Kevin Pendergast represents side of legal gambling story easy to overlook

Richard Ross 1 Rep. It then turns anti-social into social by self deception. Casino gambling is a form of predatory business that is allowed to operate by state governments. In the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States, nearly every adult now lives within a short drive of a casino. Paul LePage 3 Gov.

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According to a study from the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions, the poorer the neighborhood, the higher the risk for problem gambling. Casinos are also targeting older Americans. One third of the U. Casinos often prey on older customers by catering to their special needs, providing wheelchairs, scooters, adult diapers, and other amenities for customers with mobility and health problems.

Gambling has a detrimental impact not only individuals but also on families and communities. A study of members of Gamblers Anonymous found that upwards of 26 percent have gambling-related divorces or separations. And a study that looked at the spread of casino gambling in Metropolitan Statistical Areas found that the presence of a casino reduces voluntarism, civic participation, family stability, and other forms of social capital within 15 miles of a community where it is located.

One of the most unfortunate consequences from casinos is that along with them tends to come a rise in crime. Of all the crimes associated with communities around casinos, one of the most prevalent is the sex trafficking of minors. Casino gambling is a form of predatory business that is allowed to operate by state governments. States typically legalize casino gambling by changing state constitutions.

They create regional monopolies for the casinos, provide minimal oversight and regulation, and rescue casinos from bankruptcy.

In short, without the legal, administrative, regulatory, and promotional advantages provided by state governments, casinos would not be spreading into mainstream American life as they are today and would likely still exist only on the fringes of the society.

Free, downloadable bulletin insert for use by your church. On Monday, the Supreme Court struck down a federal law that prohibited states from allowing betting on amateur or professional sports. In the case of Murphy v. From the s to the mid 20th century, government-run lotteries in America were not only recognized as immoral but were banned in every state. That changed in when New Hampshire—a state without an income tax—reinstituted a state lottery.

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Neighbors of Suffolk Downs. News No Dice, Springfield! Who of your family members are you willing to sacrifice to this illness of compulsive gambling? They are not numbers. They are real people. People often forget the harm excessive gambling has on a family. More should be said about this especialy to the media. Low the founder of Recovery Inc. It then turns anti-social into social by self deception. Public opinion should be against anymore gambling in NY.

It harms far to many innocent families. Thanks for your comment, John Please help us get the message out! Write a letter to the Dem and Chron see u r in Rochester.

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