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Babson College professor Frederick Douglass Opie "wrote that the term is a combination of two colonial slang words — rum was referred to as grog and bartenders served it in small wooden mugs called noggins. The drink first became known as egg-n-grog and later as eggnog. The Online Etymology Dictionary states that the term "egg nog" is an American term introduced in , consisting of the words "egg" and "nog", with "nog" meaning "strong ale".

In the Middle Ages, posset was used as a cold and flu remedy. Posset was popular from medieval times to the 19th century. Eggs were added to some posset recipes; according to Time magazine, by the " At the end, sugar, ambergris and animal musk are stirred in.

The aristocracy had costly posset pots made from silver. Eggnog is not the only mixed, sweetened alcohol drink associated with the winter season.

Mulled wine or wassail is a drink made by Ancient Greeks and Romans with sweetened, spiced wine. In Britain, the drink was originally popular among the aristocracy. The drink crossed the Atlantic to the British colonies during the 18th century.

Since brandy and wine were heavily taxed, rum from the Triangular Trade with the Caribbean was a cost-effective substitute. Eggnog "became tied to the holidays" when it was adopted in the United States in the s.

Add milk and cream, slowly beating. Beat whites of eggs until stiff and fold slowly into mixture. Let set in cool place for several days. It is a traditional Christmastime cocktail in the United States.

An scientific journal article proposes the use of eggnog to treat "grippe", commonly known as the "flu", along with ammonium chloride to treat the cough and quinine to cure the illness. In the American South, eggnog is made with bourbon. It differs from regular eggnog in its use of Mexican cinnamon and rum or grain alcohol.

In Iceland, eggnog " Traditional homemade eggnog is made of milk or cream, sugar, raw eggs, one or more alcoholic spirits, and spices , often vanilla or nutmeg and in some recipes, cloves. Some recipes call for the eggs to be separated so that the egg whites can be whipped until they are thick; this gives the drink a frothy texture. American food show presenter Alton Brown points out that based on its ingredients, eggnog is "almost identical to ice cream. It is technically just a stirred custard made of milk and egg".

Some recipes call for condensed milk or evaporated milk in addition to milk and cream. Acidophilus milk , a fermented milk product, has been used to make egg nog. Various sweeteners are used, such as white sugar, brown sugar [24] and maple syrup. There are variations in ingredients in different recipes. Traditional eggnog has a significant fat content, due to the use of cream, and a high sugar content. Ingredients vary significantly between different recipes.

Alcohol used in different national and regional versions of eggnog include brandy , cognac , bourbon , whiskey , sherry , rum and grain alcohol. Canadian chef Heidi Fink states that one of the reasons people are making less homemade eggnog is that the beverage is expensive to make, due to its use of substantial quantities of cream, eggs, and spirits. Modern commercial eggnog manufacturers add gelatin and other thickeners, a cost-savings measure that enables manufacturers to produce a thick beverage while using less egg and cream.

The food shall contain not less than 3. Ready-made eggnog versions are seasonally available with different spirits, or without alcohol, to be drunk as bought or used as "mixes" with all the ingredients except the liquor, to be added as desired. While eggnog is mostly available from American Thanksgiving through to Christmas, in some regions a marshmallow-flavoured version is sold at Easter.

In the Netherlands, advocaat is normally available as a thick and creamy confection which is either consumed as is or used as a cream for various desserts. Some North American manufacturers offer soy- , almond- , rice- or coconut milk -based alternatives for vegans and those with dairy allergies , lactose intolerance or other dietary restrictions.

The history of non-dairy eggnogs goes back to when Almeda Lambert, in her Guide for Nut Cookery , gave a recipe for "Egg Nog" made using coconut cream, eggs, and sugar. In , Eunice Farmilant, in The Natural Foods Sweet-Tooth Cookbook , gave a more modern non-dairy eggnog recipe using 3 eggs separated, 2 tablespoons of barley malt extract or Amazake syrup, four cups of chilled soy milk, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract , and nutmeg, p. Based on amazake a traditional Japanese fermented rice beverage and containing no eggs, Grain Nog was available in plain, strawberry, and carob flavors.

Also in , Redwood Valley Soyfoods Unlimited California introduced "Soynog", the earliest soy-based non-dairy and vegan eggnog based on soy milk and tofu added for thickness. It was renamed Lite Nog in and Tofu Nog in Whether homemade or commercial eggnog is being served, toppings may be added, such as grated nutmeg or ground cinnamon , whipped cream , [32] a cinnamon stick, chocolate shavings [33] or a vanilla pod.

Eggnog can be served in glasses, mugs or stemmed brandy snifters. Eggnog may be served to guests already poured into a glass or other container, or it may be served in a punch bowl , so that guests can serve themselves. For example, for rum, some recipes specify dark rum or spiced rum, for extra flavour. A few recipes suggest Baileys Irish Cream liqueur, apple brandy or even Guinness stout as the alcohol.

In private homes or parties, non-alcoholic eggnog may be served to guests, but with one or more bottles of spirits rum, whiskey, etc. This way designated drivers and people who do not drink alcohol can enjoy the drink alcohol-free, but other guests can add the type and amount of alcohol to suit their tastes. When eggnog is served in a punchbowl, in some cases a "virgin" recipe alcohol free and an alcohol-spiked recipe will be served in two separate bowls, labelled so that guests can choose which one.

The distinctive spices that give eggnog its characteristic taste, including cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla, are used to create eggnog-flavoured foods and beverages. Eggnog-flavoured foods include eggnog ice cream, pie, cupcakes, rum cake, cookies, biscotti, pancake syrup, bread pudding, French toast and waffles. Eggnog-flavoured beverages include eggnog lattes developed by Starbucks in the mids , eggnog-flavoured coffee and tea, some craft beers e.

Most homemade eggnog recipes have historically included raw eggs. While the alcohol added to many homemade eggnogs is a bactericide , eggnog freshly made from raw eggs that are infected with salmonella and not heated can cause food poisoning. A very small percentage of raw eggs are infected with salmonella. In most of the residents and staff of a nursing home in the U. The cause was almost certainly an eggnog made on the spur of the moment, with some cases caused in a secondary outbreak caused by food being handled later by people with contaminated hands.

Food and Drug Administration FDA stated that the alcohol in eggnog is not sufficient to sterilize contaminated eggs. However, aged alcoholic eggnog becomes sterilized even if made with contaminated eggs. Aging alcoholic eggnog—sometimes for as long as a year—has been said to improve its flavor significantly, and also destroys pathogens.

The Rockefeller University Laboratory of Bacterial Pathogenesis and Immunology carried out an experiment in where salmonella was added to a strong eggnog which was refrigerated and stored; the beverage still had dangerous levels of salmonella a week later, but it was all gone within three weeks. For concerns about the safety of selling products made from raw eggs and milk, the U. FDA has changed or altered the definition of eggnog a number of times towards artificial replacements for the large number of eggs traditionally used.

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