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And if the authorities were truly concerned about regulation and control and the protection of trusting gamblers, they would do it themselves. In some jurisdictions, the gambling age differs depending on the type of gambling. Many systems require that you constantly make adjustments in your bets and that you concentrate on everything around you at all times. My version of target betting has nothing whatever to do with Mr. This simple technique is the closest you'll ever come to getting something for nothing. You have truly discovered the way to consistently outfox the craps table.

Understanding American Odds

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UK players can compare every new online casino available at the market right here! Check these highly recommended casino sites out today! Online sports betting is available at thousands of internet sportsbooks in If there's a sport happening somewhere in the world, chances are good that you can bet on it! However, with many gamblers from different places all over the world gambling online, odds are displayed in a variety of ways that are usually specific to location.

Let's take a look at how to calculate each type of odds, how you can use a sports odds calculator to improve your gambling and where to find the best odds converter on the net.

Before you start checking out Las Vegas sports odds or betting on sports on the web, the most important thing to know is how odds work and how to read sports lines. Using an online sportsbook means that you can bet on sporting events taking place anywhere in the world, which is fantastic, but a big disadvantage is that odds on some sites may be presented in a format that you are not familiar with. But, no matter what type of odds are shown, they all indicate the same thing: You can use our betting odds calculator to see how the different types of odds represent this chance, but many seasoned gamblers end up being able to convert between various types of odds in their head!

As the name suggests, American Odds are mostly popular with sportsbooks here in the United States. American sports betting odds work differently for favourites and underdogs, and are sometimes known as Moneyline Odds.

You may notice that this is similar to 'odds-on' bets in UK markets. If you see the letters PK alongside the odds offered on a game, it means that there is no favourite and you should "pick" the winner of the game without the need to worry about any point spread. Fractional Odds are popular in the United Kingdom but are also often used in horse racing.

Fractional odds can also be referred to as British Odds, UK Odds, or Traditional Odds, and quote the net total that will be paid out to the bettor — should they win — relative to their stake. Almost all online sportsbooks will offer the option of displaying their odds in the decimal format, which is sometimes known as European Odds in the UK. With decimal odds, the figure quoted is the exact amount that will be paid out if the bet is a winner.

Decimal odds are essentially equivalent to the decimal value of the fractional odds, plus one. Armed with the above knowledge, you should now have a pretty good idea of how to read sports lines. Think of it as a quick reference guide to sports betting for dummies! You can see below how to do this manually:. Offering odds that are much better for players than Vegas odds and those listed elsewhere will certainly attract more gamblers, but it can be absolutely disastrous for gambling venues if things go wrong, i.

How they can sell such games is beyond me. Anyone who has watched sports for about a month realizes that the difference between winning and losing against the spread can be infinitesimally small. In the NFL, a game will often be turned by a single play or penalty call. The best anyone can do in handicapping is come up with a side that has a slightly better than 60 percent chance of covering the spread.

This still means that almost four times in ten the game will lose—which makes any talk of a lock complete nonsense. Some of the more laughable tout ads are those that are printed a month or more ahead of time. These are often found in NFL betting schedules. In summary, the only touts you should consider using are those who talk about the long haul and realistic win percentages.

Usually the bet is on one team against the point spread, or the over-under on the total score of a game. However, bookies also offer other types of bets. What makes these bets alluring is that they seem to pay more. But in reality, these exotic bets usually cost you.

Parlays and Parlay Cards: Parlays are usually bet in two- or three-game groups. On a two-game parlay, a bettor gets to-5 odds if he wins both games. For a small investment, the payoff seems big: So why not bet parlays?

The problem is that the odds of winning two of two bets is 3-to-1 against. That means the fair payout odds should also be 3-to-1 or to Instead, they are only to A three-team parlay usually pays off at odds of 6-to However, the odds of cashing that three-team parlay ticket are only 1 in 8. That gives the house an edge of 25 percent. Four-teamers usually pay to-1, which gives the house a A ten-teamer might pay to-1, which sounds good until you realize that the odds against going 10 for 10 are 1,to-1, which gives the house over 50 percent edge on that proposition.

Every year the number of bettors who wager on teasers grows. The most common type of teaser bet is the two-team teaser where a bettor gets six points on each of two games. The price of these extra points is giving 6-to-5 or to odds on the bet. In all teasers, all games must win for the bettor to get paid. Also, in most teasers, if any game ends in a tie, the teaser is considered no bet. On a ten-point teaser, a tie makes the teaser a loss.

In any given season, a game has a little over a two-thirds chance of falling within 5 points of the closing line the rate was These games would all be wins on six-point individual-game teaser bets regardless of which side you bet.

However, you must win two games to win a six-point teaser. By squaring the However, laying 6-to-5 odds means you must win That means the house had an edge of over 12 percent. On the other teaser bets, the picture is just as bleak. Giving to odds is generally the cheapest price you can give.

Big Myth 6 Something for Nothing There are those who believe that sports betting is the ultimate something-for-nothing activity. But in reality, betting pro football to win is a business and must be treated like one to be successful. The basics of making money at this business are that the lines put out by the oddsmakers are made not to predict the actual outcomes of games, nor to educate the public about the relative strengths of teams, but to try to split the betting public by making one team as attractive as the other.

A professional bettor looks for these incorrect lines. When he finds such lines he wagers on them—and that is the only time he wagers.

And how does a winning handicapper find those inaccurate lines? By keeping records of scores, lines, injuries and game statistics for later research.

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