be kind to me, or to understand better what this is about.

We gotta do something like this soon I think. I do not like the way things are going! Opportunity shrinks by the day. Maybe it would not work, but I'd like to give it a try. If it fails, it fails, and just like getting thrown off a horse, one gets back on. One of my horses trampled me one time, probably not the horse's fault, but it spooked me big time, was a month or two before I got back on him.

Theme of my life anyway. Failure does not discourage me. Laws give me headaches, make my brains feel like cement. But from that framework, we launch. Would be a shame if we failed to even try to launch beyond what we have done.

I have the greatest respect for Mr. His activities these last 45 years have inspired many environmental and social activists. The man is a force…. In this episode of Days of Revolt, host Chris Hedges speaks with author, consumer advocate, and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader. Together, they trace the advancement of corporate control in the U. Although I am here every weekend, I rarely post but am compelled to relate the latest weather modification we are experiencing.

This past Friday we endured what was termed a "nor'easter" with wind gusts up to 70 mph. Power went out before noon on Friday and is still out as of Sunday noon time. What was most peculiar about this "storm" is that the sky was blue with low level, natural small clouds which barely moved in relation to the wind.

So the wind had to be contained at very low level while just above it there was but a breeze. Trees and power lines were and in some places, still are down. Power restoration is expected to be complete by 11pm Tuesday night!

Again, there was no spraying to be seen, the sky was blue and a storm wiped out such a huge area with wind gusts up to 70mph. I have never before experienced a "storm" that wasn't accompanied with some sort of precipitation, heavy cloud cover, lightening or some other feature. Economic loss from this must be huge as it was the second worst power outage for all the combined power suppliers in the Mid Atlantic area.

I'll have to go fill the gas cans again but at least we got the whole house generator when we did. We were able to host our neighbor through the night last night but many around here have fled to elsewhere for now. As far as sounding the alarm goes, my experience has been very difficult. While I have purchased Dane's book, flyers and booklets to get into the hands of anyone interested, I have not found anyone to be responsive.

There is a huge solar panel site near us so I visited it and met with the lead supervisor who had gone to school for environmental studies but never looks up. When I had him look up he said "yeah so what". The checker board grid sprayed in the sky that day looked perfectly normal to him. I went on to ask why would someone pour so much money into collecting the sun's energy when at the same time someone else is trying their best to block that same energy from reaching those panels?

A true "deer in the headlights" look from that one. I left him with some pamphlets and asked him to forward one to the owner of the solar farm.

Peoples fear of this horrific truth we are faced with is so intense that it has even effected my marriage. My wife used to listen to Dane with me every weekend but the time came when she told me that she cannot live with such knowledge and at this point I am no longer permitted to speak of the sky or geoengineering in general if I care about our relationship.

She says that if all this is true, why does she bother to go to work and we should just be having all the fun we can now before it's to late. Sad but true and I'm telling you, it's darn hard to keep quiet about it. My whole family thinks I'm a conspiracy nut with the exception of my son! I will continue to do what I can to awaken people, hard as it is. Thank you Dane and all here for caring and sharing. Perhaps I'll share more often. Dear Dan, first thank you for the report from your area.

Probably all who post here know of the angst you're feeling from the pervasive rejection and denial of truth concerning weather modification. Cognitive dissonance is apparent everywhere. I cannot understand how seemly intelligent in all other respects people can be so stubbornly blind to this issue. I can only surmise that the burden to bear this truth is more than they can handle.

They simply are not strong enough. My sympathy for the distance it causes you in your most treasured and intimate relationships. Please continue to post and share your truth. Many here are listening with open ears, eyes wide open, and and an open heart. Sounds very familiar Dan. I have scared away a lot of my friends so i try not to brig it up any more. I have been aware of this problem for around 17 years with no public acknowledgement. I feel your pain.

They can't get mad or angry without the thought police attacking you , they can't run away from the pain, and so, the veil comes down. A type of hypnosis, or if you will, unconscious. We here, have gone threw the various stages of grief. Denial,anger, bargaining, depression, I bounce back and forth with this one. Until the rest of the country catches up, expect more of the same!

Yes I can definitely relate to your frustration Dan.

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