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Send a private message to Hatliz. We follow a I don't think the original authors would mind as they had made them freely available until their domain subscription expired. After each poker session simply enter your results. Conversely, if we find ourselves gambling in many negative EV situations, our profits will shrink. Submit a new link. It takes serious work to get good at this skill, but trust me:

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Send a private message to eneely. Find More Posts by eneely. Find Threads Started by eneely. Keeping Track of Bankroll Quote: Originally Posted by eneely Heavy use of acronyms itt. Send a private message to Sarge Find More Posts by Sarge Find Threads Started by Sarge Send a private message to Thurmon. Find More Posts by Thurmon. Find Threads Started by Thurmon. Originally Posted by Sarge85 S. Keeping Track of Bankroll poker income for iphone is very good too, downloading poker journal lite to compare right now: Send a private message to Fritzy.

Find More Posts by Fritzy. Find Threads Started by Fritzy. Keeping Track of Bankroll TR: Keeping Track of Bankroll Thanks. Send a private message to Jcroisdale. Find More Posts by Jcroisdale. Find Threads Started by Jcroisdale. Keeping Track of Bankroll Does anyone know an app for android that is free? Send a private message to Hatliz. Find More Posts by Hatliz.

Find Threads Started by Hatliz. Keeping Track of Bankroll I use pokerlog for the Android and it is amazing. Robert Franks on October 22, Poker Software Poker Charts Poker Charts is a web-based service that allows you to easily and anonymously log, chart and analyze the results of your poker games.

Free trial, no obligation Comprehensive statistics Rich charts and graphs Opponent tracking Recommended by experts Works with any browser Export your data anytime The original, best and most trusted way to keep and analyze your poker records Bet and play smarter. Pokerstove Determining the odds in a game like no-limit Texas Hold'em can require some complicated calculations. Poker Tournament Manager The features are: Acespade Software Acespade Software, Inc.

PokerTracker Most of the on-line poker sites allow you to keep notes on players and will give you statistics for your current session but Poker Tracker provides this and so much more.

StatKing The ultimate poker results tracking tool. Poker Journal Software Poker Journal is software that allows you to keep complete and detailed poker records on your computer. Poker Academy Our poker software boasts the most powerful poker training package available. Poker Academy Prospector Poker Academy is proud to introduce Poker Academy Prospector, the most in-depth, easy to use poker stats analysis package designed to make you a more profitable player.

I'm using Treek's Poker Tournament Director. It's easy to use software, which secures your data and take you to the world of professional poker organization. I also love poker tracker for playing online. I ever know, who plays with what, etc. Hi, I am new here, but not new to Texas Hold'em. Below, you will see my Amazon review of Poker Academy. It is only for serious players who really want to take their game to the next level. I had never played poker at a live table in my life.

But PAPro taught me the game and got me to the place of playing live in casinos. My first tournament was at the Rio and out of players, I finished 25th. I have never not finished in the money since that time.

Don't poo-poo what you haven't tried. Poker Academy works, period. Also, notice the other reviews on Amazon and they are all 5 stars. These are folks I played against online when I was learning the game. This is way more than a Texas Hold'em game, this is an Artificial Intelligence software program that becomes more difficult to play the "bots" as they will adjust to your play. I had never played this game before in my life but wanted to get the best tutorial information available and paying for the Professional version seemed a small price to pay when all of my research had determined there is nothing like this product on the market.

I played thousands of games against the bots and then moved to the online site for the Poker Academy where players like myself using the same software play together. I progressed from Level 1, to Level 2 to Level 3. I consider this getting a Doctorate in Poker. It has supplied me with the education I needed to proceed on to playing for money which I have recently started doing online and actually am winning at.

If you care about improving your gaming, this is a must. More statistics, advise, graphs, etc. You even have a complete history of every hand that you play with the Poker Academy, so you can review and even replay them and plug holes in your game. And, the "support" from this group of professionals is beyond any you have ever seen. There is so much more, but find our for yourself. Good luck and good cards. Poker Academy Pro http: It's rated Excellent by PC Gamer.

GameZone awarded it an Editor's Choice. I encourage you to check it out and add it to your comprehensive list of resources for Texas Holdem players.

I was just wondering if you are planning on reviewing the new version of Poker Academy, it used to be called Poki's Poker Academy poker, do you think it is better than Wilsons? Poker Charts Gets Expensive. I've been using MyPokerExpert. Also check out TheTournamentDirector. Free Or To Purchase? Enter your password below to link accounts:. Your email address will not be published.

Uncategorized September 11, Link to existing Freelancer account Thread: It's a fun example of basic recursion. Anyway, C 52,5 won't give you the probability to draw those 5 cards. Probability is always between 0 and 1. That number represents the number of possible draws that are different, not keeping into account different orders. I want to calculate chances I'm doing this directly in Excel, not in VBA macro or something else.

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