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One child from each of the 22 schools in the Auburn School District was chosen by their school to participate in this year's Shop with a Cop event. Werner will be honored for her accomplishments at the upcoming City Council meeting on Oct. From birth until market our animals breathe fresh clean air, graze on lush green grass, and drink crystal clear water. A while ago she started staring at me which the vet said was a sign of alzheimers. Cow families are kept together, rather than separated according to age and size.

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This enhances the flavor of the meat and eliminates the need for fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and other chemically enhanced farming practices. In addition to our pasture management, we also utilize Field Kill as our method of slaughter. This is by far the most humane way to slaughter bison, ensuring an ethical kill that eliminates stress hormones at the time of death, resulting in the best tasting, most tender meat.

Due to our expansion to larger pastures in Cadott WI, we will be upgrading our ranches' Field Kill process later in Want more info about The Honest Bison? Need help placing an order? Looking for delicious bison recipes? To make a purchase and have shipped to your address please visit our website. Mailing address only—all orders are shipped direct to our customers from Wisconsin via FedEx. The Larder Meat Co. Larder Club subscribers receive a monthly delivery of pork , beef , and chicken sourced from small ranches on the Central Coast of California every product is labeled with the farm it came from.

Our beef is harvested on the ranch and processed at a local USDA processing facility. All our meat is flash frozen immediately after processing and shipped to you within the month. Our sourcing standards ensure you are buying from ranchers who care about how their animals are raised and who care about providing your family with healthy, ethically-raised meat. We have two box sizes to choose from; each box includes recipes and a few extra items to help stock your larder.

You can cancel any time, or skip a month whenever you need to! We ship on the third Monday of the month, unless otherwise arranged. Shipping is free to any business or residence in California, Arizona and Nevada. To sign up visit www. Here is and example of what is included in a large Larder box 13—14 lbs total:.

The Larder Meat Company's chicken and pork meet Eatwild's criteria, but only some of the beef. To receive beef that is grass fed and grass-finished, you will need to make a special request. Shasta, less than an hour east of Redding, CA. Many families have a trusted family doctor, we are committed as your Family Farmer. We take an organic, environmentally responsible approach to raising natural, Pastured Beef, Poultry, Pork and Eggs without the use of hormones, antibiotics or additives.

Our cattle, chickens and pigs thrive on native pastures and fresh spring water in a humane, stress free environment. Our pastured products and sustainable philosophy have instilled a level of accountability that only a Family Farmer can offer in today's era of factory farming. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your Family Farmer and where your food comes from.

Our beef is dry aged, the old fashioned way, at least 21 days for full flavor and tenderness. Each cut is then hand carved and vacuum packed under USDA inspection. For those with limited freezer space, we offer a convenient one tenth beef pack 35 lbs. Choose your favorite cuts from our Beef Menu with no minimum order. Send Dan an email and he will work with you on developing a cut list for your specific taste.

We also offer seasonal Pastured Organic Poultry , May through October, and an annual fall batch of our home raised pork pre-order early. Your order will be shipped frozen directly to you in a food safe insulated container.

Visit us at www. Pastures have green feed year round owing to the abundant winter rains and periodic summer fogs. Temperatures are moderate, very rarely below freezing and not exceeding 80 degrees F in summer. Our herd of CCOF certified organic grass fed beef enjoy the peace of an ocean view and extremely low stress management. Cow families are kept together, rather than separated according to age and size.

Density is low and we employ rotational grazing, moving them on horseback, and not by trailer. We like the animals entrusted to our care to have the same stress-free life we choose for ourselves. If you would like to purchase meat directly from us, we offer quarter, half or whole beef or boxed select cuts. There's a lot more to our practices, philosophy and product than can fit on this entry.

So, if you are interested, give us a call or e-mail. You can also come visit us and enjoy life on the ranch, beach or river. For over 40 years, the Massa Family has been actively involved in the beef industry, beginning in the 70s with a small herd of registered Angus cattle.

We are truly a family operation. Duane and Wendy take a hands-on role with every aspect, from breeding and raising, to customer-service, marketing and shipping. Through selective breeding and careful range management, we are creating a unique group of animals that are a healthy and sustainable alternative to factory farming. Our customers enjoy knowing that the Massa Ranches are active participants in numerous conservation efforts in rural Glenn County geared towards agricultural sustainability.

We are actively converting water wells to solar power, providing additional habitat for wildlife. We are proud to offer fresh, all-natural grass-fed beef and lamb, pasture-raised heritage pork, and pasture-raised chicken directly to the consumer.

Our beef is dry-aged for a full days. Local delivery and nationwide shipping available. From our family to yours. A family owned and operated working cattle ranch since , the Nick Ranch was the first livestock producer in San Luis Obispo County to become Certified Organic. Retail outlets carrying our products:. Orders can be placed by phone, email or direct from one of our websites. We always welcome Custom Orders.

Shipping is available throughout the USA, also very reasonable rates, shipping to set drop off sites on delivery routes within California. Open Space Meats is a family-run grass fed beef company, not some big corporation or factory farm. Like most family farms we consider our customers our neighbors and friends. We started this company to bring what we think is a great tasting, healthy product to the rest of the world. Responsible stewardship for the earth and the animals under our care is our responsibility, but more than that we love the taste of Open Space Grass Fed Beef.

Just send us an email, or place your order from our website using our secure PayPal account, or contact us by phone! We would like to talk to you personally in order to best meet your needs and supply a beef package that is right for you. One of our representatives will contact you to arrange delivery and answer any of your questions.

Delivery is available on all purchases in California. On larger packages we will deliver to you personally, or on small packages your beef will arrive via overnight courier. A small fee is charged for delivery.

We want to deliver to you personally. We also offer pastured lamb , beef jerky, beef snack sticks and a large variety of sausages. Paicines Ranch has been a working cattle ranch since the 's. We are committed to preserving its resources, both natural and man-made, for the benefit of future generations. Our animals spend their lives roaming on our organic pastures eating only grass and mineral supplements. No growth hormones, antibiotics, or chemical fertilizers are used.

We are constantly assessing how we use the land to better understand and improve its health, as well as the health of the cattle. Our animals travel directly from the ranch to the USDA harvest facility which is certified in humane animal handling by an independent third party. All of our meat is vacuum packed in clear plastic packaging clearly labeled by cut and weight.

We offer delivery to San Jose, California, and surrounding areas, and we ship within California. Visitors are always welcome to visit the ranch to see the cattle and pick up an order any time by appointment. We offer pasture raised, grass-fed Muscovy duckling , certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers.

Our ducks spend their days sampling natural grasses, hunting for bugs and relaxing in the sun in a rotational grazing situation. We use Anatolian Shepherds to guard them day and night from the many predators who flourish on this isolated stretch of California coast. We also offer certified organic duck eggs and can ship anywhere in the U.

We use special reinforced cartons to reduce breakage and will issue a credit on your next order if any eggs do arrive damaged. We occasionally have goat meat available from our closed herd of New Zealand Kikos who forage freely on certified organic pasture. No hormones or growth enhancers are ever given to any of our animals. Our beef is born and raised on a family owned ranch near the Russian Peak wilderness area in northern California. Our animals are fed only USDA certified organic grass and hay from our local pastures.

This allows us to minimize the stress on the animal, reduce the environmental cost of transportation, and eliminate any antibiotics or growth stimulants. This allows natural enzymes to tenderize the meat, and give it the delicious flavor which our parents and grandparents once enjoyed.

Our beef is available in individual retail cuts. We make free local deliveries and ship Fed-Ex. We are happy to assist you with your beef purchase, and answer any questions you may have. Our sheep graze on the hillsides of the foothills in Placer County, throughout the year on a rotational grazing process, foraging on their natural diet.

We use portable electric net fencing which enables us to move them easily and keep in controlled areas. Sinclair Family Farm is proud to be predator friendly. We use livestock guardian dogs that protect our sheep from coyotes, mountain lions and dogs without harming the predators. While we are not certified organic, our pastures are untreated with pesticides or other chemicals and are not given any antibiotics or hormones.

The lamb at Sinclair Family Farm is processed through a USDA processing plant, using humane practices, and is available in individual cuts that are vacuum sealed and frozen. Half and whole lamb are also available upon request. We offer grass fed lamb from purebred Romney sheep and highly sought wool. We sell lamb live or processed at a USDA facility where it is vacuum packaged and frozen.

Our lamb is tender and fine and young while being fed on family pasture where sheep have been raised for over 25 years. We supplement with organic alfalfa pellets and kelp as needed and never feed grain.

We utilize natural remedies such as garlic and diatomaceous earth for flock maintenance and keep watch of flock health through frequent checks and rigorous breeding guidelines. As our flock grows we will begin to participate in farmers markets that we have been invited to. We ship in the United States and deliver to close locations. Tawanda Farms is a proud producer of all-natural lamb and beef. We, the owners, are also the managers and operators of the business.

We are dedicated to a sustainable agriculture that supports a beautiful meat product as well as a stress-free life for our animals. All food consumed by our animals is grown on our acre farm. This food base is a combination of irrigated, mixed grass pasture as well as dry land grasses and forbs. Sheep and beeves roam year-round and self-select on our pastures and hills.

We guarantee the following:. Brochure with offerings and shipping options is available by request at tawandafarms53 att. Our pastures are third-party verified that they have never been sprayed with fertilizers or pesticides. Our cattle are never treated with antibiotics, growth hormones, or fed animal byproducts or grains.

Our beef is also third party verified by the Global Animal Partnership that we treat our cattle humanely and that our cattle are raised on open pastures, in a stress-free environment throughout their entire lives. Our cattle are processed at years of age to provide you with the freshest, most tender grass fed beef you will ever eat. Our company started a Food For A Cause program that is designed to give back to local families in need. For every 20 pounds of beef purchased we donate one pound of ground beef to local food banks.

Our packaging is made out of recycled materials and on solar energy. We do not use Styrofoam. Do something for yourself, your family, your neighbors and your environment.

Completely stress free environment. No supplementation to their diet, nor use of hormones or antibiotics; Our herd is never subjected to feedlot confinement. Reproduction patterns are solely dictated by natural cohabitation of sires and does.

Our meat is processed at a USDA certified organic facility. We can ship statewide, the cost of shipping being added to the purchase order. We currently are stocked on the following meat products: The best way to order is to email us. We welcome your questions and comments. We will promptly return your emails. Chilancoh Ranch is an historic cattle ranch established in by the Bayliff family, who still own and operate the ranch today.

We are located in the pristine and isolated Chilcotin plateau, in the interior of BC, Canada, and welcome visitors. We sell natural, grass-fed beef that is produced sustainably using environmentally sound practices, no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones or antibiotics except when medically necessary.

Our cattle graze wild grasses and herbs on range and pasture lands in the spring, summer and fall, and bale-graze on pastures in the winter, fertilizing our lands as they go. Cattle are treated humanely and we use low-stress handling practices. We partner with Rodear Meats, a local, licensed, and provincially inspected abattoir located in Beaver Valley, east of Williams Lake, to provide our high quality cuts and products. Chilancoh Ranch provides healthy, nutritionally-packed beef full of omega 3s, CLAs, vitamin E, and more for the health of our customers.

Beef can be ordered in various sized packages, as well as by the quarter and the side, throughout the year. Shipping to anywhere in BC can be arranged for the customer and is paid for by the customer. It may be possible for the Ranch to deliver larger orders for buying clubs. Also, we encourage customers to come out to the Ranch: Family Farm Natural Meats Ltd. We offer grass-fed beef , pasture raised pork and lamb , free-range turkeys and chickens.

Everything is available in October, as long as supplies last. We have a variety of pre-packed boxes ranging from 20 to 80 pounds, as well as bulk sales. For those who like bulk prices but have small freezers, we offer a pound box delivered every month for a year. Call or visit us online to pre-order. We ship year-round within British Columbia.

We farm by natural principles. No antibiotics, growth hormones, or feed with animal by-products. Our animals are fed species-appropriate diets and are allowed to roam as nature intended, not confined to a cage or barn.

Animals raised this way are healthier, happier and leaner. Healthy meat can only come from healthy animals. We raise food that everyone can have confidence in. We are a Certified Organic farm with over acres of pastures that have been grazed by animals for over 25 years. We raise grass fed beef cattle, angus and Wagyu, as well as pasture raised heritage breeds of pork.

Grandview does a few things differently than any other farm. First, we plant annual grasses to supplement our animals diet through the hot months of the summer. The animals will roam through the tall annual grasses prior to the grasses reaching seed stage, and will therefore be able to gain weight through the hot summer months, an unusual occurrence when pastures tend to stop growing from the heat.

Second, we finish our cattle on locally grown apples and pears to promote meat that is not only very balanced nutritionally, but is very well marbled.

The result is Pork and Beef that is second to none in terms of taste and nutritional profile our beef tests at 3. We of course do not allow anti-biotics or growth stimulants hormones anywhere near our animals and we provide them with the best possible living conditions, including wood lots and ponds for the hot summer days.

We focus on animal welfare from birth to slaughter, and take great efforts to make sure that all of our animals live in the most pleasant and humane conditions for their entire lives. Grandview offers boxed meat ordering random sampling of cuts , or you can order specific cuts that your family desires. We deliver in the GTA and can ship frozen across Canada. We sell our meat directly through our website or by emailing us at orders grandviewfarms.

On TK Ranch we believe that nutrient-dense foods offer people a diet that supports good health and a strong immune system. We offer consumers dry-aged Alberta grass-fed beef , grass-fed lamb and heritage pasture raised pork. Our cattle and sheep are not fed any grain — we use the pasture model from birth to slaughter. Our animals are born, raised and fed outside on large native grass pastures. Unlike organic and conventional grain finished beef and lamb, our animals are never confined in feedlots.

Our animals never receive antibiotics, animal by-products, chemical insecticides, growth hormones or ionophores. Our land is never sprayed with chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. We fence sensitive riparian habitat, use solar waterers and manage for endangered and threatened species. We are involved with wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release. We have received several awards for our commitment to the environment including the National Prairie Conservation Award.

We also have a strong commitment to animal welfare — we calve and lamb during the warm spring and summer. We use freeze brands on our cattle, practice low stress livestock handling, and move our animals frequently onto fresh pastures. Our sows are not kept in farrowing or gestation crates — they are allowed to nest naturally and and are not separated from their piglets at any time.

Their piglets are not weaned until 12 weeks of age. We use a small government inspected family owned abattoir and personally handle our animals right to slaughter to ensure they are treated humanely and with respect. Our products are available retail in Airdrie, Calgary, Edmonton and Stony Plain in several health food stores. Customers can also order direct from us.

We personally deliver to our customers located in Edmonton and Calgary and surrounding areas. We ship via refrigerated truck across Canada. All our animals live a natural life on pasture — FREE of vaccinations, chemical de-wormers, antibiotics, and growth hormones. Locals can also pick up at the Ranch during designated pick up times. At Desert Weyr, LLC we develop and implement sustainable systems to conserve rare and endangered farm animals.

Our primary goals are to conserve genetic resources and promote sustainable agriculture systems. Our Black Welsh Mountain sheep provide a small but tasty carcass and excellent wool. We offer mutton by the piece from our on-farm store.

Whole lambs and mutton, custom butchered, are available in the fall. Raw fleeces, roving, yarn, quilt batts and tanned hides are available year-round. We take advantage of our animals' ability to transform inedible plants and insects into healthy meat and wool. Our grass finished lamb and mutton carcasses are very lean and yet remain tender and tasty.

We do not feed antibiotics or growth hormones to any of our livestock. We do provide humane care including vaccinations and deworming as needed.

We are located in Western Colorado. The rest of the year we are open by appointment only. Please call or e-mail to arrange a time to visit. We also offer farm tours by appointment and when the store is open.

Meat must be picked up at the farm. Wool products can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Diamond F Brand Beef from McNeil Ranch is delicious and healthy grass fed beef raised in Colorado at high altitude with consciousness, heart, high level stewardship, and of course no added hormones or antibiotics.

We offer traditional beef cuts as well as delicious grass fed beef tamales and burritos , made in the San Luis Valley. Products may be purchased online, at the ranch, or at our retailers.

We're Rachel and Ty Gates, owners of Meat beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Our story is simple; we wanted to provide our family with quality, sustainable meats at an affordable price. Like many of you, we became frustrated shopping at our local supermarket when they failed to explain the origins of the meat and whether it was treated humanely without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

We always returned home puzzled that quality meat was nearly inaccessible and sparsely available. With Ty's experience as a sixth-generation Colorado rancher, we began raising and processing our own animals for our family. Still feeling the need to fill the void in the marketplace, we decided to open an online store to make premium meats available to everyone. From here, Meat was born with our belief that superior quality meats should be available to everyone.

We are happy to be able to share our finest meat products with you and always appreciate your interest and support for healthy, sustainable meats. Our animals are raised with the highest regards, never treated with hormones or antibiotics and always allowed to roam free in their natural habitat, the way nature intended.

We strongly believe that happier animals are healthier animals and we remain committed to providing our customers with the best-tasting, cleanest meats possible. Visit our website, blog and online store: From birth until market our animals breathe fresh clean air, graze on lush green grass, and drink crystal clear water. Our business is built on the foundation of placing God and family first, and maintaining honesty and integrity throughout all phases of our operation.

We like to think of our customers as friends and partners, and we want you to feel comfortable about buying your meat from someone you know and trust. Your comments and questions are welcome. Our meat is available year round and is shipped in thermal lined freezer boxes.

Your meat will arrive still frozen and ready to put into your freezer. Our meat is dry-aged and USDA inspected. Select the individual retail cuts that you want or choose from one of our many packages, including wholes, halves and quarters. The meat is vacuum packed, in stock, and ready to ship.

For more information, or to order our delicious meat, visit our website or e-mail us. For references be sure to check out the testimonials posted on our website. Ranch and mailing address: Hanover Dexter Cattle Company at Rockin' B Ranch began raising grass-fed, organic non-certified , registered Dexter cattle on acres nearly 10 years ago. We soon discovered that independent taste tests and nutritional research demonstrated that Dexter beef had exceptional taste and tenderness and outstanding nutritional benefits as compared to larger breeds—even Angus.

We still sell by the half and whole, but with fewer families having a dedicated freezer, we began selling Dexter beef in small packages and shipping throughout the U. Our animals graze native pastures of eastern Colorado and are fed a variety of native hays during the winter months. As stewards of nature we never administer antibiotics or growth hormones to our cattle nor ever use chemicals on the land.

By moving the herd every 5 days during the growing season we allow the grasses to recover and rejuvenate; the cattle consistently drink from fresh water sources year-round. Spring calves are born in the pastures as nature intended.

Cattle are never confined and fed grain or similar supplemental feed unless a customer requests grain-finished and purchases the entire animal. We have daily contact with all our animals. That familiarity creates a herd that is gentle and contented, resulting in more flavorful meat. We ship our variety packaged meat in reusable insulated boxes with reusable freezer bricks, eliminating any chemical concerns with dry-ice.

Please contact us for delivery options. Please do not wait until the Fall to order as quantities are limited. High Wire Ranch , founded in , is Colorado's only grass-fed buffalo and elk ranch.

Our pastures were certified organic by the Colorado Department of Agriculture in The buffalo and elk are not given any hormones or fed any animal by-products or antibiotics. All our meats are USDA inspected and vacuum packaged. We have tenderloins, delicious steaks, roasts, ground, patties, and organ meats in both buffalo and elk.

We also have breakfast, Italian, summer sausage, and regular and smoked bratwurst in buffalo or elk along with a variety of jerky. All of our jerky and sausages are entirely buffalo or elk with no preservatives or nitrates. Whole and half elk as well as buffalo quarters are available.

A free cookbook is provided with every order. We ship nationwide via FedEx. You may order through our website or by phone. Our meat is also available at the following farmers' markets: The James Ranc h faced a fork in the road in Should the three families living on the land turn the land into a golf course and housing development for the rapidly growing Durango community, or should they devote themselves to grassfarming instead?

The land had been in the James family since , the family was very attached to it, and the third generation was just coming up. After spending two years considering all aspects—most importantly the impact on the family and grandchildren—they chose grassfarming. Today their many grateful customers rely on their grassfed beef. The beef is available by mail and you are invited to view our website to place an order. The Jupille Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch located in southwest Colorado, dedicated to providing gourmet quality beef, lamb and pork raised the old fashioned way.

We believe that consumers should have a good understanding of the relationship between the food they eat and how it was produced, so visitors are always welcome. We raise flavorful, healthy food for health conscious consumers by creating and maintaining a healthy environment for the animals from which it comes. Our meats are USDA inspected and are available by the piece, variety packs, split quarters, halves or wholes.

Local orders Western Slope can be picked up at the ranch or delivered. We also ship nation-wide lower 48 in insulated boxes packed with dry ice, second day delivery. All our animals are grass fed and grass finished. Beef is dry aged for 14—21 days and is available year-round. Advance orders are required for halves and wholes. Lamb is aged for -—7 days and is available November thru January.

For lamb halves and wholes, advance orders are recommended. For pork halve and wholes, advance orders are required. Lasater Grasslands Beef is one of the largest pasture-intensive farms in the United States. The beef cattle are raised and finished on fresh pasture without artificial hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products.

The ranch is family-owned and committed to sustainable agriculture and the humane treatment of animals. Sides of beef are available as well.

Orders can be placed by phone, fax, e-mail, or from our website. Our producers do not administer antibiotics or growth hormones. Cattle receive no GMO feed, and are raised in a humane manner. They are pastured in the mountains and in the high mountain valley meadows, on alfalfa and native grasses. Our products are beyond organic, but are not certified organic.

Cattle are harvested between to pounds, then the carcass is dry-aged to enhance flavor and tenderness. The beef is extremely tender and delicious—as close to veal as you are going to get. Some comments from our customers include: Our products can be shipped anywhere in the United States and can be delivered within a mile radius.

Rio Culebra Agricultural Cooperative, Inc. Salazar Natural Meats is the marketing branch for livestock on the Salazar Ranch, one of the oldest family owned ranches in Colorado. We have been ranching in the picturesque San Luis Valley for 6 generations.

Currently, we raise grassfed, organic certified beef with principles of conservation and sustainability in mind. We currently have a herd of approximately certified beeves that are either contracted to whole foods or sold through our own direct marketing channels.

We endeavor to keep all of our animals out of the feedlots! Our processor humanely slaughters the animals just 8 miles down the road. We deliver beef bundles in New Mexico and Colorado. Additionally, we recently opened a USDA certified meat processing plant in which we produce beef jerky and beef sticks.

These products can be ordered from our web-site and mailed anywhere in the United States. Salazar Natural Meats, Inc. UPS shipping is available all other times. We practice rotational grazing on acres of native Sandhills prairie in northeast Colorado. We are motivated by animal husbandry, health, environment, and taste. Our boxes do change occasionally, so please see our website for the latest information regarding delivery, price, and products. The care we take to raise our animals with no hormones, no antibiotics, no grain, and no feedlot allows for the natural, healthy development of our herd.

We move our cattle across our ranch on horseback to ensure low stress conditions for the animals and appropriate stewardship of our pasture land. The resulting grass-fed beef is a source of great pride for us.

Our premium cuts are rich with mouth-watering flavors, are tender and juicy, and have all the health benefits people seek in premium grass-fed beef. We invite you to taste the difference and we guarantee your satisfaction. There are several ways for you to get your hands on some TWR grass-fed beef.

The convenience, reliability, and cost effectiveness of buying TWR beef through our online store gives responsible consumers simple, year-round access to premium-quality grass-fed beef. Browse our sale page for discounted items, or follow us on Facebook for weekly specials and hugely discounted promotions. We offer free shipping anywhere in the US. Lastly, we sell to many restaurants and retailers in the local area and beyond. Please do reach out to us if you are interested in our year-round, fresh grass-fed beef wholesale program.

NELA is dedicated to revitalizing farming in the Northeast. We want farmers not only to survive but to thrive, and to produce food that is natural and healthy for you, too. We are working with farmers to produce healthy livestock through grass farming and to preserve the rural landscape of our region.

We have been Animal Welfare Approved since and take great pride in the excellent quality of life we provide for all our animals. Our farm is free of herbicides and pesticides and we treat any illnesses or injuries holistically. Our beef herd is comprised of Red Angus and Red Angus crossbred cattle. We purchase all of our breeding bulls from Pharo Cattle Company in Colorado, a leading producer of grass fed bulls. We choose bulls based on their ultrasound scores for marbling and tenderness, as well as fleshing ability and moderate frame size.

Customers get an incredible eating experience. We carry a large selection of cuts at our farm stand and offer a home delivery service statewide and to Westchester County, NY. Beef is available in individual cuts, or by the side or quarter. All beef is USDA inspected, vacuum-packed, and labeled. It is open Saturdays 10—4 and Sundays from 12—4 year-round. We sell pork by the side or quarter only, and sell whole broiler chickens as well. Our pigs and chickens are raised outside in green pastures.

We raise Freedom Ranger chickens, a great alternative to a Cornish-cross broiler. They are a very rich tasting chicken that is much more suited for an outdoor environment. Our customers rave about them. They are lean with lots of flavor. When you purchase a side or quarter of pork you receive loin chops, spare ribs, ham, tenderloin, shoulder, bacon and sausage. Visit our website to learn more about our thoughtfully raised products. Check us out on Facebook for the latest farm happenings.

Nelson Hoy and Lizzie Biggs are conservationists and how we manage the farm's forests and grasslands, river and drafts are governed by a progressive conservation easement held by The Nature Conservancy.

Nelson and Lizzie have made life-long commitments to preserve the unique grass fed genetics of heritage Red Poll cattle and the farm work breeding of Suffolk draft horses. We endeavor to raise the healthiest and the most flavorful, tender and juicy grass-fed and -finished beef anywhere east of the Mississippi River. Berriedale Farms, Nelson and Lizzie serve health-conscious families that value environmentally-sound farm practices and who choose to patronize a small family farm in rural Appalachia.

We harvest ten 10 beeves each year and that's it. Many families with children visit Berriedale Farms and stay in our Cabin on the Cowpasture. Come join our farm family! Circle C Farm is the first-and-only, on farm, USDA, red and white meat, federally-inspected abattoir and butcher shop in Florida and one of only three in the U. We are an ALL grass fed, grass finished, free-range and pasture-raised poultry farm.

ALL our livestock live their lives on pasture, including our laying hens. We raise the best, cleanest meats and produce the BEST eggs in the country. We have beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, duck, chicken eggs , honey from our beehives, and make our own raw pet grind from the same meats and organs we eat.

Everything we do with our livestock is by hand: We are a NO-antibiotic, hormone, pesticide, herbicide or insecticide farm. We use no preservatives on or in our meats: NO MSG, nitrites, nitrates, etc. Our poultry and eggs receive NO corn, soy, or glutens. We also offer other Florida farmers and ranchers the services of our abattoir, so they too can harvest their livestock in a humane and respectful way.

Because we harvest under federal Inspection, they can also sell that meat legally to others. We take great pride in what we do and how we do it and are grateful to be able to do what we love. We ship throughout the US year-round with dry ice via FedEx. We also sell our products at several local locations--check our website for details. Our pricing is available on our website, which is maintained daily, so it is always up to date.

Ellis Farm is located in Madison County, Florida. We are 2 miles from exit CR off I We service Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Valdosta , and all towns in between.

We deliver to designated drop points in each city and town we serve. The beef and lamb we sell to our family of customers is the beef and lamb we eat. Please go to our website to see what beef and lambs we have available, current prices, how and where to purchase our products.

We custom harvest whole lambs only and beef steers are custom harvested in quarters, halves, and whole animals. Please review the taste test on various breeds of cattle posted on our website. Please visit our website to schedule a farm visit, a delivery, or make an appointment for pickup at our farm in Madison. We invite you to call us and schedule a visit. Thank you for considering us to provide your beef and lamb needs for your family.

They feast on a salad bar of pesticide-free "gourmet" forage including clover, wheat, oat and rye grass. The cattle are then harvested not more than 40 miles away at a USDA inspected facility. Once processed, the carcasses are hung in an air ventilated refrigerated locker for up to 28 days for our "old school" dry-aging process.

This process naturally tenderizes the meat and enhances its taste. The beef is then cut into gourmet roasts, steaks and Angus Burger—a local Ocala favorite. Each cut of beef, whether roast or steak, is individually packed in a vacuum bag and air sealed for freshness.

Florida Fresh Beef Company, established in , is proud to be one of the first companies in almost 20 years to produce fresh local meat available to the public under USDA inspection.

Our relationships with various like-minded grass-fed cattle ranchers throughout the state have allowed us to develop a consistent supply of healthy, delicious, local Florida beef available in bulk or individual cuts throughout the year. A South Florida supply outlet is currently in development for the distribution of both regular and Glatt Kosher beef. We can divide a carcass into 8 or 16 equal shares to make it affordable for families to get the benefit of buying the bulk beef in smaller quantities while still saving.

We do the shipping! Visit our website for information on how to order and to locate farmers markets where you can buy our beef. Sunshine and fresh air give our pigs natural vitamin D and digging around in the earth provides iron.

Our pigs have free access to forage, but we do supplement their diet with farm fresh milk from our cows and eggs from our free range chickens. No hormones or antibiotics or anything other than food you would eat yourself are given to our pigs. A whole pig will typically net —lbs of meat cut and wrapped to your specifications. We have a processor come to the farm to eliminate stress for the animal. Processing charges are additional and paid directly to the processor. Product can be arranged for local pick up and delivery or we will ship anywhere within the US for exact costs.

Grandmother's Farm is a natural sustainable grass based farm cared for by my wife and I with our seven children. The farm name is a tribute to "Bami," the children's grandmother, who loved the beauty of the farm and having her grandchildren be part of it with her.

We offer brown eggs year around from happy hens that forage on all-natural pastures. Duck eggs will be available in the fall of Pastured poultry—chickens and turkeys—are available October through June and must be pre-booked well in advance of pick up.

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Better yet bring the kids out for a visit. We are located in western Illinois, 45 miles south of Springfield. We sell our products at the Alton and Edwardsville Farmers Markets. The Meat sticks can be shipped but we do NOT ship frozen products.

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We are dedicated to providing all-natural food products with no hormones or antibiotics and pride ourselves on having the most tender, lean, Omega-3 hearty cuts of meat available for our customers and their families. Our cattle eat what mother nature provides…. We also sell all natural salsa, jellies, BBQ and steak seasoning.

We do ship and deliver. We also sell wholesale to retail establishments. Better yet, check out pure-breed rescues and save a life or adopt from your local shelter. I went to the vet this past saturday to take my pit to the vet, because she noticably mopping around and not being very active as she normally is for a 10mo puppy. Now they diagnosed her with a simple ear infection and I thought everything was going to be fine afterwards To the point where she couldn't even stand up, didn't even recognize I was sitting right beside her, like she was completely spacing out.

I guess I took her to the vet too late after the fact because she sadly did not make through the day, I'm not sure if it was parvo, or a neurological disorder beyond irreconcilability by the vet or something she may have gotten into, I want answers to her passing, I want to know why. My dog was a cavalier king Charles spaniel and she all of a sudden stopped walking as she came off the sofa, we had to bring her to bed every night but I suspect that she had these problems when she was young because she could never get up on the sofa we always had to put a step for her and we had to feed her with a fork.

My 2 year old labradoodle started having these spells about 2 months ago. She's had about 8 of them with this last one being the worst and lasting about 5 minutes.

They have all happened outside while playing ball. Has anyone seen anything like this? I have a 10yr kld collie and he had no issue's than l had his teeth cleaned and than all of a sudden he lost his appetite and then his back legs aren't working took him back to the vet and they ran blood work and it came back good so now my vet said it's mental really?

All I keep doing is research because it makes no sense. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. I arrived here because something is terribly wrong with my dog this morning. I find this post very informative. HE is 9yrs old and has started to put his head down only in the house.

My dog walks circles around out table and stares she started doing this 2 days ago she will not drink she does eat but not much please I need help to what is going on. Wondering how many people in this forum use flea treatments for their dogs? I contacted a drug manufacturer and was advised that the flea treatment I was using "interferes with a fleas neurological system".

Gee, what about a dogs neurological system. Seizures are adverse reactions to many flea treatments. In other countries people use garlic, natural flea treatment although too much is not good. Sounds better than chemicals! My pug lady is nearly years old and slowing down. She drags herself around then suddenly pops to her feet when she sees something she wants.

The other day, while in the back yard, she say a squirrel and to my surprise jumped to her feet and chased the thing up a telephone pole. Wonders ill never cease -- funny as anything. She loves to eat but only has back teeth yet she'll sit at her dish until she finishes.

She's lbs with grey streaks and patches on her ears and paws. She still barks and wags her tail. She was a rescued animal. Like the energizer bunny My dog is six years old. She jerks her head and stares upwards as if she has floaters in her eyes.

She sees things that are not there. It is painful to watch. So my dog is 13 years old. He has had a tremor in his hind legs since he was a puppy. It wasn't until he was about 3 years old when vet asked about it. She decided to run some tests and then determined that it was parkinson. He is now 13 years old and has had it for his entire life, but my family noticed something a few weeks ago. His tremor has stopped. His hind legs no longer shake uncontrollably. We were very shocked to notice this.

We want to bring him to the vet as soon as possible to see if he has possibly cured himself from parkinson. I just want to share his story because parkinson is not the end of a dogs life. My dog has lived a perfectly good life even with his condition. My pug has all the symptoms of degenerative myelopathy. There is no cure yet and the treatment is comfort care, monitor for uti symptoms. Really difficult to watch the progress. My dog just started rolling on her back and will just at there upside down with all her legs up and just lay till I call her.

What is she doing? She don't shake or anything once you rub her belly, she gets up all happy. But she just had her first puppy leave her care. My 15 yr old female Rar Terrier often has quick, uncontrolled jaw tremors. Then she will often repeat this many times. Usually first thing in the morning. Sometimes it's accompanied with her tongue swishing or moving around with her mouth open. She doesn't appear to be in pain. I have a 15 year old jack Russell cross Pom and just recently she has had a few episodes of what I can only explain as weird tics.

It's almost like she's confused or is seeing something I can't. She can see but not very well and her hearing isn't the best either. I'm not too sure if she fits any of the symptoms. Have here been any cases with a similar symptom.

Jack - my dog has the exact same symptoms. Did you ever find out what was going on with your pup? My dog has ulcerative collits and started with seizures july 16 they seem to have got it under control but shes showing signs of being confused aggression leg weakness the first mri was aborted as she would not breath on her own her weight dropped from I have a 2year old cocker spaniel My daughters 10 year old Silky Terrier seems to be slowing down. In the past few weeks this dog that usually has a pep in her step on her walks is now walking slowly and stopping frequently.

It takes so long to walk her now that I often pick her up and carry her home. I'm concerned that I may be missing an early sign. Is she just getting old or should I be concerned? She also has digestive issues. I often hear noises like a baby whining from her stomach. The vet has had her on Hill Science digestive hard kibble and twice daily canned soft food.

Other than taking her once again to the vet is there any early warning signs that I may be missing? This is my daughters baby and I don't want to alarm her. My Samoyed 9 years old.

Had a stroke last week, leaving his right in mobile. He has been at the vets office since this happen. They have to put sheets under him a strong guy helps him to go outside to re-leave himself. Put he still is not showing any signs of being able to walk again on this own.

I'm I living with false hope that he will be able to walk again. Do I give it more time, or is this making my pet suffer needlessly? What is the human thing to do. I feel so sorry for him, and want what is best for my best friend. So what was the remedy? Was there anything they could do to remedy neurological problems? He seems to be in extreme pain for a moment the whole while yelping. Eventually it passes then he seems to run for cover trying to force his way behind furniture or in tight cramped spaces as if traumatized from the ordeal.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced similar with their pets If so what diagnosis was given? My lab-catahoula mix is 8 yrs old. Lady night I believe she had a seizure. I couldn't see what was happening because it was dark, but I could here her. She was digging her feet at the side of her dog house, whimpering, panting heavily, and drooling.

The she jumped up and ran off. She growled at my husband, when he found her she was laying on her side in the grass. Then she ran off into the pasture and started barking at us. This morning she seemed fine, but as the day went on she started wandering in circles, seems confused and very lost. She's been eating quite a bit and drinking huge amounts of water Heather, my yr-old Greyhound also recently lifted and kicked her back right leg, as if being tickled or riding a bike.

This behavior went on for almost a month. She bit her nearby hip area as well. She stopped walking last week and I had to carry her down a hill.

After a weekend of fatigue and not eating, she ate today and walked with pep. Most likely neurological, what is the update on your dog? Have you seen a vet? I think your dog may be having joint pains more than a disorder If he acts spaced out, then you'd have to worry about a neurological disorder.

My 11 year old lab keeps lifting his back leg and moving as if to scratch himself, but not making contact with his body Its like watching him trying to kick start a motor bike My 9 year old Golden Retriever started slowing down. He struggles to get up and down. Paces and stairs into the wall. He doesn't play anymore or want to go for walks. All his tests were good. Was diagnosed with Horner's Syndrome and assumption that the rest is also neurological. I am currently giving him Glucosamine, turmeric golden paste and taking him to acupuncture.

Seems to help a little so far. He has been to 5 treatments. He used to be on steroids for allergies but he was weaned off because he was still itching his ears. I see the lady above had her dog on steroids. Do steroids help with neurological disorders? Should I put him back on them? Is there anything else we can do to help him? She had the symptoms as above the head tilt, trouble walking, still legs etc she was on steroids every two weeks but slowly noticed that in between shots she wasn't getting better.

Took her to specialist liver, X-rays fine. Took her to homeopath who notice that it all started going down hill she she had her second vaccination the one starting with L. Turns out that our dog was the one in whatever that isn't strong enough for this vaccination. Apparently this is happening more and more in toy breeds. We are devastated as this didn't have to happen. I think dogs are over immunised. Was distressing to see our gorgeous dog going through it all. Sometimes her eye would sink into her head and the other eye would protrude.

All I can be happy about is we nursed her for five months until she quietly passed away. I just saw your post and read it because I have puppy she's name Misty and I'm looking a diseased for my puppy she's never stop shaking her and she's never cannot stand now that's why I'm looking through the Internet Google that can cure to her diseases.

This morning I noticed my dog hanging his head down and walks a little slower and not as steady as usual I have no money to take him to the vet any suggestions. I am giving her Gardnal 2. She is now bit better but still her head is twitching most of the time. She is now 4 months and her weight is only Sir I just want to know that whether she will b fine? And what more I have to do should I have to continue these medicine.

Waiting for your precious reply. My 7year old boxer shakes his back legs when he walks and he seems to be a little spaced out.

I don't know what is wrong with home. We had an issue Monday night. The only way I can explain it is that he looked like he was trying to walk across ice while suffering from Parkinson's disease. He was not in pain and was completely coherent, and still eating and drinking.

We tried to put him in a kennel and that was worse. No one slept that night. Yesterday tuesday morning, we took him to our vet, who was also baffled at the behavior. Again, no pain, very alert, happy dog - he just could not control his limbs.

He did to a blood panel, and we are expecting it back this morning. The only TWO things that I can imagine happening: The vet didn't seem to think it was either. He thinks it is neurological, but suggested we wait for the blood results, then determine if a trip to the school of veterinary science is an option MRI and CAT scans.

As the day went on, he improved, and by nightfall, he was just about as good as new. This morning, again improvement. He is slightly "cautious" or slower when he walks around, but his old bounce and pep are back.

It is a mystery to me! I am going to look up a couple of the neurological diseases I guess my biggest question is, should I have him checked by the vet school for early onset of such diseases? I have a video of him and I would love to share it with anyone who could help me determine what to do to help him if this ever happens again She started limping on her front left leg at 13 weeks old. Took her to the vet for xrays. My vet could not find anything wrong with her bones. Put her on antiinfamitory meds and told me to keep her still.

My husband tried to take her for a walk a couple of weeks later. She was very week and layed down in the middle of the road to rest. A week later she fell coming up our stairs.

Now both of her back legs are week and shaky. We took her back to the vet and had more xrays done and a blood panel done. Everything came back normal. We were referred to a internal medicine specialist for possible myasthenia gravis.

We were told that they did not think it was myasthenia gravis and we need to be referred to neurology. What I notice the most is her back legs shaking so badly and feet thumping everytime she stands on them. She was also put on a very strong antibiotic to rule out parasites. She is not making improvement. Has anyone ever felt with this? What could this be? Just some food for thought. I'm also struggling with my vet as we try to get a more specific diagnosis for my 6 yr old shihtzu.

His tremors came on suddenly and the only thing I remembered that seemed off was his FreshPet beef refrigerated dog food which I returned once then after two more tries with new beef rolls that smelled odd I threw them out and switched his food to kibble but, it seems that the food may be the culprit because, they had a big problem with toxic mold last year and a couple reported this year.

Toxic mold can cause serious issues in the brain resulting in Neurological issues as can Meningitis which is also becoming quite common in a lot of states. I'm hoping for the best but, I wanted to offer up some tips and thing's I've found helpful during this awful time.

One last thing to comfort you and provide much needed rest for you and your furbabies , I found that trying out some lullabies or nature sounds from YouTube hour video's provide a great calming down benefit that works pretty well.

There are even dog specific video's on YouTube and it's free so it can't hurt. Plus, if you want to check out how your pet food ranks or look at recent recalls try Petfoodadvisor. Just in case it's not a disease but, most of these suggestions will benefit you and your pet including adding supplements that provide brain protective qualities that work to help possibly protect them from further deterioration of brain disorders.

Hopefully this will help someone and their beloved pet from further harm or provide some comfort and support. Last of all don't give up, get second opinions and consider trying to getting insights from your states veterinary college.

I have a 5 week old husky pup that is consistently shaking has trouble walking but has a very good appetite and drinks very well and no diarrhea is this a neurological disorder? He also has some unusual behavior like shaking his head, and looking up at the ceiling. I'm very concerned about neurological problem. He is seeing veterinarian opthamologist, and has started drops to promote tear production.

Have you ever heard of anything like this? Any info would be helpful as I'm at a loss of what is happening to my once perfect lil fur baby. I think the best thing to do would be to get the vet to examine her. She sounds as if she does have Alzheimer's.. My dog is 14 yrs old. She's lost weight even though she's eating good. A while ago she started staring at me which the vet said was a sign of alzheimers.

About a couple weeks ago she started to stumble and has just been getting worse. Just a few minutes ago her head started nodding. What does it mean? I think it may be time to speak to a vet. It sounds like he possibly has a neurological problem. Have a bulldog thst had a seizure now she spins circles day and night until her feet bleed she wont walk in a straight line when called she will circle's only to the left as she trys to come to me and shes also losing weight fast but yet eats three cans of food a day and table scraps don't know what to do???

I have a dog given bcause the ex-owner doesn't want her anymore that i don't know how old.. No, I think it needs to be looked into, Felicia. Get the vet to check if it is epilepsy or something else. Thank you so much for posting this article. My dog suffers from what I call "seizures", although I'm not positive that is what they are.

I explained her "episodes" to her vet, and he prescribed phenobarbital for seizures, which she takes twice a day. Although these "episodes" occur fewer and further apart than before the meds, she still has them occasionally, so I have to wonder if there is something more going on.

This article has definitely given me more to look into; as well as fueled my "hypochondriasis" a bit, I'm a little embarrassed to admit. Shaking of the head and legs is a sign of something that might need looking into. Do send her to the vet for an exam if she continues to display frequent signs of shaking. I have a dog a shih tzu, we just notice yesterday and today that her front right feet just shake itself that it causes her to stand , she shake her head to sometimes or after scratching her ear.

Does this a possibility a neurological disorder? Is there any treatment for this? I hope that Bella gets better, artandbrain! Mine is doing well with medication on an alternate day basis.

Wishing you and Bella the best. My silky terrier, Bella, has epilepsy. It can be very upsetting to see her have a seizure. Oddly, her seizures began around the same time that I was diagnosed with epilepsy myself. She would have seizures often when I missed a dose of my medication, although hers were actually worse than mine. I know that dogs can predict seizures in humans and our vet said that this was actually not the first case he had of a dog and owner having simultaneous seizures.

I have been seizure free for over a year now, though I wish I could say the same for Bella. It's almost as if she has taken my epilepsy away from me! Pets can have some miraculous healing powers!!! Oh, yes, they tend to spin around a lot. My schnauzer loves to do this shnaus are of the terrier breed too.

She does it when someone is at the door or when it's mealtime and accompanies it with an "aroo. With two little dogs, I shall be on the look out if they start doing strange things. One thing - Yorkshire terriers and I think some other terriers do have a turning thing they do a lot when excited - kind of like tail chasing but not as tight or fixated.

This is perfectly normal - just in case Yorkie owners start to panic! Thanks Linda, she woofs hi and says that yes, it was extremely scary when she collapsed in the toilet. And it's a good thing she's not had one since! Exercise has helped her as well. Hi to Buzz, Mary! Spinal inflammation fluid sounds extremely painful. Blessings for his quick recovery. I witnessed my dog have a seizure many years ago, I haven't thought about it until now.

It scared me beyond belief. Luckily she never had another one. I wish Misty the best. And you too Michelle! I could have sworn I read and commented on this! Anyway, my Buzz has a neurological disorder -- inflammation in his spinal fluid -- we noticed him holding his back leg up and our regular vet wasn't sure what it was. We took him to a specialist who ran every test you can think of and the spinal fluid showed inflammation.

He has been on steroids for a year and hopefully when they end in a few weeks he will be all right. If not he may have to remain on the steroids. Always err on the side of caution with your dogs, you never know when something serious is brewing.

Good evening, I am very happy to have stumbled upon your article. I am hoping you can provide some insight. I have an 8 month old black terrier puppy 80 pounds. Since she was 3 months old we have noticed her front paw trembling, whether she was sitting or laying down. Recently we brought her to the vet, as she started to limp.

They ran some xrays and saw no problems with her bones, they said it might be some kind of pulled muscles. Gave her pain medicine and anti-inflammation once.

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