Changes to the PokerStars Rewards Program Coming in 2017

Another 2, achieves GoldStar, and 7, beyond that puts the player in the elite PlatinumStar category. Find Threads Started by Wild Card. Send a private message to TreadLightly. As a result, our current VIP statuses will be discontinued upon launch of the new program and replaced with a new program rewarding your recent activity. While most points are accrued on a monthly basis, the annual accumulation of points counts toward Supernova VIP status. Find More Posts by hemstock. Pokerstars - Important changes to VIP reward for Just received this email, we should expect another decent money grab http:

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While most points are accrued on a monthly basis, the annual accumulation of points counts toward Supernova VIP status. Those who reach , points in one year or less earn PokerStars Supernova status. Once a player becomes a PokerStars Supernova, they are able to maintain the status for the remainder of the current year and the entire year that follows, but the rate of play must be maintained in order to stay at that level going forward from that point. All StarsCoin earned as a Supernova player can be used to purchase items in the VIP store, as well as packages to live tournaments and events, such as those on the European Poker Tour and other PokerStars-sponsored games.

The highest status previously available for players on PokerStars was the Supernova Elite, which required quite a lot of hours to achieve. It was a yearly goal rather than a monthly one, and players who dedicated enough time and effort received perks online and at PokerStars-sponsored live events.

The changed announced in late , however, reduce the benefits of the high-volume players as much as 60 percent. In addition, since PokerStars Supernova Elite status was supposed to benefit players for the year following the achievement, players argue that they are being cheated out of those benefits.

Further, they claim that PokerStars breached their agreement with players by promising benefits for the work of achieving that status, and that is being taken away. In essence, the PokerStars changes that took effect on January 1, , included a cap on rewards for players who earn more than , VIP points, and players who earned PokerStars Supernova Elite in will receive rewards of 45 percent rakeback in In , the rakeback cap for Supernova players will be 28 percent, according to the email PokerStars sent its players.

The full email can be found at the end of the column. Additionally, and more consequentially, beginning in January , Supernova will become a monthly tier. Instead of players achieving Supernova status over the course of a year — retaining Supernova status for the remainder of the calendar year regardless of continued play — they will now have to earn it each month.

In the past, some players have put in an inordinate amount of volume early in the year into attaining Supernova status as fast as possible. Many accomplish the feat in only a few months. This allowed players to cut back on their volume in subsequent months while maintaining their VIP status.

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